Sunday, November 27, 2016


A few days ago John noticed a bark lizard inside one of the spa room screens.  It not unusual to have lizards between the glass and the screens, I guess it's warm there..........well at least when the sun is shining.  I had been watching and he hadn't moved, so I went out this morning and poked him.  He was alive, but not moving too good, because of the 28 degrees it got down to last night.  There's no sun on that side of the house until afternoon.  

So I asked John to help me catch him and put him in a cricket house I got a few years ago, when there was a large wolf spider living in our bathroom.  They love crickets, so I bought him some crickets, I'm sure some people probably have a problem with that.......LOL  

The lizard was cold enough catching wasn't too difficult. Put the house in a sunny place in the guest bedroom, we have 4 cats in the house and a little critter in a small plastic container, wouldn't last long where they could get to it..  The next thing is to find a snack for the lizard.  There are flies all over the ceiling in the feed room, because it's warmer in there than outside.  Sent John out to get one and he did.  Trying to get a fly out of a plastic cup into a little plastic house, isn't easy.  The fly is somewhere in the guest bedroom probably enjoying the warmth.  I found another fly in one of the water buckets, unfortunately now there are 2 flies in the guest room.  LOL   So John headed out again to check water buckets.  He had rescued a moth earlier out of the water, but couldn't find it.  We finally found some type of small bright green grasshopper trying to stay afloat in one of the buckets.  My thought was better to die for a good cause, than to drowned in a bucket of really cold water...... in the cricket/lizard house it went.  Checked later and no little green grasshopper to be seen.  When I put it in there it was perched on the lizard's head, which really didn't seem like a good place to be.  They do look like bark and the lizard was laying on a stick we put in, so the grasshopper probably thought it was just a limb, that is if they think.  So now we have to find some more food critters for the lizard.  

In the spring we always find little lizards dried up in nooks and crannies in the house, I assume because they didn't eat enough before they went into semi hibernation.  So we'll fatten him up and probably put him in the hay barn for the winter.  The hay barn is a really busy eco system, John finds lizards between the bales of hay, all winter long and has to find a new place for them, once he removes their hay.  

Didn't have to doctor anyone this morning.  I'm still watching Quilla and Coquette's lower legs.  They both have so much fly damage, most of the hair is gone.  

Yesterday we had a large group of visitors from one of the RV parks in Benson.  They came in the afternoon, so the donkeys were out on the property.  If they are in their pens, the people can feed them, but if they are out, we keep food out of the show.  None of the donkeys are aggressive in any way, BUT, if food is involved, someone, especially people not use to being around large animals, might get knocked down or stepped on as the donkeys tried to push to the front of the line for food.  

I'm really getting to where I like having them out rather than in their individual pens.  They are free to come and go, but usually stay right where the people are.  Gizmo the mini mule makes sure he is front and center with every person.  I'm sure he thinks there has to be a cookie in someone's pocket if he can just find out who it is.  Penny was right in the middle of everything going on.  She has turned a corner since her colic surgery this summer.  She was really good with the boys and girls that were out here a week ago, letting them touch her head and face.  I thought it was because they were children, but she was really good yesterday too.  That particular RV park will probably be bringing out a tour each month until late spring.  They try to show the "snowbirds" some of the sights in the area and we're on the list. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

OK, COOLING OFF IS GOOD.........BUT 25 degrees seems a little much.

This morning I was whining about how cold it was in the house, that it might be time for a fire in the wood stove.  Went right over John's head, I think he said something to the effect to put on more clothes........!!!  The sun is out finally, but it's only 60 degrees outside, so I can't open up the doors and windows to get a little heat in here.  Maybe this afternoon.

Wednesday as planned we loaded Josie/Dice in the truck and headed for Pilot to return her to her mom.  We got there on time, but Estella got caught up in Thanksgiving traffic coming home from work and was late.  That's OK, sitting in a large gas station with the cheapest gas in town,  pre-holiday is quite entertaining.   Lots of opportunities for wrecks, as they backed up, and sped around trying to find an open gas pump, but I think they all survived without damage.

Not a good picture of Dice waiting, but I was in the front seat, squirming around trying to get in position without falling between the seats.  Looks like one or both of us moved.  I was going to take a picture when her mom got there, but forgot all about it in the excitement of the hand off.

Estella had called the house to say she would be late, and had one of her neighbor's drive to Pilot and try to find us.  I guess he was driving around and around, but for some reason didn't see a Chevy pick-up with brown tribal banners down the side.  Dice's little tail really was wiggling when she saw her mom, she jumped in the SUV and never even looked back.  I'm glad we picked her up, she wasn't in a good place and looked like she had been out for awhile.  Her home was actually fairly close to Pilot, but who knows what could have happened to her.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we went into Tucson to have dinner at our grandson's.  His wife Becky did most of the dinner, with some requests for grandma to bring.  Our son and Lisa were there also.  It was a nice day and very rarely do we ever get a chance to just visit.  Most of the time we meet at the race track, and of course then the primary discussion is whichever car is racing, not exactly family stuff.

Both days Doug fed the donkeys for us, since we would get in late.  That really makes it nicer for us and for the donkeys, otherwise they would get fed late, and depending on how late, John would have to stay up past his bedtime to let them out.  Hmmmm, we just barely make it to bedtime now, adding a couple of hours to it, probably wouldn't work too well.  LOL

Most of the "fur" kids have their fly masks off now.  A few of them get watery eyes without the masks, don't know if it is flies or allergies, but they do better with the masks on.  A few more cold nights and cooler days and we can probably leave theirs off too.

Leddy, Lynn and Linda's donkey acts like he's been here for a long time.  When tours show up he already knows the drill and participates with enthusiasm.  He still hasn't found anyone to run with, I thought Boaz would be a good candidate, although over the years I've found out I'm not a real good judge of who should be friends.

Lynn and Linda are probably working their fannies off in L.A. starting today selling Christmas trees until right before Christmas.  They won't have time to miss Leddy, that's for sure.

Linda took these pictures for Thanksgiving before they left.  Leddy's poor little hat doesn't even show up, he needs a sombrero, something more his size..........LOL  The dogs are all use to posing, it looks like.

John finally got Lynn's race car for the dirt running.  I don't know how many hours and hours he had spent trying to figure out why it wouldn't start.  Once he had the factory book on the electrical system, it didn't take him anytime to figure it out.  Yes, it was sorta electrical, but not exactly.  There are 2 plugs that are almost identical, but obviously if you put them in the wrong place, the car won't start.  If you switch them, it will start right up.......!!!  So he's busy getting all the little things done on it, so he can get started on stripping out the car we brought back from Phoenix, that will be my dirt car.  There is a brand new rebuilt motor sitting in the garage to go in it, and it has to be changed from an automatic to a stick shift.  So hopefully that Kia Sephia's transition from street car to race car will go quickly and smoothly. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


UPDATE:  Got a call this afternoon from Dice's momma, Estella.  She has been gone for a few days and Dice and one other dog of 3 escaped, she doesn't know for how long.  So we will meet her tomorrow afternoon, she will be coming home after work, at Pilot, which she said is really quite close to where she lives.  So we will return her to where we found her.  

I love a happy ending..........!!!!

DICE............?????????? WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT?

Yesterday afternoon, while John and Lynn, went to pick up Lynn's Hornet down at Gary's.  Long story...... John hasn't been able to get it to start.  The motor is the motor out of my car that got wrecked and was running when I hit the wall.  John worked electronics for over 30 years in the Air Force and in Saudi, and he says it's electronics.  He has spent hours and hours trying to figure it out, without a schematic, I guess he thought that 30+ years would be enough..........NOT.......!!!   I finally found a factory electrical system manual for a Kia Sephia and ordered it.  He had hauled the car down to Gary's for consultation.  That's means Gary knows foreign cars back and forth, and John was hoping to pick his brain.  They spent one whole afternoon playing with it, before the manual got here.  Gary is going out of town for the holidays, so John wants the car here, where his manual is.........LOL

Lynn and Linda are leaving today to go sell Christmas trees in California for a month, so John will  have plenty of time to hopefully get the silly thing started.  Hope so, my future Hornet is still sitting in the driveway where we dropped it, when we brought it home from Phoenix.  It needs to be completely stripped and motor and tranny installed, differential locked and all the little "extras" that go with building a race car.  I'm sure when Lynn gets back things will go really quick...........LOL

Yesterday afternoon Linda and I took "Josie" to the vet for a well check, since we know nothing about her.  Well now we do, her name is Dice and she is 10 years old, and is microchipped.  The clinic left a message on the 2 phone numbers on her record, so far they haven't called.  The clinic will leave a message for the people for 3 days and if they don't get back with the clinic, I guess we have another dog........LOL  I can't do Dice, so we've been calling her Dicey.

Rosie seems to be back to normal, after her outing to the clinic in Gilbert.  We in the process of changing Gus over from Previcox to Gabapentin to control pain in his shoulders from how he walks because of his lousy feet.  He actually walks pretty good, but he acts like his chest and shoulder area are sore.  So we're seeing if a change in drugs makes a difference.  BlackJack is over his coughing and off SMZ's and Buddy is now coughing and on SMZ's..........!!!

We are taking it one day at a time on fly masks I guess.  The nights are in the 30's, but the days are staying bright, sunny and warm, which means the flies haven't given up the fight. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Josie has let us know she is a "house" dog, not a feedroom/dogpen dog.  Lynn and Linda aren't helping, by taking her in their RV and making her part of the "pack".............LOL  She's settled down with the dogs, but is still showing John where his weak spots in the chain link dog pen are.  So he's doing the Caddy Shack routine, of her getting out, and him pounding metal stakes, so she can't get out there again.  So she just finds another one.  It's fun to watch, but very annoying.  She doesn't go anywhere, she usually runs to their RV and sits by the steps.........LOL  Wonder what she is going to do when their RV pulls out tomorrow or Tuesday, poor little girl.  

We can't have her in the house the cats would absolutely go into panic mode, especially Moogee, well Snooky wouldn't be too thrilled either..........!!!  We hate having to put her into the stock trailer, but it's the only place she can't escape from.  SIGH!  We put her in the feed room, until she "escapes" then if Doug or Lynn and Linda don't take her in, next stop is the stock trailer.  I'm calling to make a vet appointment for a "well checkup" for her.  She seems to have some arthritis, but other than that, seems healthy. 

Yesterday we went to see how the dirt track upgrades were going.  You might know they weren't working this week-end and had the place locked up tight, so we couldn't even see what they've done to the track.  Lynn and Linda went with us, since he wants to race dirt.  

One the way home we stopped at Pilot Travel Center, where we picked Josie up.  Lynn went in to see if there were any ads up from someone looking for their missing dog........didn't see one.......!!!  

Before we left a group of kids came out from an organization in Benson.  All but 2 of the kids had been out here before, so it was somewhat like old home week.  Actually I had not bothered to look at the calendar and forgot about their appointment.  John had already let the donkeys out of their pens, and 5 minutes later we would have been on the road going to the track.  Boy, would that have been a shock for Doug..........LOL

We've never had the donkeys out for a bunch of children before, but since there was 7 adults for 10 children, we decided to give it a go.

Lynn and Leddy meeting some of the kids, thanks Linda for all the pictures (she carries her phone and is ready at all times.........LOL

This is Miss PennyPacker, wading into the middle of the fun.  And she stayed there for all the petting...amazing..!!!

Leddy was more than willing to be part of the entertainment, didn't miss a chance to be petted.

Rosie is now eating without drama.  There is still some alfalfa being mixed in with her bermuda, but John is cutting it down every feeding, so it won't be long before she's completely weaned, hopefully.  Still putting a hot pack on her abscess? at the IV site.  It's looking good, so probably tonight will be the last time for that.  Doctoring is down to almost nothing and the last few nights have really cut down on the fly population.  Might try leaving the fly masks off tomorrow, and see how it goes.  Poor Frijolita's mask isn't going to make it much longer and I don't have any extras left.....!!

Friday, November 18, 2016


Gee I don't know where to start, the last few days have been chaotic, to say the least.  Lynn, Linda and their gang got in late, dry camped for the night and John and Lynn got their trailer set up the next morning.  Leddy their donkey went in Quilla's old pen and didn't seem anxious about all the donkeys yelling at him and all that.  He's pretty mellow.  

Lynn and Linda will be leaving with the dogs Monday.  They manage a large Christmas tree lot in California every year and will be back probably a few days after Christmas to stay until late spring.  We'll babysit Leddy until they get back

Rosie has been improving up at the clinic, even finally eating bermuda hay.  They put her on alfalfa and COB  (YIKES!) to get her to eat.  They also had been giving her insulin to control her blood sugar.  So we went up yesterday and picked her up.  Lynn and Linda went with us for the adventure.  

Headed home and stopped in Tucson at a Pilot gas station and when we pulled in we noticed a dog, 3 legged lame and not walking very good on the other rear leg.  Of course Linda and I piled out to see what was happening.  She came right up to Lynn and I and had an old nasty piece of bread she was chewing on.  I want in to get her something to eat and when I came out with 2 hot dogs, she was beside the truck with John, Lynn and Linda.  I'm sure you can see where this is going.  By this time she isn't limping at all, John said she's learned how to look pathetic and beg.  

She was really really hungry, older dog, standing right there by the she went and we headed home.  Linda and I picked ticks the whole way..........UGH!  So either we saved a street dog or stole someone's pet.  Either way, she wasn't in a good situation.  

Linda took this picture when we got home.  I wanted to name her Lilly, John opted for Joy, I told him names needs 2 syllables, so now he's saying Joyous.  I got the backing of Doug and Linda for Josie, so it's not settled yet...........LOL  

Had to leave her in the stock trailer last night.  Tried putting her in Casper's old pen, but unfortunately like Punch, she can get out the cattle panel squares.  The stock trailer is our "go to" for escape artists of all types, so in she went.  Lynn got the igloo and put straw in it, so she had a warm place to sleep.  Good thing it got down to 27 last night.........BRRRRR......!! 

This morning we took her out to potty, she's obviously house trained and wouldn't go in the trailer.  Wasn't too thrilled on a lead either, so I decided to try putting her in Saddik's pen and put him in Casper's old pen.  HE CAN'T GET OUT THE SQUARES..........LOL  Gave her some time to go potty and then put Saddik in with her.  She put him in his place and they've been in there ever since.  Still hasn't figured out the doggie door, that usually takes a couple of days.  

This morning we let Leddy out for the 1st time.  Talk about mellow dramatic.......!!!  He just went out like he'd done it every day of his life, wandered around and came up to beg cookies anytime he saw someone.  They have trained him well............LOL  We gave him a little while, and let the others out.  The minis were the worst brats, he just looked at them and backed up.  



So this morning Rosie wouldn't eat her mush or hay.  She's never been a fan of mush, usually just picks out the few pellets in it.  Wasn't even interested in doing that.  I called the clinic and they said feed her whatever she will eat and to give her 30cc of Karo, even though she doesn't have fatty liver disease.  So I did, and made up a lovely pan of Lakin Lite, senior feed and oats.  She would eat it if I hand fed her..........Grrrrrr....!!!  By the time I called Dr. Alltop, she had started picking at the bermuda and ate some of the junk food.  John is going in this afternoon and get a bale of alfalfa.  Dr. Alltop said he'd rather she eat alfalfa than junk food.  I had planned on holding the alfalfa as a last resort, but will try mixing it with the bermuda for awhile.  

Linda just came in and said Lilly/Joy/Joyous/Josie had escaped from the dog pen.  Luckily they saw her wiggle out at the corner with Cisco's pen.  So Linda put her back in the stock trailer and Lynn is trying to outsmart her.............Hmmm...........these battles of will don't always go well........!!   STAY TUNED

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


They pulled in just at dark, and unloaded Leddy, so we haven't really seen him yet.  We had put hay and water in his pen, which he seemed to appreciate.  We'll see him in the morning.  From what I saw he is a little bigger than BlackJack.  The 3 dogs came in like they had never left and started playing with Saddik, and picking up sticks for us to throw, just like normal.  

They drove from Santa Fe, New Mexico today, which is a pretty long drive.  Last spring Lynn and John set up a spot for their RV with utilities, but it was too dark tonight to set it up, so they are dry camping in the driveway, until tomorrow...........LOL It's good to see them again, it's like they had never left. 

Talked to Dr. Voss about Rosie today.  They are trying to wean her off the COB and alfalfa and I guess she isn't impressed.  She is also off of insulin and IVs, so they are basically just observing her.  I think we have all had a shock, she does NOT have fatty liver disease, I would have bet my life she did, and I'm sure everyone that has seen her obese body, thought she did too.  So why is she so fat?  Her numbers aren't out of whack, her liver and kidneys are healthy, and she has been on 3 pounds of hay a day forever, of course she self feeds on the acreage, but I can't imagine that she eats that much "wild" food, there isn't really that much available.  And for most of the day she and Gigi stay close to the house, waiting for something to happen I guess.  

They will call in the morning and decide whether we should go up tomorrow to pick her up or to wait another day or so.  They did find something interesting when they x-rayed her.  She seems to have a slight impaction, nothing alarming, in fact she is pooing just fine.  She also has what looks like a piece of baling wire in her gut.  I have no idea where that came from, our hay is tied with nylon hay string and we are pretty diligent about keeping stuff like that picked up.  Dr. Voss thinks she will pass it, I'd be curious to "save" it, if and when she does.  I'd like to know if it's been in there for a long time, I assume it would be pretty corroded if so.  

BlackJack is still coughing off and on.  Dr. Jeremy suggested wetting his hay to see if the dust in the hay might be part of the problem.  We started that tonight. He doesn't have a temperature, so I'll just keep doctoring him for about the next week.  SMZ's are really bitter, so I try to "doctor" it up with molasses.  So far he seems to approve of my efforts............LOL

Monday, November 14, 2016


Talked to Dr. Voss this morning.  Because she went in on Saturday, they could only do in-house blood tests.  The really important one to run on an obese donkey is the lipid test, to see if the liver is damaged, in a fattie's situation, to see if they have fatty liver disease.  He mentioned also Cushings, which of course we're familiar with.  I don't think they've tested her for Cushings at this time, that was just a SWAG, (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) thrown out for thought.

So the plan of attack at this time, is to get the results from a lipid panel.  They have Rosie on insulin that is keeping her glucose around 120, 100 would be better.  Dr. Voss said she REALLY likes the alfalfa they've been feeding her, but not interested in the grass hay.......... Somehow I'm not surprised.  They were going to take her out to the grassy 1/4 acre pasture they have.  I'm sure she'll enjoy that...!!  LOL

At this time it looks like we'll go up Wednesday to pick her up.  I know Gigi will be happy to see her again.  She's upset that Rosie isn't here, which is understandable.  The people originally had 2 pregnant jennies, that had babies.  Somewhere in the 11 years they were in that pen, Gigi lost her mother and Rosie lost her offspring.  So they aren't mother and daughter, but they are very bonded.

Lynn and Linda their 3 dogs and Leddy the donkey should be on the road from Colorado, headed for SE Arizona.  Don't know how long it will take them, probably 2 days if they push, 3 if they don't.  Quilla got moved last night, so Leddy can have the larger pen, since he's a larger donkey.  We didn't want to move Quilla after Leddy got here, not only would he get moved out of what he has come to believe is his pen, but he'd see someone else in it.........!!!  This way he will have a couple of days to realize he is still getting fed and the routine hasn't changed, only where he is in the line-up.

BlackJack is still coughing even though he's been on SMZ's for 3 days, although not as much.  He'll get SMZ's for7-10 days and then I guess we'll re-evaluate if he is still coughing.  Dr. Jeremy said he had lung sounds on one side more so than the other.  BJ is never sick, so this was a surprise.  We'd throw him in the trailer to take him up to Gilbert Wednesday, when we pick up Rosie..........BUT........we left the trailer up there...........LOL 

Saturday, November 12, 2016


We had an uneventful trip up to Gilbert and the Equine Clinic.  When we would stop, I'd offer her a couple of animal crackers and she was more than willing to take them.  

Got up there and one of the interns checked us in.  In fact she had worked with Penny this summer when she was up there for colic surgery and remembered us.  

Dr. Voss showed up and sewed in an IV line while we waited for the blood tests  to finish.  Surprise, surprise, none of her numbers were really bad, kidneys were perfect and the numbers that weren't within range, weren't all that bad.  

The liver test can't be done in house, it has to go to a lab and Dr. Voss didn't know if it could be picked up tonight.  But he's pretty sure whatever the problem is, it probably isn't hyperlipidemia, judging from the numbers he saw, so far.  

Before we left she was enthroned in an indoor box stall.  I think it is probably the first time she has ever been in a stall of any kind.  She wasn't really sure she wanted to go in there.  We watched her for awhile, the intern got her some COB (EeeeeK) and grass hay.  The main thing is to get her to eat something and if COB does the job, so be it.  She was actually eating it when we left.  

They will call in the morning to let us know what's going on and how she is doing.  I called Dr. Jeremy when we got home.  Actually I returned his call on the answering machine.  He's been very attentive and wants to know everything that's going on.  

Got home after dark, called Doug on the road and he was putting the last one in, happened to be Gizmo, the mini mule, when we got here.  Poor little Gigi, she's been with Rosie her whole life, Doug said she spent all afternoon, looking for Rosie, so I'm sure she will be thrilled when Rosie comes home, probably Monday.  We left the stock trailer up there rather than drag it home.  We've always brought it home, but with a mobile vet in the neighborhood, we felt it was safe to leave it there. 


Yesterday was a long day.  Rosie hadn't eaten her supper and was lethargic.  She is extremely overweight, has always been overweight, but the mesquite bean season really sent her over the edge, before we even realized it.  

Dr. Jeremy Alltop was out here all afternoon working with her.  First we tried tubing her to get hydration.  Donkeys have a much smaller opening than horses to put the tube thru.  Unfortunately her opening is even smaller than a "foal tube" and it turned into a bloody mess.  

We progressed onto IV with 5 liters of fluids, which went well.  Unfortunately the bloody mess was continuing to bleed.  I did learn lots of ways vets use to try to stop a nose bleed on an equine, most of which weren't working.  We finally thought of using flour, which I have used before and FINALLY got the faucet to shut off.  

Dr. Alltop has kept in close touch, but she is not interested in eating or drinking on her own.  We are dealing with hyperlipidemia .  The simple explanation is, she is way too fat, her liver has fatty liver disease, and we are feeding her a minimum diet, although she is out on the 30 acres and supplements what we feed her.  Her body is telling her she is starving, so her liver starts releasing it's stored up excess fat into her blood stream.  If she doesn't eat, it keeps releasing fat until it basically takes over the blood stream and there isn't enough oxygen available to keep her alive.  We've drenched her with Karo syrup which is an emergency treatment, to shock her system into thinking, it was wrong there, is plenty of calories available. 

So the options are, to either put dextrose into her with IV's here or take her up to the clinic and let them attack the problem.  We've opted for hauling her before it gets worse. 

Will update later.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Whether you agree or disagree with the outcome, doesn't matter, thank goodness it's over and done with......!! LOL  Lots of journalist, pundits, experts out there today,  have been making a living off of their opinions for quite sometime, wonder what they will do now?   Here's to approximately 3 years of relatively peace and quiet, before it starts all over again.  

I made a "welcoming" visit appointment with the new vet for this morning for Cisco and Gus.  Nice young man, seemed to know his business, well except for that blood draw thing with donkeys.  I didn't have the heart to ask him if he had much experience with donkeys, as he poked and tried to find the vein.  He finally got blood from both of them and they didn't seem to mind all the poking very much.  

Some of you that have been with me for a long time might remember Mocha and her little preemie Tucker 5 or so years ago.  Tucker crashed 5 days after he was born and John had to take him to Tucson to save his life.  

Mocha was only 26 months old when she had Tucker and we were afraid she would reject him.  You couldn't have asked for a better momma.   I was out of town, when all this happened, but I hurried home and we went in to see how he was doing.   He wasn't nursing like he should and Mocha needed to be milked.  John tried first, he had never even milked a cow, so he didn't get a drop.  I have milked a cow, but found out I wasn't any better at milking a donkey than John was.  A completely different "setup" of faucets.  There was a young man there, John and I thought he was probably a high school student, that was helping in the clinic.  He had no problem milking her at all.  

Well Dr. Jeremy Alltop is that young man, he said he remembered the name Tucker.  Sometimes it seems like the world is getting smaller all the time.  I'm so glad to have a large animal mobile vet in the area.  I love the girls at Jackpot Vet Clinic, but they are about 1 1/2 hours away, which in an emergency situation it will be really nice to have someone closer.  

He drew blood on both of them and checked Gus over to see if he could figure out why he has been grumpy lately and acting like he wants to bite you.  Dr. Jeremy seems to think the problem is in his chest/shoulder area, probably caused by the way Gus has to walk because of his horrible feet.  I showed him x-rays from 2011, 2012, 2014 and he agreed that it's amazing  Gus is even walking.  Thank you Courtney for all you do for him, if it wasn't for you and your expertise, I don't think he would be here. 

We'll see if the blood test shows anything and if not he has some ideas about different pain meds, other than Previcox, long term.  

Sunday, November 06, 2016

THE FLIES WILL "NOT" DIE..........!!!

What a bunch of pretty faces

The last few nights it has gotten down in the 30's and the flies are still pretty bad.  A few of the donkeys have poor immune systems I guess, they are really bad fly magnets.  Gus, Cisco and Penny seem to be their favorites.  I've still got 2 fly traps out and they are keeping busy. 

We're still finding a few praying mantis.  I think their life span must be from spring to winter, this time of year all the ones we find are about the same size 4-5 inches long.  John found one a few days ago and usually when we find them we put them on the fly traps.  They really like flies. I saw him 3 or 4 times, but haven't seen him the last few days.  I'm afraid the cold did him in.  

Still doctoring a little bit and still putting fly masks on at night.  Penny is now completely off of medical watch and seems to enjoy being back to "normal".  The mesquite trees are dropping their tiny little leaves like crazy, which seems to make the donkeys happy.  They are still on short rations, and they let us know it.  But, roaming around picking up tiny little mesquite leaves, seems to me to be a good use of their time, especially the 4 or 5 that are obese.  They were all looking so good before the bean season......SIGH.....!!  

Last night was the last Hornet race at the track.   As I wrote about in early September, I wasn't allowed to race unless I put stickers on my car, although the Hornets didn't get to participate in the contingency money from NASCAR.  We have a friend, who I think was more upset about it than I was.  So I missed the last 2 point races for end of the year points.  Last night's race wasn't for points, but Bob knew a graphics designer that could cut the 25 or so decals down in size and put them on one piece of vinyl. I figured if it was that important to him, I could bend a little, especially since it wouldn't be "their" stickers and they wouldn't be so big that they would cover the whole fender.  That is, IF they would let me race with the alternative stickers.  

Time was of the essence,. by the time we finally agreed.  It was suppose to be done before Friday, but it was late Friday before Bob picked them up.  Bless his heart he drove out from Tucson Sat. morning, and even put them on the car.


None of the officials said a word, actually all night...........LOL  But quite a few of the other driver's think they look great and want to get some.  In fact one of the Hornet drivers found the race director to ask him if they were legal.  The director said "he had better things to do, than talk about "her" damn stickers"...............hmmmm, maybe everyone wasn't happy to see me back, with my stickers after all..........LOL  

I actually had a good night, ran my fastest lap on the asphalt ever and finished in 3rd, which was my best finish this season.  

The dirt track has put out rules and schedule, which has a lot of people excited.  They won't be racing until January, but now people will have time to build a car if they need to.  John still plans on me running both tracks, still working on getting the new Kia Sephia to start.  If so, it will be an "interesting" race season, I'm sure............LOL

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


The reason I haven't updated the blog is, there isn't anything to write about.  No racing, no calls about taking in donkeys or wanting to adopt donkeys.  Well actually the wanting to adopt isn't really feasible right now unless they already had a donkey.  I really don't have any pairs available except for Wister and Ruger and they are in a very good foster home in Tucson.  Their house is for sale and if it sells the boys will come back.  Also if a good permanent home did become available, we would show the boys.  A good permanent home is better than a good foster home.  

John is going down to Gary's, a racing buddy today to see if Gary can help him get the new dirt track car to start.  The old Chevys were so simple.  Computers have really complicated life, if everything isn't happy, they just don't want to play.  Gary is a whiz on the newer motors and their little quirks, so hopefully he can figure it out.  

Still don't know if the dirt track is going to open or not.  I'm pretty sure they aren't going to make their opening date plans, but that's OK, just as long as they eventually open.  

It was 38* here this morning, but the flies still haven't given up the fight.  Still doctoring, still doing fly masks during the day, but all in all it's all winding down, thank goodness.  In the desert, winter is never a bad thing.......!!!  

Miss PennyPacker is now going out day and night, so I guess we can say she is completely healed from her impaction surgery this summer.  We had been keeping her in at night because she will finish her mush and hay if she is in all night.  But last night John said she cried so pitiful, we decided it was probably time.  I'm so glad we could save her, even if she isn't very loveable.  

GREAT NEWS, I hope..........!!!  There is a new mobile vet in the Benson area.  Our local vet finally sold her practice, but the new vet hasn't done large animal and so far doesn't do farm calls.  Just heard about this other new vet, who is practically in our back yard, about 15 miles away and is available 24 hours a day.  I have 2 donkeys that really can't travel.  Gus has such bad feet that a trip in the trailer would probably mess him up for weeks or months, if he ever recuperated.  Last time he came back from Claire's it took about a year to get his feet regulated, so he could walk comfortably.  Lately he has been acting grumpy, which is very unusual for him.  He's always been very sweet, but has started acting like he will bite you if you are pulling up his socks or cleaning out his front feet.  It doesn't seem to be either of those causing the problem though.

Gus has never dropped to pee.  I asked Claire and she said she didn't remember seeing him drop either.  I'm wondering if there is something going on about that problem, of course it could be one of many things.  So at least an exam and blood draw would be a start.  He actually nipped John's leg the other day, hard enough to turn black and blue.  John has now learned to face forward when cleaning his feet.........LOL

Cisco has something going on in his ears.  Earlier this summer, they were gooey and smelly.  I am out of Animax, which is what the vets have always given me for his ears.  So I used Zymax Otic and it seemed to dry them up and take care of the smell.  But he's still shaking his head.  So that sounds like a farm call to me.  Might even let him look at Rosie's belly.  All summer she has had 3 places on her belly that insist on weeping, which of course the flies love.  The zinc oxide powder keeps it at bay, but does not heal it.  In the past it's been scraped for analysis, she's had a shot that was suppose to last up to 6 weeks..........lasted less than a week.  So maybe it's time for another opinion.