Friday, March 31, 2017


Well I can't think of anything to use as a headline.  Patti told me one time I should always use a headline, so there it is.....!!!  LOL

We're all staying busy it seems.  A neighbor that knows how to hook up a pack saddle came over today to show Lynn and Linda how to do it.  It went well, they even put hobbles on Turbo, just for fun and he just stood there, like no big deal.  

Had the well guys out to see why our well isn't keeping up.  A few years ago they came out and tried to clean the calcium out of the holes in the well pipe.  I would imagine the calcium has built up again, closing off the holes, so the water can't get in.  They checked the recovery time and I guess it isn't very good.  So I guess we'll be getting a new well dug.............SIGH  John asked when they could do it, their waiting list is a year long...........!!!  YIKES  They gave John the name of a couple of other drillers, but they haven't called back yet, so no telling when we'll get someone out here.  Our well is pretty shallow, hit water at 80 feet and the well is 120 feet deep.  But it is sitting on a layer of clay.  When the well was drilled the driller said in this area the clay could be 100 feet deep or it could be 1000 feet deep, so we had him stop.  Since then we've talked to a couple of neighbor's that drilled thru 400 feet of clay and have good wells.  So I guess we'll cross our fingers and hope for the best, if and when we find someone to drill it.  

Last night Lynn and Linda started dressing up Leddy and Turbo for the Tombstone parade the 8th and 9th of April.  They are both so good to work with, nothing seems to faze them.  Turbo didn't even mind Linda putting a bunny tail on his butt.  It's actually going to be higher than it is in the picture, but I think we're going to have to super glue it to his hair.  Quilla and Pepsi, still have super glue on their foreheads, where we glued their hats for the St. Patrick's Day parade a couple of weeks ago.  I need to take the scissors out and trim it off. 

I got some artificial flowers in town today.  Linda had originally wanted to use real flowers, but decided that they would probably be a tasty snack if someone didn't watch Turbo, closely.....!!!  She still wants John and I to take a donkey or two, but we want to just go and help if needed.  

Racing tomorrow night.  This is only the 2nd race on the asphalt for the Hornets this year.  They have told us the Hornet race will be a Bump and Run.  I have no clue what that is, but it sounds like metal to metal is going to be allowed....!!!  That will be different, the race director usually screams bloody murder if someone bangs on someone else.  

I had to doctor Rosie's belly today.  Doug saw her scratching her belly and sure enough she's got it bloody.  Last summer she had to be doctored daily, and I'm sure this summer won't be any different.  The vets have tried all sorts of medicines and taken scrapings to see what it is.  That came back inconclusive, so I really don't know what it is.  Steroid creams seem to work the best to keep it under control, poor girl.  

Hopefully tomorrow morning we can get everyone wormed, at least that's the plan.  So far the flies aren't too bad, so I'm holding off on fly masks as long as I can.  They'll have less time to tear them up......!!!  LOL

John and Lynn have been working on Rosie's shelter.  She ate the other one, so there is going be to more metal on this one. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

STAYING BUSY..........!!!!!!!!

This is Cisco, he has been here since the beginning.  I didn't realize how white his face is getting until I saw Linda's picture.

 Still not really sure what keeps us busy all the time, but it seems to be working just fine.........!!  LOL  We've had a lot of tours lately, this is a good time because it's still fairly cool and we haven't had to put fly masks on everyone yet.  Just the ones that have allergies, or are fly magnets, I think there are 4 with masks on so far.  Quilla has stockings on his legs already.  They were getting bloody from the sun, because we still don't have many flies.  The ones that are here, seem to be attracted to my fly traps, which is good.  

Yesterday we had Janice come out to groom and Barbara came out to do energy healing on the ones that have problems with pain or arthritis or something like that.  She worked on Gus, Cisco and little Cheyenne and even worked on my toe.  I was surprised at the difference it made.  I hope the donkeys had a good experience too.  

Janice hadn't been out for quite awhile, so we had to catch up on what had been going on in our lives.  Most of the donkeys really enjoy being brushed, she even brushed on Penny.  Barbara might be out again this week, with a friend.  

We really appreciate when people want to work with the donkeys and come out to interact with them.  It's good for the donkeys and I think probably good for the people too.  Actually Lynn and Linda have been working with Tula and brushing.  Tula is so distrustful of humans that it's really hard for her to allow people that far into her space.  Linda started taking a brush and even uses different brushes each time, so Tula won't freak is a different brush shows up.  Linda has worked up to about 20 strokes on one side.  She always breaks away before Tula can't stand it anymore.  Now Linda has to work on the other side.  Equines are left and right brained, just because you do something on one side doesn't mean the other side will get the same reaction.   So Lynn is now doing the 1st side and Linda is doing the other side.  They are both so good with the animals, so patient.  They'll be going home in about a month unfortunately.....!!!   LOL  I know they have a life, but we're really going to miss them.

Actually we might get in one more parade before they leave.  I think it's the 9th of April, and it's a pet parade in Tombstone.  Leddy and Turbo need to get comfortable with being hauled and going into new situations if they are going to be participating in Burro races in Colorado this summer.  So this will be another opportunity to get them out in public.  Actually Leddy was in the St. Patrick's Day parade and took it all in stride.  But, Turbo needs to find out there is a whole big world out there to see.  He is really very mellow and easy to work with, so it shouldn't be a problem.  But he is just a big baby, he won't be 3 years old until May and mammoths don't mature until 6-7 years, even though he's already a big boy.  He really likes running with Lynn, so I think they are going to be a good team for racing. 

Since it is at Easter time, Linda wants to do an Easter theme.  The donkeys already have big ears, so I think they are going to be BIG, HUGE bunnies, complete with fluffy tail.  She wanted to do some of our donkeys too, but I think this time we'll just go with two, John and I can be the helpers if needed.  Our guys don't need to learn to be out in public. 

Frijolita "posing", I hope she wasn't eating cactus..!!   Actually she was probably checking to see if Linda had a cookie in her pocket....!!!  LOL

The 3 new boys settled right in to the routine, and are usually the 1st ones in their pen at feeding time.  Don't want to miss getting fed I guess.....!!  Shaggy Bill and Smokey Joe both had 2 names, but Don didn' is now Don Juan.....well, at least while they are here.........!!!

Smoky Joe the smallest one is actually in charge, at least he seems to think he is.  He also seems to think the feed is all his if he wants it.  We've pretty well figured out the problems and it's actually going pretty good.

I think that's Shaggy Bill  with Smokey Joe behind him the 1st day they were here.  The 2 roans are hard to tell apart unless you can see their manes.  Shaggy Bill has an actual mane and Don Juan has an upright roached mane.

Wednesday John's cousin Tim is suppose to fly thru with a few of his friends, they are doing a motorcycle road trip from California to somewhere.  I haven't seen Tim since 1982, when he and John were both stationed at Holloman AFB, at Alamogordo NM.  John has been back to Indiana to family reunions a few times since then, but I stayed home to take care of the donkeys.

A good friend asked if we could haul 4 large geese for her Wed.  It never fails if we have something to do, something else just as important will come up.  Lynn and Linda said they will haul geese.  I don't know if they know what they are getting into or not.  LOL   Geese can be formidable opponents if they want to be.  The plan of attack is to haul them in the stock trailer from Florence half way to Phoenix to half way between Benson and Sierra Vista.

Nine years ago, Teresa took in a number of chickens, ducks and geese, when one of our neighbor's died and her animals needed to be rehomed.  All she has left is one male goose and he is lonely, so she found someone that needs to rehome 4 females.  There was also a pot bellied pig named Fred that ended up with a woman that works at the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary north of Tucson and he's still kicking too.  Anyway Teresa wanted Mr. Goose to have a harem, so Lynn and Linda are going to make it happen.   While they are delivering geese, they can visit with 2 mini mules that Teresa adopted from us years ago.  Jack and Molly, became Jack and Jill because Teresa already had a pot bellied pig named Molly.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


This is left to right Shaggy Bill, Smokey Joe, and Don visiting with their neighbor, Frijolita.  John and I went up to Gilbert yesterday to pick these 3 up.  They have a wonderful mom and home, but there's some moving going on and they need a place to stay, while house is sold, and new house is built.  So they will be hanging out here for a few months.  They are all very mellow and love to be messed with.  We'll keep them in for a day or so, then turn them loose to explore.  They were on less than a half acre with a really nice mare motel, so I'm sure they will enjoy exploring, Longears Camp.  

Checking out the new "digs"



While we were being road warriors, things were staying busy at home.  Dr. Jeremy came out in the morning to check Justin and Cheyenne's mouths.  Justin was just fine at the parade and the next day was interested in eating, but not following thru.  

We watched him for a couple of days and called the vet.  According to Linda it was an interesting exam.  Justin did pretty good, he had a cracked tooth that Dr. Jeremy cleaned up and Justin was eating hay as soon as he got over the drugs..........LOL

I guess little itty bitty Cheyenne was another story.  She kicked Doug in the shin, Dr. Jeremy gave her as much drugs as a 1500 pound horse, she doesn't weigh much more than 200#, she is only 32 inches tall.  It's a donkey thing, they react to drugs different than horses and if they get their adrenalin up the fight is on.  

Dr. Jeremy said she might be even older than the 25 estimate we've gone by.  And her mouth is a mess.  She has 2 teeth in the back that aren't growing straight down, they are angling inward. He said that is probably the reason she doesn't move her jaw sideways.  He did what he could, but suggested taking her to Gilbert, so they can put her out, like they did Penny, lay her on her back and really get in her little mouth.  So that will be added to our schedule before Lynn and Linda head back to Colorado.  Having them here is such a help, otherwise we have to plan all trips with feeding schedules in mind.  They know the routine probably better than we do, so we can take off and know everything will go smoothly. 

After Dr. Jeremy left, Lynn and Linda took Colorado John up to Gammon's Gulch to take a tour. There were 6 others on the tour, that ended up coming over here for a tour of the donkeys afterwards.  They left a little before we drove in with the boys, so we unloaded them, ate pizza we picked up on the way home, fed the gang and pretty much called it a day.  Whew..............!!!   LOL

Sunday, March 19, 2017

WHAT A FUN DAY WE HAD.........!!!

The parade was a lot of fun, I think a good time was had by all, and the 5 "fur" kids were really good.  Well.......except for a slight faux pau by Quilla.  After the parade was over and we were walking back to the trailers, he decided to take off running.  Well, running would take a lot of effort, he was actually trotting, BUT, a trotting donkey is faster than most humans.  Lynn took that as a personal dare and gave chase.  Since he has done a lot of endurance running, Quilla had met his match,  and it didn't take long for them to return.....!!!  LOL

The night before we decorated the golf cart and loaded it in the front of one of the stock trailers, the 2 little minis rode in the back.  The 3 standards were in the other trailer.  Of course we had all the donkey decorations in both trucks.  Good thing we started at 4AM, the early start was so the 5 would have time to eat.  At 8AM we started loading donkeys and it really went well, except BlackJack for some reason was giving Leddy the evil eye, when he loaded.  I was in the trailer with them which was exciting, but BJ finally settled down and I could get out.  

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
Doug took this as we were getting ready to leave.....left to right Lynn, John, Linda, Big John from Colorado, me and Georgette.  We met Dave and Leroy in Tombstone

I know it looks like we're all standing around doing nothing, but believe me everybody was busy.  Georgette's husband Dave and his friend Leroy even helped, which really made things go easier.  That was 2 extra set of hands, since our ratio was 1 person to 1 donkey.  It was chaotic and I was watching the time. We managed to get everyone "dressed" and got to our assigned spot on time....amazing.....!!!

John from Colorado drove the golf cart and threw candy to the kids

BlackJack, John and their little friend, we named him Paddy

Linda and Leddy waiting to start the parade

We even had our own photographer, the woman under the American flag is a friend Michelle.  She kept running ahead and taking pictures as we came by.  I think some of the  pictures were taken by Patti and Russ, not sure which ones maybe this one.  And some might have been take by others, thanks to everyone that shared their day and their pictures with us. 

Lynn and I "dancing" with Justin and Pepsi, they were good, BUT not perfect...!!

         Quilla and Georgette, ready to go

Got a picture of Dave, but haven't found one of Leroy yet.  He really liked the minis.

Afterwards with our plaque....!!

Friday, March 17, 2017


Linda loves to dress up her "fur" kids.  Leddy has been around for a few months of holiday dress up, but this is Turbo's 1st time.  I wasn't here, I had gone to Tucson to pick up Doug.  He had neck surgery yesterday and they released him this morning.  He seems to be doing real good, so hopefully he won't have to have anymore surgery.

Just as I was leaving to head for Tucson, my Cousin Linda and her husband Alvin drove in the driveway.  They are RVing from Oklahoma and we knew they were coming today, just didn't know when.  I said Hi and Bye and knew they would be well taken care of until I got back.  Actually John was giving a tour when I left and I think Linda was feeding Lynn and John breakfast.  John is their friend from Colorado that came in last night and will be driving the golf cart in the parade tomorrow.  So they just joined in all that was going on and we had a good visit when I got back. 

When I got back they said I should have seen Turbo, strut and preen when she dressed him.  I guess he knew he was "purty"........!!!   LOL

We're as ready as we'll ever be for the parade tomorrow morning in Tombstone.  We decorated the golf cart tonight and will decorate donkeys when we get to Tombstone.  Linda washed Quilla today and he looks pretty white.  She also bathed Gus, he's not going to the parade, but unlike most donkeys he really likes to be bathed.  I think Claire bathed him enough he learned to enjoy it anytime Linda is bathing the dogs, like after a skunk spraying (there have been 2 so far), here comes Gus trying to get in on the bath.  

It's suppose to be in the 90's tomorrow, wish it was going to be a little cooler, but the parade should be over before it gets too hot.  Hopefully we'll get lots of pictures to share.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Actually tomorrow is the "big" getting ready day.  Everyone has something to do today, John is doing a jeep tour, I took Doug to the hospital this morning in the dark to have surgery on his neck again.  Lynn and Linda got a call back from Wheel of Fortune that was in Tucson a few weeks ago and has to be at one of the casinos in Tucson this afternoon to hopefully make it on the show.  And their friend John, who will be driving the golf cart in the parade, was in the Albuquerque, NM area head this way from Colorado this morning.  

So I will probably be rounding up and feeding donkeys by myself this afternoon.  They get cranky when only one person feeds, they seem to think it takes too long.  I always tell them, there is only one of me, and more of them, so they might as well be patient.  They don't seem to see it that way at all.....!!

But tomorrow, after I go pick up Doug and he crashes in his RV, the rest of us will be gathering up stuff and making sure we have everything.  I'm sure we won't, but that's the plan.  Linda is going to wash Quilla, he is white and when he pees, it splashes on his hind legs and stains. So hopefully he'll come out white and fluffy, Linda is a determined sort, so I would imagine he will be as white as snow, when she's done..........LOL    

Next week our little family will grow by 3 more donkeys.  There is a lady with 3 donkeys that needed a place to park them while their new home with acreage is finished.  They have acreage now, but that place has sold and they are moving into an apartment in the meantime, waiting for the new place to get finished.  She's had these donkeys for 17 years thru a move from Colorado to the Phoenix area and we were recommended to her by another rescue. 

Trying to figure out the pen arrangements is a lot of fun, but I think I finally got it done.  Moving BlackJack would be the easiest, he's been in so many pens over the years, it's like "whatever", as long as there is food in the pen, he doesn't care.  Some of the others are a little more set in their ways and insist on going in "their" pen.  Unfortunately BJ is in one of the smaller pens, and I wouldn't want to put 3 donkeys in it.  Penny has one of the larger pens, but moving her would probably be traumatic.  Same with Gigi, who is also in one of the larger pens.  Frijolita will probably get evicted, she's in a good size pen, with a large shelter and we can just move her one pen over...........problem least I hope so.  She hasn't always been  in that pen, so obviously she's been moved, although neither John or I can remember where she was before. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017



Next Saturday is the big day.........!!!  Yesterday my friend Georgette came out, so we could all practice a little bit, with all 5 donkeys.  We had them lined up like we thought they should be, Leddy behind the golf cart, then the 2 minis, Quilla and BlackJack bringing up the rear.

 John and BJ trekking  behind the golf cart

After wrestling most of them, the lineup became, BlackJack in front, Leddy, the minis single file (for the most part) and Quilla bringing up the rear.  They all seemed to like this lineup better, so we'll go with it.  Over the years we've figured out that just because the line up looks good to us, that doesn't mean, for instance Leddy wants to lead, or the minis want to walk side by side.  Years ago we tried to get a picture of us and all the donkeys with Christmas hats on.  At the time I think we had 8 or 9 donkeys.  It wasn't pretty, let me put it this way, we never tried it again.  Donkeys that get along on a regular basis, refused to stand beside "HIM" or "HER".  So we had to figure out who would stand next to who.  By that time the ones that had been standing nicely, decided they had stood long enough and wanted to leave.  Our neighbor's were taking the pictures, we told them to just take as many as they could and hopefully at least one would be decent enough to use for Christmas.  We did get one to use, but it wasn't with everyone facing the same direction, ears up alertly, eyes looking into the camera, which is what my goal had been..........!!!   LOL

 Linda with Leddy behind BJ

This is going to be a busy week around here, Lynn and Linda's friend John is coming in from Colorado, he will drive the decorated golf cart in the parade.  I have a cousin coming in from Oklahoma.  They are actually coming to see Kartchner Caverns, but since we're so close they're coming out to see us too.  

Tuesday we have a tour coming out from Green Valley and a tour from Cochise Terrace RV Park .  Ellen has been out here before and is getting a group together from Green Valley to come out and see the donkeys.  Linda has kept her contacts at Cochise Terrace, that's where she and Lynn were staying last year before they came out here to finish out the spring before heading back to Colorado.  In fact Jeanne, that sewed up the costumes for the parade is from Cochise Terrace.  Last year Michelle, another Cochise Terrace resident fixed some of the fly masks that had gotten torn up and made some leg covers to protect from the flies. 

Saturday is going to start about 4AM, so we will have time to feed everyone, load up donkeys and stuff to dress 5 donkeys, hay, water...........and I'm sure we'll forget something that will be absolutely necessary........!!!   LOL  The parade doesn't start until 11AM, but I'm sure we will still be getting ready when it starts.  I envy people that are so organized, they are ready and waiting. Hopefully someone in our group is that organized............LOL


Tomorrow Turbo's original mom, Peggy is coming out for a visit. She's kept in touch with Linda on a regular basis.  She bred and birthed him, so I'm sure she wants to see how he is doing in his new surroundings.  He's fit right in with everyone here and seems to be having a good time, so I'm sure she will be happy with his new life.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017



Yesterday morning when we all went out to gather up donkeys, one was missing, guess who?  PANIC..........PANIC......!!!

Figured out pretty quick, where he got out, the fence across the big wash is a floating fence.  That means the bottom although attached to T-posts, the posts aren't in the ground.  When the wash runs it will take out a standard fence, it's amazing how powerful water can be, especially if it has downed trees and large limbs "riding the wave"........!!!  

Over the years it's gotten loose from being buffeted when the wash runs.  We never worried about it, our guys aren't fence challengers for the most part.  Obviously Turbo was exploring and decided to see what was on the other side.  

We all dispersed in different directions on different modes of transportation to find him.  After ranging out almost to the paved road and both directions on Cattle Trail, the road below us, Linda saw him standing by one of the gates waiting to be let in........!!!  He had some scratches on his front legs, but other than that he was ready for breakfast........!!!  Lynn and Linda's hair will soon be as gray as John's and mine at this rate.!!!  LOL

Lynn was in the wash all day yesterday with railroad ties, building a Turbo proof fence.  So far, so good Turbo was running with Tula and her "A" team herd this morning.  Hopefully freedom wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be......!!!  LOL

Yesterday was fitting day for the donkeys.  Jeanne and her husband Larry came out, Jeanne brought all her outfits and we started working with them.  This is all a new experience, so basically we're making it up as we go along.









Of course we had to have a crisis in the process.  We were in the mini pen working with the 2 little guys and all of a sudden Linda is yelling, that Leddy has tinsel in his mouth.  Larry grabbed his mouth and started pulling it out.  Linda ran her thumbs in the bare gums areas on each side of his mouth and Lynn came running from his fence building in the wash.  I think they managed to get it all, at one time Lynn's arm looked like it was half way down poor Leddy's throat.

The tinsel was a lovely green color and I guess he thought it would taste good.  I don't think he ever had a chance to taste it, they were all over him really quick.  Years ago for Christmas John outlined the house with the little white lights and at the corners just had them hanging to the ground.  BlackJack ate a whole string of them.  I guess he got hold of the end and pulled it down.  I watched him for a few days, checked poo piles and never saw any evidence of the wiring or the little lights.  You would think after the first taste or two, they'd spit things like that out.  I swear they are kin to goats, they will eat just about anything.

Thanks for the pictures Linda

Monday, March 06, 2017


The nights are staying in the 30's and 40's, so I would imagine it won't be long before we'll be complaining because it HOT....!!! Just can't please us I guess.  

Our plan on keeping Turbo in for a couple of days didn't happen.  The 2nd night when John and Linda were letting everyone but him out at bedtime, he decided he wasn't staying in a pen by himself all night again, and tried to climb out of the pen.  That was scary enough, that the gate was immediately opened and we took a chance on letting him out, in the dark for the night.  I don't know if any of us slept well, but the next morning, when we looked out he was with the herd.  WHEW...!!  He's always lived in a pen, rather than free ranging and our property is pretty rough with washes and lots of rocks, so we were glad to see him all in one piece the next morning.

Here he is visiting with Pepsi, actually Pepsi isn't Turbo's biggest problem, Justin the other mini seems to think he is responsible for putting the new guy in his place, no matter how big he is.  Turbo just ignores him......!!!  

Lynn took him out for some trail time and said he almost had to hold him back, which is a good thing if you are going to be racing with him.  As long as Turbo realizes there is a limit to human speed....LOL  Lynn is an endurance runner, so they should be a good match.

Visiting with Casper during a run

Of course as a burro pack racer he will have to wear a 33 pound pack.  So might as well start that training too.  

He doesn't look impressed with learning new skills

Leddy has to learn too, since he'll be running with Linda when they race - THANKS FOR ALL THE PICTURES LINDA

This week-end was our 1st race of the season at the asphalt track.  Did pretty good, I was leading the heat race and halfway thru the last lap, my car jumped out of gear.  Needless to say the guy behind me was thrilled.....!!!  LOL  I managed to finish 2nd, which gave me a good position to start the main.  

The main was a pretty good race, well once we contended with the guy that blew his motor and laid down a stream of oil ALL around the track.  I saw it and managed to "slippery" thru.  A couple of the guys weren't so lucky and got into the wall.  

When it was all said and done, at the finish line I needed a longer front fender by about 2 feet.......had to settle for 2nd.......!!  But that is my best finish on asphalt, so I really can't complain.

This was earlier in the race, with the guy that won.  We were trading positions back and forth for 5 or 6 laps, so it was a lot of fun.  Just wish he hadn't been in front when the checker flag dropped...!!  LOL

Thursday, March 02, 2017


A couple of nights ago I was trolling thru Craigslist and saw an ad for a nice looking donkey up in the Phoenix area, 3 years old, athletic, gentle, no bite or kick.  Of course I shared this info with Lynn and Linda, since they have been looking for a brother or sister for Leddy, that would be a good racing partner for Lynn.  Linda has already spoken for Leddy as her racing buddy.  

To make a long story short, they went up yesterday to "look".  Of course they took their trailer, which means they brought Turbo home.  


He had only been trailered once before, so all this traveling to a new place with new people was different, but he seemed to handle it just fine.  He's really mellow and one of the first things Lynn and Linda noticed was how strong he is.  He's not full grown yet, but donkeys are about twice as strong as a comparable sized horse or pony.  He is a mammoth, close to 14 hands high and might grow a little more before he's 5 years old.  So he's probably about as strong as a 1500 pound horse.

The woman they bought him from, also has his mother, grandmother and they saw pictures of his daddy Diesel, and a video of Diesel barrel racing.  Well, barrel racing didn't really seem to be his style, it was at a show and the announcer kept talking about how tucked his tail was.  His heart didn't seem to be in it......!!! LOL  

YEA!  he made it out of the trailer.....!!



Don't know for sure but he looks like a perfect example of a Catalan donkey from Spain.  Our Jenny girl had the same look.  She is the only mammoth we've ever had, all of the others have been either minis or standards.

We'll keep him in the pens for a couple of days, until he gets comfortable with his new surroundings, before we let him out to roam and mingle with the herd.  Lynn is planning on getting right into race training.  The 1st race up in Colorado is the 25th of May I think, and they want to be ready, this will be the 1st race for all of them.  Lynn's also talked about renting a donkey for that race.  They actually have donkeys to rent that are old hands at racing for people that don't have a donkey of their own.  That might be a good idea, at least someone would know what was going on..........LOL

Just saw some pictures of Leddy and BlackJack's costumes for the St. Patrick's day parade in Tombstone, the 18th of March, they are really going to be spiffy looking.  Jeanne is doing a great job.  She's suppose to come out sometime next week, to do a fitting, looking forward to that.