Saturday, December 27, 2014

THEY'RE BACK........!!!

I'm surprised they are working on Saturday, but they got here before 7am this morning.  Unfortunately they are use to working in Tucson not in 17 degree morning temperatures, so John and I went on a mission to find gloves for the ones that didn't have any.  The sun's out now and it's warming up, but isn't going to get to 60 today.  John set up a burn barrel, so they can at least warm up a little bit.

This is what the courtyard looked like yesterday when they left.  Last night they left the flagstone in the driveway where they laid it out to seal it.  John explained the donkeys would be out over night, it was the least we could do, since they had been in all day yesterday.  At least we had a real nice couple from San Diego come out for a visit, so they got to do their "entertain the people" routines in exchange for timothy pellets.

Cesar said he didn't think it would be a problem and doubted that they would break the flagstone even if they did walk on it.  

They did............John said Ruger, Wister and Ruthie were walking on the slabs before he came in from letting them out of the pens at bedtime.  Total breakage, 5 least they didn't shatter them, just broke them in smaller pieces..........!!!  John caught Lynn walking on them this morning when he went out.  

They are busy laying flagstone this morning.  Another guy is working on the wood trim, sanding and sealing.  Some of it was really in bad shape.

They came this morning just as John was rounding donkeys up to go in their pens.  Some of the donkeys decided they'd rather stay out and not take a chance on having to stay in their pens today.  John had to actually halter and drag 3 or 4 of them. 

I doubt if the workers will be back tomorrow, which is Sunday, so hopefully the "fur" kids will get a chance to run around, more like normal.  

Doug and his son Conor are coming out this morning to metal detect our driveway.  The driveway actually use to be part of the old Butterfield freight trail.  I don't know if it was from San Manuel or somewhere else north.  We've found oxen shoe,  and part of a bit, so hopefully they'll find some goodies.  

Friday, December 26, 2014


Today started out at 7AM with about 8 or 9 workers, 3 big trucks and 2 pick-ups showing up, ready to redo the outside of the house and redo the courtyard with flagstone instead of saltillo tile.  They are in the courtyard, taking up the tile, out in back working on refinishing the wood trim  Unloading supplies..............hmmm........long term that is going to be interesting.  The donkeys were out when the parade arrived and the ones in the area stood in stunned silence at this insult to their quiet peaceful world.  Boaz is still not having any of it, if stares and glares could get rid of them, they'd be gone........!!!  

But they have a big pile of sand on a tarp, flagstone laying here and there, tools scattered everywhere........and the donkeys are still in their pens from breakfast.  BlackJack was out when they drove in and opened the backs of the trucks to start unloading.  He was right there with his big black head in the truck to see if they brought anything interesting.  He has been known to rip open concrete bags, all that were available, because one of them HAD to have something good in it.  That's how we learned about using corral panels to protect tools and supplies, many years ago.  

We only have 4 extra corral panels to "protect" stuff, so we'll have to see how they leave everything this afternoon, hopefully everything will be in one area we can surround with four 12 foot corral panels.  As it is I'm thinking of keeping the donkeys in today, if we can stand the screaming and yelling.  They know when they are being mistreated and don't take it without letting us know.  I think it would be easier to move...........!!!  LOL

Monday, December 22, 2014


We have 6 cats total, 4 in the house and Hobo and Julius are outdoor 1/2 feral.  Hobo is momma to two of the indoor cats, and Julius is their brother.  Hobo won't get in anything for shelter, she just lays on the back porch on a rug.  I put a box out there with a rug in it in this last cold snap we had.  Low and behold she actually has gotten use to laying in it.  The sides are short so she can see all directions.   

Somewhere I read about a Hamburger Cat bed and thought well maybe she would get in that.  Ordered one, received it today, unpacked it, set it on the floor and this is how it has looked for the last 3 or so hours......................!!!! 

Now what do I do.........????   Doesn't look like Nigel is going to give it up anytime soon.  I'm not even sure Hobo will get in it after he's "smelled" it all up.  Looks like I'll be ordering some more hamburger beds............LOL

Today was a bountiful day as far as packages are concerned, I also got a book I had been wanting to read.


I've been hearing about helicopter parents that hover over their little ones to the point of smothering them and their daily lives.   There was an interview on TV the other day of this woman and some others that Free Range their kids.  I just had to see what they are doing so different than what seems to be the norm these days.   Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but have a feeling it's going to sound like my childhood...........!!!!!   LOL  I never realized I was being "free ranged", but I certainly had a lot of freedom to accomplish or fail.  

The other book I just finished.   It written by the owner of the local sale barn.  We've known Mike for years, just didn't know he was a writer.  Well this is his first attempt and I must say, I found it very interesting.  If you want to read short stories about a way of life that's pretty much disappeared, you might find this good reading.   We met him years ago, before we had a stock trailer of our own.  We needed to take a donkey to the vet for an emergency and didn't know anyone that had a trailer.  On a whim I called the sale barn, thought they might know someone.  Mike answered the phone, I explained our problem, and he said to come on over he had a trailer we could borrow.  He didn't know us from Adam, didn't even take our name, just helped hook up the trailer and sent us on our way on a hand shake.  We found out later, it wasn't even his trailer, it was one someone was storing at his place.  Not sure if that was good or bad, but after a lifetime of dealing with people, he obviously still has trust in his fellow man. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Got this off Facebook, don't know who Carole Powell is, but this is wonderful......!!

Today we went to a funeral for a 22 year old woman that fell while enjoying the great outdoors.  No parent should ever have to bury a child.  What a waste, she was a lovely young lady that wanted to help others less fortunate, as her life's work and will be missed judging from the many people attending her service.  

This evening we were rounding up and feeding right before dark, and the dogs started barking.  That's not unusual, John says Niki barks every time the neighbor coughs.  It's not quite that bad, besides our neighbors aren't that near.  

Anyway we usually look down the driveway when they bark, just in case.  We noticed a car out there, but didn't think much about it, as we are always expecting FedEx and UPS and have a large container out by the driveway for them to leave boxes in, so the donkeys can't get to them.  This time of year they use contract drivers that use their own vehicles to deliver.  Sure enough I saw someone get out and go towards the container.  So I finished what I was doing, jumped in the golf cart and went out to see what they brought.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at the container and saw a $20 bill stuck under a rock on top.  No boxes inside.........!!!!  I guess someone wanted to buy the donkeys some extra carrots for the holidays, I do wish they had come in so we could thank them.  Hopefully they will see this blog.

Gigi seems to be getting a little better, I know she's already looking forward to her graham cracker, applesauce sandwich with j-herb in it.  She gets that twice a day and anxiously watches when I come out of the house and head for the pen area.  I might add Rosie watches about as anxiously, their pens are side by side.  I've explained to her that Gigi is getting medicine that she doesn't need.  I don't think Rosie wants the medicine but she'd sure like to get hold of that graham cracker..........!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014


Not my choice of snack, but he's spent most of the morning since we let him out, abusing this poor prickly pear.  I don't know how they do it or why, but it seems to be important at certain times of the year.  Not sure what vitamins or minerals are in prickly pear.  They don't bother the barrels or the cholla at all.  In the spring and fall they will come in with greasewood i.e. creosote bush breath too.  According to the vets I've talked to, they won't eat greasewood........guess this bunch didn't get the message.......LOL 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Gigi has been struggling since Tyler took the shoe off her right front foot.   I checked her foot a couple of days ago, it's not hot, started at her shoulder and felt all the way down to her foot.  Didn't find anyplace that was ouchy, so I don't know what's going on.  I've got a call in for Tyler, but haven't heard back so far.  She's laying down like she did when she first came here.  Hopefully she isn't getting an abscess.  I can't imagine trying to soak her foot, although she did let me lift her foot to make sure she didn't have something caught in the bottom.  Of course that was after John put her in the "redneck" squeeze, she just will not allow us to do anything with her out of the squeeze.

This year for Thanksgiving we went to some friend's house and had a great time.  Unfortunately when you go out  for  the holiday there isn't any leftovers, which John is always ready to tell me about.  SIGH......!!!  I promised him that I would fix him a holiday dinner sometime between  Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Well I looked up and discovered Christmas is coming pretty quick.  So today is the day I make good on my promise.  I cheated by cooking a turkey breast and getting John  2 drumsticks, since he loves the drumsticks and sandwiches.  And I'm cooking all the other stuff that goes with it, dressing, potatoes, gravy, waldorf salad, and of course pie.  Was going to do pumpkin pie, one of his favorites, but my frozen pie crust looked like a road map with all the cracks.  You can use a cracked, put together crust with a pudding filling, not with pumpkin.  I learned years ago the crust will float to the top, which makes for an interesting visual.  So it's one of my favorites, chocolate........!!!  LOL

Needless to say for 2 people there's going to be a lot of leftovers, I've never been able to cook, just a little bit of all that stuff, so John should be thrilled for the next few days......!!!!

Our cold, high humidity weather lately has been hard on old Pepper.  His knees are really bad, but it doesn't stop him from wandering all over the place, I just hate to see him gimping around.  I put a cover on his worst knee a couple of days ago, and it seems to be helping.  

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Well, maybe rainy is a little much, it's mostly been dreary, windy with occasional 2 minute sprinkles.  This morning when we got up it was 50 degrees, it is now time to do evening chores and it's 50 degrees.........!!!!  This afternoon it was a little warmer, but not much.  John said it wasn't going to rain, so I've been making fun of his weather reporting abilities.  

Of course the donkeys are grumpy, I went out this afternoon to make sure the heater was on in the feed room, and about half of them were standing in the "rain", I yelled at Cisco and told him he had a perfectly good shelter in his pen.  Unfortunately when I looked in his pen there were 4 mini donkeys already in his shelter.  There are plenty of places to get in out of the wind and rain, but a lot of them just turn their butts to the weather and wait it out.  

This is Rosie last January , with her pones and bubble butt

I took a picture of Rosie this morning to compare to what she looked like last January when she came here.  She is still a "little too short for her weight", but we are headed in the right direction.  She's lost the lumps and her tail is no longer embedded in her fat rump.  YIPPEE..........!!! 

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Well Tyler is giving it a try.  This is little Gigi's shoe off her right front foot.  It will be a year next month, since we picked her and Rosie up, to keep them from being shot and buried.  

This is what her feet looked like when we picked her up.

 This is how her feet look today

As long as she doesn't start trying to turn that right front foot backwards, she won't have to wear the shoe again.  The other 3 feet although they looked pretty gnarly last year, never tried to turn backwards or anything like that.  She still isn't a very good candidate for farrier care........LOL  Let's put it this way, every time Tyler comes he seems to think she should be friendlier.  I think that on a regular basis too, but so far she's not interested in giving up her independence.

This morning John almost had a mess.  Coquette is trying to entertain the boys and this morning when John was putting everyone in their pens, she came into Pepper's pen, which is beside her pen.  Pepper picked up on the subject and started trying to figure out his plan of attack.  Unfortunately Pancho was also at the ready.  John said it didn't take long for Pancho to decide to get rid of the competition, by lunging at Pepper with his mouth open.  John started yelling, I asked him if he threw himself in front of Pepper to protect him.  Guess not, looking at a mouthful of donkey teeth seemed to make him think yelling would take care of the problem, luckily it did.  Well except for Pepper, he was still trying to figure out his next move once Pancho left the area..........!!! 

Thursday, December 04, 2014

REALLY.......??? RAIN.............!!!!!

A rather weird time of year for rain, it's about a month early.  It spit and spat all day, I doubt that we got much accumulation, it was just enough to be nasty.  Of course we had to go out in it to take Penny for her dental appointment with Dr. Debra this afternoon.  Besides a little rain it was chilly and windy all day too.  Notice I said we, rather than one or the other, like we thought we'd have to do.  Our early appointment got changed to 12:30, which is almost a perfect time for us. 

We decided to just do her in the trailer, at least it was relatively dry and cut down on the wind whistling around our heads.  John was outside the trailer and finally got behind it to get out of the wind.  

Dr. Debra tried to do Penny without a happy shot, but finally gave up.  She had some hooks that needed to be ground down left over from when she got a tooth pulled a couple of months ago.  By the time the tooth got pulled everyone was ready to quit and wait until later for a check-up, which was today.  Her mouth smells nasty, somewhat like chicken manure.  Where her jaw has been broke there are two teeth lined up front and back, with a space of about 1/4 inch between them, that is collecting mush when she eats.  I guess it just sits in there and rots until it falls out or she takes in enough water in her mouth to rinse it out.  If she was easier to work with I could probably go in there every day with a small screwdriver, or maybe even a tooth pick and pick it out.  But I don't think that's going to happen with her. 

I doubt that Penny will ever be easy to work with, she is just too suspicious of people.  When we first got her she would use her front feet as weapons, now she just uses her head and of course being evasive.  

We didn't take Coquette this time, and when we got home, Penny flew out of the trailer and started running around braying.  Coquette was off someplace and came running as fast as she could to their reunion.  It's wonderful when they are bonded like that, but it can be traumatic when they get separated too.

Before we left this morning, John came in and said Pepper was choked.........sigh....!!!  All he gets is a mush, but somehow he managed to plug up his esophagus, and it was farther down than the throat.  I worked with him for awhile and although he didn't seem stressed he was still choked when we left.  I gave him a shot of banamine before I left and he was laying down looking around.  I told Dr. Debra I had given him banamine, so she gave me a couple of shots of xylazine, which is the next step up I guess,  in case he was still having trouble when we got home.

Thankfully he was up and chewing on mesquite leaves knocked down by the wind, when we got home.  I asked John how he was doing during round up for feeding and John said he was trying to knock him down with his head, so I guess he's back to normal.

We've been putting a blanket on him in the morning when it's 25-30 degrees right before the sun comes up.  Within an hour or so it's warming up and we take it off.  He will stand real still for you to adjust it, so I think he appreciates it.  I have a regular equine blanket for him, but if I put it on him at night, he'd have to stay in his pen, and believe me THAT would NOT work.  He has his routine and it does NOT include staying in his pen any longer than eating takes.