Sunday, April 04, 2021


I miss the Easters of my childhood as anyone of an "age" probably does.  So much has changed over the years, it seems like holidays don't mean what they use to.  In the stores, the holidays seem to blend together in a constant changing from one to the next one.  Heaven forbid if you are slow about making your choices for today's holiday, because everything is probably no longer available in anticipation of the next one.  Same goes for summer and winter clothes.......!! 

I just went out to take some pictures of some of the donkeys, in the afternoon.  A couple of weeks ago that wouldn't be a problem, but winter is over and spring has sprung.  The donkeys were all hanging out in shade and looked at me like I was crazy to be walking around for whatever reason.  A couple of them came up to me to see if I had a good reason for being out, like carrying treats for them.  I never did find the donkeys I was looking for.  

The warm weather has started some of the skin problems we deal with every year.  So far I am doctoring Rosie, Cisco and Boaz.  Rosie has her usual sores on her belly probably caused by neck worms.  The boys don't have sores on their sheaths yet, but if I don't start covering the area with Cortizone10, it would only take another day or two of 90 degree weather to break out.  

We haven't had to put fly masks on yet.  I hate to start putting them on, because once I do, they will be on until early November.  

Lynn and Linda have been doing quite a bit of race training with the donkeys.  Quite a few people have come out to run with the donkeys, to get ready for either California or Tombstone or both. 

Here's some videos Linda took, I still can't figure out how she can run with a donkeys and take such great videos.  I'd be on my face in the dirt.......!!!  LOL



LOCOMOTION  if you look closely you'll notice that Koshare the 1st donkey in line isn't on a lead.

We have a problem with poo, I think donkeys put out twice what they take in.  Mother nature usually takes care of it, but we haven't had good rains for over 2 years.  So we bought a John Deere Gator for the rescue to use.  I'm sure John will find other uses for it too......!!! So far he's just been playing with it.  

The donkeys I was looking for earlier today came in for feeding, so I got a chance to take some pictures.  Benji and Oliver are going to be going to Colorado with Lynn and Linda to be adopted.  Actually Oliver's adopter might come down for the Tombstone race and take him home.  Anyway I managed to get some pictures of them.

 This is Oliver, he is a large standard and will be a pack burro for hunting trips into the mountains.  He came here when his owner died.  He actually won his first race, at the New Year's Bray race, New Year's Day this year, and his new owner is a racer, so he may be in more races in Colorado.

The bigger donkey is Benji with his friend Arrow.  There is quite a size difference, but it doesn't seem to matter.  Benji came in with Jenny, from an older couple that didn't think they could take care of them anymore.  Jenny was adopted in Colorado a year or so ago is now called Nell and has an owner that dotes on her.  

Benji is also a pretty large standard and will be packing and also pack burro racing in his new home.  He's raced a couple of times, last time was at Black Canyon in March. 

Both of these will be really good homes for these boys.  It's wonderful when these donkeys can go into good forever homes


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