Thursday, February 27, 2014


Can't complain about the weather, it's almost perfect.  They say we might get some rain this week-end, I'll believe it when I see it.  Of course NASCAR is racing up at Phoenix, that almost guarantees there will be rain.  There is something about scheduling a NASCAR race that causes rain, last week-end their big opening race at Daytona had a 6 hour delay for rain.  

The picture above is a picture of BlackJack being a gentleman.  He's waiting for Coquette and Penny to get thru getting a drink out of the yellow waterer.  A lot of times he is a brat about such things and has to act like a jerk, but he was being sweet this day.  

I think Penny's back is less hunchbacked than it was when she came here last summer.  Maybe having a large area to roam around in, is making a difference.  

If the weather stays like it is, it won't be long before we will need to put fly masks on everybody.  Haven't seen many flies so far, but I'm sure they'll be here before too long.  Just this morning we saw a teeny tiny lizard about an inch long.  John looked up info on lizards and it said they hatch out in late summer.  Poor little things how to they hatch out, learn to hunt and find enough bugs to get fat enough to survive hibernating.  Doesn't sound a lot of fun.

I looked at the back door a little while ago and there was a little praying mantis, not much longer than a inch hanging on the screen, so I guess we're getting pretty close to spring.  Even noticed some green leaves on the salt cedar behind the house.  The old timers say it isn't spring until the mesquite bud, and that hasn't happened yet. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014


If you look down thru these 6 pens you will see donkeys all along the way.  Unfortunately none of them are in their pens, they are in someone else's pen.  When we let them out most of them "rush" to see what has been left.  Believe me they know which pens will have the most goodies left, which of course causes a problem when 2 or 3 of them head for the same snack area.  BlackJack and Boaz are always in each other's way, talk about a bunch of posturing and yelling.  You'd think they were both vicious monsters ready to kill each other to listen to them.  Since both of them are big bluffers, nothing ever comes of it, they take turns going to find another area that might even be better......!!!

This is Coquette and Penny at the Ritchie getting a drink.  BlackJack is being polite and waiting his turn.  I guess it just depends on who is in his way.  He likes to ruffle Justin, one of the mini's feathers too.  Unfortunately most of the time Justin will stand his ground, which ruins BJ's bluff. 

Today was a practice day at the track.  John went in to help a friend of ours if he needed help.  Actually I think John mostly went to be nosy.  He called and said he'd only seen one new hornet so far.  We could have taken my car in and played, but it just puts wear and tear on the car and motor.  We don't race until the 22nd of March.  As beautiful as our weather has been, I'm ready to go racing, probably by the end of March we will "finally" have winter .  I hope not, there is nothing more miserable than sitting in staging waiting to go out on the track when it is cold and/or windy and the race on the track isn't going well, too many yellow flags. One of these days I'm going to fall asleep sitting in my car and they will either have to wake me up or drive around me.  I've been close a few times.......!!!!   LOL

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Well, it looks like the little darling's foster home will become permanent.  Doesn't sound like they've worked at behaving themselves and fitting in very much though.  Terry and I have been comparing alternate names we have for them, she has quite a list, and I added a couple to her list she hadn't thought of......!!! LOL

Terry is an animal person, anyone that has 6 pot bellied pigs and geese, obviously isn't put off by behavior that is a little out of the ordinary.  I guess everyone including the neighbors are thrilled with them, except for George the donkey and 39 year old Zeke the mule.  Zeke has given up to the enviable of the little beasties being there.   I would imagine George, who is very sweet and gentle like my Cisco is put off by Jack's "busyness".  Cisco never liked him either and didn't want to be around Jack at all.  Unfortunately Jack could care less and just presses on with his agenda, if he ends up in their face, so be it.   

From what Terry says Jack and her big horse Leo are bonded.  We knew Jack liked horses, whenever there were horses in the neighborhood, he would do all he could to get as close to them as possible.  He'd try to talk to them, not sure that squeaky little piggy voice wasn't a turn off.  I never saw any of the horses get excited over what he had to say.  

This will be an excellent home for them, and they will keep everyone, human or animal on their toes.  

This morning we checked the bandage on Gigi's hip.  It was such a mess when she came in I haven't really been paying much attention, just changing the bandage when needed.  I gave it a good look this morning and there's no sore there, it's just an area about the size of an orange, that is completely bare of hair and I don't see any hair growing in.  I would imagine over the years she's had bed sores on that hip from having to lay down so much, and eventually it destroyed the hair follicles.  Right now the winter hair is covering the bare spot, but I would imagine this summer it will be bare.  

I also noticed the knee on her worst front foot, the one with the elongated shoe is getting chewed up from her laying down in the sand.  So I put a knee cover left over from Pepper and Daisy having the same problem on her.  Let me say, she does NOT appreciate any touch below her back.  So to get the cover on tight enough to stay on was a lot of fun.  John was shoveling animal crackers in the mouth and I was trying to get the Velcro done.  She's getting better, but there's a long ways to go.  

I wish I had more time to work with her and Rosie, but don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.  ANY VOLUNTEERS..........???   LOL

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


 I think we missed spring, either that or all the trees and flowers that are blooming are in for a rude shock if it gets cold again.  This time of year it's about a 50/50 chance.  I'm a spring type of gal, not in any hurry for summer and all that entails, wrapping legs and fighting skin problems.

Rosie and Gigi are getting into the routine of eating "in" the pen if they want to get "out" of the pen.   Gigi is getting along pretty good.  Since she's been going out, I've been giving her bute again.  I doubt that she's ever moved around as much as she is now.  

Rosie is looking less massive I think.  She's got a long ways to go, but it looks like she's headed in the right direction.  She would rather go out of the pen than eat, which is a good sign that she isn't really a food whore.  I would guess there was hay in front of her all the time and there wasn't anything to entertain her, so she ate.  

Yesterday I looked out at the driveway and saw 2 donkeys trying to control each other.  It turned out to be Ruger and Pepper, talk about the ying and yang, Pepper won't see 35 again and Ruger is 3 years old.  What started that I'll never know, but Pepper was trying to give as much as he was getting.  OLD FOOL......!!!!  Ruger started walking down the driveway and Pepper was stalking him.  Pepper broke off to stand under a tree in the shade when Ruger got quite some distance, then Ruger turned around to keep it going.  That's when I went out and told Ruger to find something else to do.  Pepper obviously doesn't remember how he got his hip broke.......!!!  I don't know what keeps him going, but it we could bottle it, we'd be rich........!!! LOL

I wish I could find a good home that wants 3 donkeys.  Good luck with that, most calls I get only want one and lately only minis.  Ruthie, Ruger and Wister hang out together and Ruger has finally learned how to play with Wister.  It would really be nice if they could all go to a home together, Ruthie seems to hang onto her boys and she doesn't interact with the other donkeys at all, so it would be a win, win for all 3 of them.  Now to find that perfect home..........!!!!! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

80 DEGREES HEADED FOR 90.......!!!!

Good grief you'd think it was May rather than the middle of February.  We've really had very little cold weather and absolutely no rain so far.  Wonder what the summer will be like?  

Rosie has settled down a lot since we moved her into her own pen, which she actually goes into like it's the thing to do, thank goodness.  All that running around gets old in a hurry.  Hopefully with the clicker training she will get a little more friendly.  If it takes bribery, so be it.  I'm happy to say she doesn't seem to be a "food whore".  They are now completely off alfalfa and she is only getting 5 pounds of hay a day.  Sometimes she doesn't even eat it all, so I can only assume she had access to too much hay and was bored.  Somewhat like a lot of people these days I guess.............LOL  As much extra weight as she is carrying, it's going to take a long, long time to make a dent in it, I'm afraid. 

Gigi seems to have reached a level of comfort, with no improvement.  She is still spending time standing up, and going out of her pen.  But she is also spending time laying down.  Haven't heard from Tyler in a week or so.  Not sure how long the elongated shoe can stay on without being reset.  

We've had quite a few people come out to see the donkeys lately.  This is a good time of year for visits, when the winter visitors hit town.  Later in the spring we will probably get groups of kids from local organizations.  Once it gets hot we generally have very few people come out, which is a good thing.  All the donkeys want to do is find a shade tree to stand under, when it's so hot.

Friday, February 14, 2014


 Rosie is "getting" it.......!!!   We haven't progressed any further than touching the target, but she is quite enthusiastic about the "game" so far.

Unfortunately so is everyone else.  Most of the donkeys have been thru at least touching a target at sometime in their lives.  Obviously they haven't forgotten.  It's really hard to concentrate when you are in a pen with one donkey and 8-10 others are around the outside, pushing and grunting or downright braying at the thought of her getting to play the game and they can't.

After I finished with her and went outside I had to at least do a click or two with everyone.  Jeesh!  I think next time I will try to work with her before they are out of their pens..........LOL

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Gigi and Rosie daring me to come any closer.....!!!!!

Last night and this morning Rosie went in her pen with hardly a hitch.  We hope this is a new way of doing things from her point of view.  Unfortunately, we put her in a "redneck" squeeze after she finished eating this morning.  She didn't think much of it, especially when we had the audacity to "touch" her.  She's not as squirrely as Tula, but almost.  She had an area on her belly where the hair was messed up and I wanted to see if it was a wound.  Doesn't seem to be, last night she was acting like it was bothering her, but it isn't anything except the hair is messed up.  Probably after being so mistreated, tonight she'll be back to her "catch me if you can", attitude.  

We might have to take Cisco up to the clinic in Gilbert.  He had a choking incident a few weeks ago and we took him to Adobe Vet Clinic in Tucson.  They got him cleared and since then we've only given him mush, no hay.  So he's started cribbing on the upright wooden posts in his pen, probably because of no hay.............or something else.  Before he choked he had been coughing when he ate, hasn't done it since.  That leads me to believe that there is something going on in his mouth, or esophagus that needs to be looked at.  Over the years we have learned that rather than start locally with what might be a little unusual, it's better in the long run to just go to Gilbert. 

Monday, February 10, 2014


This morning was a repeat of the last couple of days with Rosie.  The major hang-up seems to be she wants in the pen with Gigi.  But because of their eating habits, she's a pig and Gigi isn't, they can't eat together.

I'm learning new skills, I was tired of following her around the pens, so I tried climbing over the corral panels, to cut off some of the following her around and around.  Didn't fall on my kester, so I guess I might try it again.  John said he was watching with hope I didn't fall.  We both try to take good care of the other one, neither of us want to have to do chores by our self.  It's OK for a day or two, but any longer and you really burn out quick.  

This afternoon I will be taking Babe, the neighbor's dog in to be euthanized.  Yesterday morning one of his front legs was flopping, although he could use it if he put it down with the pad on the ground.  I checked him and he didn't seem to have feeling on his right side.  We watched him all day and John got up last night to check on him.  He'd try to get up and get himself into predicaments.  Sure enough last night he got his head downhill and was all twisted. 

You might ask why I'm taking him in.  For the last 2 or 3 years we have fed her two dogs.  At one time she had 16 unsocialized dogs that ran in a pack.  John had to run them off one time, they were trying to circle me in the driveway, when I went out to see why all the donkeys were running around.  We called animal control and they couldn't even catch most of them.  Over the years attrition has lowered the numbers, she ran over a couple of them herself.  

She went in the hospital for surgery and asked if we'd take care of the 2 she had left.  It took months for her to come home and in the meantime the dogs had decided we were their new home.   Babe had always been on a chain, which just drives me up the wall.  Booffer had always ran loose.  John asked her if we could bring Babe over here to feed which she agreed to.  She said Babe and Booffer fought, so we put Babe in a pen of his own, WITHOUT a chain......!!!  When the neighbor came home John asked if we could keep Babe over here and she agreed.  We also continued to feed both dogs, so I'm not exactly sure who owns who.

But there is no good outcome with him not being able to use his right side at all.  He's not interested in eating or drinking.  I hate making decisions like this, but quality of life is what we always use and there isn't much that could be done for him I'm afraid.  

I'm thinking of a good friend that just had to put her 16 year old dog down last week.  Her dog was loved and had a wonderful life with other dogs, horses, donkeys and people that always made sure he had everything he needed to be safe and secure.  Babe was never socialized, was just one of the pack that had to fight over what little food was available.  He's gentle and would have probably been a wonderful dog with a family that loved him.  As it is he will leave this world, with no one to mourn his loss except two people that never had time for him either. 

Sunday, February 09, 2014



Yesterday morning Rosie went in her pen like trooper.  Last night was a long drawn out adventure to get her into the pen.  You can't crowd her at all.  If you get too close by her standards, she spins and runs.  Nothing slow and docile about this girl. 

OK, she went in once by herself and then we managed to get her to go in, so, she should be all checked out on this going into the pen deal, right?  Not so far, when I went out this morning, she and John were doing laps around the pen area.  One saving grace is, she does stay around the pens and comes back if she does run off.  But it's "aways" to get all the way around the pens and really disheartening, when you get her to the area of the pen and she kicks up her heels on the way out of the area.....GRRRRRR........!!!

When she does decide to go in, she walks in like it was her idea.  I'd like to think 3 times in the pen, will make tonight a easy round-up, but I seriously doubt it.

I actually worked on a little clicker training with her yesterday morning before letting her out.  She did real good for about 3 or 4 minutes, and then locked up, wasn't interested at all.  John let her out this morning before I got back out.  I might try a little bit this afternoon, depends on how much fun it is to get her in the pen. 

Saturday, February 08, 2014


We decided to separate Gigi and Rosie at feeding time last night.  Gigi kept their old pen and we were going to move Rosie into Quilla's pen and put Quilla in BlackJack's old overflow pen.  The catalyst to all this fiddling was Quilla's pen shares a side with the girls pen.  That seemed like a lot of disruption just to get the girls into a pen of their own.  We decided to "try" to entice Rosie into BJ's old pen, which stands by itself, but is only about 5 feet from their pen.  

John started trying to get her to follow a cookie, which worked up to the opening.  She stood there for a few seconds and took off.   John continued to round everyone up and I stayed in the feedroom, so as not to open the door at the wrong moment when he might be trying to entice her again.  I looked out and saw him down by the mini pen, so figured it was safe to open the door.  When I did, Rosie was in the pen with the gate shut, looking at me........!!!  When John came to the feed room I told him they would be calling him the Ass Whisperer...........!!! He said he was rounding up, glanced at the pen, and Rosie was standing in it, looking at him like, "Was this what you wanted me to do sucker?"....!!  She does have a way of looking at you that makes you feel like she doesn't think you're too bright.....!!  LOL  I'd like to get some time to work with clicker training with her.  I bet she would take to it like a duck takes to water.

This morning she followed John into the pen like she had been doing it for years.  Gigi is a little upset, she had been in the same pen since she was born, and after Rosie's baby and Gigi's mom died, it had just been the 2 of them.  But this morning she isn't hanging around the side of the pen where Rosie's pen is, so I guess she's accepting the change.  This way she will have her own hay and Rosie won't have access to it. 

Rosie will be going out except at feeding time, like everyone else, she and her fat pockets need the exercise.  We'll keep Gigi in at night for awhile, so she has time to eat her hay and also be able to rest if she wants to.  She's actually walking pretty good, and when she is out, goes all over the place. 

Thursday, February 06, 2014

LOOKS LIKE I'M BEHIND..............AGAIN.......!!!

No matter what my good intentions are, it seems like I just get farther and farther behind.  I was shocked when I checked the blog and found out it had been 5 days since I updated.  

Well actually there hasn't been a whole lot going on to write about.  Just the usual, had to take Pepper to the vet yesterday for a choke........again.  This is about the 6th time and we really couldn't tell if he had cleared or not.  In fact the phone calls to the vet were getting silly.  "Can we bring him in", "Don't need to bring him in, he's cleared".  "Maybe not, can we still bring him in?"  Finally I said let's just take him.  Nancy isn't there on Thursdays, and without a mobile vet in the area to cover, we didn't have much choice. 

Of course by the time we got there, he looked like a race horse in the gate ready to run, eyes bright, ears up and trying to knock us down.  Nancy said he looked pretty comfortable to her and we all decided not to tube him.  He has to be drugged and then it's still a wrestling match, none of us wanted to do again, since the last time.......!!! LOL

Gigi is still doing good.  We've been letting them out in the afternoon for a few hours and surprisingly they haven't been a problem to get in at all.  In fact sometimes Rosie is the first one in.  She is one strange gal.  

Our corral panels are finally coming home Friday.  We loaned them out last summer and finally had to borrow panels from some friends.  We didn't even have an extra panel to build a "redneck" squeeze to work with Rosie and Gigi.

When we started the corral shuffle, we put Boaz and Ruthie together to eat.  Almost every feeding John would have to put a halter on her to get her to the pen.  A couple of days ago she went in Frijolita's pen and wouldn't move.  Frijolita didn't seem to care, so we decided to feed Rosie in there.  It's working out just fine, she goes in there and waits for John to come with the cookie.  Probably part of the draw is, Wister and Ruger are in the next pen, at least Wister, she doesn't like him to be out of her sight.  We've got more donkeys eating together than ever before.  We're getting ready to jumble them around again.  Gigi and Rosie can't continue eating together.  When one animal is 200 pounds overweight and the other is almost underweight, it is pretty clear what's going on.  

So Quilla is going to BlackJack's old pen, which is actually an emergency pen, without shelter.  Rosie will move to his pen, and Gigi will have a pen of her own.  Rosie is going to start going out with the rest of the donkeys day and night.  We'll keep Gigi in overnight for awhile, so she can rest if she needs to and have more time to eat.  She's more than willing to move around when the gates are opened.  I hope that means she is more comfortable than she was. 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

THE GIRLS ARE OUT........!!!!

We let Gigi and Rosie out this afternoon.  It's went pretty well so far, although I did go out with animal crackers to see if they'd either come up to me or let me come up to them............!!! NOT going to happen.  Everyone pretty much ignored them, although Cheyenne one of the minis did run at Rosie a couple of times.  John told Cheyenne to leave her alone, as fat as she is, she could have a heart attack if she starts running around.  

Gigi will probably need some bute tonight.  The pen they were in was flat, level and soft, so our ground is a lot different.  

I hope getting them in their pen tonight isn't a problem.  After the experiment with animal crackers and how it went, it might get interesting.  

Gigi is on the extreme right headed towards the other donkeys.  Rosie is between Boaz and a behind Penny on the left.  Everyone seems to be getting along just fine. 
John is busy this afternoon covering the shelters with chicken wire to hopefully cut down on Rosie's shredding of the boards.  She's keeping us in kindling that's for sure.  

Heard from Terry on how Jack and Molly are fitting in.  She said everyone seems just fine with them being there............except of course for crotchety old mule, Zeke.  Terry said Zeke is still sore from his evening of trying to intimidate Jack or he has decided it isn't worth his time.  Either way he is ignoring the "midgets" as her neighbor calls them.  

She said Jack came out with both barrels and everyone learned real quick that he had 2 rear feet he was more than willing to use.  I guess he got into a posturing and threatening contest with Leo the big horse until they finally settled down and started running and playing.  The donkeys even got involved in running around for awhile.  This morning she said Leo and Jack were napping in the sun together with Molly on guard.  So I would say they are fitting in nicely, well except for poor old Zeke.  Terry said they are making sure he gets extras during this transition, not sure that will make him any happier......!!!