Tuesday, September 26, 2017


He got home in time to go to bed and get up for chores the next morning, no rest for the wicked you know..........LOL  He had a good time visiting and telling war stories, with family and Mark's buddies.  Mark and Sandy his sister always show their guests a great time.  

Needless to say the donkeys were absolutely thrilled to have him home.  I don't think it was personal, BUT, it meant they got to go over to Burroland after 4 days of not going over.  They made the most of it, it took about an hour and a half to get them all back over to the pen area.  The last 2, BlackJack and Justin were being sneaky, I think they were doubling back, if seen and seemed to know where we were at all times.  Finally John rooted them out and they gave up the chase.  

Their winter hair is really coming in quickly, it hasn't been that long ago we were still brushing last winter's hair off them.  Donkeys really shed weird.  Horses seem to shed in the spring and get it over with pretty quickly once the process starts.  Then they are good until about now.  

Donkeys don't even start shedding until May or June and then it's not really shedding.  You can brush them and maybe get a brush full of hair total.  By the end of July early August it starts letting go a little more.  By the time they've shed completely out, it seems in a couple of weeks they are starting to get hairy again, don't know how they do it.  A lot of new donkey families worry when they don't shed out and it's 110*. but this seems to be the donkey way it's done.  

I think I might have stumbled onto something about Penny we never thought about.  She is always on alert, there is no way you could ever surprise her or sneak up on her.  This morning when I got up, she was outside the bedroom window, less than 20 feet from the house, snacking on dried up sticky weeds.  They don't look very appetizing to me, but the donkeys seems to think they are tasty.  

When the donkeys are around the house I always talk to them, I started talking to her and she did not react at all.  I clapped my hands, nothing.  Don Juan came roaming around and when I talked to him, his ears swiveled and he tried to figure out where the voice was coming from.  Now I'm wondering if one of the reasons she is so alert at all times, is because she doesn't hear well, or maybe at all.  

I will be racing this week-end in the Kia.  We're suppose to take it out on the road today to see if it handles OK and doesn't fall apart.  I'm sure it will be fine, but John is a worry wart, and I do need to get some seat time.  I thought we were going to do it this morning, but John's up there doing something and hasn't come back down to the house, guess we'll do it later.  

The guy that wrecked me last race day, put out the word on FaceBook that he is going to hang up his helmet after this season.  As far as I'm concerned he can hang it up right now and I won't have to watch out for him our last 3 races.  LOL

I wonder what Quilla did with his ears?  He talks with his ears more than any of the other donkeys, I have a feeling he was begging for cookies..  Thanks Linda for the pictures........!!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


If I have my times figured out correctly he should be sitting in the airport at Indianapolis waiting for his connecting flight to Chicago.  Should get in tonight about 7pm, he left the little car at the airport, so he'll get home around 9, have a good night's sleep and chores in the morning.........LOL  The donkeys don't know it yet, but they will be ecstatic to see him home.  That will mean they get to go over to Burroland starting tomorrow afternoon, it also means they will have to go back into training to come back over here at feeding time.  They weren't exactly trained, so it will be like starting all over again.....!!!  

They've actually been pretty good about not going over there, although they have spent quite a bit of time standing by the gate, wishing it open.  Anytime Doug or I go out and they see us they come running to see if we've finally come to our senses.  So I would imagine tomorrow will be very exciting for them.............and for us when it's time to come back over here..........!!!!

John called last night and told me all about the get together, they even had a big bonfire they enjoyed until 2am........!!!  John's cousin Sandy sent pictures, I guess it was pretty hot there yesterday, although John said it cooled off after sundown to sweatshirt time.   But if you plan for a bonfire you can't let a little thing like a heat wave interfere with the plans. 



It was 41 degrees here this morning, great sleeping weather, that's the coolest morning so far.  I'd say it's feels like fall, but in the desert it's hard to tell, it's up to 80 degrees and the sun is shining brightly and will probably be in the 90's this afternoon.

I would imagine we will take the Kia race car out on the road tomorrow for a shake down run to make sure it's ready for Saturday.  I don't expect it to be a front running car, but do hope it finishes the race.  John has a few things he needs to do to it, nothing major, hopefully he won't spend all this week under it, turning wrenches.  

Linda sent some more pictures, I see Boaz is working on his begging routine again......or still

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


John just called, he had taken my car down to a friend's to do some welding.  Yesterday he finished doing all the suspension work, and got it ready to race the 30th.  He wanted me to drive it up on the trailer.  I got in, started it up, put it in gear, let out on the clutch, it moved about 6 inches and made one of the most horrible noises I've ever heard, I can't even explain how horrible the sound was.  John looked at everything and didn't see anything, asked me to try again..........same results, so he winched it up on the trailer to take to Gary.

He called to tell me they found the problem.  Although they had porta powered and pushed this and pulled that, unfortunately the the car is so bent the axle won't go in far enough to engage, that's what the noise was, the axle almost where it should be but not really........!!!  It's too bent to fix, so my little road racing Dodge Neon ACR is no more.  

Thankfully I have a backup Kia Sephia.  It won't be competitive, but will keep me in the chase for end of year points hopefully, if I don't get ran over again..........LOL  Poor John has been under that car since the 3rd of Sept turning wrenches and busting knuckles.  I don't know of another husband that would work so hard so his wife could go have fun.

This morning I had a nice young man come over to help me work with videos, you know cut them up and piece them together.  Otherwise you end up with a 15 minutes of video that could tell the story in 30 seconds.  I hope it is as simple as he said it was.  He had me do it and of course with him here looking over my shoulder it was easy..............we'll see long term.  If this video downloads, this is what we did while he was here.  I haven't done anything since he left.............LOL

Shannon his girlfriend has been here a couple of times to brush the donkeys and she came with him this morning, which I'm sure the donkeys enjoyed.  They love to be groomed and it's just something that gets lost in the shuffle around here most of the time.

Yesterday the donkeys hung around the gate to Burroland most of the day.  They were ready, when we opened the gate.  Wish they were that cooperative when their hour of fun is over.  I tried going over on the quad, which doesn't work very well.  You run on the path Lynn made in the spring and see a donkey.  Of course the donkey isn't close to the path, so you have to get off and go to the donkey, who starts running away from where they know you want him to go.  So you chase donkey until he gives up and heads for the gate.  By this time you can't see the quad for all the brush etc and surprise, surprise as soon as you head for the quad, the donkey changes direction.  John was much more efficient on foot than I was.  I even tried going cross country, which was "fun", I had lots of cactus to pick out of my feet and legs and not one donkey to show for my effort.

John is leaving for Indiana tomorrow and I'm afraid the donkeys are going to be on the 10 acres only, until he gets back Sunday.  If they would come back at feeding time without all the drama, it would be OK, BUT that isn't what is happening.  It's going to be traumatic I'm sure, they've gone over there for 4 days in a row, so as far as they are concerned that is the way it should be done.

Another picture Linda sent of Leo, looks like he's been hanging around with Boaz too much, his tongue is sticking out.  I'm not sure what they call the spotted ones that have 3 colors, tri-color works for me, but I'm not sure that's right.  

We had a tri-color mule here years ago and strangely enough his name was Chief, which was Leo's name in a former life.  I know I have pictures of him, but haven't figured out where.  Maybe I'll find them, if I do I'll add them.


Monday, September 18, 2017


Good question, today was the 2nd day of Burroland opening at 4pm for about an hour's worth of eating as many mesquite beans as they can find.  

Yesterday at 4pm, we went out to open the gate....unfortunately there was no donkeys in sight.  I opened the gate making as much noise with the gate as I could, but no takers.  So John and I started looking for them, the first few actually followed us and passed us when they figured out what was happening.  BlackJack stopped right inside the gate, in fact his fanny was still almost in the opening of the gate, head down, munching away.  

Got the easy ones and then went out with a halter, and caught a couple, led them over and their friends followed.  We got all of them except Gus stayed on this side, I don't want him eating any beans anyway.  

At 5pm, John went over in Burroland and Doug stayed on this side to put whoever showed up in their pens.  I wandered out to see how things were going, they had about half of them in and John was searching for the others.  So I grabbed my trusty riding bat, which makes a snapping noise when I slap my thigh with it, they seem to hate and off I went.  

All those lovely green weeds have turned brown and are very sticky and very brittle.  Since I wear flip flops, it was an interesting experience, but I did find some hold outs, that started running as soon as they saw me.  Didn't even have to snap my bat, and of course I couldn't keep up with the racers, but they knew I was back there.  I also saw poor little Casper over at the neighbors all by himself.  He was running the fence and squealing in his little helium mule voice at all the excitement.  I stopped long enough to tell him, if he'd stay in the fence he could come over here and play with the donkeys, but he basically ignored me.  We're on the lookout for a little mini mare or mini molly mule, I wish I knew of one I could borrow to see if he would behave himself with a little girl.  We don't know for sure but I think the horses he tried to fight with were probably all males.  Of course since we've had him gelded and it's been over a year since that happened, he might get along with geldings now without all that testosterone coursing thru his system......!!  

Today went about the same, except today some of them added bucking and farting to the running.......LOL  But they headed in the right direction, Doug said it sounded like a herd of elephants coming in......!!  

John is leaving Thursday for Indiana, will be gone until Sunday evening, so it will just be Doug and I to round them up.  Hopefully by Thursday they will come in on their own and I won't have to wade thru those nasty weeds.  I'm not holding my breath though, wish I had some boots to wear.....LOL

Linda sent some more pictures of their latest outing.  There is actually a video of Turbo going thru this creek rather than trying to jump it without touching water.  Leo went thru it like it was no big deal, so maybe Turbo is learning by observing.  Sure is pretty country.........!!!

They tried leading one donkey and having the other 2 at liberty and said it went really well.  I have a good friend that walks all over Arizona in the summer with her little mini named Jasmine and she has Jasmine at liberty a lot of the time when they are out on trails.  Leigh Anne said Jasmine will stop to sneak a bite or two, but knows when it's time to catch up and hurries to join up.  She has a little pack saddle and carries their supplies, when they go out for days and camp.  

We were back at the junkyard today, getting another spindle for the race car.  It's pretty bad when the people working there remember you were just there a couple of days ago.....!!!   The spindle we got the other day is from a newer Neon and for some reason they changed the spindles and it wouldn't fit the older Neon......!!  John needs to get the right side of the front end put together enough to get a wheel on it, he's suppose to take it down to a racing buddy's shop to get some welding done Wednesday.  Once the welding is done, John says it's just about done.  We'll take it out on the road for a high speed run to make sure everything is OK, John will follow in the truck.  We'll also take it to a practice at the track the night before the race the 30th.  Our last race this season will be the 16th of October and we will run 2 main events.  Hopefully the car will stay together for all 3 races, I'm still in 3rd place for end of the year points. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017


This is a cute cartoon, love the facial expresssions.


The donkeys "might" have some excitement in their lives today.  I am going to take the quad over to Burroland and see if it is at all possible to let them go over for an hour or so before afternoon round-up.  

I'm sure if we let them over there, they will be so eager to come back over here after just an hour or so..........NOT.....!!!  LOL  The 1st few days will be like herding cats I would imagine.  

The mornings are getting cool enough that John says he is going to start taking fly masks off at night.  We leave them on in the summer 24/7 except for taking them off to check for sticks or something that isn't suppose to be there.  Or if we see a weepy eye.  Other than that they stay on all the time during fly season, flies unfortunately get up before we do in the morning, during the season.  

Last night we went to the races, our late model and pro-stock were racing, and we don't want to miss anything.  They did OK, had some issues that kept them from being really competitive, but the cars came home in one piece, so that was a good thing.  

John is still working on my car trying to get it ready for the 30th.  There was so much damage underneath, every time he takes something off he finds more damage.  We've been to the junkyard 3 times and have to go again tomorrow.  We're dealing with,  1995, 1998 and 2001 parts and are finding out that they aren't the same.  So when we go to the junkyard and find something that looks good, when we get it home, it doesn't always fit.  

He's still got 2 weeks, but he's going to be gone for 4 days this week-end to a family reunion in Indiana, so he's starting to panic.  My theory is, I have 2 backup cars sitting just waiting to be called up to the front line.  Granted they wouldn't be as competitive, but they would keep me in the battle for points, and I have a pretty good point lead on the 4th place car.  John was awake over 2 hours the other night, trying to figure out how to fix the car..........LOL   Don't think it really helped much, except to make him tired the next day.  

Last night when we drove in the driveway at about 2am, when I was getting out of the car to open the gate, a mouse ran across my foot.  He made a quick u-turn and disappeared in the darkness, but I can't figure out why he ran towards a moving car in the 1st place.  Certainly surprised me.........LOL

Linda sent pictures of Leo's adoption party complete with a fruit plate.  Doug suggested Luc-ass, but Linda said there is already a Luc-ass that races.  Then I thought of Linus aka Lin-ass, but he had already been renamed.  At the rate they are going they might need another name in the future, that and a larger trailer.....!!!  

I asked Linda why the other boys weren't at the party.  She said they had to be locked out for the picture taking, they were being entirely too "helpful",  especially with the lovely fruit plate.  But once the pictures were taken they were allowed back in for the festivities aka, also know as "eat the fruit".  She said Leo isn't that big a fan of fruit, but I'm sure he'll learn quickly. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


The donkeys have been only going out from noon to 5pm for weeks, because of the mesquite bean problem.  Unfortunately in their boredom of being in their pens 19 hours a day they have started dismantling their shelters.  They aren't eating the boards, they are just splintering them.  Grrrrr........!!!  

A few days ago we started "poo investigation" to see how many bean seeds were showing up.  John had been saying there weren't many beans out there and yesterday when we checked there were only about the equivalent of a bean or two of seeds at the most in any one pile.  So last night at bedtime they got to go out overnight.  This morning at roundup for breakfast they were actually pretty cooperative, which was a surprised.  We figured they would decide to make us chase them, John rang the bell and they started wandering in.  

Another reason for going ahead and letting them out is earlier in the week when it was time for afternoon roundup, Cheyenne and Justin were over in Burroland, at the gate whining because they were on the wrong side and everyone else was over here.  Those things happen when you decide to take advantage of a weak place in the fence and head out on your own........!! LOL   John and Doug couldn't agree on where they "thought" the escape artists got out, so they fixed a spot and the next day just Cheyenne was over there whining at round up time.  It was the spot they fixed but unfortunately a visual barrier where she already knew she had gotten out before wasn't going to discourage her.  Doug "fixed" it this time, she trotted to that spot when she was let out at noon the next day, and figured out the game was over.  

We didn't want them to keep  getting over there where there are still a ton of beans laying on the ground.  So since everyone's poo is pretty clear of beans, we decided to go ahead and let them out to protect the fence and the shelters..........!!!!   LOL

Lynn and Linda called the other night and asked if we would have room for another donkey when they come back down in November.  As John says, "what's one more", but in this case we're out of pens with the addition of another donkey.  This morning we were figuring out the logistics.  Our pens have evolved over the years as needed, and we will be able to add another one on the west end of the west pens, pretty easy.  

Actually I just got a cryptic message from Linda and I think his name might be Leo instead of Lucas..!!

This is Chief aka Luc-ASS doing his thing.  He's a trained burro racer, unfortunately at this time in his life Turbo doesn't see a reason to run when he can walk and I'm sure that is very frustrating for Lynn.  Linda sent a video she took of them running and I think Lynn is going to have to step up his game, if he wants to keep up  Lucas really knows his job.  I guess Turbo will be a parade donkey, if he doesn't see any reason to run.  Linda likes her "Steady Leddy", so he will probably continue to be her running buddy and also do parades.  

Boaz's front feet decided to fall apart and they had to get the farrier out to trim the nasty stuff off before he got it caught on something.

Rather free form for a hoof

This was before, and after Lynn or someone had trimmed all the nasty gnarly growth off

 Linda sent a picture of his hoof when all the split hoof was sticking out just waiting to get caught, but I can't find it right now.  If I do I'll add it later, it was quite impressive in an icky sort of way. (DONE)

This is after the farrier cleaned it up and made it a little smoother

 At sometime in Boaz's life he has had significant damage to his hooves and they don't grow out smooth like they should.  As he's gotten older, they've gotten rougher.  It's just something that has to be watched and kept trimmed back.  One of the reasons he will always be in sanctuary to make sure it is taken care of. 

Here's what the race car looks like right now.

It's had the mangled parts stripped off, it's been attached to 2 trees and a wrecker to get it somewhat straightened, parts have been ordered from different places.  Unfortunately one of the places ships out of Orlando, Florida and they notified us the order will take at least a week longer than usual because of Irma............SIGH......!!!

We've been out to the junkyard twice in recent days.  Yesterday when it was 106* in Tucson in the afternoon, we were roaming around among wrecked cars gathering up parts that aren't available in stores or catalogs, such as a bumper and bumper cover.  I sometimes wonder about our sanity, especially John's.  He's the one doing all the work.............LOL  He'll be gone for 4 days to a family reunion the week before I'm suppose to race again, so he would like to get as much done as possible before then. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Three of the donkeys have a certain amount of muscle wasting because of age, lack of exercise or who knows what.  I had fed Old Pepper protein powder for the same reason years ago and had actually forgotten about it.  Patti suggested I try it with these guys, so I got some Muscle Milk, vanilla flavored and it was a big hit with all three of them.  I mean we are talking bury the nose and don't come up for air until it's gone.  WOW, that's pretty good, Penny is one of them and she is always suspicious of anything new or different.  

They also have strawberry flavor and most of the donkeys love strawberries, so this morning Doug was going to town and he picked up some strawberry protein powder.  I figured I'd trade off between two flavors.  Tonight they got strawberry flavor and you talk about refusal with judgement........!!!   Penny wouldn't even come close to it, and the other two, just looked at us like we weren't too bright..........!!!   SIGH

So I had to throw all their mush out and start all over  again.  Took it to the pens, carried a bucket to put the offending strawberry laced mush in, replaced it with the vanilla mush and in went the noses.  I guess I've learned my lesson.........!!! LOL

At feeding time tonight, Cheyenne and Justin were over in Burroland, waiting at the gate to get back on this side.........Grrrrrr.........!!!  Doug thought they got thru the fence across the wash, but John found a place under the fence, he said looked like an expressway, so we don't really don't know where they went thru.  Unfortunately once they find a place and we don't know where it is, they will keep going thru it.  Maybe tomorrow when we let them out, one of  us can watch them and see where they go.  They are such smart little critters, it's fun to watch them, but it would be nice if they would stay where we put them...........!!!!

John spent almost  all day working on my race car.  He sure spends a lot of time working so I can go out and have fun.  He says he likes to watch me race, but it can't be that much fun watch..........LOL

We got 3 items at the junkyard yesterday, spent all afternoon pulling parts off different cars.  Unfortunately 2  of them won't work.  So we'll have to go  back this week and take  the front off of one of the cars to get at the bumper behind the bumper  cover.  John didn't have the right tool to get to it, so we took one that looked about the same.  Same car, different year, somebody had already taken the front apart on that car, so we were hoping  it would fit.  It didn't..........!!

Saturday, September 09, 2017


In the desert it's hard to tell, the nights are getting cooler and the morning shadows make me think of fall. We have no leaves changing to pretty fall colors though which I miss.  

Had a little bit of rain last night, so I guess the monsoons aren't over yet.  According to the "experts" monsoon lasts until the 15th of September.  John got up to close windows and by the time he got back to bed, it had quit.  

John went over on the quad to check Burroland and reported back there are tons of mesquite beans over there that still look tasty................SIGH...!!  I have no idea when the donkeys will be able to go back over there. The fatties look like blimps.  We could leave them in their pens day after day, so they would only have access to hay, but get no exercise.  Or we can continue to feed them half rations of hay, let them out on the 10 acres to scrounge and get exercise.   

Dr Jeremy and Tyler the farrier that has all sorts of special shoes to help with foundered equine had a talk this week on Founder/Laminitis this week, John and I made a point of going.  It was really good, lots of information from both of them.  Even got to see some good  friends that I don't see often enough.  John even enjoyed it, he usually squirms when I drag him to things like this.  But it kept his attention, so you know it must have been good........!!  LOL

One of the main causes of founder is obesity.  Dr. Jeremy had slides of obese horses and donkeys and I was surprised that none of them were some of ours.  Actually Frijolita and Coquette are worse  than some of the ones on the slides, unfortunately.  Even BlackJack is plumping up nicely..........!!


Today John and I are going on a mission to find car parts.  My races Saturday did not end well.  I ran 2 main events, finished 5th in the 1st one.  Had an altercation with 2 of the cars, one of them had something broke he said which slammed him into my car, which pushed me into another car.  They both went into the wall and I didn't.  The guy I got pushed into, borrowed another car for the next race, and put me into the wall and rather than just push and get off me, he stayed with me all the way along the wall.  His brother is the one that totaled my Kia 2 years ago by stuffing me into the wall, guess they don't like being beat by a woman on a regular basis, especially one old enough to probably be their mother............LOL

Doesn't look very bad on top, all the damage is underneath, although I have no idea where the end of my bumper went, scraped it off on the wall I guess.....!!

Needless to say my poor little car needs some TLC....!!!  I went in on Craigslist and found another Dodge Neon, cheap.  Called the guy, went to look at it, and John almost leaped out of the truck when he saw it.  It's a 2  door coupe, just like mine.  They are pretty rare, so it's like finding the mother lode in a gold mine.  We've also went on-line to order the parts available.  Today we're looking for parts we haven't been able to find, which means a trip to junk yard,  for the afternoon.  

Our friend Gary has a friend that has all the tools to straighten frames and other things that need to be straight or the car won't handle.  John took the car down to Gary and they decided they could straighten it, without all the fancy stuff.  So they used Gary's wrecker and 2 trees and actually got it pretty straight, won't know for sure until we get the motor mounts.  

Once he gets everything back on it, I'll take it out on our  "country" road for a high speed run to make sure it tracks straight.  Thank goodness my next race isn't until the 30th of this month, so he's got time.  He'll be gone for a few days to a family reunion in Indiana, so hopefully most of it will be done before he leaves.  

It's eating cactus time again.  Cisco came in yesterday looking like he tried to eat a porcupine.  The bad thing with him is, he tries to "share" by rubbing on you, which we really don't want him to do.  But he is really persistant, so he tries to share, we try to stay away, while trying to pick spines out of his face.  Some of the others eat the fruit, but not like Cisco, he also eats the pads and will dig down to get at the roots.  

Cisco and I'm not sure who, chowing down on cactus years ago....!!!

Friday, September 01, 2017


I guess we aren't on their route anymore.  They were hanging around, laying on the backyard wall sunning, doing all that cat stuff, but no more, haven't seen hide nor hair of them.  Had to cancel the yellow one's appointment last Monday.  But if we see him again in the future, we'll try again.

Still fighting the battle of the beans, although there aren't that many anymore, but the donkeys are still finding some.   Linda called from Colorado last night and said Quilla's legs are starting to really break out and keep her busy doctoring.  I do think they have been better up there, it's not as hot and the sun probably isn't as direct, I really believe the sun is a large part of the problem.

They don't plan on coming down here until in November, and I'm sure by then it will be a lot cooler in Colorado and she won't have to doctor so much.

Boaz has an old wound on his coronet, which is where the hoof grows out.  It's like where our finger or toenails grow out.  At sometime in his  life he has had damage to the coronet and like when we damage our nails a lot of times they grow weird after that.  When they left here, it had split and looked nasty.  For the trip we wrapped it, so one of the other donkeys wouldn't step on it in the trailer, or he wouldn't get it hung up and rip it off.  She sent a picture of it and it is really growing out gnarly, so they are going to have the farrier come out and if nothing else cut off all the excess that is  growing in all directions.  She'll probably have to wrap it for the trip again, it  takes about a year for a  hoof to grow completely out.