Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Despooking Smokey, there are tin cans in those sacks

This is Tom & Smokey continuing Smokey's "education"

Looks like Tom had a couple of "helpers" for Smokey's 1st "drive".  Tom said he did really well, & it didn't take long before he was going by himself.  

  Tom said they were about ready to quit, but when they went thru a gate the cart got hung up & Tom ended up rolling around on the ground.  Nobody hurt, but they had to do a little more "work", so they could have a good ending to Smokey's first cart experience.  

Thanks for the pictures Tom, I really enjoy watching Smokey grow into his potential.

A few days ago, John told me the skunks are back because something has been digging for grubs under the bird feeders in the back yard.  Right now the live trap is being set in the hay barn trying to catch a tom cat that has moved in.  If we catch him he will go for "brain" surgery & we'll let him go again, I think he will be either #4 or #5.  It's funny, we usually never see them again, when we let them go, can't imagine why......!!!  (G)

The next night John got up for some reason & saw movement in the back yard, but no white stripes.  Got a flashlight & saw 2 grown javelinas & 1 little baby.  We haven't seen any javelinas on the property in years.  I don't think they like the donkeys.  I don't see how they get thru the gates, but obviously they do.  Maybe they will keep the skunks away, who knows.  

Looks like Gus will be going home for Christmas, & taking a friend, Quilla with him so he will have someone to pal around with.  Claire has 2 horses, but they ignored Gus before & I'm sure haven't changed their minds since he's been gone.  Quilla & Gus have played a few times, so they have something in common, although they aren't best buds yet.  Might be by the time they come back to "Longears Camp", in a few weeks, after having to put up with 2 "snooty" horses.....!!! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

FIVE DAYS & COUNTING............!!!

We're in "getting ready" mode for the Open House.  The weatherman is trying to jinx us I guess, he says it will only be in the 50's or 60's Saturday.  John says their batting average isn't that good, so maybe they will be wrong. 

Everyone seems to be doing pretty good right now.  All the ones that got trimmed when Courtney was here, did real well.  Jennie's hoof that was x-rayed is still oozing as it grows out.  I've soaked it a couple of times since she was trimmed in White Lightening in case there is infection in there.  We also keep it covered with ichammol to hopefully keep any germs from getting inside the hoof .  It's got a long ways to go before it grows completely out, probably 9-10 months.  As long as it stays open & doesn't build up pressure in her foot she should not go lame again.  

Madie got over being 3 legged lame, with nothing to show for it.  So I have no idea what was wrong.  Her family said she would go lame periodically, so it will be interesting to see if it happens again.  If it does, I will probably have that foot x-rayed to see if there is something going on in there.  

Little Tucker man is growing like a weed.  It's hard to imagine that there could be anything wrong with him that might be fatal as active as he is.  But I guess it's a waiting game for the next few months, hopefully all his innards are where they should be, doing what they should be doing.  He's still on a mush & no access to hay at all for the foreseeable future.  Momma Mocha gets out of their pen twice a day to eat hay.  He has become resigned to this horrible experience........but.....if we leave them separated longer than 1 1/2 hours he starts yelling at us, even though he can see her at all times. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

 Jenny at the "Dentist"

Had quite a few hold outs last night, 6 or 7, with Tula the ring leader of course.  We decided they could just stay out & not get fed last night.  They have access to water if they bother to come over from Burroland, & believe me they could all miss a few meals & not know it.  

We went ahead & put hay in their pens & shut the gates.  This morning we knew they had come over here, because all the pens were moved around & the hay was gone.  Guess being wild got old with at least a few of them.  

This morning when it was time to come in, they were back in Burroland.  Not that I think they will actually go wild, but I do like to see their bright & shiny faces a time or two during the day.  So John hiked over to Burroland & ran them back.  As soon as they were thru eating, they wanted out & headed right back over there. 

Besides a couple of days ago, John heard a squabble going on, over here.  He went to see what was happening & found Justin up in the air, trying to get his neck out of Quilla's mouth..............WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?   John yelled & yelled & Quilla basically ignored him.  John finally jumped at him & Justin hit the ground running.  

Quilla is our Mr. Marshmallow, not only is he white but he is about the most non threatening animal on the property.  The only thing we can figure out is, Jenny & possibly Tula are giving the boys that "come hither" look right now.  I hate to tell Justin, but there is no way he could ever even come close to being the answer to either one of their prayers.........!!!! As a mini there's no way.  And who knew Quilla would even care.  Although John said a few weeks ago he saw Quilla romancing one of the girls.  Not bad for a guy that was only with a horse for over 9 years I guess.  And a "guy" horse at that..........!!! 

Monday, November 21, 2011


I have been trying for the last hour or so, to figure out how to change a .pdf file into a .jpg file.  You would think if you scanned it as a picture it would automatically be a .jpg file.  Obviously not.............!!!!  Grrrrrrrrr..........!!!  Adobe reader has commandeered my scanner I guess. 

So rather than a nice painting of the Old Sanchez Homestead by Dan Dutz all I have is a link:  to the information about the Cascabel Christmas Fair & our Open House, Saturday & Sunday, December 3rd & 4th.  

If you have a leisurely day to come out & enjoy the country, this would be a great time to do it.  The donkeys have to stay in their pens, but they love the idea of all the people having cups of pellets to feed them.  From their point of view the "more the merrier", more people, more pellets.............YIPPEEE......!!!  So if you'd like to make some donkeys really really happy, come on out...........!!!

Everybody seems to be enjoying access to Burroland, so far John has had to go over when it's time to feed & get them started in the right direction.  So he's not enjoying it as much as they are.  This morning everyone & I do mean everyone was over there.  John said when he rang the bell, Thelma came thru the gate & across the wash, at a dead run, & braying at the same time.  He said he didn't know if she was going to get stopped or not as she slid to a stop right in front of him.  I guess her new foot trim feels pretty good.  She certainly couldn't have run 3 months ago as long as her feet were.  I didn't even know they could bray & run at the same time.  Sounds like trying to sneeze without closing your eyes.......!!!  (G)  Too bad the others follow Tula instead of Thelma...........!!! 

We have to be in Tucson by 5pm today, so they will eating early.  John closed Burroland, so they can't go over there today.  That isn't going to make him popular that's for sure.  

Heard from a woman that knows more about donkeys than anyone I know.  She said over the years she had 3 babies from mothers under the age of 3 with similar problems.  One died within 24 hours, 1 died at 6 months & the other one grew up healthy.  A necropsy was done on both that died.   The 6 month old had heart problems, the other one heart & digestive system.  When I told her Tucker also is parrot mouthed she said often young ones with parrot mouth have other health problems, so we should watch over him carefully as he grows.  

Right now he is active, curious & really growing quickly.  I heard from a vet who had a baby start out much like Tucker.  He said when it was a few months old when it would lay down, it's skin was so thin it developed terrible sores on it's legs that went to the bone, & they euthanized it.  Tucker doesn't seem to have thin skin & really is a sturdy little guy so I hope he will be OK long term. 

November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Boy they almost goofed up tonight.  When I went out John had Rusty, & Jack the mules, Drifter, 3 of the other minis & that was it...........!!!!  And it was getting dark quickly.  I made the decision that we needed to find Pepper, but the rest of them could wait till breakfast if that's what they wanted.  

I mixed up Mocha & Tucker's mush & John headed over to Burroland to find Pepper & bring him back.  When I went out with the mush, Justin & Quilla came wandering in.  Then I heard Tula screaming obscenities from her pen.  She has no patience once she decides to show up.  

By the time John showed up with Pepper, they all started coming in one at a time.  Except for Madie.  This was the first time she knew there was such a place as Burroland & she didn't know the drill.  John had rang the bell & whistled, but all that didn't tell her anything.  Before we finished feeding their pellets & beet pulp, she showed up, & went right in her pen, like she had done it a million times.  She is such a good girl & smart as a whip.  

Heard from Falena & Selena's foster mom tonight wondering if Falena could be pregnant.  She said she seems to be getting a tummy.  We've only had them since summer, & have no idea what their lives were before.  John seems to think at least one or both of them have cycled, in fact them sashaying around the corrals was what caused Beau to try to climb the panels & destroyed his leg.  Hopefully it's just too much grazing, which of course is another problem.........SIGH!


John checked Burroland out yesterday, closed the gates so the cows couldn't get back in.  This morning he opened the inside gate & it didn't take BlackJack long to find out it was open, once his gate was opened.  When we went to town this morning the rest of them hadn't figured it out yet.  But, by the time we got home, there were only 5 on this side, everyone else had gone WILD...........!!!!!

Didn't know how wild until we went over to make sure Pepper wasn't down, not able to get up.  This is our new 1st thing to do when we come home from town routine.  I went over & only saw Cisco & a couple of the minis.  Heard John whistle, so I headed back over here, figuring he'd found Pepper.  He had, Pepper was up & "perky".  John had taken ropes with him & he said when Tula saw the ropes she took off running, & the whole bunch went with her, including Jenny & her newly trimmed feet, one of which got soaked this morning.  John said old "fluffy" Daisy was running fast enough to keep up with Tula.  Well everyone except Pepper, John said he just stood there, trying to figure out where everyone went.  Sometimes I don't think his elevator goes all the way to the top......!!!  But the ears are up & the eyes are shiny, too bad the poor old body can't keep up. 

Everyone that got trimmed were just fine this morning, no "ouchy" limping or anything.  Madie is actually walking almost sound, although if she had an abscess it hasn't popped thru.  Thelma & Mocha are both walking very comfortable.  Courtney is coming back in about 3 weeks, & at that time we'll probably mess around with Tucker's feet, just to get him use to having them fiddled with.  John & I have picked them up & tapped on them, & he doesn't care.  But actually trimming or rasping might be a different thing.  Guess it will be a rite of passage, like a little boy getting his first hair-cut. 

Friday, November 18, 2011


Courtney thinks Madie's lameness is an abscess, so I will be soaking for the foreseeable future I guess with epsom salts.  

Gus got a trim, took his heels down some more.  He needs to be soaked too.

Then there is Jenny.  She has a deep gash around the heel bulb & into the frog.  Yep!  order of the day..........soaking.......but with White Lightening.  

This should be fun, do I try to do all 3 at one time, or spend the whole morning doing one at a time...........decisions, decisions, decisions?  Guess I'll figure that out in the morning.

Thelma got her feet trimmed back some more.  Originally Tyler left her a little long, I'm not sure why.  But today he trimmed her to a more normal length.  I might add she was not pleased with getting a pedicure.  In fact she was a real pill about it.  At one time she was on the ground with 2 ropes on her.  

Mocha was a little more cooperative although she did show her displeasure.  They were both better than the first time though.  Hopefully now that I'm out of the cast I will be able to work with them a little bit.  

Little Drifter got his toes trimmed too.  Fronts were OK, backs not so much.  And he was pretty sure he didn't want the backs trimmed.  He let Shawn know he wasn't happy, clipped him with a kick.  Shawn just laughed & kept working.  

I've left a couple of messages for the woman that wanted him, but so far she hasn't called back.  If she doesn't want him, that would be fine with us, he's a good little guy & fun to have around. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

 Lynn & Drifter

Another day of hauling animals somewhere to get something done to them.  Drifter & Rusty the mule, got to have their teeth done today.  

Found out Drifter is 25-30 rather than the 15 or so, which was my best guess.  Oh! well, he's still a cute little guy & seems to be in pretty good shape.  He'll get his feet trimmed tomorrow & will be ready to go to his new home, that is waiting for him.  I hope they appreciate what a great little pocket donkey he is.  Whenever we're outside he wants to be with you, "helping".

The dentist was quite impressed with Rusty's 33 year old mouth.  He has a couple of teeth that are loose, but other than that they are in good shape.  

We weren't so impressed with Mr. Rusty, I had to put a stud chain on him this morning.  Put the halter on him, & the lead, headed for the trailer, he jerked back, & ran back to where he had been standing, waiting for Jack to get thru eating, so he could go in & finish what Jack left.  Rather than have him do it again, I just put a chain on him.  Boy, did that make a difference in his level of cooperation, & I didn't even use it.  

When John was leading him back to the trailer after his dental appointment, he jerked back again & went to visit with a pretty little filly that was there to get her teeth done too.  We put 2 leads on him, & he led like a well behaved mule, hopped into the trailer like a good boy.............Grrrrrrrr..........!!!!!  John said, "see he needs a horse of his own"..... WHAT?  So now we are suppose to actively seek a horse, so Rusty can have one of his very own.........??????   NOT......!!!  

Tucker has decided that being cooperative isn't as much fun as being a brat.  This morning I started to put his fly mask on & he took off.  When I got hold of him again, he was trying to "escape".  I straddled him & it was still a wrestling match.  When we came in from having teeth done, he had taken Mocha's fly mask off & was "wallering" it in the dirt.  John says he's in the "terrible two" stage, that is 2 months, not 2 years.  He use to like to stand to be scratched.  Starting today, he can't stand still that long I guess. I really need to get busy & teach him to lead.

We've finally figured out an eating schedule that seems to be working.  In the morning Mocha & Tucker get their mush.  When Thelma is through eating her hay, she goes out of her pen, & Mocha goes in her pen, to eat hay & Tucker can see her thru the corral panels.  He whines a little bit, but has been pretty good.  

At night they get their mush, & as soon as Thelma finishes her hay she goes out, Mocha goes in Thelma's pen, until John goes out & lets everyone out at bedtime.  Then Mocha goes back in with "monster" boy for the night.  

So far it seems to be working.  We might be doing this for weeks, so we want to make it as easy as possible.  The idea is to give his system, especially the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach, if it's causing the problem, time to mature.  No one can say for sure if he was premature or not, so there is a good chance that he could have something that didn't get "finished".

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boy we're having fun now, trying to figure out how to feed Mocha hay without Tucker having access to it.  Poor John spent most of the morning putting up a corral panel over the end of their shelter, so we could pen Mocha in there to eat her hay.  Then we got the brilliant idea of leaving Tucker in their pen, & putting her in with Thelma to eat hay for a couple of hours, so that's what we're trying tonight.  

Tucker isn't very amused at this new process that has him separated from momma Mocha for awhile.  When he gets back with her, he starts nursing like he's starved.  I'm sure it's just to sooth his frazzled little baby nerves.  He butts her & jumps on her like it's her fault.  Poor little Mocha just takes it, like a good little mother does I guess.  

The vet doesn't want him having access to any hay or feed that isn't soaked to a mush for awhile to see if his problem with choking can be outgrown.  I sure hope so, otherwise, I guess he would have to eat mush all his life, poor little man. 

We hauled Jenny into the vet today for x-rays of her rear foot.  Of course she was a well behaved lady.............NOT.......!!!  Jenny can be very sweet & cooperative, or not, depending on her mood.  Today her mood was, "I bet I can drag these people wherever I want to".  Like I told the vet, "she can".  He was afraid to take her in the exam room, since she could have destroyed the whole place if she wanted to.  But a "happy" shot took care of most of her attitude, although he still decided to x-ray her outside.  

The area that is draining is down from the coronet about 1/2 inch & the vet said where new hoof is growing in is good growth & solid.  But we need to keep the draining area open, which takes the pressure off the inside of her foot.  She has an area around the bottom of her coffin bone, that looks like where the problem is.  He couldn't tell how much permanent damage is done to her coffin bone.  He said to soak the foot in epsom salts about 2 times a week, & keep the open area on the hoof covered with something to keep bacteria from getting into the internal part of her foot.  He said we could x-ray her again in about 3 months to see if it is continuing to improve.  

You can see the indentation around her hoof where the drainage is coming out.  Above it, is good solid hoof growing in.  Hopefully it will continue to grow in & the drainage will move down the hoof & eventually get trimmed off.  

We also had him check her mouth, she's been slobbering & he found some sharp points.  So she also got some dental work done.  

We're taking Drifter & Rusty in tomorrow to the equine dentist, but since she was already there, we figured it would save her another trailer ride.  

As it is, when we got ready to load her to go home, she decided that wasn't what she wanted to do.  She loaded just fine this morning, but not then.   We tried all our little tricks that work with the standard donkeys, but not with Jenny, Big Girl.......!!!   NOPE, not going to happen.........!!!!  She doesn't pitch a fit or anything, she just stands there like an immoveable object, looking in the trailer.  If you put a foot up in the trailer, she'll stand there with it on the floor, but the other 3 feet don't move.  I think she'd stand that way for days.  It's almost like she knows that's about the last of your ideas.  So I dragged out the butt rope, like we're going to be able to drag her reluctant butt into the trailer, SURE WE ARE........!!!  I put the butt rope on her, tightened it against her legs & she graciously hopped in the trailer............!!!!!   Grrrrr.........!!!!  It's almost like she knows when the game is over.  Wonder how long before she figures out she's still got us buffaloed even with the butt rope? 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We picked Tucker & Mocha up this morning from the vet, with lots of instructions.  One of which is going to be a lot of fun, no hay for him..........!!!!  So how do I feed Mocha hay & not him?  The plan of attack right now is...........for an hour or so in the morning we'll put him in the mini's pen next to their pen & Mocha can eat hay for a little while.  This is going to be a LOT of fun.  

He weighed 24 pounds right after he was born early in Sept.  He weighs 80 pounds now, so he's obviously headed in the right direction.  He's already taller than the minis, but they still outweigh him, at least for a few months.  

John carried him out of the vet clinic, that was before he knew he weighed 80 pounds.  Tucker has also decided he doesn't like to be carried, & spends the whole time, squirming & kicking, which makes him even harder to carry.  So when we got him home, I put his little halter on him for the first time.  That & a lead to make sure he went in the pen.  We had to run thru a herd of nosy donkeys & I was afraid he'd either spook & take off, or decide he liked all the excitement & join in.  Got him in the pen & Mocha of course followed right in behind him.  As soon as they were in the pen, he started jumping on her, kicking at her & in general acting like a brat.  When I tried to move him into the mini pen, he tried to do the same thing to me, & added in rearing up.  NOPE, don't want to get that started, so I yelled & acted tough.............& he ignored me...........!!! This might get interesting.  Especially if John thinks it cute..............!!!!!!  I've already told John it isn't cute & has to be nipped in the bud.  

Tomorrow we will take Jenny back to the vet clinic in Tucson to see what's going on with her foot.  It's closer than Gilbert & has all the "toys" to x-ray etc, so we'll try it.  I'll miss visiting with the folks up at Gilbert, they've always treated whatever crisis we took up there just like they were a fancy expensive horse.  But we'll give this clinic a chance, so far they've been good.  Of course treating a cute little fuzzy baby is different than a jenny that is just barely pasture sound most of the time.  So we'll see how it goes tomorrow. 

Monday, November 14, 2011



We were going to pick up Mocha & Tucker today.  One of the vets called this morning & said, they had a warm bran mash for breakfast.........not sure if that was from a menu or if someone just wanted to spoil them.......!!!!  Maybe they ordered from room service, who knows.....!!!!  LOL

Anyway before all of our plans got finished & we got on the road, the other vet said since we hadn't gotten the blood tests back, why didn't we just leave them for another day.  Since we both had doctor appointments today & we were going to have to take 2 vehicles, it didn't take us but a moment to agree to pick them up in the morning.  

They said he's eating, drinking, nursing & bouncing all over the box stall they are in.  So I guess he's feeling better. 

Thelma has been upset since they've been gone.  Usually she is in her pen even with the gate open.  Since they've been gone she is out on the property most of the time.  I don't know if she is missing Mocha or Tucker, but I'm sure she will be happy when they come home.  

When we got home after dark, John started round-up & Pepper didn't come in.  Went out with flash lights & found him on his right side in a dusting area.  He had been there awhile, but when we flipped him over on his good side, he rested for a couple of minutes & popped right up.  Ears up & ready to go to his pen, abeit, rather slowly.  It was a bute night for the old boy.  He's learned to not try to help as much, which really makes a difference.  

I got my thumb cast off today.  The doctor said it's not healed very well because of arthritis, but should be OK, if I don't lift, push or pull with it for awhile.  We'll see how long those good intentions last.........!!!!!

Yesterday I called to see how Selena & Falena are doing.  I guess the mare finally got brave enough to chase them a little bit, so the ice is broken.  Tava said they are getting along better.  They've had to block the porch, so the girls can't get on it & try to get in the house..........!!!!  Guess the people are learning about donkeys quickly.  

Also called to see how Norton's gelding went.  Had to be put off for a few days, the vet had an emergency, so this Wednesday is the day........!!!! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

HERE WE GO AGAIN........!!!!

We took Tucker & Mocha into the 24 hour vet clinic in Tucson this afternoon.  We thought he was recuperated from his choke Friday, but he choked again this afternoon.  We worked with him for an hour or so, & decided the best thing would be to take him in so he could be tubed.  

They were waiting for us, took him in, endoscoped him & really didn't find much except that whatever it is that is suppose to be over the palate is under it.  They think it is temporary because he would be doing a lot of coughing if it was that way all the time.  It's what keeps food from going down in his lungs.  Then they tubed him, & ran into a little bit of resistance right at the top of his stomach.  

We think it was hay.  I've been soaking all their food since Friday, except for the hay.  They said he has nice looking teeth & should be able to eat hay, but if the little sphincter thingy at the top of his stomach, constricted just as something got there, they said it might keep anything else from going down. He's been chewing on just about everything in sight, so he might be cutting teeth, & if his gums are sore, he might not be chewing his hay properly.  In other words...........who knows.  We left them there for the night & will pick them up tomorrow if he does OK.  We might have to feed Mocha soaked pellets for awhile, rather than hay to keep him from eating it & not chewing properly. 

Mocha is such a sweet little girl.  She wasn't too happy about going into the trailer again, even with Tucker already in it.  After banging her mouth & knocking out a tooth Friday, can't say I blame her.  We led her from the trailer to the clinic & then into the stall area & she did better than some of the ones that have had a lot more lead time than she has.  She is more than willing to try to do what you want her to do if she knows what it is.  

As soon as they were put in their stall, Tucker started picking up little pieces of hay off the ground.  There wasn't much, because they didn't want him to have access to hay or shavings or anything like that.  But he was finding some.  

Yesterday we had  2 groups of people come out to see the donkeys.  One group came out with Terry.  Terry use to come out & groom donkeys every week, until she got too many animals of her own that need to be taken care of.  She had a group of friends that wanted to come out & groom.  But we spent so much time visiting with the donkeys, we didn't get any grooming done.  That's OK, the donkeys love to have people visit, grooming would have just been icing on the cake, so to speak.  

Then we have a couple come out that are interested in getting some donkeys.  They were real nice & will be good donkey parents I think.  We'll be doing a home study hopefully next week.  Once all that is out of the way, the next step will be to find them some "fur" kids to add to their family.  Not sure we have anything right now, but I'm sure we'll be able to help them find some.  

We're talking about taking Jenny up to the clinic up at Gilbert.  This morning I soaked her foot because when I went out to check her there was a small area about 1/2 inch below her coronet that was oozing blood that was almost black & smelled horrible.  I have a feeling it is a hold over from when she was so lame on that foot a few weeks ago.  Now that it's open she isn't lame, but obviously something is wrong.  We could probably take her to where Tucker & Mocha are in Tucson, but we've always taken our "interesting" cases up to them & they've never let us down.  I'll probably call in the morning.  The trouble is, this next week is pretty much filled in, equine dentist Thur for Drifter, Rusty & maybe Jenny.  Friday will be pedicures for Thelma, Mocha & Drifter.  Once Drifter has all his problems taken care of, I'll will call Tricia & make arrangements for him to go to his new home.  

We're going to miss the little guy even if he hasn't been here very long.  He "helps" you anytime you are outside.  When we were trying to load Mocha he was trying to get in the trailer, which needless to say, didn't help get her loaded.  If you yell at him, he just looks at you with sad little eyes, & his ears hanging out to the side, so I try not to yell at him. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Just heard from the week-end company that they won't make it.  Bummer.........I even cooked a little, which of course John is thrilled about.  I've got enough I won't have to cook for awhile, which thrills me...........!!!!!

Poor little Tucker is kinda punky tonight, laying down more than usual.  I hope it's nothing serious, John said he's probably sore from getting tubed.  Mocha doesn't seem to be bothered by losing a tooth though.  We'll check on him later.


We've had company for the last 3 days & it's been one thing after another.  If I were Jan I wouldn't come back........!!!!   LOL  

This morning when she was getting ready to leave, Jac came in & said Tucker was choked.  OMG, he has been messing with his momma's pellets, but who would have thought he'd try to eat enough at one time to choke.  

So as she was leaving we were on our way to the vet.  We decided to take Mocha too, we were afraid she might get excited at not being able to find him, & hurt herself.  When we carried Tucker up into the trailer & she followed, somehow she slipped,  busted her mouth & hurt herself anyway.  

Thank goodness she is young enough this is a baby tooth.  It really had us going for awhile though.  The one next to it will probably pop off too, it's pretty wiggly.  

So she got to see the vet too.  Not much to do, except look at it & say, "yep, it's a baby tooth".  

Poor little Tucker got tubed, all that came up was a little bit of hay, but the blockage was down pretty low, so it's a good thing we took him in, although Nancy said there wasn't much resistance.  That's OK, I'd rather be safe than sorry.  

I guess if you like excitement this would be the place to visit, but if you want to actually "visit", I'm not sure.  We have more company coming this week-end.  They are horse/donkey people, so they will know more of what's going on, if this "adventure" continues.  

When I came in from town this afternoon a lot of the donkeys were laying down, including Pepper.  BUT, HE WAS LAYING ON HIS LEFT SIDE, NOT HIS RIGHT.   When I came around the well-house, he popped up on his feet.  Maybe he's learned that it isn't a good idea to lay on the right side, I certainly hope so.   I always worry that we will leave in the morning & he will get down & be there all day. 

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

SAD NEWS...............!!!!!

I just found out that Jeremiah aka known as PeeWee died a couple of weeks ago from a botched gelding.

RIP Jememiah

He was the largest & oldest at about 15years old, of the 6 mammoths we got involved with this summer.  Tom Snider took all 6 of them, & found homes for 5.  He kept Smokey to work with, & says he really is a nice mellow boy. Needs to build up leg muscles & stamina, but Tom seems quite pleased with his progress.

 THANKS TOM....!!!

A woman fell in love with PeeWee when Tom had to evacuate during the fires this summer, & had all his animals at a riding club down by Sierra Vista & she walked by.  She said she didn't think he needed to be gelded, but unfortunately changed her mind I guess.  

I don't have all the particulars, but Tom said they worked for 4 hours to save him.  My WAG (Wild Assed Guess) is the vet didn't tie the cords off.  On a large older donkey that had been used for breeding, that could be a death sentence.  

I can't figure out why vets are so against taking a few extra minutes with donkeys & tying them off.  I guess because they aren't taught the differences between horses & donkeys in vet school.  Unless they are familiar with donkeys it's like pulling eye teeth to get them to tie.

We almost lost BlackJack years ago when he was gelded, it was touch & go for hours, all because he wasn't tied off.  JUST TIE OFF THE DAMN CORDS........!!!


This afternoon we had company & John was letting them out of the gate, when BlackJack, "made a break for it".  Actually John was watching Quilla & one of the others on one side & BJ came around the other side & took off.  

John came in & got me, I started down the driveway & John went to get a halter & lead.  He said BJ was beside the road eating grass, but by the time I got out there he was no where to be seen.  THIS ISN'T GOOD.................!!!!!   Our company had stopped on their way out & I noticed Matt standing in the road with Mr. BJ.  I guess he was headed up to the movie site to see if all those nice folks were still there that "made" over him so much when he was in the movie.  He let us catch him & he followed John back to the driveway, until he figured out where they were going.  He finally gave up when he saw me with a quirt & followed John meekly thru the gate.  

The donkeys were all out when the people came, & really showed them what docile, love sponges they can be.  Even Rusty the mule was being social, & Thelma & Madie acted like they had done "entertain the folks" for a long time. I love it when they are good ambassadors for donkeys.  

Haven't heard from Selena & Falena's foster mom, guess I'll send her an e-mail & see how they are doing.  They have probably taken over by now.........!!!!

Monday, November 07, 2011

I think this is made out of hay, not sure, can't read the caption...

Thelma is still trying to work her magic on the gates, especially the one at the hay barn, but so far so good.  The courtyard gate was open when we got home from town this afternoon, but nothing there for her to get in to.  

Heard from Linda today, Chester & Norton are still getting along most of the time.  Norton tries to dominate Chester occasionally, & Chester says, "NO".  She says Norton tries to keep the horses away from Chester, guess he wants Chester for his special friend.  It's been chilly the last couple of days, & tonight it's suppose to freeze, so hopefully they can get Norton gelded sooner than they were told.  

Poor little Drifter has had a knot on the side of his lower lip for a few days.  I was going to call the vet this morning, but John came & told me it had opened up.  I assume it was a cactus thorn or something.  We had to halter him & make it "official", before he'd let us mess with it.  Even then for a little guy he wasn't an easy patient.  We got some "icky" stuff out of it, & he'll be on antibiotics for 7 days.  He's suppose to get his teeth floated next week & then will go to his new home.  He's quite a little character, learned real fast that John is the local "Pez" dispenser, & is in John's hip pocket if John is outside.  Even if John isn't forthcoming with a treat, he likes to hang out in the garage when John is working on a car, just to see what's going on.  

Just found out black bear have been sited in our valley.  Every once in awhile someone will see one, usually this time of year.  I guess they are moving around looking for food.  I don't know if they hibernate in this part of the country or not. 

Saturday, November 05, 2011


Getting caught in the hay barn does not make John happy.  When we came home from town this afternoon, there was a whole bunch of them in there.  Although some of them took off when they realized they'd been spotted, John knew who they were.  Thelma, bless her heart was in her pen, I guess she had already gotten full, since we know she is the culprit that opened the gate.  

So everyone that was in the hay barn, & including Miss Thelma got half rations tonight.  It's hard to change when for years all John has done is latch the chain.  Over the years we've had quite a few that could open either chain gates or drop latch gates.  Thelma not only can open both, she can also open the courtyard gate.  In fact she came on the courtyard this afternoon after John had his screaming fit at the hay barn.  Fooled her, the hay to be soaked was in the house, where we've been putting it since we found out what a "talented" young lady she is........!!!! 

Good news from Chester & Norton, Jon & Linda are letting them out together after Norton climbed a non-climbable fence.  The last I heard they were only letting them out together when someone was outside to watch them.  But if Norton is climbing the non-climbing fence, I would imagine that has changed.  They said the boys are getting along real good & Chester even gave Norton a "welcoming kick".  Norton is still scheduled for "brain" surgery as soon as the weather cools off enough. Jon's hand got some infection, so he had to have that cleaned out. 

Selena & Falena are being good ambassadors for donkeys.  Kachina so far is allowing them in her area, but none of that close up & personal stuff yet.  Selena has a very weird bray the people think is absolutely hilarious.  John warned them  she sounds like a old Chrysler starter that is hung up.  It's one of those things you have to hear to believe.  

Thursday, November 03, 2011

This morning was chilly & Tucker was really tearing up the pen, running as fast as he could.  Of course by the time I went in the house, got the camera, & came back out, he was running out of steam, & more interested in visiting with me.  I need to take the camera out in the morning when I do chores I guess.

This is a picture of a very upset Arab mare.  Yesterday we took Falena & Selena to their foster home as a companion for Kachina.  As you can tell from her body language she was less than impressed.  She was out in the field when we turned them loose in the field with her.  As soon as she could figure out how to get to her shelter without getting close to them, that's where she went. 

The girls could have cared less about her or her social problems.  There was grass all over the place, so their heads went down & they started eating. 

All that petting stuff is OK, but there is grass here & we are going to take advantage of it.  If people want to pet that's fine, just don't interfere with the eating.

They finally came up for air, long enough try to figure out what in the heck was wrong with that horse.  They weren't interested enough to investigate, just gave her the once over & went back to eating.  

We decided to put the donkeys in a smaller penned area for the night to give Kachina a chance to look them over without having to actually be "with" them.  When we got home Tava had called & said they moved the girls into the pen, & Kachina had already stuck her nose over the fence, so I guess she isn't too tramatized.

Madie needs to work on her manners.  Now that the girls aren't here, she will be eating out with Quilla.  She had to give up her pen for Drifter, so was eating in a 10 x 12 emergency pen.  This morning she tried to eat from the hay cart as it was making the rounds.  Not allowed.............!!!!  Tonight we'll have a whip on the cart to see if we can discourage her.  She's a smart girl, I'm sure it won't take much.

Drifter will be going to a new home as soon as we get his teeth fixed.  The woman was involved in getting him off the highway & to the animal shelter.  She told the shelter she'd like to have him.  They got in touch with her, she came out & as they say the rest is history.  I think it will be a good home, she has a horse & some goats I think she said.  He's warmed up & gotten a lot more animated than he was when he first came in, at first he seemed very sad, poor little guy.  He has some wounds on his back that look like where a horse or large animal tried to take some chunks out of him, so who knows what he had been thru.