Monday, October 31, 2011

I have been waiting a couple of days to see what the outcome was going to be on moving Elvis. 

The move went very well,  Linda & Jon put Chester in a pen & Elvis, now known as Norton had free run of about 20 acres or so.  The next morning when Linda went out she found him with a foot hung up in the corral panel where Chester was.  Jon got a sawz-all to cut the panel & when he started working Norton grabbed his hand & wouldn't let go, a unpleasant attitude jacks can have.  Linda said he had Jon's hand in his mouth, grinding his teeth for 10 minutes.  Not sure if it was that long or just seemed that long, but in the process Jon managed to use the sawz-all & get him loose.

Linda called me from the hospital emergency room, said nothing was broken & they were stitching up his hand.  Norton had been walking on the foot when they left, neighbor's were there, doctoring a bad cut, while waiting for the vet to show up.  That was the last I heard for over a day.  Linda called & left a message for me to call her, that was all, short & quick & scary.

By the time we finally touched bases I was just sick, I was afraid Norton had to be put down because the leg was broke even though he was walking on it.  And who knows maybe Jon's hand fell off, believe me I went thru every scenario you can think of.  FINALLY........we quit playing phone tag & I found out Norton is sore but will be just fine.  The neighbors have built a separate pen for the boys, close together, but they aren't sharing a fence.

Jon's will not be working for awhile, & the doctor said he might have nerve damage.  He's suppose to go to a specialist, but Linda seems to think that probable won't happen.  Jon like most men, does it his way I guess..........  (G)  

And as soon as they can find someone to do it, Norton will be singing falsetto.  It's still a little early in the season, our days are still in the 80's & the flies are doing their thing, but they've decided that it is important to geld him as soon as possible.  

I hope this incident doesn't cloud their feelings for Norton.  He'll be a wonderful boy & a great friend for Chester, once he's had brain surgery.  I still have scars from BlackJack's attitude when we first got him & he was a 10 year old jack.  I had to put my elbow in his eye as hard as I could, to get him to let go.  Now BlackJack is a big old fuzzy mellow fellow, that's greatest aim in life is to mooch as many treats as he can. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last night we went racing & didn't get home until well after midnight.  Vic & Lora offered to feed the "herd" at supper time which was great.  When we got home there was a note, saying that when they got here, most of the herd was in the hay barn having a great time.  Vic & Lora didn't know how long they had been in there, gorging on forbidden hay, so they put everyone in their pens, & only fed the ones that hadn't been in the barn, because they were afraid they might founder.  

Needless to say by the time we got home hours later, they were really upset & let us know about it.  The opening of the gate has Thelma's "MO" all over it.  John had chained the gate for awhile since the last time we found it open, but had gotten a little too casual about it, I guess.  

They told us who had been fed & who hadn't.  But hours had passed & the ones that did get fed wasn't going to bother to remember the experience.  So we let everyone out, took all the hay & ran a line of hay down the driveway.  It actually worked pretty good, we spread it out far enough everyone could have a area of their own..........well except for Selena, she wanted it all...........!!!!  

John said they hadn't been in there very long because if they had all of Mocha's special hay would have been gone.  They had moved the bale that hasn't been opened & molested the open bale, but really didn't eat too much.  My theory is, with so many in there, everyone was jockeying for position & in the process no one got to eat much.  

So now we know the gate has to be chained at all times.  The smart ones are always a challenge. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Drifter got to go out this morning.  So far he is staying by himself, roaming all over the property, with his nose to the ground like he's looking for someone or something.  One time when I went out to check up on him, I stood in his path, & he walked around me & continued on his trek.   

I called the vet clinic to see about getting his teeth floated.  He has got some real nasty hooks, he keeps trying to "adjust" his mouth, poor little guy.  It might not happen for a couple of weeks, but I would imagine he will still be here, even though the livestock inspector is suppose to advertise him for 7 days & then auction him.  Yep! bet that's how it will happen........!!!!   The vet clinic knew about him being loose for at least 3 days, so he might have been out for awhile.  He's a good little guy, I can't believe someone wouldn't be looking for him. 

Yesterday Linda & Jon went with me down to Sierra Vista to see if we could find a friend for Chester.  He's still calling for Buster & it's very upsetting for them too.  We visited with Elvis, soon to be Norton & he is probably on his way to their home, as I type.  He is still a jack, but very friendly, & they have a pen to put him in until he can be gelded, the sooner the better.  That will give the boys a chance to get to know each other without all the squabbling for dominance that can get really rough.  Chester will try to protect his "turf",  & Norton is a pretty sturdy boy.  Don't want anyone getting hurt.  

Thelma shows new skills every day, although some are not really appreciated.  She has the courtyard caper down pat.  John was going to try to chain the gate.  But if he did, she knows it opened before, & destroy the gate.  So for now we aren't putting hay to be soaked on the courtyard.   

Yesterday John was headed for town.  A few minutes after he left he came back in the house, complaining about Thelma costing him $15....!!  It seems on the way to the truck he decided to let the ones still in their pens out.  Thelma was one of them.  When he opened her gate he had the receipt in his hand to get money back on a car battery.  When he opened the gate she came out, & snatched the receipt.  He tried to grab it, but she ran off & ate it.  He said he looked all over for pieces, but she didn't leave anything.  That's even better than "the dog ate my homework..........!!!"  LOL  John didn't think it was very funny for some reason. 

Had a call this afternoon looking for a companion for a camel that just lost his camel buddy to a heart attack. That's a new one for me.  I don't know whether I should tell John about it or not, he has always wanted a camel. 

We might have found a foster home for Falena & Selena.  They are the 2 strays we picked up down by Douglas & the livestock inspector never called me back.  A nice couple that just moved to the area from Michigan wanted a companion for their mare. After talking for awhile it sounded like they might be a good foster home for the girls.  We'll do a home study & see how it goes.

I've added a Twitter link to the sidebar.  I have an account but haven't tried to put in a message yet.  This should be fun, I'm too old to learn new skills......!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Thursday, October 27, 2011


This morning the minis & Thelma got on the courtyard & were into a hay bucket.  John ran them off, shut the gate & tried to figure out if he closed the gate last night or not.  He didn't have much time to contemplate, before Thelma was back on the courtyard.  Hmmmmm

She is the first one to figure out how to open the gate, that a lot of people find difficult.  We've had to make sure the pen gates are secure because of her, but never thought she would be interested in the courtyard, let alone learn how to work the gate. 

Not really sure how to fix it, unless we put a slide bolt on the inside, which will be a pain to open from the outside.  

Heard yesterday the "local gossip" from the feed store says I was jumping a dune buggy & broke an arm & leg.........!!!  Our neighbor told the woman I didn't have a dune buggy, I was racing my race car & broke a thumb.  Guess the reaction was pretty funny.    Somewhere in the translation the leg & thumb got morphed into the same "accident" for some reason. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Not a very good picture of our latest little "guest".  Got a call from the livestock inspector this afternoon.  This is the same one that never called me back when we picked up, Selena & Falena down by Douglas months ago.  Guess she has my number when it's "necessary".....!!!!  

Anyway she told me the Benson Animal Shelter had picked up a mini donkey out by the highway & wanted to know if we could take him.  I asked her what the protocol was.  She said advertise him for 7 days & didn't tell me what was next.  That's OK, I already know once they find someone to take donkeys in this part of Arizona, they consider the case closed.  

I called the woman at the shelter & she said she was 5 ' 5" & he was about waist high to her.  She also couldn't tell me if he was intact or not.  By the time I went out to tell John to hook up the trailer, I was really starting to get bad vibes about this deal.  I figured we were going to find an intact standard donkey with attitude.  She said they tried to look at a foot & he wasn't having it & they couldn't see under his tail in the back to see if he was intact or not.  Obviously not equine people.

So we headed into Benson, & I started working up my "I'm sorry, this isn't going to happen story".

When we got there here was this little burro, well mannered, very friendly, ready to lead with a rope around his neck & jump in the trailer & a gelding........!!!! WHEW!  One of the attendants said a friend of his was willing to take him, she has horses & pens.  I told him to find out if she was willing to take him long term or just temporary.  Once they are in our care, even if not technically ours, we will be involved in what happens to him.

The shelter was calling him Burt, doesn't do much for me.  I'm leaning towards Drifter, since he was drifting around when they found him.  We'll see what sticks.

Just got a call from Lynda, Buster & Chester's Mom.  She said the boys were out running & playing & Buster fell down.  She said Chester went over & started pawing & biting at him, but he was dead.  What a horrible shock, she was so upset I couldn't hardly understand her.  I guess he had a heart attack.  He was only about 18-20 years old, which is just middle aged for a donkey.  What a sad thing to happen, in such a wonderful home.  She's worried about Chester & wants to get him a friend as soon as possible.

Buster came here in 2000 & was Lucy's loyal companion until we had to put her down this spring because of horrible feet that would no longer allow her to stand without pain.  We were so thrilled when this home popped up within days of her being put down.  Buster had been passed around in his early life &  seemed to appreciate having structure to his day to day life.  I think he was happy here, & I know he was happy in his new home.  Just wish he could have enjoyed it longer.   RIP Buster Brown, you were a good gentle soul.

This makes 6 of our donkeys we have lost this year, it is like losing a child times six.  I will never get use to it.

NEW BABY.......NOT OURS......!!!

This new little girl was still wet when Art or J, I'm assuming J took this picture.  She looks like a big girl, already bigger than our little Tucker I think.  I'm sure they will send pictures of her when she dries off.

  A year or so ago, I got a call about 2 donkeys needing to be rehomed, owner in hospital, etc.  I knew Art & J wanted a guard donkey, so they took the jenny.  Well actually by the time we made a few phone calls she had a little jack following her around.  We had hoped that we got her moved before the jack bred her again, but obviously not.  The owner's wife would never return calls about taking the jack, so we have no idea what happened to him.  The little jack stayed with Falena until he was  6 months old, & went to a home to breed mules.  Haven't heard how that is going, he's still only about a year old, but was going to be running with mares, so he will hopefully get the idea. 

Just needs to get a little cooler & I think the fly season will officially be over.  We're still putting on fly masks, but there's certainly not as much "traffic" as there was.  Put out my last order of fly predators this morning.  

John hasn't checked Burroland for awhile to see if the cows have eaten most of the mesquite beans.  Last time he checked he said we need more cows over there.  Unfortunately the rancher died this summer & I think his family has sold off most of the cattle.  

Jenny is still fighting an abscess on her right rear hoof.  That's the one that started in the front of the coronet, & eventually went all the way around the side & down the back of the hoof bulb.  We thought it was done, but it's been oozing the last week or so.  She's walking good for her, so we'll just keep watching it & keeping it slathered with Ichammol.

Old Pepper got down Monday afternoon at feeding time.  Again I tried to get him up & again, he fought me at the pivotal point.  Vic was home from his camping trip, so I called him & he came right over & we got him up no problem.  He took right off to find Tula.  Just about the time I start thinking about, "what if", he shows me he's got a lot of life left in him, unfortunately the body is weak, especially on the right side.  I wish he'd learn to lay on his left side only, sure would simplify life for us all.  

Tucker thinks he's a big boy now, he is helping momma Mocha eat mush & hay.  I'm not exactly sure he's eating, but she sticks her head in.......he sticks his head in..........she raises her head.........he raises his head.......she chews.......he chews.  Sometimes he has a piece or two of hay sticking out of his mouth, so I guess he is at least gnawing on it.  He is also laying down like a BIG donkey when he lays down now.  Instead of laying out flat, he sits up on his breast bone & looks around, like "LOOK AT ME, AREN'T I SOMETHING TO SEE?"........!!!  

It's getting time to start thinking about the Open House, the first week-end in December.  I think this will be our 6th year to participate, & it's always a lot of fun to let people visit with the donkeys.  Of course the donkeys think it's great to have a steady stream of people coming thru with timothy pellets to feed them.

Anyone in the area that would like to volunteer to come & help show people around at the Open House, let me know.  You can come for a couple of hours, all day or whatever works for you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

JOHN COMES HOME TONIGHT.............!!!!


Thank goodness...........!!!  Actually I've had good help, I think I only did chores once by myself, so it really hasn't been that bad.  But Pepper being down yesterday wasn't good, & this morning Tucker got his head stuck in a cattle panel.  I guess his head has gotten big enough to get stuck, poor little guy.  He stuck it thru to get me to pet him, & couldn't get it out.  I screamed for Lisa, while I tried to get it turned enough to come out.  He really was calm, didn't seem near as panicky as I was.........!!!!  By the time Lisa heard me & came running, between him & me, we got him loose.  His pen is almost all cattle panels, not sure what we can do about it.  Discourage him from sticking his head thru for starters.  Hopefully his little head will grow fast.  

My 4 helpers showed up last night & really were good help, even though they didn't know which donkey was which.  The donkeys were all out when they got here, & were quite excited because they thought such a group of people must be a "tour", so let's mug them for treats.  Going in their pens was the last thing on their minds, so it took awhile to get everyone where they needed to be.  But once that was over, the rest of it went real quick. 

I figured out something that can't be done if you have a wrist in a cast.  What do people do about cutting their fingernails?  I realize it isn't an earth shattering problem, but I usually keep them real short, so things like Tunja Zinc Oxide or Ichammol don't get under my nails.  Not only can I not cut them, I also can't clean them, one handed.  So they are starting to look like a "science" project.  Wonder if John will cut them for me?  Maybe not, he can be rather heavy handed, & might clip the end off my finger...........!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

PEPPER DOWN..............!!!

I was afraid he would go down while John was gone, & he didn't disappoint me, the old buzzard.  The morning help had just left, & I went out to open the pens, & there he was laying in Jenny's dusting area on his right side, thrashing around trying to get up.  I got the ropes to put around his legs, but just didn't have the "oomph" to pull him over.  Probably could of, except he tries to help by throwing his legs all over the place, usually just about the time I would get him pulled to the point of no return, when his weight would have pulled him over to his left side. 

Vic is gone for the week-end, so I called Jay one of the neighbors & he came over.  He's not an animal person, but he had enough strength to over ride Mr. Floppy Legs, & we got him over.  As soon as he was over he hopped up, took off & started eating mesquite limbs.  Good thing my hair is already gray.....!!! LOL

Everyone else seems to be behaving themselves.  Actually they have been going in their pens very good, almost like they want to be helpful. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

SO FAR, SO GOOD........!!!!


Threw John out at the airport yesterday.............!!!   Traveling in this day & age is so barbaric.  I liked the old days when you could go in & see them off at the gate.  But now not only can you not do that, you have to decide how to dress for easy undressing, & make sure nothing "dangerous" is with you.  Of course figuring out what is going to set off the TSA people isn't always easy to figure out.  Oh! well, so much for my rant on modern day society's problems.  That happens when you're old enough to remember, "THE GOOD OLD DAYS".  Believe me, I'm old enough......!!!! LOL

Chores went good last night, the "fur kids" were actually pretty cooperative & even patient.  I always tell them, "there is only one of me, so it's going to take longer". Weighing hay was a little challenging, but I figured out a way that works pretty good.  We don't pick up poo at night, & I will have help every morning, so I won't have to face that task.  

I'll have 4 people to boss around Sunday evening.  WOW....!!!!  Jennifer volunteered her husband & a couple of friends to come out & feed, so this should go real quick. 

Tucker is starting to "help" Mocha eat her pellets & mush, besides chewing on hay.  They are getting the good hay that Patti sent out for them & it is really a big hit.  I hope the others don't find out what she's getting or we might have a rebellion.  As it is I'm cutting down all the goodies Thelma has been getting, so far she hasn't complained.   It doesn't look like she is pregnant, thank goodness, so she certainly doesn't need the extra calories.  She's going out now, although she still seems to prefer being in her pen, so she isn't getting the exercise her feet need. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011



This morning John was trying to get Thelma's mask on by himself.  Yesterday the 2 of us managed to get it on her by John putting his arms around her neck & me quickly getting it on her.  

But today was another day & she didn't seem to think she needed a mask, thank you very much.  I went in the pen, & she was still throwing her head around when I tried.  I told her this wasn't a nice way to behave & she needed this mask on.  All of a sudden she stopped throwing her head & let me put it on.  WHY?  I have no clue.  Will she do it tomorrow morning?  Who knows?  I sure don't, they surprise me almost every day. 

This afternoon when we came home the back of the truck was filled with goodies, bags of Lakin Lite, & beet pulp & a couple of bales of wonderful orchard hay, Patti sent for momma Mocha, so Tucker gets good healthy milk.  There was some other interesting stuff, so John knew he had to get in the gate, up to the cargo container & hay barn, & get unloaded hopefully before anyone caught him.  Nice thought, touch to implement, especially when Rusty the mule was patrolling the driveway.  

John gave it a hearty try, with Rusty trying to help & John trying to discouraging him.  Madie showed up to help.  John said he was carrying bags in the container, & all of a sudden he had a donkey in the container with him.  She came in thru a 30 inch exterior door into a very crowded narrow area, & John said she didn't have a problem with it.  She looked around, turned around in the small space & hopped out.  When he got done unloading, he came down to the house to tell me about it.  I was facing the window to the courtyard & guess who followed him & noticed he left the courtyard gate open?  She walked all the way to the patio door, looked around, turned around & walked out before we could even say anything to her.  Guess we aren't very exciting after all..........!!!!  When we left this morning, she was hanging with Jenny & Frijolita over by Mocha & Tucker's pen, so maybe she's going to be part of the girl herd.  

Tucker & Jenny's bloodwork came back.  He still has elevated white blood count, but it's within normal range, so no one  is too excited about it.  Jenny didn't have anything out of the ordinary, so I guess she doesn't have anything systemic going on.  Debra looked at a sore on her leg we've been trying to heal all summer.  She recommended trying Ichthammol, she thought there might be something in there.  It does seem to be looking better, but nothing has come out of it.  She said if it wasn't better by Monday we'd try something a little stronger.  

John will be flying  tomorrow afternoon to Indiana to visit with his last surviving uncle & some cousins.  He usually goes in June, but this year we went on our 50th anniversary in June.  He'll only be gone until late Monday, but I'm sure I'll have fun while he's gone.  I'll have help with the morning chores, but will be doing evening by myself.  Weighing hay & stacking hay buckets might be a little fun, with one hand in a cast, but I'm sure I'll get it figured out. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is Madie this morning looking over the courtyard wall into the "den of all things good", the house. 

She went out yesterday morning for the 1st time, already knows to go in her pen at feeding time, & obviously figured out where we hang out when we aren't outside.........!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The good news........don't have to have surgery.  Bad news......... I have to wear a cast for  4 weeks.  I never realized how important a thumb is, it's amazing how much we take for granted.  I'd like to say I'll appreciate my thumb in the future, but I'm sure once I get the cast off, it will be just another digit......!!!  LOL

Madie the new girl got to go out today.  She has some feet issues but they didn't seem to keep her from roaming all over the place all day.  At least that's what John said, I was in Tucson most of the day.

Not a very good picture of her, but she is one of those that you can't get far enough away from to take a picture.  I took this one this morning before I left for town.  

When it was time for round-up this afternoon, she was over by Tucker & Mocha.  John said she watched the round-up of the others, & when John said "come on", she headed for her pen.  So far she seems to be a very cooperative, mellow type of gal. 

My thumb put a halt to the clicker training to get a fly mask on Thelma.  You can do just about anything with her...........except..........put a halter or fly mask on her.  So this morning Vic decided he'd get a mask on her & by golly he did.  First he threw it over one ear.  I had tried that, but I guess I throw like a girl.  She threw it off.  When he & John brought in the hay, he stood between her & her hay, held the fly mask up & she basically walked into it. Rather than immediately grabbing for the latch, he ignored her for a few minutes & then latched it.  I doubt that John will take it off anytime soon...... !!!!  I know I won't.........!!!

Yesterday John & Larry a good friend went up to  Queen Creek, southeast of Phoenix to look at a race car for next year.  My poor little Toyota has just about had it.  I didn't know until a couple of weeks ago, it started out as a motocross car over 6 years ago, so it hasn't had an easy life, been rolled at least twice.  A couple of weeks ago, I slammed into the wall with it, which certainly didn't help it any.  

This is what they brought home.

It's a Kia Sephia, been raced less than 10 races, so it has a few dings, but nothing like the Toyota.  And it has a lot more horsepower, so hopefully I can do better next year.  Actually I finished in 6 place for points this year, so I really can't complain. 

The first thing is to change the color, green on a race car is bad luck.  In fact I bought a gallon of white paint today, so our son can paint the whole thing white inside & out.  Then John will do the orange. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Tomorrow I have to see an orthopedic surgeon, to have a broken thumb wired together.  Last night's racing didn't exactly go as planned, & we ended up in the emergency this morning with the radiologist running out to the parking lot to see the race car..........!!!  They all seemed quite happy with having the extra entertainment in the early morning hours.  But there wasn't anything they could really do for it, except wrap it up & give me some phone numbers.  Guess I'll go back to the clinic that just released me & my broken leg a week or so ago, they know me there...........  LOL

This pretty girl was delivered this morning to become part of our little group.  Her name is Madie, she is a BLM donkey about 13 years old.  She's had a good home, but foundered a year ago & is still ouchy.  She also has front legs like Quilla's although she does still have some hair on her legs.  So I would imagine she has or has had fatty liver disease, which is one of the causes of sun sensitivity.  She's very friendly, I haven't even seen her face yet. The flies are getting worse every day i think.  I'll take a face picture, if & when the flies finally give up for the winter.

This is an article from San Antonio, Texas about the killing of the Big Bend donkeys.  As usual the donkeys don't have a voice, except for grass roots organizations that try to bring this disgusting display of governmental power to the attention of like minded people.  These donkeys have done nothing but what they have been doing for 100's of years.  

But some bureaucrat somewhere in the system has decided that they need to go.  Nothing is better for these abuses of power than the light of day.  Much like going after rats or cockroaches.  If you can get involved please do so.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The vet is coming out Monday to draw blood from Tucker & Jenny.  Last time they had a heck of a time getting blood from Tucker, probably because he is so small & also wiggly.  He's grown a bit, & is still wiggly, although he'll usually stand real still if you scratch him, anywhere on his body.  

Today he & Mocha have access to the mini pen.  It doesn't have chicken wire on it to keep him from going thru the corral panels, so I hope he behaves himself.  I thought he might have fun doing some exploring.  

Thelma & I have been trying to get her fly mask back on the last few days.  I'm trying clicker training with her, but she is really stupid, or has already figured out what I'm wanting her to do, & doesn't see a need to participate.  Since I already know she isn't stupid, not by a long shot, it's the latter.  I can rub the fly mask all over her body, I can run my hands down in her ears, I can even get her to touch it as a target...........BUT.....when it gets down to the nitty gritty of putting it over her ears.........NOPE..........NOT GOING TO HAPPEN......!!!!  She will stand her ground & move her head around & around.  That is actually progress, from the whirling & showing me the bottom of her hind feet we were doing a few days ago.....!!! LOL  She had the silly thing on for weeks, of course we weren't taking it off because the flies get up earlier than we do.  The flies are still out there although it's getting down in the 40's at night, when it warms up in the morning they really get busy, I guess they know winter is coming & they want to complete their life cycle.  John said when I took it off that it probably would be a battle to get it back on, guess he was right...........!!!  

Tomorrow we will be getting in a new girl, named Madie.  I haven't met her but it sounds like she & Quilla have a lot in common, bad feet & sun sensitivity which makes bloody sores on their legs.  It will be good to see someone in Sha'ba's pen, it looks very empty right now. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

While we were gone to the walkathon Wednesday, Thelma let Mocha & Tucker out of their pen.  Thelma has learned Gate Opening 101 very well.  

Michelle was here & said the dogs were barking like crazy.  She went out to see what was happening, & saw Rusty the white mule, chasing Tucker & of course Mocha was in the middle of it.  Michelle said just about the time she figured out what was happening, Mocha ran into Rusty or Rusty ran in to Mocha & she ended up getting pushed into a cactus. 

MIchelle managed to entice Mocha back into her pen & of course Tucker went with her.  But she did have some stickers in her & in fact I pulled out a couple the next day.  Tucker didn't seem any the worse for wear, thank goodness.  

I don't think Rusty was trying to hurt him or anything, I would imagine he was fascinated & wanted to get a closer look.  Of course that wouldn't set well with Mocha & she was probably trying to get Tucker away from him.  Of course while all this was going on, Tucker is having a ball running around looking at all the new stuff he's never seen before, so she's also having to keep track of him. 

In fact this morning, when John went out, Rusty & Quilla were standing outside Mocha & Tucker's pen, & Mocha, & Tucker were standing on the other side.  Thelma was standing as close as she could in her pen.  John said they were all just standing there enjoying the early morning sun, in a herd.

It seems like I'm getting a call or e-mail almost everyday from people trying to find a place for their donkey, for one reason or another.  But no calls from people wanting to adopt.  Wonder if & when things will be better?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Sierra Vista newspaper wrote a real nice article about Zeke & Mike's walk yesterday.  Here's an online link...............!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Zeke & Mike were at Ft. Huachuca this morning bright & early to start their walkathon to Tombstone, to raise awareness about donkeys & raise money for the donkeys in our sanctuary.

They got off to a fast start, & Patti called us when they were about 4 miles from where we were to meet them, to let us know they were ahead of schedule.  We had just gotten thru with feeding, so we hurried & hit the road.  Got there just as a newspaper reporter got there with a photographer to cover the walk.  We hadn't even got BlackJack unloaded & here Zeke & Mike came with Patti, following in her truck.  

This was the boys first meeting.  I don't think either of them was very impressed with the other.  Zeke "woofed" out a couple of challenges, which I think BlackJack tried to ignore.  BlackJack likes to present himself as a big tough guy, but if he runs across someone that might actually be one, he usually tries to find something else to do. 

After a rest Zeke & Mike headed on down the road.

Patti spent most of the day driving back & forth from where they were on the road & Tombstone, where we & BlackJack were hanging out at the information table Teresa set up by the Helldorado Show area. 

Georgette met us at the Charleston stop, & she ended up walking the last 4 miles or so into Tombstone with Zeke & Mike.  John walked part of the way & I even walked a mile or so, unfortunately I waited to walk until the last part which was all uphill........!!! 

Somewhere along the way, they picked up a Cochise County Sheriff.  He said someone had called in to dispatch that they were afraid they might get hit by a car.  That was never a problem, most of the people slowed down when they saw them, probably because they looked like they just stepped out of the 1880's.

Later on when they got closer to Tombstone, they even picked up a city policeman.  Georgette & I were walking, Patti was following & we had 2 police cars.  Excuse me, but we were starting to look like a circus, & there were certainly more targets if someone started gawking at one target & hit another.........!!!! LOL  

But we made it to Tombstone, over an hour early, which unfortunately threw off the people that had planned to walk the last 1/4 mile down Allen street, dressed in period dress.  A few of them got the message & made the walk though.  John & BlackJack met the weary travelers & walked the last 2 blocks down Allen street with them.  
I think a good time was had by all, Zeke is a love, you will notice he started out packing, & finished being ridden by Mike.  He has a real nice steady walk & only behave like a donkey a couple of times, even then he wasn't really being an "ass", it was almost like he wanted to be "asked" rather than told.
 "Doc Holliday", Zeke, Mike behind Teresa

BlackJack got to eat some of the bermuda grass growing around the buildings where the information table was set up, so he was happy.  He doesn't get a chance to eat real grass very often.

A special thank you to Patti for all her coordinating & making sure things went smoothly.  Thanks to Georgette for her continuous upbeat coaching.  With her around you never have to worry about anyone getting tired or at least admitting it, she won't let that happen.  Thanks to Dee for finding us & helping to get the ball rolling.   Teresa put her heart & soul into this walk, as did Mike, but he also put his legs & feet into walking & riding over 20 miles, for nothing except the satisfaction of accomplishing what he started out to do, & helping make people aware of donkeys & how special they are.  How do I thank Zeke?  He didn't know they were going for an all day ride, or that they were trying to educate the public about donkeys & some of the problems donkey have because of ignorance or in some cases cruelty.  All that "people" stuff wasn't important to him. I think he just had a great time, being out with his best friend, for the day enjoying a lovely autumn day in SE Arizona.  We should all be so lucky.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Courtney was out a few days ago, to do some trimming.  Poor Jenny has been fighting abscesses for weeks.  Courtney seems to think she is fighting some type of systemic problem, & suggested I get her blood tested.  I know she has had a sore on her back leg for most of the summer & we haven't been able to get it to heal.  

Tucker's blood test came back with elevated white blood count, so they both need to have blood drawn.  Tucker needs to wait a couple of weeks, so I'm trying to figure out how to get them both done, because I want to get Jenny done ASAP.  I'll probably end up hauling Jenny & having the vet come out to do Tucker.  SIGH!  

Today Georgette & I headed to Deming, New Mexico to check out a rescue over there we were going to visit when we went to Texas last month, but came home early because Tucker went to the vet clinic.  

They have a lot of land, but not a tree in sight.  I think the woman said they have 31 horses & donkeys right now & with the price of hay aren't taking in anymore right now, they are paying $20 a bale............YIKES!  Right now in Benson both bermuda & alfalfa are about $17.50, & I was told it won't be long before it probably makes it to $20.  

I am getting e-mails almost every day, from people looking for a place for their donkeys.  One woman has 11 she needs to rehome, had a message waiting for me tonight when I got home, 2 nice jennies, mother & daughter...........divorce, selling property, etc.........!!!   It's been quite awhile since I have been contacted by someone wanting donkeys, & with the price of hay, I seriously doubt if there are many people out there wanting to add to their family.  

It's time to start thinking about the Open House, Dec 3rd & 4th the 1st Sat & Sun in December.  As usual we'll will need volunteers to help show people around.  So if anyone in the area would like to help, please let me know. 

Thursday, October 06, 2011


Went out this morning to visit with Tucker & of course Mocha & he was playing with his ball.  Before I started filming, he was running it up & down, back & forth & really making it move.  Once I started filming, the action slowed down.  He's such a little ham, but hasn't figured out when we stand with our hands up to our face, it's "SHOW TIME".........!! 

He got his little nose popped yesterday.  He's been running up behind & bumping into us.  I told John that behavior needs to stop, while he's still small enough to not knock us down.  Last night he not only ran up behind me, he acted like he was going to nip me.  POP......!!!!  So far this morning he's not interested in running up behind me, although when Vic was cleaning pens this morning, he had to wrestle Tucker at the gate.  Tucker managed to get his head out the gate, before Vic corralled him. So we're going to have to watch him, I guess he sees a whole big world out there & wants to explore it. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I got back from my trip to Missouri for my 50th high school reunion.  Had a good time, got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen for quite sometime.  Found out one of the boys had a crush on me in the 1st grade.  I told him "good grief" I had the thickest glasses & the knobbiest knees of anyone in school, but he said he thought I was kind of cute.  Very weird.......!!  

The committee that put the reunion together did an outstanding job, we had some great food & it really was a lot of fun.  One night we had some really good German food, outstanding schnitzel & spatzle, one night great -BQ, & a really good breakfast the last morning before we all said good-bye & went our separate ways.  

Of course I couldn't be gone that long without doing something donkey orientated.  A few years ago the plight of Ebenezer came to the attention of some people in my home town.  He had survived for 30 years in a field, by himself, without any shelter, or much attention, if any from his owners.  As the owners aged, they were even less involved in his life.  

It's quite a story about how involved people became with him, & how much his life has changed.  

I happened to drive by when his caretakers were there & they invited me in to see the old guy & share donkey stories.  Once he was thru eating, he was ready to go out in the field.  Shirley was making him wait & we were standing there talking.  I had been petting him & all of a sudden he reached down & acted like he was going to bite my leg.  It wasn't done with malice, he cut his eyes at me, right before he did it, & he didn't really bite, just acted like it.  I think he was testing me to see if I'd flinch or run away.  Later on after she allowed him to go in the field, he came over to the fence where I was standing & put his muzzle where I could pet it.  I think the old curmudgeon wanted to get a reaction from me, & when I didn't jump back, he decided I was OK. 

Zeke & Mike's walkathon next Wednesday, Oct 12 is falling into place.  They will start at 6am at the gate of Ft. Huachuca & hope to finish up 12-14 hours later in Tombstone.  We will meet them about half way to take some pictures & if Zeke & BlackJack get along OK, we'll probably walk with them aways.  With BJ, it will all depend on how he feels about the situation.  He can be the biggest wooly bear, or he can be a real pistol, if the mood hits him.  He is usually nosy enough that if it's interesting, he'll join in with what's happening.  Of course what we think is interesting, doesn't necessarily mean it will be interesting to him.......!!!! 

Tucker is growing like a weed, although we're still having a hard time getting a fly mask to fit him.  We'd like to let him & Mocha out to roam on the property, but I'm afraid he might get hurt on the cactus or mesquite, or who knows what.  He runs around & around in circles in their pen.  While I was gone, John said he was trying to run around, but Momma Mocha was standing where he wanted to run.  He had to stop, turn around & run the other way.  Of course she was still there when he came around again.  John said the 3rd time when he had to stop in front of her, he reached down & bit her on the leg.  I'm not sure that's a real good idea, to be biting the leg that feeds you........!!!  She has started acting like she's going to kick him, if he tried to nurse while she is eating which doesn't seem to deter him very much.  

Thelma still hasn't shown any signs of having a baby, so maybe she isn't PG.  I'd rather she wasn't although it would probably be easier to have 2 little ones, rather than one, trying to find someone to play with.  She has started following John around all over the property during the day.  At least it gets her out of her pen, we open the gate & most of the time she doesn't go out.  I would imagine her feet bother her, although they've been trimmed, it will take awhile for them to hopefully shift around so she will be comfortable.