Thursday, September 27, 2012

This morning when I took the gauze off Jenny's foot, it was stuck with some of the goo that oozes out.  It's not much, probably wouldn't cover the end of your finger, but does dry out enough to make the gauze stick.  When I pulled, it caused it to bleed a little.  I hadn't soaked it with White Lightening since last week, so figured it wouldn't hurt.  I'm thinking about having the new local mobile vet come out & see what she thinks.  The only other option is to haul her up to Gilbert again, this would be 4th or 5th long trip.  Megan could do a scraping or swab or whatever she might need to do, to find out what kind of bacteria we're dealing with. 

Ruthie is getting bigger & bigger, but so far no changes to make us think she's ready to have her baby.  This morning when John checked her, he got thumped, when he put his hand on her belly.  Guess the little guy didn't appreciate John's attention.........!!!!  That's our first "relationship" with him or her or them.  She lost twins last October, & it would be fun if she had twins, as long as they were healthy.  That way they'd have a playmate.  Poor little Tucker didn't have anyone except Momma Mocha, & believe me she paid the price.

When I went out to feed tonight one of the 1st things I noticed was Frijolita is 3 legged lame, as in abscess lame from the way it looks.  I guess all the rain & damp weather we had for this year's monsoon, has been a little hard on some of the donkeys.  Frijolita usually has real good feet, if it is an abscess I hope it pops real soon, she is miserable.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jenny blew another abscess today, this one in her right front.  She had been walking slower for a few days & reluctant to move around much.  Her feet are so bad she doesn't go 3 legged lame like a "normal" abscess & the thought didn't occur that she might have another one.  Courtney is suppose to come out Friday to trim her & whoever needs it.  I'm still dealing with the abscess in her re-sectioned rear hoof on a daily basis. 

Gus right now is walking very good, so I don't know if she will trim him or not.  He is such a balancing act, trim too much & he's ouchy, don't trim enough, he's ouchy.  In order for him to be comfortable it has to be like the baby bear in Goldilocks...........JUST RIGHT..........!!!!  He probably should be trimmed every week, once the length & heel height is figured out. so there isn't ever any real growth.

He's also over his skin infection.  The scrapings showed 3 different bacterial infections, Staph, Strep, & Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  I know what the 1st two are, have dealt with Staph on a personal basis years ago.  I don't have a clue what the last one is, & couldn't pronounce it if my life depended on it.  One of the tests called a sensitivity test, was to see what antibiotics  work or don't work with the bacteria they find.  That one is not sensitive to a whole list of the usual antibiotics Vets prescribe as the first line of defense, such as amoxicillin, tetracycline, & SMZ, which is what I'm giving Jenny for the abscess in her rear foot.  Sure hope we aren't wasting time, if it's not just a plain old garden variety abscess.  So Gus got Gentamicin & within 36 hours, no more gooey ickies, all dried up. 

Old Pepper is Mr. Perky these days.  In fact he's finally found a young lady he can smooze or at least he thinks he can.  Twice we've seen him "kinda" up on Cheyenne's back.  Of course Cheyenne is only 32 inches tall, so it's not a big transition, but it does look rather silly.  I guess it works for him, keeps the old heart pumping, I'm sure..........!!!!!   LOL

Everybody else seems to be doing good right now, although I wish it would get cold enough to kill off the flies & the mosquitoes.  I don't think the mosquitoes bother the donkeys much because they have hide like a cow, rather than skin like a horse.  But they use the water buckets to lay their eggs & we spend a lot of time & effort dumping buckets to get rid of the wigglers.  And they do bite us if they get the chance......!!!!!  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


How many of these equine's owners knew where they went?  How many of them cared?  


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Haven't gotten an update on how Missy is doing in her new home.  Last I heard she & Claude had gotten home, & she was in the screened in porch on a bed they made for her.  That was a couple of days ago, so I would imagine by now she's got a chance to check out the new "digs".  

Went out to visit with Bijou this morning.  The local businesses in the area are trying to establish an annual "happening" to get people involved.  Stacy said she was going to bring Bijou out with some of her other animals for the people to see.  

When I got there there was another mini horse tied by the gate.  I did a double take, it was about the same color as Bijou, but probably 3 or 4 inches taller.  Looked around & saw Stacy under a tree with her little group.  

Bijou is behind Dusty.  Dusty is a dwarf mini-horse & quite a bit smaller than Bijoy.  He is also a little bit nuts, he LOVES women.  He also thinks any attention given to any animals should be given to him & he really tries to make his point, by pawing & rearing.  Of course he isn't very big, but does seem to be quite strong for his size.  Stacy got him when he was 4 days old, & they didn't think he would live, so they spoiled him rotten.  He's now 9 years old & can be a handful.  I guess he spent a month at the vet one time under constant care.  She said he loves to go to that vet & when he hears the vet's voice he has to go find him.  She said he checks out where he stayed in a stall & goes in the office to make sure everything is as it should be I guess........!!!  

This is Annabelle I think, a miniature Hereford.  She's 11 years old & Stacy said she doesn't know she's a cow, she thinks she's a horse, but most of the horses are afraid of her.  You can tell how short she is compared to Dusty & Bijou on the left.  But her belly is about the size of a normal cow.  So from the back she looks like she's pregnant.  Stacy said her insides are normal size, but the rest of her isn't. 

They also had a real cute goat named Conrad.

Stacy said Dusty has always preferred people to other equine, but for some reason he has attached himself to Bijou.  She said Bijou doesn't seem to care one way or the other, but Dusty has to be with Bijou, if at all possible.

It was fun to see Bijou, he looks good, goes without his boots at home, although he had them on today.  His eyes looked pretty good, unfortunately he has a lot of scar tissue around them, that will never go away.  She said he got his fly mask off one day when she wasn't home.  By the time she got home, I guess he had scratched his eye, until she couldn't see if the eye was still there or not.  It looked pretty good today.  He also recently popped an abscess on the bottom of one foot.  He's was walking real good today, so hopefully no more abscesses......!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Took Pepper to the vet today to see if they might have an idea about the spells he has, when he gets down, can't get up & then is disorientated for a couple of hours.  

One thing we noticed right away is "there's a new vet in town"..........!!!!  And she is mobile........!!! YIPPEE!  Over the years Nancy has had other vets working with her, but it seems like after a couple of years they move on & we are without a mobile vet again.  Megan says she is here to stay, so hopefully she'll be around for awhile.  

She checked him over, looked in his mouth & couldn't find the grey spot we saw in the spring.  She said there is a smooth spot in the area we saw it, but it isn't discolored.  She poked & prodded him, & didn't find anything out of the ordinary for an "mature" gentleman.  Actually gentleman  isn't really what he was, we warned her about him using his head as a weapon.  Besides having to watch out for that, he also decided he was ready to do something else before she was finished.  When she rinsed him mouth out he got some water down his lungs & panicked poor old guy.  He started scrambling & almost went down, which of course scared him. Needless to say he was ready to get in the trailer, to come home.  

I'm glad they didn't find anything, but I'm glad we took him in.  She said he could be having little strokes or something like that, there's really no way to tell, unless he was in the middle of having one.  And there really isn't anything that could be done even if we knew for sure what is happening.  

I told her of course they usually happen on week-ends or holidays, & she said she's on call, bless her heart.  

Gus is doing just fine, tomorrow will be rebandage day.  Today was the last day for his shots, which I'm sure won't break his heart, although he will miss his animal cracker.  

Jenny still has a little drainage from the abscess at least I hope it's an abscess & not infection again.  I called the clinic at Gilbert yesterday, & was told to not soak the foot too much & to continue with the SMZ.  Sure hope it works.  

Racing tomorrow night, only have 3 more race nights till the season is over.  I'm still in 5th place for end of the year points.  I had hoped to be able to move into 4th place, but unless the guy in 4th quits racing, there's too many points to make up.  Of course I better watch 6th place or they might catch me.........!!!!   LOL

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I hate to have to give Jenny anything by mouth.  I called the vet clinic at Gilbert today to see if she might need some antibiotics.  She popped an abscess awhile back, & it is still oozing & occasionally bleeding a little bit.  So they said to give her SMZ for 10 days.  I always taste anything I give them, don't have to taste this stuff, I remember what it tastes like.............very VERY bitter......!!!!  I know their taste buds are different than ours, otherwise they wouldn't think lemon rinds are a treat, but even making allowances for different taste, this stuff can't taste good. 

I mixed it up with some molasses, stuck it in her mouth, plunged it in & she has a gift of being able to reject most of it.  She doesn't make a big deal about it, the stuff just dribbles out of her mouth, doesn't matter if you hold her head up, or what you do, it doesn't go down her throat.........GRRRRRR..........!!!!    We have 10 days twice a day to make this work, & I have a feeling we won't be feeling the "love" before it's over............!!!!!   LOL 

Heard from the other clinic about Gus' test for infection.  He has staph & a couple of other bacterial infections I can't pronounce.  So now besides getting Naxcel, he's going to also be getting Gentamicin for a few days.  He is such a sweet boy about getting shots, of course he knows there is a animal cracker when it's over.

Tomorrow morning Missy is going to her Forever Home.  We had just about finalized the hand over of her to a Great Dane Rescue up in the Phoenix area.  But Mocha & Tucker's Mom decided she would like to give her a home, & has had Danes before.  We won't even have to deliver her, Claude is coming thru here tomorrow morning on his way home to Las Cruces from Phoenix.  I think she will be a great addition to their family.  


This is a picture taken by Tucker & Mocha's mom.  She said the hat originally was on Mocha, but if you'll notice there is a piece missing from the brim.  Tucker took a bite out of it when it was on Mocha, & I guess when Mocha got hold of it again, she tore it up until it wasn't wearable anymore. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for information, maybe not.  To think these 4 are or probably will be fathers, makes me sad for our society.......!!!! 

 This purge has been going on for years in Big Bend & continues today

This just happened this week.  When the news first came to the attention of the Donkey Yahoo group we had been told it was 2 donkeys that would be killed before Wednesday.  Guess it was done over the week-end.  Then we were told it was 2 trained mules 10-12 years old.  Once the e-mails started flying, they put out the word they were 28 & 32 years old & not healthy............

Hug your animals & let them know they are important & will never have to be treated as a thing.

It's too late for these 2 poor mules, but if enough people sign this petition, perhaps our point will be made.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pepper has an appointment to see the vet Friday morning.  Maybe she will have some ideas about what is going on with him.  Maybe not, I'm sure he is well past his "expiration" date by most standards.  At least she can look in his mouth & see how the tumor is doing, & give him a general check-up.  

This is the before & after of Gus' trip to the vet to see what is going on with his leg.  This morning it looks even better, so I assume we are on the right track.  Haven't gotten the results back from the swabs & scrapings yet, but Animax & Naxcel seem to be doing the job.  

The vet was going to have me give him Tucoprim, BUT, Claire had said equine that are Insulin Resistant, shouldn't be given sulfa drugs.  Unfortunately she didn't tell me why, so when the vet asked why, I had no answer.  That happens quite often with me........!!!  At my age my brain is full & there isn't much room for anything else, so I rely on my good friends to "try" to keep me in the loop of knowledge.  (G)

According to Dr. Eleanor Kellon, sulfa drugs can cause an insulin rise in people studies, but is a complete unknown in IR horses.  It's just another piece of information that makes sense although hasn't been proven.  Why take a chance if you don't have to, so no sulfa for IR donkeys around here.  I printed out information to take to my vet when we take Pepper in Friday.  Who knows, it might give her information that will help her be better informed for her patients. 

He's having to stay in the pens because of the bandage & polo wraps, but he doesn't really seem to mind.  It's getting cool enough here at night (52 degrees last night) that we might be able to leave it upwrapped in a few days.  We've already noticed a lot less flies.  He doesn't usually go too far from the pens & the house, but he does like to roam around. 

We've been calling her Missy, she showed up here last week, hungry & scared.  She looks like a purebred Great Dane.  We've asked around & no one has claimed her.  John's theory is, she's recently had pups, & once the money making puppies were weaned, the owners came out to the first mailboxes on our road & dumped her.  

Our 2 dogs split a can of dog food & each get 1 1/2 cups of dry food a day.  They weigh about 60-75 pounds each.  At first she was eating about 18-20 cups of dry food a day, I need to ask John if he's backed off on the amount yet?  She's very sweet but shy & taller than the minis.  I've been in touch with a Dane rescue in Phoenix, there aren't any Dane rescues in Tucson, to see if they have a place for her.  

Friday, September 14, 2012


Well I guess the crisis is over for the time being.  The old buzzard rallied this afternoon after a day of just standing around in his pen.  I went out one time & there were flies all over his face.  Got some fly repellent lotion, went out to put it on him, & he was adament about me not putting it on him, using his head as a weapon as usual.  

We will probably make an appointment next week with the vet to see if she has any ideas.  Unless he's having one of these spells, I'm sure she probably won't be able to find anything, but at least she can look in his mouth & see if the tumor is growing.  She might also tube him to see if there is anything going on in his throat.  The coughing has me puzzled, but it seems to be part of the process.  

He sure likes to worry us, that's for sure. 
I'm afraid we may be on our final watch with Pepper.  He didn't come in this morning, found  him down in the wash disorientated.  He was actually on his good side, sitting up on his breast, so it was a little different than his normal M.O.  

He finally got up by himself, but wouldn't put his right rear leg down, that's the one with the cracked hip.  Finally started putting it down although he was still walking on the other 3.  

Took John a long time to get him to the pen, but once he was there he wasn't interested in either his mush or hay.  When John was leading him in he would stop & act like he was choking, then stand for a few minutes & walk maybe 5 or 6 steps, stand for awhile, & go thru the whole process again.

He isn't interested in eating anything even watermelon, he has drainage from his nose & mouth, not a lot, but that isn't normal.  

In the spring the equine dentist found an area in the roof of his mouth about the size of a quarter, kind of grey & spongy looking, said it probably was a tumor.  I'm wondering if it has grown & is causing him problems?  Or something else?  Sure wish we hadn't lost our mobile vet, I really don't want to have to haul him if at all possible.

This morning we hauled Gus to the vet to check out the oozy sores on his leg.  Actually this morning I found some places on his front leg, I would imagine from him laying down & touching the legs together.  

This is what it looked like this morning.  The vet thinks it might be bacterial, did a couple of scrapes for the lab, cleaned it up, antibiotics, wrapped & home we came.  I don't know how long it will take for the tests to come back, but I hope this takes care of it.  

Cisco's is completely cleared up.  Guess we won't ever know if it is the same thing or not.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Well it looks like I'll be having cataract surgery on one eye next month.  If I like the results then I'll have the other one done later.   I've never been able to understand why things start so early in the morning, like wars & surgery.  Shouldn't doctor's get to do their work at a decent hour?  I remember reading war stories when the pilots met for their take off briefing at 4am.  Are they trying to sneak up on the enemy?  If so, why did they usually find planes from the other side flying around too.  A nice 7am wake up call sounds better to me. 

When I have to be in Tucson at  6:45am it's going to make doing chores a real challenge.  John's about decided to drive me in, come home, do chores, come back & get me.......!!!  The woman making the arrangements looked at us, & said "that's going to be a lot of driving".  REALLY......???  But she still put me down for 6:45am..............LOL

Heard from Pancho & Ruger's mom.  She said they seem to be adjusting just fine, & Ruger tried to go to work with her this morning.  I assume that means he was at the gate when she was trying to get out.  When we were there yesterday, I noticed the driveway gate might be a problem, so I told her not to panic if they do get out, because it's probably going to happen.  

Haven't heard from Karla how BlackJack & Boaz are doing.  I'll probably try to call her tomorrow & see if they've lifted their heads yet.  

We're trying something different with Buddy Brat & his weight problem.  We had been leaving him in the pens, & feeding him a minimum amount of hay.  If he's lost any weight it wasn't much.  

There is a train of thought, that if you cut too much food their body goes into starvation protection & hangs onto every calorie, & they really don't lose weight.  John got the idea of feeding him a bare minimum of hay, less than 2 pounds a day & we're still soaking it.  But let him out to roam & browse on brush, he will get exercise & hopefully not find enough to gorge himself.  We're watching his neck crest & if it starts to get harder we'll have to come up with another plan.  He is really a challenge, he needs to be on a complete dry lot, but if his body is clutching on what calories he's taking in, not sure a dry lot would even work.  

Jenny definitely has an abscess, hopefully that's all the problem she has.  I soaked it again this morning, I want to make sure it stays open, so it can drain.  So far it hasn't drained much.  She's putting a little more weight on it.  The more she walks on it, the faster the infection will work out, so hopefully she'll continue to improve.  

Something bit or stung Quilla on his sheath a few days ago.  His sheath & belly swelled up pretty bad, all the way to his chest, & about 3-4 inches thick, poor guy.  I started him on Tucoprim Friday.  Over the years I've had others that had the same type of swelling & the vet had me give them Tucoprim. 

Both Cisco & Gus have something going on with the front of their hind legs.  There's a serum type stuff oozing out of their legs.  If I comb thru the hair I end up with a gooey mess on the comb & they don't like me doing it.  I assume it probably hurts.  The gooey mess looks like skin that's been in water too long.  I'm using thuja zinc oxide on Gus & Ironwood Horse Medicine with baking powder on Cisco, to see if either will help.  If by tomorrow one or both isn't better, I'll call the vet & haul one or both for a "lookie see". 

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Yesterday we took BlackJack & Boaz to their grass & weed control "job".  They both came out of the trailer, with their heads down & jaws moving.  I hope they slowed down after awhile, or we'll have to bring them home.  Karla & Rodney know equines & know what to look for if they start gaining weight.  They said the horses they've had before never had a problem, & came off dry lots & a hay diet. 

Today it was Pancho & Ruger's turn.  As you can see they know the drill, although they did spend a few minutes roaming around, looking to "see what they could see".  Then the heads went down.  I briefed Trina on what to watch for, in case they pig out.  Ruger is young enough he can probably get away with indulging, but Pancho is 9 years old & proned to being "fluffy".  

That gorgeous building behind them is a 7 stall mare motel, that Trina is probably going to sell.  Sigh!  I "really really" don't need it, but it sure is pretty.....!!!!!  LOL

This was the view we had as we left, I'm not even sure they knew we were gone.........brats........!!!  They were off to see what else they could find on 5 acres. 

Jenny is having some problems with her foot right now.  Courtney thinks it "might" be an abscess, I sure hope so.  Her foot is so compromised I'm afraid if she has anything go wrong with it, we won't be able to fix it.  

I've soaked it the last 2 mornings, & there is a soft spot below the coronet, so hopefully it is an abscess.  The foot itself looks really good, Georgette was out this morning when I was doctoring & saw it in person for the first time.  She said it looked much better than the pictures I put on the blog, & I have to agree, it's hardened off & wasn't bothering her at all until a few days ago, when she went 3 legged lame. Keep your fingers crossed or however you can send good thoughts for Jenny.

Friday, September 07, 2012

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.....!!!!

Votes are being taken until the 19th of September, for your favorite non-profit to receive much needed money to continue with their work.  

Mark Myers has over 3000 in his system at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.  Needless to say he never has enough money with that many donkeys to feed, & take care of.

So take a minute & do a good thing for the donkeys.......!!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2012


One year ago today this is what greeted John when he went out to start the round-up for morning feeding.  It was a rough & rocky start for the little guy, but he made it.  He & Mocha went to their new home a couple of months ago & according to the phone call from their momma this afternoon, are spoiled rotten. 

I know when I answered the phone, I could hear them braying in the background.  I assume she had just came in from "messing" with them, & they didn't appreciate her leaving.  

Courtney came & trimmed last night.  When we took Jenny's foot bandage off, there were some maggots in the open part of the hoof.  The only time it's ever been uncovered is when we were letting it dry out uncovered in the garage for 30 minutes or so.  There were a few flies around, & I guess they were quick to lay their eggs.  Disgusting, & since maggots only eat dead tissue, I assume there is some dead tissue somewhere in her foot.  

Her foot really looks good & we decided to leave the bandage off to let it air dry.  I covered it with a couple of layers of gauze & we left her in her pen last night.  This morning it looked good although it did bleed a little from an area high up on the hoof.  This morning soaked it for 20 minutes, actually I didn't make the White Lightening deep enough to soak the whole hoof, I'm relying on the gas it produces to get in all the nooks & crannies without the softening, actual soaking might do.   

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pretty quiet around here right now.  Everyone seems to be doing pretty good, we're getting ready to haul Boaz & BlackJack Saturday & Ruger & Pancho Sunday.  Courtney is coming this afternoon to do some trimming, we'll make sure all 4 of those boys get trimmed if they need it.  

Of course Jenny will get trimmed.  Her front foot that has a big chunk missing, is breaking off more big chunks.  Could be why she is no moving around very much.  I would imagine it feels somewhat like having a fingernail really really short & into the quick.  Might have to put a boot on her for awhile, poor girl.  Seems like if it isn't one thing it's another.  

Had 2 real nice women come out this morning.  One of them has a store in Tubac, & the other one is an artist.  They took lots of pictures of the donkeys & already have plans to do some drawings & make some notecards.  They said they'd send me some, can't wait to see some of my "kids" on notecards..........!!!! 

I know this isn't very exciting to anyone else but me but, JOHN FOUND A KIA MOTOR IN TUCSON...........YIPPEE......!!!!  Actually found 3 of them, a friend that works on imported Asian cars, found them for us.  One of them was a great price, but had 250,000 miles on it.  John figured I'd blow that one up real quick, so opted for the more expensive, less mileage option.  It's in the back of the pick-up waiting to be hauled to another friend to help John change motors.  John has over 50 years experience with chevy V-8 motors.  I don't think he knows what the inside of a 4 cylinder import looks like.  So he wants someone that knows more about the subject to lead him thru the process.  

Anyone that thinks racing isn't a team sport doesn't know much about racing.  Our grandson destroyed the drive shaft on his Super Stock, Saturday night.  Two pits down from us was a guy that owns a driveshaft shop in Tucson.  They had one built by 1pm Sunday afternoon for J.R. so he could run Sunday night.  Reminds me of the time John loaned the gas tank out of his race car to another racer.......!!!!  LOL

Monday, September 03, 2012

POITOU (The dreadlock donkey)
This morning we changed Jenny's foot bandage in her pen for the first time, rather than taking her up to the garage.  John put down a piece of plywood, & she was still eating her hay, so she actually stood still.  

The foot is still doing good, although she seems to be moving slow & ouchy.  Can't really tell which foot or feet are bothering her, could be all 4, since all of her feet are compromised.  Courtney is suppose to come Wednesday to trim her & whoever else needs it, so hopefully that will make her more comfortable.  

We did home studies today for BJ & Boaz's foster home.  They will have a job description, grass & weed control.  As soon as the "mowing" is done, we'll go pick them up.  It looks like they will have a lot of variety in their diet, certainly won't need any hay that's for sure.  

Then we checked out Ruger & Pancho's foster home at Sonoita.  We had instructions on how to get there &  at the last turn, there was a gorgeous mare motel on the corner.  Imagine my delight to find out that is the property where they are going.  We got out of the van & headed straight for the mare motel for a "look-see".  The place was a foreclosure, Trina has only been there 3 weeks, so there is some neglect, but it's really a nice 7 stall motel with a huge tack room.  Trina said she's going to try to sell it, I would imagine it's worth a lot of money & she said she would never use it.  I doubt the donkeys would appreciate it anyway.  They will also have access to natural food, at least until the monsoons are over & everything dries up.  Lots of tumbleweeds , Trina was disappointed when I told her they won't eat them.   

Dragging my poor little race car to the track, went really well last night & I got points for starting the main event, even though I was a hazard........!!! LOL  I started in the back, I didn't want to get in the way.  My original idea was to just run one lap.   The rod was knocking, but only if I gave it enough gas to go above 3000 RPM.  So I put it in 3rd gear, (easier on the motor than 2nd gear) & decided to stay out until the first wreck or until they started lapping me, whichever came first.  The lapping came pretty quick, like the 2nd lap, the whole field of 20 cars "freight trained" me.   I knew they would probably lap me again within 2 laps, so as soon as they all "flew" past, I pulled off.  

Hopefully we can find another motor & get it put in before the 15th.  We've been looking on the internet & it looks like Kia Sephia motors don't grow on trees.  Glad the holiday is over, maybe we can find one locally tomorrow.  I found one in San Antonio & one in Covina, CA, but I'd REALLY rather find one locally, for a lot of reasons, one being not much time until the 15th.    

Sunday, September 02, 2012



"We race Sat night & hopefully the car will be in one piece for racing Sun... no guarantee.....!!!"    

Perhaps I shouldn't have thought about it. 

Car is in one piece, motor isn't.  Last night was a pretty rough night, I feel like I should have a target on my back, but we survived.   John got the car off the trailer this morning, did a few things, checked the oil & found water.  Starts good, so he started it up, revved it up & sure enough it's got a rod knocking.  

I'm in my own little battle for points, but I think John feels worse than I do.  So he's up at the garage, putting the poor little injured thing on the trailer.  We're going to drag it all the way to the track, so I can start the main event, & pull off when the flagman throws the green flag.  I will get points for starting the race, which keeps my points adding up.  Silly isn't it?  

I really wish I could have ran tonight, because my grandson's boss was going to let J.R. borrow his hornet, so we could race together.  I'm sure he'll make the offer again, but I was looking forward to the fun.  I think J.R. was too, although I've beaten that car a few times.....!!!!  It would be terrible to be beaten by your grandma, heck it would be terrible to be beaten by anyone's grandma, probably.........!!! LOL

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Got Pepper's locator.  They said it was small & they were right, a little larger than a penny & doesn't weigh much more.  I sewed it on his fly mask with dental floss & as soon as John comes in from getting the race car loaded, we'll go see if we can find Pepper.  John is good at reading instructions & I'm more of a visual type, so he can tell me what he read & I'll see if I can do it..........!!! LOL