Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heard from Nancy this morning.  She said Remington & Hanna are doing just fine.  In fact she put some hay inside the barn, & Remington went in to eat it.  Maybe they will decide that having a barn isn't so bad, especially since this is the start of their rainy season. 

Well the rescue crisis is over for the time being I guess.  My little fingers are worn out from e-mailing, & judging from the amount of e-mail I've received, I'm not the only one.  But we think we finally figured out what's going on.  There are 2 situations involved in the Douglas area.  We all zeroed in on one that has had problems in the past & found out this morning this isn't the one that started all the e-mails.  Unfortunately now the word is, all the animals were picked up yesterday by truck.  No word on who picked them up or where they went.  As close as they are to Mexico, there's a good chance they went across the border, to slaughter. Don't know if we will find out what happened or not. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010


John got in Thursday night about 8:30, & remembered to take pictures of Hanna & Remington after they were unloaded.  He said they hit the ground, heads down & eating what Nancy called dry brown grass.  Obviously we humans are not good judges of grass.  John still had some hay & Craig had hay waiting for them, & they weren't the least bit interested.
He took this picture as he was driving out the driveway.  He said on the trip every time they stopped for gas or to eat, he would go back to the trailer & give them a cookie.  So they stopped eating dry brown grass long enough to see if there was one last cookie being offered.  John said he didn't have one, & as soon as they figured that out, they turned around & went back to eating.

Nancy said she would send pictures, & let us know how they are doing, but I haven't heard from her yet. 

Just heard this morning about a rescue situation down by Douglas.  I guess it's a breeding farm for Friesian, Appaloosa horses & miniature donkeys.  There's over 45 horses in starvation, some of them blind, rain rot, ringworm, lots of stallions & most of them unhandled, probably only used for breeding.  I heard there were about 10 donkeys mostly jacks.  I e-mailed one of the people involved, & she said most of the jennies & foals have been taken by local people, (amazing since livestock inspection is supposedly involved) & all that's left is old scared jacks that are in a large field & can't be caught.  The owner had a massive stroke, is wheel chair bound, & isn't even living on the property.  Not sure what will happen, already had an offer to help with the gelding fees.  We aren't really set up to take in a lot of jacks, so I will keep my nosey nose involved & hope some other answer shows up.  If not, stay tuned.............!!!! (G)

Below is a link to an "interesting" story about Pinky, the roller skating donkey.  When you link it, go to the bottom right hand corner of the picture & there is a page turner there.  You can either move thru all the pages of the magazine until you get to page 32..........or up at the top where it says page 1 change it to page 32.  This had to be a donkey that really wanted to please..........!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

 John called about 2pm this afternoon, & said they were 46 miles into Arizona, which is about 200 miles from Phoenix.  So he should be home at a decent time.  Considering the original plan was 4 days & this is only the 3rd day, they are making great time.  Our grandson J.R. (Jon Rod) drove the Grapevine going up & John drove it coming back.  We drove it decades ago, when we lived in Vacaville, CA & there was nothing out there.  John said they have added a few gas stations, but it's still pretty sparsely "decorated" & rather boring, except for the fact you are either going up hill or down hill depending on which direction you are going.  

Actually things have gone pretty good.  We have a man that is staying on the property in a small travel trailer with his 8 cats.  He got in touch with us, & wanted to help with the donkeys.  He doesn't mind picking up poo, & filling water buckets, in fact he uses that time to play with the donkeys.  Since both of those jobs were mine, needless to say I REALLY appreciate his help.  While John has been gone Jerry has helped me feed too, so it's really gone quite smoothly.  He & Sha'ba seem to have a thing going.  Sha'ba follows him a lot.   Of course since I told Jerry Sha'ba really likes ginger snaps & Jerry knows where they are, that might have something to do with it.  Sha'ba is one of the only ones, that doesn't have to worry about sugar & starch, so I don't worry about him having ginger snaps on a regular basis.  I don't think he had a lot of treats in his former life. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HANNA & REMINGTON ARE HOME.............!!!

John called about 2:30 this afternoon & said the kids were delivered & eating brown grass stubble, rather than the hay Craig had waiting for them.............brats.  That probably means the nasty looking brown grass has more sugar & starch in it than the hay.  Nancy was still at work, but she sent an e-mail later.  They had both dust bathed & were still eating brown grass stubble, but she pronounced them beautiful.  

John called Georgette last night to let her know how the trip was going.  She called me today & said she has a disc with about 100 pictures of the kids for me.  She really was a great foster mom for the fur kids.  Remington had a little attitude when he got there, & she turned him into a love bunny.  Hanna was always sweet, but she learned what she needed to know in order to be a good little girl, thanks to Georgette.  I think Georgette had a little "empty nest syndrome" though, guess I'll have to find some more donkeys for her to foster...........!! (G)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

JOHN'S ON A ROADTRIP.........!!!!


John was up at 4am to hit the road.  He was suppose to pick Remington & Hanna up at 6am, & I got a call about 6:30 saying they were loaded & he was ready to head out to pick up our grandson ie relief driver.  Haven't heard anymore so I assume that they are headed for California.  John said he would keep in touch, but he wants to drive about 600 miles before they stop to rest.  So he probably won't have time to call until they do stop.  He plans on offering the fur kids water when they stop for gas or to eat, but probably won't remember to call me.  (G)  

John & Georgette were trying to load them.  They had Hanna with 2 feet in the trailer, but that was all she was willing to do.  John said Remington was standing right behind her, but nothing was moving.  Dave, Georgette's husband was headed to work, stopped by, went behind them made a noise & Remington jumped in the trailer, with Hanna not far behind. End of problem..................whew!

Georgette made up a CARE package of treats & also wrote a letter for their new Mom.  I didn't even get to say good-bye I haven't seen them for a month or more.  That's OK, they are going to a great home & that's what is important.  

One little irritant at least it is to me.............. if you take hay into California it has to be certified.  He took some timothy pellets in case of emergency.  But he is going to have to find a feed store once he crosses into CA & buy a bale of hay.  Then he's going to have to find a place to put it in the van.  Not sure where he'll find room, the van looked like they were going to be gone for weeks, not 4 days.  We tried to think of anything that might happen & packed accordingly.  So he has plenty of "STUFF" except for hay. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today we took Chester & BlackJack down to Sierra Vista for the Care for the Horses rummage sale.  This is a picture of BlackJack wooing a little girl.  She was quite taken with him, & kept coming back to visit.  

This morning we got up at 4:00am in order to get down there before 8am.  Got everyone fed, & prepared for the adventure of loading.  A few days ago I mentioned that BlackJack hadn't been in a trailer in over 11 years, & we really didn't know what would happen.  We decided to load him first, just in case it turned into a battle.  I walked him up to the trailer, I hopped in & he didn't.  Hmmmmm   He didn't seem overly uncooperative, just cautious.  After a little sweet talk & the promise of a few horse treats under his nose, he slowly put one foot after another up in the trailer.  We tied him in the front & got our next victim, Chester.  He's usually ready to go into a trailer, his problem is getting out.  One time he stayed in the trailer with the gate open for over 2 hours when we brought him home. Some of the other donkeys, were hopping in & out like grasshoppers trying to encourage him I guess.  He was willing to get in the trailer until BlackJack turned his butt out & "dared" him to come in.  So we had to close the middle gate & haul Chester in the back half.  Really didn't want to do that, since it's bouncier back there than in the front. 

Quite a few people came by & visited with them.  There was a lot of what we would think of as weeds in the pen they had set up for them, & since we hadn't brought anything for people to feed them, they pretty much ignored the people that wanted to pet them & enjoyed the "wild" food.  Except of course for children, almost all donkeys love kids.......well except for Quilla.  When he sees kids he heads for parts unknown if he can.  
The folks that borrowed the trailer to bring their girls down from Minnesota stopped by  & Mary was going to go riding for the first time this afternoon.   

Gus' family also came by.   Gus now has 6 horses to irritate.  They have had to chain all the gates, Gus likes to let everyone out.  He has lots of ways to keep them & the horses entertained, judging from the stories they told on him.  They still think he's a lot of fun, which is great.  Gus will entertain himself & not everyone would appreciate his style.  He would be very unhappy without a lot of interaction with people & other animals.  They said he likes the chickens, the barn cat, not so much.  But the cat is quick, at least so far........!!!  When Gus was here, John said, "I'll sure be glad when he's gone".  Since he's been gone John says, "I sure miss Gus", we also have Gus stories.....!! (G) 

When it was time to come home, we loaded Chester first & it went just fine.  They both rode in the front half because he didn't act silly when we brought BJ in,  they had already spent the day in a pen together, so it was no big deal I guess.   I was really glad they didn't decide to act like donkeys, with so many people watching.  They didn't pull us to the trailer, & jump in, but they went in pretty good, so I was proud of them. 

Ann had little Toughnut there.  His story is on Care for the Horses home page about half way down under OUR LATEST RESCUE.  I had read the story, but wasn't prepared for what a cute little guy he is & how far he has come along in just a few weeks.  I also didn't realize how small he is, he's not much bigger than the minis, & quite a bit smaller than Buddy Brat.  Of course he is really ear challenged, although those little 3 inch shell shaped ears look much better on him than great big donkey ears would.  He's also still being treated for the sores & wounds he came in with.  I almost asked John if we could take him, he's that cute.  But I asked Ann what she was going to do with him, & she said he is going to represent their rescue.  They'll take  him around to tell his story & help educate people about abuse.  It's a good thing, otherwise I guess I'd have been working on John to add Toughnut to our herd & we don't need that.  I guess there is a battle going on in her organization about renaming him Hercules........................  I like Toughnut, it's so Arizona.  So I put in my vote, we'll see which name wins.   

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scott got in yesterday with the trailer & we went down this afternoon to pick it up.  This is 2 of the girls & you can tell how excited they were to have us visit.  One of them did actually come over to me to introduce herself by exchanging breath, but other than that eating seemed to be their priority.  Right now they are in a small area, until a gate gets fixed.  Once that happens they will have access to lots of untouched desert grasses.  Won't that be fun..............!!!!!  I'm sure they will think so. 

On the way home we drove by where we will be setting up Saturday for the Care for the Horses Rummage Sale.  I thought I knew where it was, & when we drove by there were a lot of people setting up lots of goodies.  Wish I could go tomorrow, I love finding a bargain that I don't need.  Oh well maybe there will still be a few treasures left Saturday.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not much going on around here right now, which is a good thing.  I'm not having to doctor Sha'ba's sheath for habronema, so Quilla is about my only victim right now.  I took his honey bandages off yesterday, & his legs looked pretty good, not great but at least they weren't bloody.  I had been using Thuja Zinc Oxide on his legs at night & sunscreen & leggings during the day.  It works pretty good, but Thuja Zinc Oxide is pretty messy.  So I decided to try Animax for a few days to see how it goes.  Some people might know Animax as Panalog.  I've never been able to understand why they change names, I guess to keep us humble & confused.  (G)  Panalog is still available, so I think Animax is the generic brand.  So far his legs are staying pretty clear, & the Animax is a lot less messy.  It's getting far enough into fall & winter, pretty soon I shouldn't have to doctor him either.  And it's about time to stop putting on fly masks, as soon as it gets cold enough to get rid of most of the flies.  It's a good thing, most of them are starting to look pretty ragged.  Of course once it starts getting cold, we'll have to blanket Sha'ba & Pepper.  So there is always something to do.  

Scott was suppose to get in today with the stock trailer, from his trip to Minnesota to pick up their 3 donkeys.  We'll probably go down to Hereford either Thur or Fri to pick it up.  Save him a trip & we'll get to see the girls.  

This afternoon Honcho was trying to endear himself again.  He seems to think he needs to dismantle the golf cart.  He's tried to eat the seats, & seems to really enjoy pulling out the floor mats.  John learned not to leave his gloves under the dash or anything else that can be taken out & played with.  I think John might have started it by leaving an empty bird seed sack in the cart this afternoon.  Of course that was the first thing to get Honcho's attention & it went downhill from there.  We had to have the seats recovered after Frijolita actually bit a big bite out of one of them earlier this year. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010


If you would like a great fun read about donkeys, this is the book for you.  Although it is about how donkeys helped populate & "tame" Colorado, it has also got a lot of other great information about donkeys.  I read it & am ready for a sequel.  The link is to where it is available.  

This morning I had to wrap Quilla's front legs.  For the last 3 days I had been using Underwood Horse Medicine on his legs.  I don't know if I needed to do it different or what, but his legs broke out more than they have all summer, when I was using sunscreen & leggings to keep the sun off his legs.  He has smaller areas on both hind legs & they seem to be doing fine with the Horse Medicine, so maybe the area is too large.  Anyway, I put some honey on disposable diapers & vet wrapped him up.  I'll leave it on for a couple of days, & if it does what it did last time, his legs will be completely healed.  Honey is a wonderful medicine, & was used quite a bit until antibiotics came along.  

When I started he was eating, which is usually a good time to "do" stuff to them.  I got the diaper with honey stuck to his leg & started to wrap brown gauze around to hold it until I could get the vet wrap on it.  Well, he decided that he didn't want to stand & eat, while I doctored his legs, & started to wander off.  Not like, "Oh, I have to get out of here, she is going to kill me", more like "It's my legs & I choose not to have that woman  mess with them".  I had one of my 5 second explosions complete with a couple of thumps on his neck just for emphasis.  He did not move a muscle until I was done, it was funny, they usually don't "listen" that good.  Lately because of his rattlesnake bite, & subsequent hospitalization, he has been treated like royalty, so I'm sure he wasn't expecting such rude behavior on my part. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

 1895 poster

Heard from Mary last night.  Scott & our trailer made it to Minnesota & she said 2 of the donkeys had no problem going in the trailer, but of course the other one wasn't interested in being cooperative.  There is always one, isn't there?  

She seemed to think he would load up & start back to Arizona today, so if plans work out he will probably be back by Sunday.  We'll probably go down to their place to pick up the trailer.  I'm sure Scott will be sick of driving by then, & it will give us a chance to meet their 3 donkeys. 

Next week-end, Oct 23rd we will be participating in a "yard sale", & "get to know your local rescues & sanctuaries" that Care for the Horses is having.  They have invited all types of sanctuaries,  to let people know there are groups out there to help if an animal needs it.  Ann said they would furnish corral panels if we wanted to bring a couple of donkeys.  We plan on taking BlackJack & Chester.  BlackJack hasn't been off the property in over 11 years except last summer when we walked him over to the movie site for his big movie debut.  He's enough of a ham, I'm sure it won't be a problem, once we get him in the trailer.  As I recall THAT might be a problem..........!!!! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010




It is always so exciting to have a full barn of hay, not only for us but for the donkeys.  They were all in their pens, watching the whole process of it coming in, being unloaded & put in the barn.  So by the time they were let out of the pen, they headed for the barn like lemmings to the sea.  There wasn't much fall out, so John gave them a little bit, so they wouldn't be disappointed.  No wonder they are "fluffy" rather than "lean".  

Buster, Lucy & Honcho don't go in a pen to eat, so they were loose on the property.  When they got done with their hay, they started roaming around.  I decided that Honcho might go out the gate, so I put him in a pen, much to his disgust.  The next thing we know Buster is outside the gate eating goodies the range cattle hadn't gotten around to yet.  John went out to get him back in & he took off.  Didn't go far & then headed back for the gate.  I guess he just wanted to show he could get away, IF he wanted to.  His Lucy girl was on the other side of the gate, so there's no way he would go very far.    

Hay is almost $1.00 a bale cheaper this year, I guess because of all the rain in the Southwest.   A lot of the cost of our hay is because it's irrigated.  I hear from people that live in the Midwest that they pay as little as $2.00 a bale for hay in the field,  but they have to load & haul it.  Those are 2 string bales about 40-60 pound bales.  Out here we get what we call "cowboy bales", 3 string & 90-110 pounds.  The average on this year's hay is 97 pounds a bale.  It hasn't been many years ago that John & I use to haul hay from Eloy on the car trailer, 48 bales at a time.  We'd go pick it up & they would load it...........BUT.........when we got home we had to unload it.  Not much fun, especially when I don't weigh that much more than a bale of hay.......Ha!  My job was to get it off the trailer, which I managed to do & never fell off, although it was close a couple of times.  John had to stack it, & I am sure he is as glad as I am, those days are over, now that we've found a good supplier. 

Heard from Georgette.  Today was the day that Hanna & Remington got their Coggins test & health certificate so they can go to their new home in California.  She said everything went pretty good, until they took Reminton's temperature.  She said his hindquarters started to collapse. I guess the buzzer went off on the thermometer just as his butt was about on the ground.  She said it was really funny, too bad she didn't have a video camera. Guess he had never had that indignity performed before. 

Monday, October 11, 2010


It sounds like the hay should be here in the morning before we get done with chores, if it goes as planned.  Steven called & is suppose to meet the truck in Pomerene about 8am.  I would imagine the truck is coming directly from Parker, AZ like it did last year.  John asked the driver last year what time he left home, & he said about 1am.............!!!!  I'm not sure why they leave so early we see loads of hay on the road all the time, so I don't think the heat & sun has anything to do with it.  Maybe the truck isn't air conditioned & they would rather drive when it's cool.  

We had a real nice writer from Phoenix come by this morning.  She is writes for Phoenix Magazine & is doing an article about fun week-end trips to take.  She's going to be in Cochise County for about 4 days checking out Tombstone, Bisbee & writing all about her "adventure".  Her husband & son got to come with her, & they really seemed to enjoy themselves.  This afternoon they were going up to the Oasis Exotic Bird Sanctuary too, so I'm not sure they are going to have time to enjoy their little mini vacation, it sounds like they are going to stay real busy if they keep to their schedule.  

Daisy's snakebite is still healing nicely thank goodness.  It's down to about the size of an elongated quarter.  Right now we are having to check everyone over when they come in for cactus spines.  It's getting cooler at night down to 41 degrees, & they are still on summer rations & are starting to actually act like they are hungry.  John upped them to their normal winter amount of hay this morning.  I think they are getting into the cactus trying to get to grass or something edible, that have become more important since all the easy stuff has been eaten. 

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Is there anything in the world cuter than this picture?  This is Maggie (use to be Katie) & one of her new best friends, ie granddaughter. Don't know if this is the one named Katie that required a name change, but it looks like they are getting along just fine.  

She has been to the bus stop to wait for a grandson to come home from school.  If they aren't careful she will be going on her own, probably.  She also has Jim trained to carry a treat in his pocket when he drives in.  I have no doubt she will be running the whole show before it's over........!!!!  (G)

Daisy is doing so good, it's not even worth doing updates I don't think.  Every morning the sore area is visibly smaller.  This morning I put Thuja Zinc Oxide on it to see how that does.  The surrounding new tissue is so dry from using the equ-aide, that I've been putting zinc oxide around the wound & covering the wound with the equ-aide.  This morning the wound was covered by a very hard scab, so I had 2 choices.  Either scrub the scab off & put on equ-aide or cover the whole area with zinc oxide.  We'll see how it goes, I can certainly go back to equ-aide if I need to.  

Scott is suppose to come by today to pick up the stock trailer for it's trip to Minnesota to pick up their 3 donkeys.  They just moved down here & couldn't find a suitable trailer to haul their "babies", so we said they could use ours.  Not sure how long he'll be gone, it's a 3 day trip normally unless you are one of those that like to drive as many miles as possible in a day.  When the trailer gets back it's going to be staying on the road for awhile, Honcho & Buddy Brat will be going to their new home, & John will be hauling Remington & Hanna to their new home in California.  Lauren called a couple of days ago, & they were getting ready to stretch fence, so it won't be long before Honcho & Buddy's new home is ready.  Buddy has been here almost 11 years, he was the 3rd donkey we got.  But I think they will be getting a great home, which is what is important. 

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Twelve Days & counting........!!!

I'm glad she's getting better, because I think I'm getting worse at taking pictures.  It's really looking very good & seems to be healing quickly.  I'm wondering now if it was some kind of snake other than a rattlesnake.  There was never any swelling at all, just the flesh being eaten away.  That might have been caused from bacteria in the snakes mouth, rather than venom.  I haven't found anyone that might know.  But it is an interesting question., if I do find someone.   

Everyone seems to be doing good right now, hope it continues.  We have an older man named Jerry that is going to be helping us with chores for awhile.  He has a travel trailer & 8 cats, so you know he's an animal lover.  I admire anyone that could live in a small trailer with 8 cats, although I must say they are very very well behaved & lovable.   He said he's never been around large animals, but loves the donkeys beautiful eyes.  He saw our sign on the road & asked if we could use some help.  I think it will work out very well for him & for us. 

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


This is how it looks this morning, the 10th day.  The scab has harden so I couldn't scrub it off like I've been doing.  I hope that's a good thing.  Lots of nice pink skin showing up..........!!!

The vet came today to do bloodwork on Quilla to see if his numbers are getting better.  I also had her do bloodwork on Buddy Brat.  This poor little guy has been on a diet every since he came here about 10 years ago, & is still "plump".  He only gets 3 pounds of hay a day, which is really really a light feeding.  He might be going to a new home, so I thought it might be a good idea of see how he is doing.  He lived up to his name, wouldn't stand still to have blood drawn, so we had to put him in the squeeze.  By then he was very indignant & when we let him loose, he took off & a few minutes later, came waltzing back beside her truck on his way to join the other donkeys.  He switched his tail the whole time he was walking past the truck.  Debra said he was just showing us what he thought of us.  She could be right, he's not named Brat for nothing........!!!  

Quilla gave up his blood with very little effort, although he did try to take off when he saw me coming at him with a halter.  Since he was in his pen, it was a short lived rebellion. It's good to see him being uncooperative, he was always so docile before.  He wasn't real bad, just let me know he didn't want to cooperate. 

She said the tissue in  Daisy's wound isn't real proud flesh, but an overgrowth of grandular tissue.  Not sure what the difference is, but I asked her what would have happened if I had not treated it.  She said it would have gotten nasty real quick & probably would have broke thru Daisy's mouth cavity.  YUCK!  Debra's never used equ-aide, so I sent a brochure with her to look at when she has a chance.

Got an e-mail from Maggie's (Katie) new Mom.  Sounds like they are all having fun.  Maggie has taken over being in charge of the horses, keeps the old mare quiet when the young gelding goes out for a ride.  When he comes in she checks him over to make sure everything is as it should be.  They've been taking her & the mare for walks around the neighborhood, & is developing quite a following, I guess the neighbors are making over Maggie, which of course is right up her alley.  She loves being the center of attention, & the more people the better.  So I guess not being with another donkey isn't going to be a problem with her.  I didn't think it would be as long as she was being entertained, & it sounds like they are making sure she is. 

I put in my hay order this afternoon.  It should be here sometime next week.  The hay comes from Parker, AZ a double trailer load.  The squeeze to unload it will come from the north side of Tucson.  So they have to coordinate everything, & will give me a call, when they get it figured out.  It sounds like it might be a little bit cheaper than last year, which will be good, especially if the hay is as good as it was last year. 

Sunday, October 03, 2010

MAKING PROGRESS...............!!!!!

 8th DAY

Boy it's hard to get a good picture of Daisy's wound.  I haven't been able to get her lined up so the sun is shining on it which might make it have more contrast.  But I will tell you what you're looking at. 

The equ-aide seems to really be making a difference.  The pink "frame" is new healthy tissue.  The dark frame is dried crusty proud flesh embedded with equ-aide.  The center is fairly flat with a few bumps that I cut the top off of, so the equ-aide can get inside.  Of course the blood just flies when I do that, this is really a gory operation.  I tried cutting off some of the dark crusty stuff, but she let me know I was getting close to tissue that has feeling in it, so I quit.  I assume as long as the outer pink frame continues to get larger & the center area gets smaller we are doing OK.  

Tuesday the vet is coming out to draw Quilla's blood so we can send the results up to the clinic.  He certainly is acting perky, so hopefully all this fatty liver, enlarged kidney stuff was just the result of the rattlesnake bite, or all the dextrose or not eating for 10 days.  He's being a pain in the butt about eating his mush with the prescribed supplements in it.  I've been trying one thing at a time, & that seems to be OK.  But if I put all 3 powders plus the capsules of Vit E & flaxseed in his pan, he walks away.  Sometimes he'll go back & eat it, but not on a regular basis.  I could syringe it in his mouth, but really would rather not.  So I'm working at trying to outsmart him.  Hopefully outsmarting him isn't a lost cause..........!!! (G)

Had 2 groups visit yesterday.  Georgette, Dave & some friends came by on their way to Willcox, Georgette never misses a chance to see her little god-son Sha'ba.  But she didn't have treats this time, so she made all sorts of out of this world promises to him, for the next time.  He does seem to know her when she comes.

Honcho's family came out to show him off to Lauren's Mom.  The 3 little girls not only remember most of the donkeys names, they know which names go with which donkeys.  Honcho was ready to be petted & messed with, so I think this will be a great home for him.  They are busy getting their fences built, as soon as that's done, Honcho & someone will have a new home.  It looks like Buddy Brat might be the one.  He & Honcho like to play together, so it might be a good match.  Buddy has been here for about 10 years, he was the 3rd donkey we got.............BUT.............  if we can find a good home for him, that is very important.  It's taken me years to get that point across to John.  And he still isn't completely agreeable, I can get him to agree on just about everyone that's healthy enough to be adopted............EXCEPT........BlackJack.  BJ was our 1st donkey & I've used his picture on business cards, & paperwork, so I guess he's our spokesdonkey.  John won't budge on him going, & to tell the truth I was surprised he's let Buddy go.  

We have managed to get our herd down to our self imposed limit, which is great.  We have one in the pipeline but she isn't suppose to come in until December, so hopefully by then we'll be down by 4 more. 

Friday, October 01, 2010

KATIE aka MAGGIE MAE IS HOME...........!!!

A granddaughter is named Katie, so a name change will be made.  I don't think Katie Did will mind, as long as she gets lots of attention & occasional treats.  

She moved right in & made herself at home & they were excited to have her there, so it should be a great home for her.  She'll get those 2 horses whipped into shape in no time I would imagine.........!!!!  And get the people wrapped around her dainty little hoof. 

Well I'm learning all about proud flesh I guess.  Not a skill I really wanted, but we are making progress I hope.  I guess the equ-aide is breaking down the proud flesh & since it has so many blood vessels to it, it was really a bloody mess last night when she came in for supper.  But this morning it had dried up, until I washed it off.  I cut off some of the lumps & scrubbed the rest with betadine.  It started bleeding like a cut artery.  Couldn't get it to stop, & finally had to hold a towel on her jaw & compress it for awhile.  Once it stopped gushing, I could put the equ-aide on & that seemed to help it quit too.  The instructions for proud flesh is to scrub it & keep it open, so I guess I'll be doing this again tomorrow.  UGH!

We are getting ready to load Katie & take her to her new home.  As I remember she isn't thrilled about loading.  I'm surprised she really is easy to work with usually, she'll follow you anywhere & picks up her feet at a touch.  Trailer loading isn't a donkey thing for most of them it seems.