Sunday, March 30, 2014


Mike and Zeke have done walk-a-thons the last few years to raise awareness and money for donkeys in rescue.  

Now Zeke is in need of a little rescuing of his own.  Years ago he lost the sight in his right eye.  Recently it has started to bother him and the recommendation is to remove the eye and sew the eye socket shut.  It's rather common surgery, horses have a propensity for getting in medical trouble rather easily.  The surgery isn't cheap, $1200-$1500, which is a lot of money to come up with when you weren't expecting it.  

Mike and Teresa aren't rich and want what is best for Zeke.  Mike and Zeke have raised money for many worthwhile causes, so maybe it's time for them to receive.  If you have a little extra money that would go for a wonderful cause, you couldn't find a better recipient than Zeke.  There is a link to "Fundrazr" under New Stuff on the right side.  If you can help that's great, if not please keep Zeke in your thoughts.

LOOKIN' GOOD...........!!!!

This is how Boaz's knee looks this morning, it is dry, no redness and looks like it's getting smaller.  Dr. Nancy said to use Animax for the first couple of bandage changes and if it looked good, go back to the One Source.  So this morning that's what I did.  Anxious to see how it looks in a couple of days.

This is a very tall yucca in the pen area.  Lately it has become a "snack" for someone, we haven't figured out who.  I would blame Rosie, since she is a proven "alternative" snacker, but since we haven't seen her, probably shouldn't do that.........!!!  Looks like they have chewed up about as far as they can reach, whoever it is.  Unless it's one of the mules, which I seriously doubt.......LOL

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Well maybe warp speed is a little over the top, but the old boy is still giving it his all.  In fact I took this video of him after I took the one of Gigi yesterday.  He was trying to catch up with Gigi, so he could show her what a "stud" he is..........!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Tyler is still out of town, so we can't get  her shoe reset, but even on feet that are longer than they should be, she's walking pretty good.  It will probably take a year or more of having an elongated shoe on that right front foot, but hopefully after time she will be able to walk on that foot without the shoe.  It worked with Falena aka Momma, but her's was a rear and wasn't anywhere near as bad as Gigi's.  We'll just have to see how it goes.   She seems more comfortable on her rear feet, when she first came here, she kept them underneath her in the founder position, to take weight off her front feet, which is really a good thing.

I took a good look at Rosie this morning and she is actually looking less huge.  She is carrying a lot of weight in her belly area.  This morning it looks like that is tightening up a little bit, more round and less bulky.  She isn't really a food whore and seems satisfied with the amount she gets, which makes this whole diet thing a lot easier.  John is giving her 5 pounds of hay a day, which is what most of the standards get.  Don't see any reason to drop her down below that, as long as we are headed in the right direction. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014



Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, when I changed the vet's bandage this morning.  I was so stunned to see how good it looked, I forgot to take a picture.......!!!  I'm hoping that this time we'll "git er done" and we'll only have to worry about keeping the scar tissue from getting banged up in the future.  

Found out today the Hornets have been put on the racing program for the 5th of April.  They took the A-modifieds off the program for some reason.  Anytime they need a filler, they think of us.....we're the only class that pays more to get in the back gate than the purse for our class.  That's OK, most of us would race just for the fun of it and they know it.  LOL

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BOAZ'S VET VISIT........!!


We hauled Boaz into Dr. Nancy's yesterday morning for his knee to get looked at.  She remembers what it looked like a couple of years ago and said she was really amazed at how well it is doing.  

 January 2012

 1st Debridement Jan12

March 10, 2014

It even looked a little better yesterday, less bumpy, but she said it was proud flesh and needed to go.  I was afraid that would be the outcome.  She didn't even have to numb it, just used a scalpel and made sure to stay on the proud flesh, which has no nerves in it.  Just a bountiful blood supply.  

We discussed different ways of keeping it covered if and when it does heal.  It will always have to be covered with something, to protect the scar tissue, which of course has no elasticity and will always be thin.  Since it's on the outside of his knee anytime he lays down it will get mauled.  She recommended mole skin which of course is nice and soft.  But he is so active, (that means he enjoys entertaining the "ladies") that anything we put on him is probably not going to stay unless we figure out a way to keep it from getting rolled up during dismount.........LOL  Maybe something with velcro....???  

First I got to get it completely healed, then I'll worry about permanent coverage.  

Last night after feeding I went thru my used fly masks and hung them in all the pens.  Some of them are pretty torn up, but I'm keeping the good ones for later, when the fly season really gets going.  

John's getting pretty good at getting Gigi's mask off and on, although he does have to put her in the redneck squeeze to put it on.  He can usually get it off without the squeeze.  Haven't tried putting a mask on Rosie yet...........not looking forward to the experience..........!!!!  LOL

Sunday, March 23, 2014


John took this picture of the pretty little pristine car when we got to the track yesterday afternoon.

 I won the main event, BUT the car isn't quite as pretty as it was.....!! LOL  Somebody tried to tear my door off.   We don't race for another month, so John will have time to plan his attack.  He's got a lot of "straightening" to do, unfortunately.   He actually likes to do that sort of stuff.  When we were dating I had the front of my 1950 Chevy pretty well mangled by a 1963 Ford Galaxie.  So John went to the junk yard, got the parts and put it back together, so I wouldn't be without wheels.  My kind of guy...........LOL

See why I need to have a black bumper.....!!!! LOL  A white bumper gathers too much paint from the other cars, if I happen to "accidentally"  bump them. 

After I won and drove under the flag stand to get my trophy, John ran all the way over from the pit bleachers, way on the other side of the track, which is a 3/8's mile track.  It's a wonder he didn't have a heart attack. 

I'll finish this later, our poo picker-upper didn't come today, so John is picking up.  Unfortunately on race nights they are in the pens about 12 hours, which means there is a lot of poo.  He just came in and said he did Boaz and the mule's pen and had to dump the bucket.  We usually get 2 buckets.  Since there are 17 pens, this might be a record.  So I better go help.

It's later and I'm back, and we managed to only have 4 buckets, don't know if that is a record or not.  It's been awhile since I picked up poo and my back said, it wasn't interested in continuing this past time.  I've noticed as I "mature" my body does not appreciate having to do something out of my daily routine.  Actually there's a lot of things it doesn't appreciate......!!! LOL

When we got home about 2am the donkeys were all more than ready to get out of their pens.  A lot of them let John know they had been in pens long enough and wanted OUT.  We've tried to explain to them about how some equine stay in stalls or small pens all the time, but I don't think they care, they just wanted OUT. 

Quilla and Ruger were play fighting this morning, first one would chase and bite neck, then the other one would take a turn.  They played for a long time, until John went out to do round up, that was more important, since they were fed early yesterday.  Quilla seems to be a very good "uncle" for Ruger and Wister, he puts up with their nonsense and seems to enjoy it.  Ruger doesn't always hang out with Ruthie and Wister, but he does spend a lot of time with them, which is why I think they would make a good trio, if I could find a forever home for them. 

Friday, March 21, 2014


We took this picture this afternoon before the one in the 21x was touched up.  John painted it the other day and I hadn't looked at it closely.  I noticed this afternoon that it needed more black on the one, so John said if I'd mark it he'd paint it.  Too bad I didn't notice it before we took the pictures....!!! 

Anyway tomorrow night is the first night of our regular season of racing.  I hope we have a good year and not too many crisis'.  

Last year we just had the BlackJack Racing on the trunk, but this year I had a decal made from a picture I have of BlackJack.  It made a cute decal, but John just about pulled his hair out trying to get it on the car.  The little "hairy" edges didn't want to cooperate.  

It's just about time to drag out the fly masks for all.  A couple are already wearing masks, as they are fly magnets.  We don't have a lot of flies yet, but as warm as it's been, it won't be long.  

I'm trying something different this year.  I've always hung out the nasty smelling fly traps bags as soon as the flies showed up.  Someone told me that since they attract flies, they actually draw flies into you area.  Makes sense, so I'm not going to hang any traps and see what happens.  I got my first order of fly predators from Spalding  last month and the 2nd batch today, so we'll just go with them, for awhile.  

Monday we will take Boaz into the vet to see what she thinks his knee needs to be cut on again.  Poor boy, he just takes it all in stride, he's very easy to work with.  

Well John's shelter experiment isn't going too well.  He found out you can put enough pressure on PVC pipe if you bend it in an arch to break it.  He marching ahead with plan B as soon as he can get to Tucson and get some more PVC.  Not sure where this is going to end up but hopefully the animals will get a shelter eventually.........!!!  LOL
ALL READY TO GO........!!! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

HAPPY OR SAD..........?????

We had a man up in the Showlow area call and was interested in a donkey or two.  After talking to him for awhile, he was interested in the little herd of three, Ruthie and her two boys Wister and Ruger.  It sounded like it might be a good fit, although the 300 mile distance made doing a home study and delivery problematic, at least for us.  Kathy at Longhopes Donkey Shelter said to have him send pictures of the barn, fencing, hay, feeding area, watering area, pictures of his other equine and their feet.  Leave it to Kathy to come up with a good idea.  She said that's what they ask for at Longhopes when it's a long way away.

He was also looking at a couple of young ones and this morning e-mailed to say they are going with the young ones.  They won't even get them until May, so I assume they are really young.  I'm sure that will work out good for him and I really wasn't looking forward to putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together, so it's a win, win situation.  And we will keep looking for a 3 donkey home for them.  

Steven is here today to help John put up a shelter in Wister and Ruger's pen.  We already have two shelters built like the one they are building.  John came in awhile ago to have me look at the first "bow" of PVC to see if it was OK.  Nooooooo............!  It was about a foot taller than the other two shelters.  He said the PVC was the same length, but he forgot, that pen is only 12 feet wide.  The other shelters are about 14 foot wide, so it makes them shorter.  So they are out there trying to figure out how to make it shorter.  It will have to be cut off, but how much?  I told Steve he is suppose to be the voice of reason, but he said he's not getting involved in management he's just labor........!!! LOL  

The next big project will be to replace the chain length fence between the dog pen and 2 of the donkey pens.  The donkeys have used the fence as a butt scratcher, and it's about to fall down.  The problem there is it will have to be replaced in one day between morning feeding and evening feeding.  Should be interesting, I've noticed as we get older, it takes much longer to finish things.......!!!  

I think for all practical purposes, winter is over.  We have lizards, bugs and hummingbirds are coming thru, trees other than mesquite are leafing out.  It's suppose to be in the 80's today.  Of course yesterday morning was 32 degrees and John had a little ice on his bird bath, so who knows.  I know one thing we are very dry and it's probably going to be a very hot summer.......!!!  :-(

Sunday, March 16, 2014


John has been finding teeth caps in the boys feed trough this week.  So far 2 whole ones and a partial, I guess he swallowed the rest of that one.  I don' t know how many teeth they lose as yearlings, but it's kinda fun to find them, almost like Easter egg hunting.........!!! I have a pile of weird and unusual items, from pulled teeth to sialolith cysts, to a tumor causing ingrown eye lash.  I'll just add Wister's teeth to the pile......!!!  LOL

When we have tours come out to see the donkeys one of the most asked questions is, how do you get them back in the pens at feeding time?  Well, this is the view from my kitchen window most mornings.  Getting them in the pens isn't a problem, except they usually have definite ideas about who should go in first.  Almost all of them want to be first, well except for Daisy.  John calls her Blondie, she usually is one of the last ones in because she seems to forget from one feeding to the next where her pen is.  What's funny is, if you pop her on the butt, or yell at her, she immediately remembers where the pen is.......!!!   But then she pouts and usually won't even take her treat.  LOL

Saturday, March 15, 2014


 John said I should wait to take pictures, till he gets the numbers on it, but I thought it looked pretty good already. 

We're not sure about the headlight covers.  Or the bumper.  Last year there were no covers on the headlight openings, it was just open.  Our son Rod, put nice little covers on to give it a finished look, at least until they get mangled.  I think John is going to paint them black. 

The bumpers were black last year, I think John's theory is, the white will show any paint off the other cars.  Not sure I want that information known on the front bumper...........LOL  Now if he wants to leave the back bumper white, I'd be able to know who had pushed on me.  With the front bumper I would be the "pushee", I'd rather not have any evidence of that.........!!!  LOL

It was really windy this afternoon, so John had to put it in the garage to paint, usually he just paints it in the carport.  I think about all he has left to do is put the numbers on the doors, and it will be ready to go next week-end, the 22nd.  I'm ready, my original goal for the year was to win a main event and finish better than 5th for end of the year, which is where I finished last year.  I won 2 main events in the Winter Extreme in January, so that's done, although they didn't give trophies.  So hopefully I'll finish good for the year, won't find out until next November. 

We had a nice couple from the Vail area out to see the donkeys this afternoon, even though it was windy.  Lately people have been coming later in the day, so we go ahead and let the donkeys out of their pens. 

Some of the donkeys stay with us as we walk around, Justin usually stays right with us.  He wants to make sure if any treats are offered,  he's available.  

Penny let both of them pet her, she is getting better about being touched, as long as you stay away from her head.  I think she's actually better with strangers than she is with me touching her.  When she first came I put a halter on her and I don't think she's forgot it.................!!! 

Rosie and Gigi haven't given up being stand offish though.  They will let you get about 15 feet away and that's it. 

Friday, March 14, 2014


Simmons and Honcho went to their forever home in July 2012, and I'd been wondering how they were doing.  Usually adopters keep in touch for a few e-mails or phone calls and then it would be up to me to keep in touch.  I don't want to be a "helicopter" type of former "mom", so I'm always very happy to get an update.  

Cindy's last 2 sentences says it all, "I hope things are going well at the rescue, and thanks again for the honor of being these two long ears Mom.  We love them to pieces"........!!!  What more could you ask for, even though Honcho steals stuff and unless they find it in the water trough, they usually don't find it.  Simmons has turned into a cuddle bunny and although they are bonded, he really loves being with people.  She said they have so many good laughs with their antics, especially Honcho.  

Thanks goodness, Honcho was a pretty hard sell, he actually came thru here 4 times, two of them for cause.  'Cause Honcho couldn't behave himself...........  I'm glad he found someone that appreciates his uniqueness and intelligence.  

Cisco was limping last night and still limping this morning.  I didn't give him any bute last night.  I couldn't find anything wrong, so it could have been an abscess.  You don't give bute for an abscess until it opens, because it would slow the process.  But this morning he had a little puffiness in his fetlock, so he got bute and a cold pack.  Hope it gets better soon.  His legs are not good from being a roping donkey in a roping school, so he doesn't need this. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I had someone ask about the redneck squeeze, she has a vet coming out for a visit and has a little guy that probably won't be impressed with the experience.  I took a couple of pictures last night that hopefully will show how to make one.  

Out here in the southwest we use corral panels.  I know in the rest of the country most people use more real fencing for their pens, but as long as you have a corral panel and a corner, you can make a squeeze.  

This is a corral panel attached to an upright post.

This is the "floating" panel closed up.  When it's closed with a donkey in it, one person can hold it, or it can be tied with a lead or hay string or whatever you have. 

 John used chain on this one

 He used hose (muffler) clamps on this one

This is the squeeze in Rosie's pen, closed up until needed

 This is John and Julianne with Rosarita and a squeeze built with only 1 panel.  Rosarita was taken out of the wild a few weeks before this.  Having "fence" on one side makes it a little more difficult to work with them, but it can be done.  You just have to get them to turn around, so you can work both sides equally. 

This was the first time Julianne had touched Rosarita.  As you can see by her body language she is scared and pushing, but I have never had one freak out or panic or anything like that.  They usually settle down very quickly and don't mind going in it again.  It's almost like the decision is taken out of their "hands", so there's nothing they can do to escape it.  

We don't "run" them in it.  We just get behind them and follow along until they go in.  A good reason to have it in a small pen.........!!!!  Sometimes they will try to back out before you can get it closed up enough, so they can't back out.  You have to learn to move faster......!!!! LOL

Any questions I'll try to answer them. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GROOMING DAY.......!!!

Actually this is a good week for the donkeys.  Christa and 2 of her friends came out this morning and groomed whoever wanted to be groomed.  They were all in their pens, so it was rather easy to make sure everyone got a chance to get groomed, if they wanted to be.  I didn't even have them try with Gigi and Rosie, they are still enough of an unknown that I don't trust them with other people.  

I couldn't get over how nice Rusty the white mule looked.  He really enjoys being groomed and he is about the only one that has started to shed, so it really made a difference with him.  He even got his ears cleaned which, I forgot to tell them what a pain he can be about his ears.  He had big globs of dirty ear wax hanging out of his ears, and they are all gone.  

Thursday a Mom and her son are coming out to groom.  Most of the donkeys really enjoy grooming and I wish we had more time to groom them, but we don't.  So I hope they enjoy it while they can.  

This is a good reason to not be reading a list in your hand, while walking in a parking lot filled with vehicles.  I was in WalMart parking lot a couple of days ago, organizing my list as I walked towards the door.   I didn't realize there was a pick-up parked with a piece of old raggedy plywood sticking up out of the bed.  I guess I'm lucky it wasn't a couple of inches higher, or it might have been really nasty.  As it is, I look like I was on the wrong end of a cat fight. LOL

Monday, March 10, 2014


Yesterday afternoon we had 2 couples show up for a tour.  It seems recently this has been happening more often.  We like to know when people are coming, that way we have some sort of control over where the donkeys are.  But if we aren't expecting anyone, the donkeys are usually out roaming around.  If they are on the 10 acres it isn't too difficult to find them, they usually find us since they know the pleasures of having visitors, even if treats aren't involved.  If they are in their pens we give the people cups of pellets to feed them.  But there would be too many opportunities for someone to get hurt if food was involved when they are out,  up close and personal.  They do enjoy all the petting and attention though.  Yesterday John had to ring the bell, most of them were over in Burroland.  I think the people got to see most of them anyway.  Actually I think the people enjoy being "in amongst them", more than seeing them in pens, but if given the choice we prefer the donkeys be in their pens. 

Courtney made it out yesterday afternoon about chore time.  She said she was late because of doing too much talking along the way.  I didn't notice she was late, she usually gets here about chore time.....!!! LOL  

John and I have been working on Rosie lifting her feet.  When she and Gigi came in of course Gigi's feet were beyond horrible, Rosie's were just horrible.  Gigi was of course the priority and she has done very well with her elongated shoe arrangement Tyler put on her.  But it was time to see what we could do with Rosie.  I asked Courtney if she wanted to try.  It was up to her, as we always have Tyler in the "wings" for these adventuresome situations, bless his heart.  He can bring a couple of strong boys with him, Courtney is by herself except for 2 old people that should have better sense.  She said we'd try it, so we put Rosie in the redneck squeeze, got a halter on her, tied her up short, put a rope around a front foot, lifted and ....................... Courtney went to work........!!!!!

Courtney didn't use the power tools there was a limit to what we wanted to throw at Rosie.  But she actually did really well.  No big hissy fit, no drama queen thrashing around and no biting.  The biting was important, the other day we had quite a "discussion" about lunging with mouth open, headed for "MY" arm, when she didn't appreciate me trying to lift her foot with a rope.  I didn't appreciate it and it took 5 or 6 "discussions" to get her to understand it wasn't going to happen.  Thanks goodness she didn't try it on John, he'll stand there flat footed and wonder what happened.  Obviously he's never been bitten badly by an equine.....!!! LOL  If so, he'd be much more alert.  

She didn't mind her foot being lifted with a rope, but Courtney tried to just go in and lift her foot with her hand...........Nope.......not going to happen.  Put the rope around and that's just fine.......!!!  It is so much fun to watch their minds work.

I had not looked at the bottom of her feet, Courtney said the hoof wall had collapsed and it was across the bottom of her feet.  Quilla's feet were like that when he came in.  I guess collapsing like that doesn't cause long term problems, she is walking just fine this morning. 

I took this picture of Boaz's knee yesterday.  That little map of Vietnam in the middle is why we are taking him into the vet later this month for evaluation and probable debriding again.  It is healing, but seems to have reached a level and isn't moving any further.  I have really been impressed with the Source One products.  When we took Pepsi down to his new home, Judy gave me some of the balm and powder, to see if it would help on Boaz's chronic knee wound.  I'm beginning to think the middle is proud flesh, which has been a problem and the Source One is keeping it at bay, but hasn't been able to get rid of it.  So maybe with a little help from the vet we can get this healed. 

Sunday, March 09, 2014

REBA IS NOSY........

I guess Reba, the mule thinks there might be something going on in the back yard, she needs to know about.  She usually is with Rusty and they don't hang out around the house.   I was at the computer when I saw her, picked up the camera and as soon as she saw me, she took off, like she shouldn't be there, so all I got was this one picture.  

The nosiness of donkeys is why we put a wall around the back yard, with a strong gate.  They spent a lot of time, standing on the back porch and looking in the windows to see what we were doing.  When we were building the addition, BlackJack lived in the area once the walls were up.  There was always a breeze coming thru the window and door openings and it didn't take him very long to figure that out.  I think he was disappointed when John put the windows and doors in.  

We went to the first race of the season last night.  It was a World of Outlaws show and the hornets weren't invited to run, our first race is the 22nd of March.  But we heard about some changes this year that doesn't bode well for building up a car count.  By the end of last year none of the classes had an over abundance of cars.  So the word on the street is, this year, they are raising the price of getting into the pits and also will double the amount we pay to draw a number for our starting position in the heat race.  John and I ran a small track on Spangdalem AFB, in Germany in the late 70's.  Granted, trees have died since then, and being on the base there wasn't a profit motive built into the program.............BUT.  We always said you don't raise your prices unless the bleachers are full.  That goes for both the front gate and the back gate.  This track doesn't have fannies in the bleachers or cars in the pits and they are raising prices.....????  Most of us don't think they will survive the year.  I guess the owner wasn't willing to lease to the association that ran the Winter Extreme in January.  They did such a good job of putting on a program and were very generous with their payout, so the drivers were all excited and looking forward to them being in charge.  

I really hope it doesn't close down.  I'm too old to sit around waiting for it to reopen.......LOL

I did see some of the big boys in sprint car racing, like Steve Kinser and Sammy Swindell.  I don't care for Sprint cars anything with 800hp and weighing less than 1500 pounds goes so fast it's hard for my little brain to react to what I'm watching.  LOL  And to put it politely, they are prima donnas in the pits, none of the rules like 5mph apply to them.  They bring car haulers that are as long as any over the road truck, with complete garages in them.  "Park in one parking place".........not for them, talk about sprawl........!!!! They can take up 2 parking places and then manage to park their race car sticking out in the driveway thru the pits, so it's hard to drive around them.  I won't even mention the 10-15 people that are sprawling around in their pits with their -bq pits, tables etc.  During the Winter Extreme, we had to pit out in the parking lot, because the Late Models do the same thing and were sprawled all over the place.  But if they bring in enough money and fans to keep our track operating, I guess I'll put up with them.......!!! LOL

Friday, March 07, 2014


John is doing a jeep tour tonight, so he won't get home until bedtime.  He's done these tours for years and really enjoys telling people about the flora and fauna of the desert and some of the history of the area.  

He gets to dress up like a cowboy and wear a gun.  Lately he's been trying to wear spurs on his civil war Union cavalry  boots.  Somehow wearing spurs to drive a jeep load of tourists seems a little odd to me, but I guess it works, the people love the guys being dressed up.  Each guy dresses as he sees fit, the company doesn't tell them what to wear.  John started out as a modern cowboy, jeans, shirt, boots and cowboy hat.  As time moved on he evolved into a 1870's type cowboy.  One of the guys is Mexican and dresses like a vaquero.  They all have fun playing dress up I guess.  

So, I will be chief cook and bottle washer for feeding tonight.  The donkeys don't understand the difference between 2 people feeding and only 1 little person feeding and get rather impatient.  Once they are in the pens, it doesn't matter, I'M IN CHARGE.............WoooWooo.......!!!  LOL  

I'm still working on Boaz's knee every other day.  There is a very stubborn area in the middle that just refuses to heal, so later this month we're hauling him in for another scraping.  Hopefully this will be the last time.  He's such a good boy about it.  I do wish he'd quit "entertaining" the girls, at least he thinks he is I guess.  I change it every other morning and he manages to mess it all up by evening.  It usually is still covering the wound, but certainly isn't as pretty as it was when I put it on him.  

Heard this morning that Crystal Ward died in a house fire overnight.  She has made DVD's about training donkeys and was quite well known in the donkey world.  Haven't heard what happened or anything.  Mark Myers from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, said she has a will that gives all her donkeys to PVDR.  Not sure how many she had, do know Mark is just getting home with 50 he picked up from the BLM in Utah.  Guess he'll be headed to Placerville, CA pretty quick, unfortunately. 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


I guess that is a good idea when weather is involved, not much you can do about it anyway.  

Courtney was going to come out and do some trimming and add some epoxy to some feet that need a little help in the support department.  Anyway, yesterday was beautiful, nice and sunny and just about perfect temperature.  

So this morning it is pretty cool, dreary, the humidity must be really high and the moisture from our rain a few days ago, is oozing out of the ground.  Not good for trying to get epoxy to stick to the bottom of a foot.  So I e-mailed Courtney and told her it was her call.  

The problem is, Courtney stays so busy and we are not on her beaten path.  She tries to do us in conjunction with clients in the general vicinity, which means within 20 miles or so.  So now she is trying to move clients around for another day.  

We get spoiled with typical Arizona weather, I think Arizona advertises something like 340 days of sunshine a year.  So when planning something we usually don't even factor in the weather, we just assume it will be nice.  SIGH!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

IT'S RAINING...........!!!

COWBOY circa 1888
Guess I owe the weatherman an apology.  It started sprinkling around noon, started raining a couple hours later and at 7pm it's raining pretty good.  It's starting to puddle in the pens, which always makes it fun.  Unfortunately Ruger and Wister don't have a shelter and neither do Coquette and Penny.  Rosie doesn't either, but for tonight we put her in with her friend Gigi.  The way it's raining it may rain all night......!!!!  

This morning we put Rosie in a redneck squeeze, put a halter on her and tied her up.  Moved the squeeze and put a rope around one of her front feet.  As soon as she felt the rope, she lifted her foot.  WOW.......this is going much better than I expected.  Of course we didn't do anything invasive, but I figured she'd explode since she is so explosive.  Maybe Tyler can do her feet out here instead of having to haul her to the vet and put her on the ground.  I'll run it past him and see what he thinks.