Sunday, January 31, 2021


 Go out and run donkeys to get them ready for racing this spring.  So that's what Lynn and Linda did a few days ago with friends, in the Patagonia area.  I think they got more snow than we did.  They said it was a beautiful area to run donkeys with lots of trails.  I would imagine they will go back.


Really a nice looking area, John use to do jeep tours in that area and thought it might be a good burro running area.  


This morning we had a young lady come out to do  research for a science project on who brays more the girls or the boys.  We could have given her the answer to that...!!! LOL  The boys are very noisy especially at feeding time.  She said it was hard to keep track of them, but she had her sister helping her.  It's for school, so I hope she wins first place.

This morning Cochise was warming up in the bright sunshine.  When he came here a couple of years ago, his left ear was hanging probably from the cartilage being broken down from being roped.  He was used as a roping donkey and a neighbor got him away from the cowboys and asked us to take him.  It's taken awhile, but it almost matches his right ear now.  He has a really nice disposition and loves to run, so I would imagine he will be going back to Colorado this summer.  


 This morning Lynn was messing with one of the golf carts and had all sorts of help.I think it is Muzzy, Paco and Jackson, but it's hard to tell.  This afternoon Suzanne was trying to load some containers into one of the stock trailers and Big Gus was helping.  I didn't have the camera but trust me his help isn't really much help, although it does keep you busy trying to get what you're doing done.  He was turning the containers over, I'm sure he thought there was something to eat in them.  We finally put some hay out to entertain him so Suzanne could get loaded. 



Wednesday, January 27, 2021



This is what it looked like around here yesterday morning.  It was just at freezing, so it didn't last long at least at our elevation. 

The Dragoon Mountains however, has a little more snow and it's still there.  We're back to sunshine although, so no complaint.

 Some of the donkeys have enough sense to stay under cover, others stand out in the weather getting soaking wet.  

 While John and I were gallivanting all over Arizona chasing race car shows a couple of good things happened here. 

Linda took Big Gus to the mail box for an adventure.  He's never been on an official "run" before.  He's over 40 years old, isn't going to be doing any racing, but he's usually in the middle of what's going on and has followed training runs along the fence.  So she took him out and said he seemed to really enjoy getting out and seeing something different.  He loves attention, and there were no other donkeys around, so I'm sure he had a great time....!!!

As you can see there was an audience watching the hay truck come in.  Of course they would have liked to help unload it.  Bales of hay drop pieces of hay, so they had fun cleaning up the area once the hay was unloaded and in the barn.   

The project for today get the scratching pole up and usable.   It was given to us and has been here for awhile.  Rosie learned how to use it laying on the ground, so I'm pretty sure it's going to be a big hit with the donkeys.  Lynn and John got the hole dug this morning and as soon as Lynn gets back from town with the cement they'll get it cemented in.  A few days to dry and the fun will begin.  


 John and I had a great time at the races, lots of cars and well ran programs that didn't last into the early hours of the morning.  Could have been a little warmer, especially at night.  In the desert when the sun goes down it gets cold real quick.  We had just about every piece of clothing we had on, but sitting in the open bleachers it was still really "refreshing". 

 Last week I shared a picture of the local golf course across the road from our motel.  Such a cute name for a golf course that really looked more like a piece of desert and I figured the sign was a local joke.

Imagine my surprise to not only see people playing golf, they had their golf cart out there with them.  I assume the picnic table behind the sign is the Club House.......LOL..!!


Thursday, January 21, 2021


 John and I are really playing hooky this year.  We got back Monday, I've been trying to get caught up, not doing a very good job of it.  

We are headed back to Apache Junction for 3 days of watching sprint cars on the dirt tomorrow.  So many of the big name drivers will be there including Tony Stewart, who is my favorite at this time in history.  Use to be A.J. Foyt, but he retired on me.......LOL!! 

The racing last week-end was really good.  Jon Davenport got $38,000 for winning the 50 lap feature Sunday night.  He told them the 1st night when they interviewed him he came for the money.  Guess he meant it.........!!

Linda has been taking really good videos of the donkeys doing some training.  So rather than bore you with racing, I'll share some with you that don't do Facebook.

Lots of training lately, the donkeys seem to love it.  Yesterday Lynn and Linda were headed out for a people run.  Muzzy saw them going out the gate and almost ran John down trying to get there.  I'm sure he thought they had forgotten to take him along........!!! LOL

George lives about 1/2 mile away and LOVES donkeys.  He's gotten out a couple of times and always tries to come over a visit with the donkeys before his mom interferes with his plan.  He was thrilled that the donkeys came to visit him.  Banana, not so much..........

For you that have met Big Gus, you know he is a character with a capital C.  I've never seen him play with one of the other donkeys before, although he and Casper the mini mule play occasionally.

Hopefully when I get back Monday I'll be able to get caught up.......

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 John and I went over to Cocopah Raceway over by Yuma for the 1st two nights of the IMCA Winter Nationals.  Had a great time, lots of good racing even if it was really too cold to be sitting around watching guys have fun in the dirt.

Went from there over to Apache Junction for the 1st two races of the Wild West Shootout.  The 1st night they had 171 cars, 2nd night 173 and this was in the middle of the week.  They really had a great show, managed to get all those cars on the track for their heat races, then the B mains for those that didn't finish well enough to automatically move up to the main events in a 5 hour show.  

 Heading out tomorrow to go back to Yuma for 2 days of races that includes Sport Compacts.  Those are like my car only they can do more to the motor and with tires, than the Hornets can.   John said we could load up my car and show up.  I'm not that interested in embarrassing myself, those cars would eat my little Neon, I'd be lucky to not get lapped.....!! LOL

Then back to Apache Junction for 3 more nights of Wild West Shootout, with Modifieds and Super Late Models.  They really put on a good show.

While we're cris-crossing Arizona, the idea occurred to me that it would be nice if the tracks were closer together, but can't complain about the races, they both are really putting on great shows.  

This is one of the 2 steers they bring to the races every year.  Last year one of the winners got on one of them, this year I think all the winners ended up on one.  The steers just looked bored....!!


This "golf" course is right across the road from our motel in Apache Junction.  It looks like a deserted field, but is marked for golf.  Probably would be an "interesting" course to play, if you like a challenge..........!!!  LOL

We did a day trip one day before the races that night.  Drove to Globe for lunch, thru the mountains.  Unfortunately it was Sunday and not much open in Globe, so we turned around and headed back to the motel to put all the clothes on we had, it was that cold.  Sitting in open bleachers for hours really takes dedication to the sport.


Saw the sign for Coolidge Dam, never saw the dam.  We were headed for the San Carlos Reservation and were stopped by a guard.  The reservation is completely closed to anyone not living there, because of Covid.  I guess they have had way too many cases and quite a few deaths and are trying to keep it from getting worse.  The dam is behind this sign, but in order to see it we would have had to go on the reservation.  

Hadn't seen a donkey since we left Benson.  Saw this on a motel in Globe and took a picture.



But on the way home thru Florence we stopped by the State Prison, when the inmates train BLM donkeys, so they have a better chance at getting a good home.  They had quite a few burros, but not as many as the last time we were there.  Saw a jenny in the jenny pen that could just barely move she was so pregnant.  Almost all the jennies they get are pregnant if they come off the range.  When people get in touch with me to adopt and we don't have any available, I usually tell them to go to the BLM pens and get a jenny just off the range and chances are they will end up with 2 donkeys.  

Got home yesterday and I don't think our donkeys even missed us.  It's really nice to have Suzanne, Lynn and Linda here, we don't have to worry about the donkeys and if they are being taken care of while we are gone.  

 Suzanne said this is what she usually sees when she comes out in the morning, the minis standing at her door step waiting for her to come out and play.

While we were goofing off, training continued here at home.  There are some races coming up this spring and they are going out almost everyday with new runners learning how to run with donkeys

I haven't figured out how Linda manages to run with a donkey and take video at the same time, but she's getting really good at giving you an idea of what it's like to run with a burro......!! 


Tuesday, January 05, 2021


 John and I are taking our annual week or so of immersion in dirt racing at 2 different tracks.  So I won't be updating for awhile.  Suzanne, Lynn and Linda will be here as usual taking care of the kids.  

I'll catch up when we get back...........

Monday, January 04, 2021

GO HARLEY GO........!!!

 Lynn, Linda and Jo, one of our volunteers took some donkeys out today.  Harley hasn't been out for practice much, but he seemed to have figured out this racing business and headed for the front.  They went up a rather steep hill with lots of rocks and he didn't have a problem with it.  

Harley's the man....!!

Sunday, January 03, 2021


I've been trying to update and share all the fun we had at the New "Ears" Race New Year's Day, but it hasn't happened.  The last couple of days have really been hectic and I just didn't get 'round to it.  


The day before, the donation golf cart was delivered.  Isn't it pretty compared to the 2 we usually use?  It's not going to be used for work or pretty soon it's would look like them...!! LOL  I'm sure people that need to ride to see the donkeys, will appreciate having a nice cart to ride in.  Hopefully Jeff and his wife will come out again and get to enjoy their donation.

 For those that didn't make it out to the Triangle T for the race, it was really fun.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.


I guess John is ready for the New Year

Actually we aren't partying, we're waiting for dinner, left to right Linda, John, our dear friend Georgette, me and Suzanne.  Don't know where Lynn was.

The area is beautiful, but the trails have to be marked.  Thanks to all the volunteers that came out and helped with all the pre-prep for the race.


 Some of the runners the night before waiting for the fun to start.

The forbidding tunnel

Ready to run, as soon as the air horn goes off

And they're off..!!!
Linda and Misty doing their thing, Heather is right behind them....!!

People without donkeys ran too

Three of our donkeys taking the tunnel in stride, Buddy, Loki, and Benji
Not the finish the "hooman" was expecting.  That line of flour looks pretty dangerous.  This is when the begging and pleading starts.......!!  LOL

Trophies of the southwest made of Cholla

Me, Oliver, John McBride, and John.  This was Oliver's 1st race, and John McBride's 1st race and they came in 1st......!!  


Linda and our friend Georgette showing off their medals after the race
All the feedback we've gotten has been very positive, I think a good time was had by all and people are already talking about next time.  Sounds like fun, we'll try to make sure it happens. 
Thanks to Craig Mills, Michael Munoz, and Roadrunner Race Timing for the photos.  If I missed anyone, let me know.