Saturday, December 31, 2011

from all the gang......!!!

It's been rather peaceful most of the day today.  Of course Jenny is still in her pen.  Unfortunately she was almost 3 legged lame this morning.  I guess she needs to be moving in order to keep that long term abscess from bothering her.  It's only about 1/5th of the way down her foot, so if it keeps plugging up & making her lame, she'll be dealing with it for months.  I soaked her foot in epsom salts this morning, & if she isn't better in the morning I'll soak her in White Lightening.  The gas should kill off any bacteria that might be lurking in there. 

Rambo & Zorro for the most part behaved themselves.........well after Lynn who is a mini, wiggled by this morning for her close up view of the new boys.  They both got rather lively, till John ran her off.  She hasn't come back so far, so I guess she was just looking.  Jenny is serious about it unfortunately.  

Tomorrow we're going to probably put a halter on her & lead her far away from the boys.  Hopefully she'll find something else to do & forget about them.  If not the next plan of attack is to lead her over to Burroland, hopefully with some of the others following, & shut the gate for the day.

If we could get all of them over on Burroland, we could let the boys out to see what they will do.  I don't want the old boys to get hurt by getting in the way. That's how Pepper got his cracked hip we think, trying to be in the middle of all the fun.  Years ago we saw him knocked down a couple of times.  I'm sure he got knocked down at other times when we didn't see it.  

Friday, December 30, 2011

JUST WHAT WE NEED.............!!!!


I think Zorro & Rambo haven't been gelded very long.  This morning Jenny "discovered" them & worked all her wiles before we finally put a halter on her & dragged her to her pen.  Rambo has been upset every since & trying to get out of their pen.  So far pawing, braying & shaking the gate.  I hope he doesn't try to climb out like Beau did in September.   I'd go ahead & let him out, make Jenny happy...........but........he's aggressive enough I'm afraid someone like Pepper or Jack might get hurt if they couldn't move out of his way fast enough.  So we'll have to figure out a plan, the longer he stays in the pen without exercise, the more agitated he'll probably get..........SIGH!  Zorro was interested, but not quite as silly.  

We've been separating Chantilly from them at feeding time.  With this latest turn of events, if they have all been together since before the boys were gelded, she might be PG.

Got an e-mail this morning from a woman with a young family & a jack.  They got him from ropers & he was in bad shape.  Now that he's feeling better he's acting like a jack, up to & including going after her young son.  They want him gone now.....!!!  And we are over full & can't take him.  Life would be so much easier for everyone involved if people would get these guys gelded as soon as they have anything to geld. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Chantilly is a shy little girl, & seems to have developed a method of hiding behind the boys.  We are probably going to put her in a pen by herself, at least part of the time, so she can learn to take care of herself. 


The boys don't know what the word shy means & Rambo is a "gate worker"........!!!  I was hoping when Thelma went to her new home, we'd get a break from having to keep the gates double locked, but guess NOT.....!!!!  In fact if you look at his lip in this picture it isn't just hanging on the bottom of his face, it's being "busy"...............!!!

Already have a call in to get their feet trimmed. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

THEY'RE HERE........!!!!!

This is the 3 new kids on the block, when we went to pick them up this afternoon.  It seems like a lot of the time I end up with either butt shots or snot shots & today wasn't any different.....! (G)

They came with no names, so far the larger one on the left, looks like & acts like Rambo.  Actually for anyone that knows BlackJack or remembers the 1st Gus we had, this guy has the same type of personality.  His big nose is in your business at all times.  He has had a halter on that was too small at some time in his life, & it has made a ridge across his nose.  Other than that he looks to be in good shape.  

The middle one is the little jenny.  The boys have no problem letting you pet them & feed them treats.  But she is not quite ready for all that being up close & personal stuff yet.  She'll stretch her neck, but so far not far enough to actually grab a treat.  It might take a few days, but she looks like she'll come around pretty quick.  No name yet.  She needs a sweet one. 

The black one doesn't have a name yet either, but he is very friendly.  Their feet need to be trimmed, but other than that, they seem to be just fine.  Of course we haven't put halters on them or tried to lead them around yet.  We'll find out more about their training then, I'm sure.........!!!!!  

If I knew more about taking pictures I bet they wouldn't blur......!!!

As usual when we come home with the trailer, the gang surround it, to see who is in it.  There was a lot of mouthing going on in & out of the trailer, so everyone seems willing to "go along to get along".  We'll keep them in a pen for a couple of days & give everyone a chance to meet them, before we let them out to roam around.  

Rambo thought he needed to threaten poor old toothless Jack, when we fed tonight.  I yelled at him to knock it off, although I didn't see that he thought my opinion counted for much.

"No Name" & Rambo

Maddie went in the small pen, so for now everyone has a pen.  When we pick up the other three on the 3rd of January, I think BlackJack & Frijolita will have to give up their pens.  There is a divider down the middle that can be removed & make a larger pen.  BJ & Frijolita are both food hogs, so we'll have to see if this works or not.

 Little Miss No Name

Any ideas for names?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NUMBERS ARE GOING UP............!!!

Don't have much information but looks like we have a young jenny & 2 geldings coming in either today or tomorrow.  They were picked up at Casa Grande yesterday & delivered to Karen @ Equine Voices south of Green Valley.  Karen will either bring them up today or we'll go pick them up tomorrow.

She says the boys look gelded, I hope so, after the tragedy with Beau this summer, I am really hesitant about having a jack here, in a pen.  She has agreed if they aren't gelded, to keep them & have them gelded for us.  

I think for now Maddie will get put in the small pen to eat, & we'll put the newcomers in her pen.  That should work out OK, until the next 3 come in the 3rd of January.  Then we'll have to figure out who gets to eat outside.  

When Pepper came in this morning he was almost prancing...........what is that all about?  He still has on his legging, & he's getting meds to hopefully help with his bad hip & knee.  But it was amazing to see just how good he was walking.  Granted by normal standards he's still not moving too fast, but for him he was "SMOKIN"......!!!!! 

UPDATE:  Just heard from Karen, looks like we'll be going down after morning chores tomorrow, & pick them up.  She said they are relatively friendly, which is always good......!!!! 

Monday, December 26, 2011


This is Maddie & her new best friend, Justin, one of the minis.  I've never seen a jenny & gelding wrestle & play fight before.  These 2 do so, every day & as you can see when it's time to rest they still stay together.  I don't know whether Justin has visions of grandeur or if Maddie just thinks he's cute, but they do seem to be an item.  Not sure what Cheyenne thinks about it though, Justin use to hang out with her all the time, but they never played, guess Maddie is a more fun "date"......!!! 

Pepper is do pretty good considering it has been in the teens every night.  He is moving a little slower than usual, but the ears are up & he's going out as soon as the gate is opened.  His blanket is hanging in his pen, in case he needs it, but so far being able to move around is more important.  We watch him to make sure he isn't just standing around, or shivering when he comes in. I think the leg warmers on his bad knee probably helps keep him moving.

Here is Tucker soaking up some sunshine.  All the donkeys seem to spend time laying down this time of year.  I think as the ground warms during the day they take advantage of getting as warm as they can, when they can.  

Tucker will be 4 months old the 6th of January, time sure flies.  I think we're still planning on taking him up to Gilbert for evaulation in January, if it warms up.  We won't haul him & Mocha if it's real cold.  Granted it will be warmer the closer we get to Phoenix, but starting out in an open stock trailer, would be chilly.

I had a brilliant idea that if he had to stay up there so they could feed him hay for a couple of days, what a perfect time to geld him.  (And I wouldn't have to be involved.......I hate the process of gelding, it's so barbaric) Checked him out & not only does he not have anything to geld yet, he doesn't even have a little purse to put them in..........!!!!   Something needs to grow, before we even think about gelding I guess........SIGH!  

Sunday, December 25, 2011

16 degrees this morning for Christmas Day.........!!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011


OK, I'm ready for spring already...!!!!!  Can't imagine what it's like doing chores in some parts of the country.  Kathy Dean from Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Colorado really is fighting weather right now.  She said Alan her husband used a snow blower to make paths to the different barns & the poo pile.  When the weather is really bad, she tells her volunteers to stay home, until the roads are cleared & all that.  So a lot of times it's just her & Alan taking care of 40-50 donkeys in barns.  I guess she could move to a nicer climate, but as she says there is a need where she is.  She must be doing something right, she recently passed the 500th mark for adoptions. 

At least we don't have to contend with snow, ice, sleet & all that.  But 18 degrees in the morning does make me whine.  (G)

Heard from Thelma's new mom.  She said they are doing just fine, once Bugsy got over pouting about having to share his mom.  They've moved on to following each other around, & Laura is spending a lot of time with Thelma.  That's easy to do because Thelma is a real "love sponge".   Don't know if she's brayed yet or not.  If not wait till they hear that.  Let's just say her bray is NOT very ladylike, more like a foghorn on steroids.........!!!! 


It seems every time we manage to get our numbers down, it all changes quickly.  There are a possible 6 additions in the pipeline over the next couple of weeks....!!! YIKES.....!!!  If all 6 do come in, some of the gang are going to get thrown out of their pens.  Probably BlackJack, Maddie & Frijolita, since they are all food hounds & get no special feedJohn started trying to figure out how to build more pens.  I told him no more pens, since the amount of donkeys we have, seems to grow to fill empty pens...........!!!! 


Friday, December 23, 2011


 Haven't been out yet, & not looking forward to going.  John is out there ringing the bell, I doubt that the gang is going to be very interested in moving around, until it warms up a little.  

A friend sent this card to me, & I thought it was cute enough to share:

Haven't heard how Thelma is getting along in her new home, I'll probably try to call Laura today & see how she is doing. 

Yesterday John & Vic took most of the center fence out of Mocha & Tucker's pen, that had divided it from Thelma's pen.  Now Tucker has a little more room to run around like a maniac.  There is still a little area Mocha goes in to eat her hay.  Hopefully after the 1st of the year we can get Tucker up to Gilbert for evaluation & see if he can start eating hay.  Once he can eat normally, maybe we can start letting him out to run & play & irritate all the other donkeys.  Right now poor Mocha is his only victim, I'm sure she's getting tired of being his center of attention.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This morning when we got ready to put Thelma in the trailer, she really loaded pretty good, considering last week took about an hour.  We put 2 leads on her, she got to the trailer, looked it over & hopped in.  She really is a special girl, she is more than willing to meet you half way, even if you are doing something she has never tried before.  Just takes patience. 

This is Bugsy aka Eeyore, heading out towards the trailer, where Thelma was waiting for him.  He has lived by himself in Tombstone, for quite awhile, so his life style is really going to change.  
 We got to their new "digs", they both hopped out of the trailer & the posturing started. 

 Well, maybe not love at first sight........!!!

She double dog dared Bugsy to try to get any closer than this.  He pretty much didn't care, except when she was somewhere in the pen he hadn't had a chance to see.

 Mike got excited about the kicking & ear pinning going on, but I told him that was pretty much par for the course when introducing donkeys to each other.  It should go pretty good, because they were trailered together & then put in a pen neither had ever been in before, so it's a complete lifestyle change for both of them.  They'll have to rely on each other. 

It's finally trying to warm up, at least during the day.  Poor old Pepper, even with his knee cover on, he still can't move very easily.

UPDATE:  I went ahead & put Whinny Warmers on Pepper's right front.  They aren't much fun to put on, because Pepper has such a hard time standing on 3 legs, & it takes quite awhile to thread the warmers on because of their length.  I finally had to call John to help, one to thread & one to help hold him up.  We'll see if he is walking any better in the morning.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I've become such a "weather" wimp, considering I was raised in Missouri & winter weather was a fact of life........!!!!  But it is a cute picture, thanks Katie.

Checked up on some of the latest "fur" kids to go out to new homes.  Selena & Falena, went out awhile back as a companion for a real pretty Arab mare.  When the donkeys showed up, the mare went a little ballistic, acting very Arab, which is another way of saying, she was acting like a nut case.  The latest word is, she doesn't want them out of her sight now.  So I guess it's working out just fine.  The people are smitten with the girls, & said when anyone comes to visit they want to see the donkeys, so I guess they are getting quite a fan club.  

It sounds like Drifter has moved in & taken over a 40 some horse boarding/training stable, & also a little boy's heart.  His mom said they are inseparable & she is having trouble keeping everyone from "stealing" hay from the horses to bring to Drifter.  He's a little guy & as a donkey is on a permanent diet.  Crystal was going to put up signs, NO FEEDING, but guess those big brown soulful eyes just can't be ignored.  She put brushes outside his stall, & said he is getting a lot of brushing.  She also said his ears are always up now, which is great.  When he came in, his ears were always down to the side, like Eeyore's, & he looked so sad.  By the time he left they were up most of the time.  I guess being the center of attention has really livened him up.  

She also said he isn't the least bit afraid of the horses, & if the horses get to pushy, he just bites them on the muzzle.  I don't think we could have found a better place for him, lots of attention & a little boy of his very own.  

Hopefully next week we can get Thelma delivered to her new home.  Right now the weather is pretty nice, haven't heard if the road into the place is passable for a trailer yet.  If we don't get anymore rain, it should be OK.  Since we brought her back home from the abortive attempt Tuesday, she has been hanging with Tula.  Before then she spent most of her time, hanging around in her pen, next to Tucker & Mocha.  Not sure what caused the change in her behavior.  

Right now Tula is cycling, which has got poor old Pepper's ears up & eyes shining........!!!!  With the rainy, humid, cold weather we're having the old buzzard can't hardly walk.  In fact I have his bad knee wrapped to try to keep it warm.  But it doesn't stop him from following her EVERYWHERE she goes. 

Tonight when John was rounding them up for feeding, Tula decided she wasn't going to play the game & headed back over to Burroland at a pretty good pace.  Right behind her were, Thelma, Pepsi (mini) & Pepper.  When Tula takes off like this, she hides out until the hay is brought thru the pens.  I told John we'd probably have to go over & find Pepper after she came back with the other two.  

But no, here come Tula, Thelma & Pepsi at a pretty good pace, & bringing up the rear, ears up & moving as fast as he could was Pepper, still on point & headed for the prize.  I have no idea what he was like when he was young, but now he is so much fun to watch, & try to figure out what he's thinking.  We haven't had to roll him over for quite awhile, we've seen him lay down, but on his left side.  Maybe he's learned not to lay on his right side. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

This use to be a bucket, granted it wasn't very heavy, but looked to me like it would make a good toy for a little donkey boy.  Obviously Tucker figured out how to have fun with it, in ways I never thought of.  Time for a heavier bucket I guess.

He's also figured out another way to have fun.  Yesterday morning when we were feeding, Dave a friend that was helping said when he went in the pen, all of a sudden something was holding him back.  He thought he got caught on the fence, tried to turn around & discovered a little donkey attached to his coat, & not letting go.  

Tonight was John's turn. he said he reached down & grabbed Tucker's leg, but he still wouldn't let go.  Guess it didn't feel like momma chastising him for some indiscretion, so Tucker didn't care.  I think I will feed him in the morning & see if I can get the point across to him. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WASTED DAY.........!!!!

Loaded Thelma in the rain, took over an hour, she has only been in a trailer twice that I know of.  She wasn't being difficult, she was just scared.  Well she did throw a couple of kicks when I tried to pick up a rear foot to go into the trailer with the 2 front feet.  But for the most part she was gentle........but determined........not to go in that trailer. 

Took off in the rain, called Laura her new Mom & we decided we probably couldn't get down the last couple of miles of their road into their home in the "boonies" because of a mixture of rain, clay & ruts.  So we went to plan B, to leave her in Tombstone with Eeyore & we would go back in a couple of days or whenever the sun shines again, pick them both up & haul them to their home.  

Unfortunately when we got there there was no way John could back the trailer up to the pen, & it was still raining like, pouring cats out of a C was to bring her back home with us & try again on a day a little drier & with a lot more sunshine.  By the time we got home she was shivering, so as soon as we got her out of the trailer & in her pen we gave her some hay to help warm her up.  She dove right in & stopped shivering real quick.  Before she went in the pen, Tula was chasing her around like she was a new donkey that needed to know who was boss..........what was that all about?  I'm sure their paths have crossed since Thelma has been here since August. 


In spite of the rain & dreary weather, as soon as the donkeys get thru eating & we can get Thelma loaded we'll head out.  

She followed John out of her pen into the pen we load from real good this morning.  We'll see if she is as cooperative when it comes time to jump into the trailer.  Actually she is a real good girl, she tries to "go along to git along", on most things.........unfortunately haltering isn't one of them.  

Tucker got a new red ball yesterday & a plastic bucket this morning.  So he's having a lot of fun with his new toys.  He's just like a kid, after the toys are in his pen for a couple of days, they are BORING......!!!!   I might start picking them up & putting them back later.

He's growing like a weed, still eating his mush.  We are talking about taking him up to the Equine Center in Gilbert after the holidays for an evaluation.  Right now we have no idea if he needs to still be on mush or not.  No one seems to know for sure.  The clinic up there deals with a lot of animals & they have about 6-8 vets there, so they might be familiar with Tucker's problem.  If he doesn't need to be on a restricted diet, he could be out running around on the property, driving the old fogies crazy.  Not sure they would enjoy it, but I know he'd love to be able to run in a straight line as fast as he can. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

HOT WATER.... YIPPEE...............!!!

Santa came early this year I guess.  John bought a 2 1/2 gallon hot water heater for under the sink in the feed room.  Granted it's not very big, but it big enough enough to soak the buckets of pellets I need to soak out there instead of in the kitchen.  I have it turned all the way up, so I can mix it with cold water & gives me twice as much warm water.  Now I have to remember to not use the hot water faucet unless I actually want hot water.  It never was a big deal before, so I just used whichever  handle my hands were closest to. Don't want to waste it, now that I have it.............!!! 

This is one of the latest pictures Claire sent of the boys.  She said they had been playing "bite me", so she went to get the camera & of course they quit.  She said they were actually running today.  

It rained most of the day today, & more of the same is forecast for tomorrow.  Should add another dimension to moving Thelma & her new companion Eeyore to their new home.  We need the rain, so we shouldn't complain I guess, but you'd think with 365 days in a year, we could pick a clear one to haul donkeys...........!!! Oh! well, don't think either one of us will melt. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

DRIFTER'S HOME.........!!!

This is Drifter with his new family going for a walk.  I missed taking a video of Rowen & Drifter walking along by themselves, it really was cute.  

The horse on the right will be Drifter's new buddy.  Tuffy got so excited, he really wanted to see Drifter up close & personal, & they rubbed noses thru the panels.  Tuffy has had goats as buddies in the past, & Drifter seemed more than willing to be friends, so they should get along just fine.  

The black horse REALLY wanted to see Drifter, but the closed panel between them stopped that.  He's huge, half Friesian & acted like he'd like a little buddy of his own. 

People that have horses at the stables, were already coming by to visit with Drifter before we left, so I think he's going to have lots of attention.  

Eventually he & Tuffy will be moved over to 1 1/2 acres closer to the house, when the people get a chance to put up a fence & a run-in shed.  But for right now the boys are in the barn. I doubt that Drifter has ever been in a barn before, especially such a nice one, but he took it all in stride.

Thanks, Ivan for the lovely wreath

Isn't this a pretty Southwest Christmas wreath?  I thought I better take a picture of it, while it still looks like this.  The cats have discovered it & they are busy working on the right side, when they think they can get away with it.  I figured it won't take them long to denude all the creosote leaves off it.  Wait till they hit one of the chile peppers...........!!!! (G)

Friday, December 09, 2011



We're checking out Thelma's possible new home today.  She will have acreage to run on & a new friend named Eeyore.   We'll probably move them next week.  Eeyore right now is living in Tombstone, & the family just moved out to their new place a few miles from there.  They tried to move Eeyore in a horse trailer & found out something about donkeys, most of them don't like horse trailers.  So when we take Thelma to them, we'll stop in Tombstone & pick up Eeyore.  They say hauling equine together in a trailer is a good way to introduce them to each other, so we'll see if it works or not.  Usually introducing a gelding to a jenny is no problem.  The gelding follows her around like a puppy dog & she ignores him.............!!!!  (G)

Tomorrow we're going to do a home study for little Drifter.  Crystal called me last week about a companion for her 1st horse who is now retired.  They operate a boarding/training stable, River Valley Ranch Tucson & we'll give it a try.  Drifter doesn't hang with the donkeys, but as soon as we go out of the house, he is right with us, "helping" whatever we are doing.  They came out yesterday & thought he was a cutie.  Drifter & her horse will have a 1 1/2 acre mesquite area for themselves by the house, although Crystal said a lot of their boarders are older ladies with older horses.  She said they will absolutely fall in love with the little guy, so he should have lots of attention, not to mention Crystal & Taylor have a 2 year old boy.  

Drifter technically belongs to the state as a stray, even though the livestock inspector has forgotten my number until she needs it again.......!!!!  So they will not be adopting him, they will be fostering him for the foreseeable future, unless for some reason it doesn't work out for him. 

Thursday, December 08, 2011


It was cold for the trip so we blanketed them & put fly masks on them, so the wind wouldn't blow in their eyes.  Checked them along the way to make sure they weren't too warm, & they weren't. 

Got there, & they were both ready to get out as soon as possible.  I might add they both hopped in the trailer like they were going on a fun adventure in the morning, which was a surprise.  Always before Quilla has been, well to put it politely "reluctant" to go in a trailer.  I also don't remember Gus, hopping in like a bunny either, but they both did real good.   Guess by the time they got there the adventure had worn off.  That's OK, Claire, David & Shirley were all waiting to greet them.

You can see how excited they were to visit with new people.  The first thing they found was a patch of bermuda grass, & proceeded to eat as much as they could find.  There might be enough to get them busy for a couple of days, after that they'll have to rely on hay.  But in the meantime they are really enjoying the green grass. 

Claire e-mailed this picture to me last night.  Looks like she finally managed to get her hands on Gus......!!!  He loves to be hugged, so I'm sure he was enjoying it.  I see Quilla in the background, guess he found a few more sprigs of grass.  He actually likes to have his face hugged too, as Claire will find out.    

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


19 degrees this morning..........!!!!  And not suppose to get much warmer today, relatively speaking.  If you are a desert rat, the 50's doesn't sound much better as a high.  

We're getting ready to go out & feed.  Just as soon as we get that done, we'll load Gus & Quilla for the trip to Phoenix.  Courtney came out yesterday & trimmed both of them, so they are as ready as they'll ever be.  Gus will wear his boots, & they both will wear blankets at least for the first part of the trip. 

Lisa will stay until the others get thru eating & then let them out for the day.  Since we probably won't get back until late, Vic will come over & feed tonight.  It sure is nice to have people to rely on, when we need them.  I'm sure the "fur" kids appreciate not having their routine disrupted.  There's no way we can go to Phoenix & not get home late.  

At least Gus & Quilla are going to warmer place, although I talked to Claire last night & she said it was suppose to be in the 30's there last night.  Sounds better than 19 to me.........!!!!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Well after a wake up this morning to 26 degrees, we saw rain, snow, & sleet today when we went to town.  Not a lot of any of it, but there wasn't much warm up today.  The next couple of days are suppose to be even colder,

Wednesday when we take Quilla & Gus up to the Phoenix area at least it will be warmer for them once we get there.  But I think I'll blanket them both for the trip, since the stock trailer is pretty open.  

When it's cold like this we worry about the old guys, especially Pepper.  John was watching for him when the donkeys came in this morning.  John said he came in walking good (for him), not shivering & his ears up & perky.  I had a micro-fiber blanket ready to put on him if he needed a little help before the sun got up.  He had his hair all fluffed up & it was a little damp,  we didn't want flatten his hair down, so no blanket.  

Everybody else seem to take the cold weather in stride too, although they don't like it.  They know where the sun shows up in the morning & that's where they congregate.

Sunday, December 04, 2011


You might notice the barrel on the left side & if you look real close you will see see flame.  This was John's answer to the cold weather this morning.  It felt so good I wish he had done it yesterday, when all the volunteers were here trying to keep warm.  It was so cold this morning when we went out, I came right back in called volunteers & told them there probably wouldn't be a lot of people coming today as cold as it was, that John & I could handle it.  No sense in anyone else trying to stay warm.

Actually by afternoon the sun came out & it wasn't bad at all.  Had a few people show up & the donkeys appreciated getting treats.  They vocally let people know, what they wanted, as soon as the people got out of their cars.

Mike called this morning & was going to bring Zeke up to visit with the people.  I called him & told him as cold as it was there probably wouldn't be many people.  But............ I am going to keep them in mind for next year.  I know the people would be excited to see an "old" prospector & his donkey walking around.  Most of the people that come out, have never been around donkeys at all, so that would be a lot of fun.

Tonight at feeding time, Tucker got himself in trouble.  I was bringing their mush in the gate, & when I turned around to latch it, I felt something on my back.  Turned to look & Tucker had reared up & put his feet on my shoulder.  No, no..........this isn't allowed, if Mocha wants to put up with that nonsense, that's her problem.

I was not amused..........!!!  I grabbed his front leg, as hard as I could,  turned my back, & ignored him the whole time I was in the pen dumping the mush.  

According to the "experts", this is suppose to hurt their feelings & break them of what could become dangerous behavior.  He bounced off me & started pestering Mocha, so I don't think it bothered him very much...............!!!  He'll be 3 months old Tuesday & is growing like a weed.  He's already taller than the minis, & seems to be doing very well, I hope he outgrows whatever made him choke on hay.  The vet didn't tell us how long we will feed him mush before we "try" hay & dry pellets, so I guess we'll just play it by ear & see how it goes.  We've got a system that works for feeding Mocha her hay, but it would be nice if he could run loose on the property.  He runs around & around their pen, but he'd have a lot more fun in a larger area. 

Saturday, December 03, 2011


The weather could have been worse, it was icky this morning, by afternoon the sun came out & it was decent  although not too warm.  By late afternoon it was starting to get windy, & the clouds started rolling in.  Tomorrow is suppose to be colder than today, so I guess only the hardy will be out roaming around.  

We didn't have near as many people as we usually have, but everyone seemed to have a good time.  Even had a classmate of John's  from Crown Point, Indiana class of 1958, show up with his wife.  We knew he lived in Sierra Vista, but had never met him.  Had plenty of volunteers, most of them friends that I never get to see as much as I'd like.  Of course we were all "working", so there wasn't much chance to visit. 

The donkeys of course picked up on what was happening, as soon as the first couple of cars drove in, & started yelling & working the people for pellets.  To see them operate you would think we didn't feed them this morning.  They have looking pitiful down to a science.......!!!!! 

We had signs up telling people not to feed Tucker because he's only suppose to have mush or milk.  Kathy one of the volunteers took on the task of staying in his area to make sure no one fed him.  We also had to watch & make sure no one dropped pellets in the pen, when they were feeding Mocha.   

When Mike & Zeke did the Walkathon from Ft. Huachuca to Tombstone, we met a woman that was feeding her donkey & was nice enough to bring BlackJack some hay too.  She said they were building a house on an acreage & wanted a companion for their donkey.  She came out today, saw Thelma & fell in love as they say.  Called her husband to discuss the fact that Thelma might be pregnant, & he basically said, "the more the merrier". 

I thought the woman that was interested in Drifter might come to the Open House, she was here last year.  I called her & let her know his teeth & feet were done, but she hasn't called me back.  There were a couple of people that were interested in him, so if she changed her mind I don't think it will be hard to find him a good home. 

John's building a fire, even as I type...................!!!!!  UGH!  He said it's 46 degrees outside.  Wonder what it will be by morning?  This is NOT preferred Arizona weather, from my point of view.  Anything below 60 is NOT acceptable......!!!

Friday, December 02, 2011

(Tom says when he's working alone it's safer than a cart......!!! (G)
Thanks Tom for sharing Smokey's training
It is about 7am on Friday, cold & rainy.  At least the wind quit blowing, for now.  I would like to hope the weather is being nasty today & will be nice for the Open House tomorrow...........BUT...........according to the weatherman, probably not.  His batting average for being right, isn't that good, so maybe he'll be wrong this time too.  

We have to take Rusty the mule into the vet this morning.  He had his teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago & hasn't really been up to par since.  Don't know if one has anything to do with the other, but we'll take him in for a mouth check & blood test to see if he might have gotten an infection or something.  Eating is one of his favorite things, & if he doesn't "hoover" his food it's very unusual.  

Then we'll come home & start getting ready for tomorrow......!!!  Keep your fingers crossed for a nice week-end.