Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I guess I should pay more attention to the passage of time.  I think this has been the longest I've gone without updating the blog.  The last week hasn't been all that busy, not sure what happened.

We've been in the 90's the last few days, the mesquite have leafed out like crazy and the weatherman says get use to it. Still not putting on fly masks although there are flies out, they just aren't bad enough to start with the masks...........yet........!!!  

It sure helps with Doug here to help with feeding and being here to let the donkeys out, when we come in late, like after the races.  This week-end when we got home at about 2am and I opened the door to get out of the truck, I heard this little tiny pathetic voice calling from the direction of Cheyenne's pen.  Sure enough she had gotten left in at 10pm when Doug let them out.  That isn't the 1st time someone has gotten left in, just the 1st time for Doug.......LOL  We have 4 pens that are actually a pen within a pen and it's pretty easy to forget, if you get distracted.  She was happy to get out and the other 3 minis were waiting by the pen for her, so they could go do donkey business.  

I've had to start keeping thuja Zinc Oxide on Cisco's sheath, even though he's getting benedryl every day.  That will be an all summer project, otherwise he gets itchy and scoots on the ground until it's bloody.  Of course that makes the flies happy............SIGH

It's about time to think about body clipping Quilla and Daisy, my 2 Cushings kids.  The last couple of nights have only been down in the 40's, so if we don't have any nights in the 30's for the next week, I'll probably get out the clippers and relieve them of that excess hair.  When Quilla came back from Claire's he had only been on pergolide a few days.  One thing I noticed was his hair was curly and sticking out all over the place.  We decided to up his pergolide as he was still on a minimum dose.  A few days after the change I noticed his hair was laying down, it's still long, but it didn't look quite so wild.  Must be the pergolide.

Tomorrow we are taking Cheyenne and I think Lynn to see the donkey dentist.  Cheyenne quids quite a bit.  She is fed a mush, John gives her a handful of hay for fun, but she chews it up and spits it out for the most part.  Recently both Daisy and Penny have quidded off and on.  Daisy is 30 years old, although she's always passed her check-ups and of course Penny has had a broken jaw.  But right now both of them aren't quidding, and John has found some quids in Lynn's bunk, so it will be her turn.  

Well the races Saturday night weren't too bad I guess, although my battery quit with 7 laps to go.  With the newer cars that have computers, the battery has to be working or the car won't run.  This is the 2nd time this has happened, last year at the dirt track it quit before I even got on the track........!!! John's tried new batteries, using the alternator, not using the alternator and even has added a switch, so we can disconnect the battery when the car is just sitting.  It will do just fine for awhile, which lulls us into thinking it's fixed...........then........SURPRISE...........!!!   Poor John, he felt so bad.  BUT, it might have been a blessing in disguise.  All the tires were brand new and you know how long it takes to wear out a new tire 30,000 miles or more......... It only took 18 laps on a 3/8's mile track to take all the tread off the outside of the right front tire, it was down to the metal cords.  It probably wouldn't have made 7 more laps without blowing out, which is a one way trip to the wall.  I'm really not interested in meeting the wall, if I don't have to........!!! 

We took the car into our son, Rod today.  He called tonight and said the spring on the right front is probably original and is very weak, which means the tire was rolling over on the side, especially in the corners.  John has changed struts many times, and after 3 years of pretty rough dirt track racing, probably should have thought the springs might need to be replaced too, but it's hard to keep track of all this stuff sometimes. Besides the stupid battery problem is very distracting.........

OBTW, we chickened out on the termite tenting project.  A friend had treated for termites and had studied the pros and cons of different methods.  She had even checked with the UofA and after all the rigmarole  of finding a place to keep 4 cats, and making sure all food stuffs were kept safe, and at least 3 days of major disruption, there is no guarantee that next week a swarm of dry wood termites wouldn't come in again.  Besides our house is not conventional, we don't have open spaces in the walls and an attic.  We have 2 foot thick adobe walls, and our ceiling is the roof, with a coating of painted foam covering it.  So there is no place that needs to be permeated by the gas they use.  We know of at least 3 different areas in the house, but they can be treated locally by a different method.  Need to call the company Susan recommended this week and get the little devils sent to termite heaven.....!!! LOL

Monday, March 23, 2015


Not that we have much of a winter anyway, but the last few days, just feels different.  Guess it's all that fresh spring air.....!!!  Still no budding of the mesquite trees, but just about everything else is leafing out or blooming. Just noticed today the orioles are back at the hummingbird feeder in the back yard.  

So far there are a few flies out, but not enough to put on fly masks.  I already ordered my "stash" of masks awhile back.  Renee at Colorful Equine stays pretty busy during fly season, so I usually order in the winter.  It's not like I'm not going to need them........LOL  A few days ago, John took Doug out for a walk on Burroland, he hadn't been over there yet.  They came back with 4 fly masks, which I thought was a pretty good haul.  A few years ago we use to hunt diligently for a missing mask.  With the passage of time, we have opted looking in the "normal" places they lose them, and for a larger storage area for "masks in waiting".  Just makes life a little less demanding.  


This is a picture of Doug rounding up donkeys.  He has gone to the same school of donkey round-up, John did and has started carrying animal crackers with him at all times.  He did take my advice on letting them out at bedtime.  This week-end we went to the asphalt track for practice in the afternoon and then went right over to the dirt track, so John could pit for a couple of the late models that were racing.  

Doug let them out at the regular time and before we left I asked him if he wanted to do it John's way or my way.  John goes in the feed room, lovingly cuts up carrots for one and all, and goes from pen to pen, sharing, and petting as he goes along, not to mention animal crackers to a lot of them, that have turned getting extras into a life style.    Takes 30-45 minutes.  I go out start at one end, opening gates as I keep moving at almost a run.  Needless to say I leave a herd of disappointed, confused animals in my path.  By the time I get to the last one, I've got quite a crowd following me.  You can almost read their minds, "what's happening, did you get a carrot?  I didn't get a carrot, she almost ran over me, I was standing by the gate as usual.  She didn't even slow down, where's John?"  Takes me less than 10 minutes and that includes feeding the dogs.  Doug opted for my way.  Last night was the 1st night John had let them out in 2 nights, needless to say they were thrilled to have the real crew chief back in charge.  LOL

My practice went pretty good, I'm getting a little more comfortable although I'm still not up to speed, getting close though.  We race next week-end, that will be the 1st point race, so we should have just about everyone that plans on racing a hornet out there.  Some estimates think we will have over 20 cars.........that should be interesting, because last year they usually had around 10-12.  That means there might be a lot of drivers like me, maybe driven before, just not in this venue.  Or rookie drivers, should be an "interesting" evening.....!!!


Friday, March 20, 2015


Looks like he needs a "little" more training........!!

Well, maybe pets is a little much.  For the last 3 years or so, we have had little tiny round pieces of something showing up over the spa, on John's nightstand and in the hall on his Dad's table.  We just figured it was some kind of wood borer.  Whenever it would show up, John would get the ladder and bug spray, spray the heck out of the area and it would be gone for months.  
One of the last rain storms we had, leaked from the skylight over the spa and when John went up to see where the leak was, he found a bunch of little wings..........Hmmmmm  Time to call Bug-wiser and sure enough we have TERMITES.....!!!!  The guy walked in and said we have a lot of wood, no kidding, John hates sheet rock.  They are dry wood termites, whatever that means and they are in at least 5 places in the ceiling/roof.  The little stuff we would see occasionally is termite poop.  He said when they get the tracks they make filled up with poo, they will make a little tiny hole to the outside and push the poo out as a house cleaning method.  So when John thought he was killing off wood borers, the termites actually were probably finished with dumping the poo.  I'm always learning new things, how 'bout you?   LOL  Some of it I could do without, this being one of them. 

I guess the only way to get rid of them is to tent the house.  We have a DVD and brochure of what the home owner has to do to get ready for this adventure.  Let me first say, I don't like my "nest" messed with, but this goes much farther than just messing.  The 4 cats will have to stay somewhere for almost 2 days and we will have to overnight someplace.  No problem, we'll probably just sleep in the van, although Doug said we and the 4 cats would stay in his RV and he'd stay in the van.  But Snooky and Sunny are spooky and will have to be contained.  We have a 4 x 5 wire cage for them to stay in the garage.  Moogee and Nigel can stay in the garage too, but they should be OK loose.

The next crisis is take care of the food stuffs.  You would think a refrigerator would be safe, not so.  We can either bag EVERYTHING in the frig and freezer in their special bags, OR, we can move the frig and freezer out on the courtyard and run an extension cord.  The beds have to be stripped, because the gas can be trapped between the sheets and the mattress. 

That's the major preparation, from my point of view.  We have 2 refrigerators and 1 upright freezer running in the house.  I guess over the next 2 or 3 weeks we will eat as much as possible and hopefully what is left will all fit in one refrigerator/freezer, which will get dragged out on the courtyard with an extension cord.  

The donkeys might have to stay in their pens while the bug guys are here.  I'm sure the big tent they use to cover the entire house, will be "fascinating" ...!!!  Anything that goes on around here, has to have their attention.  Doug is learning that anytime he turns on a light in his RV, he will get visitors.  He made the mistake of letting them know he had animal crackers in the RV......!!!  Penny is actually warming up to him enough to let him pet, without her pulling away.  This morning when they came out of the pens, Doug, Amy and I were on the feed room porch and I went in and got the bottle of Tums.  We ended up with about 8 or 9 on the porch and milling around the porch selling their souls for some Tums.  I wish I had the camera, might try it again in the morning if I remember to take the camera out. 

Quilla seems to be a lot perkier since I upped his pergolide for Cushings.  He was getting a minimum starting doseage of .25mg twice a day.  I asked Patti and she thought it should be OK to bring him up to 1mg a day, and he seems to more alert.  I even pulled a few loose hairs out of him yesterday.  I can't believe how hairy he got without me noticing, until I saw the picture Claire took the 1st morning he was at her place, that sent up "alert" signals. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015



Has everybody seen the new web-site?  Years ago Katie, set up my web-site and not too long after she did, she moved away because of her husband's job.   She still took care of the web-site, thank goodness, my brain is full and I can't learn anymore.......!!!!   LOL

Fast forward to the present and Kent came out to see the donkeys.  As he was leaving he said he built web-sites, and would like to volunteer his time, if I'd like.  Seemed like it might be a good time to freshen the sight, and give Katie a break, so I accepted his offer.  

It's quite different than the old site, which is fun, although it still has a lot of the old information.  I think it has turned out very nice.  And he even has instructions, on how I can make changes if I want.  Hmmmmm, not sure I'm ready to go there, although he says I can't mess it up.  Really.......?

So now after living in the desert all his life, he and his wife are moving to Minnesota soon.  I'm beginning to wonder if it's me......!!!   If you do web designing and want to move, get in touch with me, I can probably make it happen.   LOL

Let me know what you think of the new web-site....!!


Haven't heard anymore about Molly the little mini donkey that got torn up by the owner's dogs.  So don't know what will happen there.  The owner signed both her and the jack over to AREO a rescue in Phoenix and she was taken directly to a vet clinic.  Her wounds weren't septic, which was a big worry, but she isn't in condition to be traveling long distance.  They will evaluate her next week to see if she has healed enough to haul. 

The jack was suppose to be gelded yesterday morning and if everything goes as planned, it sounds like we might be getting him too.............!!!  SIGH!  They are bonded, have been together long enough for her to be pregnant, unless she is barren.  She is suppose to be 4 years old, so unless something is wrong with either reproductive system, I'm sure she is. 

This would be a good place for her to recuperate, lots of land to roam around on, lots of donkeys to interact with or ignore, her choice.  Our dogs are in a pen because they have teased the donkeys and the donkeys have teased them to the point that someone would get hurt if they could get to each other.  Besides Anubis the female is a runner, at least she was when she was younger.  She's 10 years old now, so maybe running wouldn't be as much fun as it use to be.  But she might not be quick enough to escape a determined donkey.  So Molly could see the dogs and actually the neighbor's dog spends most of his time over here roaming around.  He has learned to give the donkeys a wide berth, so he wouldn't be a problem.  It might take her a long time to gain her confidence back after being attacked like that. 

Heard from the foster home where Ruthie is staying as a companion for Marcy.  After a rather rocky start Diane said they are hanging together and seem to enjoy each others company........ except at feeding time or when treats are involved.  Diane needs to become head jenny, she's not an aggressive type of person and has been letting them get away with being pushy and snarky.  Obviously they haven't figured out who is in charge, and since Diane hasn't stepped up to the plate and said "I am", the pecking order is still up for grabs. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

HERE WE GO AGAIN.......!!!

 1897 Dyea Peak, gold fields

The merry-go-round continues.....just heard about a little mini donkey named Molly.  She was attacked by the 3 family dogs, and as usually happens with these situations, got torn up pretty bad.  She's been sewed back together, but the family works and can't take care of her.  She is up in Phoenix somewhere.  

I showed John the e-mail and as usual he said "yes.........what's one more".........!!!  It took a little while to figure out where we could put her.  But we can make a little pen inside Pepper's old pen, that's where Penny use to eat.  It only takes 2 corral panels, which is all the extras we have.  We either need to get more corral panels or learn to say NO......!!!  

We've put out the word to see if there is anyone that could haul her, we don't know where in Phoenix she is, it could be on the other side and miles away. A trip to Phoenix is an all day trip for us, so if someone could do at least part of the hauling it would really help. We'll see how it goes, actually Wed. is the only open day this week, so hopefully we can get it figured out soon. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

INTERESTING WEEK.........(aren't they all)......!!!

Doug is finally getting settled in, the sewer is the last to be installed and hooked up and they should get that done today.  Well except for internet, I have DSL with our land phone.  He doesn't need a land phone he like most people in the 21st century has a "carry round".  He's been told by the company that he gets his phone from, that we're in a dead zone, no signal.  They have extenders and different ways of boosting the signal I guess, so I have the local computer geek coming out Monday to see if he has any brilliant ideas.  

I was afraid Doug would get bored out here, but he says he doesn't think it will ever get boring. I think he's saying it's somewhat like a 3 ring circus...........LOL

Got Gus and Quilla home and they just fell right back into the routine, Gus lays down in his favorite dusting place in the afternoon and by the time John goes out to do round up, he's standing in his pen, wanting to know where supper is.  Quilla is Quilla, nothing fazes him.  I guess Vaska, one of Claire's horses was pretty upset, cried all night and laid down by the gate they went out when they left.  Haven't heard if he has settled down yet.  

Doug is really a lot of help, I have to hurry making up my feed pans, between him and John rounding up donkeys, it now takes less time and they end up having to wait for me.  Didn't take him long to figure out the routine, and who goes in what pen.

Janice is out this morning grooming donkeys.  She comes about once a month and usually gives everyone a "lick and a promise" at least.  Today she's probably going to have to spend more time on Rusty the mule.  He is really shedding a lot. If you touch him there is an explosion of white hair everywhere......!!! The white or light colored ones seem to start shedding first.  Well except for BlackJack, he doesn't shed much at all, must be that Poitou blood.   The donkeys, well most of them really appreciate getting groomed, although Gigi, Rosie and Penny can be stand offish.  I think she can usually groom on Penny a little bit.  Gigi is really evasive, unless you are outside the pen, with a cookie, then she's usually pretty friendly.  

Yesterday I noticed 2 of the cats were in the spa room, "observing" something right outside the window.  I also was hearing a squeaking sound about every 3 or 4 seconds, but couldn't really tell where it was coming from.  In my infinite wisdom and a lifetime of living with cats, my assumption was the squeaking sound was coming from where they were looking.  

This is a rock squirrel.  Yesterday afternoon,  he was just sitting there squeaking at the cats inside the window.  He wasn't in any hurry to leave, I went over to see what was there, went ALL the way to the other end of the house to get the camera, came back and he was still sitting and squeaking.  He finally saw me after I took the picture, and ran up a 4 inch pipe just to his left behind the wood.  Unfortunately for him, the other end of the pipe is buried in the ground......in other words no escape.  I went out the door to see if I could help, and the pipe was doing a little dance.  By the time I got back in the door, he had figured out how to back out and left at "warp" speed, I didn't even see which way he went. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This is Miss Grumpy Penny

Penny is probably not going to like any of us for awhile.  Between the worming a couple of days ago and Tyler coming this morning to do "pedicures" she is in a real snit.  Her rear feet grow long in the front.  Tyler told me the name of it, the back of the coffin bone is actually lower than the front, he said it's probably genetic, as if the poor girl doesn't have enough problems, with her broken jaw and hunchback.  Tyler said she should be trimmed on a regular schedule, which won't be a problem because Gigi has to be trimmed regularly too.  And since both of them seem determined to keep their independence, especially Penny, I'll have Tyler come out for them.  He always has a helper with him, Courtney is by herself, so she doesn't need the adventure.

He didn't have to reset Gigi's shoe, just had to trim more off on the outside of her front hooves than the inside.  He says she has some nice looking growth coming out, much fuller and "normal" looking.  So hopefully with the passage of time, her feet will get better.  I'm afraid her shoulder will always be "wonky" from walking crippled all those years, but if we can get her feet straight without shoes, that will be one less thing for her to have to put up with. 

She wasn't too bad at all, and little jumpy, but not bad.  Penny on the other hand was a little kicking machine.  She's fast and she fairly accurate, but this isn't Tyler's first "rodeo" and he managed to keep 1/2 step ahead of her, except for one REALLY close call.  

When he was done, we all left the area, so John could take the halter off and let her out with the others.  He tried really hard to get her to take a cookie from him, but she wasn't having any of it, if looks could kill he would have been a goner..........!!!!   LOL 

Finally got the final 3 wormed yesterday morning.  I had 2 leftover biscuits in the freezer and thought that would be really good for the 2 mules.  I lovingly prepared a molasses and biscuit sandwich, with wormer.  Tula had to settle for 1/2 a hot dog bun.  Took it out, Reba and Tula grabbed it and looked for more.  Rusty let us know that he wasn't going to be taken for a fool, as soon as it hit his mouth, he dropped it an accompanying dirty look.  So it was halter and lead time, I told Doug to snub him up, which he seemed to think might not be necessary.  Hmmmmmm Rusty was his usual obnoxious self to try to stick something in his mouth, but John and I got it done.  Doug took his halter off, and Rusty took off with a kick in the air, as he hid behind Reba with a wounded expression on his face.  They can get some of the saddest looks on their faces, considering they don't really have the muscle system for a lot of expression.  He kicked up his heels a couple more times, before he allowed himself to be "caught", petted and loved on.  Brat....!!

Going up to the Phoenix area to pick up Gus and Quilla tomorrow.

As I always say............WE ARE NEVER BORED.........!!!!   LOL

Sunday, March 08, 2015


Yesterday a friend that likes donkeys and was looking for a place to park his RV, pulled in the middle of our circle driveway and is setting up housekeeping.  Well he's trying to, there was no electricity or water there.  Today Doug and John are running electricity.  So far I haven't heard a big bang, so hopefully things are going well.  Last night we went out to dinner with some friends and when we came home, he was using an oil lamp for light.  Hopefully tonight will be "brighter".....!!!

He's learning the feeding drill and today he got to help with worming.  Amy was here cleaning pens, so she got to help too.  Not only that, we had a real nice couple from Alaska visiting for the 2nd time in the last week or so, they got to watch the circus.  You can't say we don't entertain people.....!!!  Amy got more entertainment than she wanted, one of the minis took affront at this mistreatment and tried to rear.  Amy had a hold around the neck, so the rebellion didn't last long, but he tried, maybe it was Justin, not sure.  He's usually a pill, but Cheyenne can be too. 

Doug had to help with Penny.  We have to put her in the redneck squeeze to do almost anything with her.  Even then she can be a handful, throwing her head, which of course is where the wormer is suppose to go.  Doug got a good hold over the top of the corral panel and I got it down her.  If they are really fighting, you don't want your arm thru the panel, or it might get broke.  

Still have 3 to worm, Tula, and the mules Reba and Rusty.  Tula is a given, she isn't going to allow you to stick anything in her mouth, although I must say she actually let Willis the man feed her some animal crackers today.  She's been getting closer and closer to visitors, trying to build up her courage to take something from them and over the years has taken treats from 4 or 5 people.  But it was always on her terms, long neck, stretched to the maximum, grab it and back up quick.  Today there was a certain amount of that, but she took it and came back for more.  

Rusty is an absolute pill about worming, you'd think it was hot acid, Reba not so much, but she isn't really thrilled either, soooooooo,  tomorrow they will all get a bread sandwich, probably with a molasses "filling", hopefully they will eat it without wading thru the filling to see what is in it.....!!

This Wednesday we will head up to Waddell to pick up Gus and Quilla.  Claire got in touch and said the grass is growing fast and green.  Gus just can't be on grass, he's got lousy feet from chronic founder, and it's a real balancing act to keep his feet comfortable.  Fresh grass would send him right over the edge.   Patti's going with us, Doug and Amy will take care of the donkeys, so life is good....!!!  

Except for the fact that we haven't seen Hobo, one of the outdoor cats for 3 days.  It took us 3 years to live trap her for a trip to the vet to be spayed.  For those 3 years she was having 3 litters of kittens a year and the coyotes were getting them.  While we were trying to catch her we did catch 3 tomcats, which went to the vet for "corrective" surgery.  Don't know if they belonged to anyone or not, but if they did, they were walking different when they went home.

The other outdoor cat is Julius from her last litter, we also have Snooky from that litter indoors.  There were 2 females, we had spayed and found homes for.  We also have Sunny in the house, the only survivor from her next to last litter.

We can't imagine what happened to her, she spent most of her time in the back yard, where we feed them on the back porch.  John would occasionally see her going over to the neighbor's, but she had done that for years.  Not sure how old she is, maybe 9 or 10, just guessing which isn't that old for a cat.  We very rarely see coyotes on the property anymore, too many donkey feet stomping around and donkeys really don't like coyotes and aren't afraid to show it. 

Wednesday, March 04, 2015



Claire has been getting some rain and her pasture is perking up nicely.  So we'll probably go up next week and pick up the boys.  I asked her if she wanted to keep Quilla, since Vashka really likes him, and Quilla isn't herd bound to donkeys.  He was a horse companion for 9 years, so is very comfortable with horses.  We'll see how it goes.  

We also have a woman interested in Ruthie and the boys.  She has 27 acres of horse property up by Flagstaff and has horses and sheep.  Of course Ruthie has gone into a foster home, and it's actually starting to work out.  So I'm going to have to make a decision about what is best for Ruthie, to leave her in a foster home, that might or might not work out long term.  Or put her into a forever home that would like to adopt 3 donkeys.  I'm leaning towards the forever home, but so far no decision.  The woman is planning on coming down for a visit later this month, so we'll stay flexible and see how it goes.  

We also have a friend that will probably be moving out here in his RV for awhile.  He will be good help with the donkeys and maybe we'll have a chance to go someplace other than in between morning and afternoon feeding times.  If we do deliver the donkeys up to Flagstaff, if he was here to feed morning and evening it wouldn't be quite as hectic a trip.

When I went out this morning to ask John if everyone was in their pens, he said "no, the fornicators are over in Burroland"..............more information than I really needed, but guess it's spring..!!  LOL  There was quite a group involved, Tula, Frijolita, Daisy, Boaz, Pancho, Ruger, Wister, and all 4 of the minis.  John said Wister and Ruger actually came over to the pen area and Ruger, went in the pen, but Wister turned around and went back to the party.......!!!  Boaz and Pancho were fighting some of the girls were mounting some of the other girls, it was one big swap party I guess......!!  I was just getting ready to go over with a whip and run them back over here, when they all came over at once and went in their pens like no big deal.......!!!!   Grrrrr......!!!