Saturday, March 31, 2018

GINGER SAID YES..........!!!

I e-mailed Ginger asking if Lynn and Linda could take Joe with them for the summer.  She said he had been a rescue from a bad situation and she always wanted him to have a home that fit his exuberant personality and wants Lynn and Linda to be his new family........!!    To say they were happy is an understatement.  I'm sure Don and Bill will be thrilled, their personalities are a lot more mellow than his and they seem to think of him as the little obnoxious brother.  I was surprised, the other day Don actually went after Joe, guess he had enough.  The problem is, Joe doesn't care, he seems to be happy to have them mad at him as long as he is getting attention.......!!

All of Lynn and Linda's  animals have names that start with "L" although in the case of Turbo they had to stretch it a little.  His name is Lil' Turbo.......!!  Right away they came up with the name Loki, who was somewhat of a trickster in Nordic/Icelandic mythology. It would be a good name for him, except we've called him Joe for a year.  So he will be Loki Joe.............LOL

Jasper is really doing good, improving every day.  He had been leaving a little hay in his bunk, probably because he was use to hay or pasture being available whenever he wanted to eat.  We don't "roll" that way around here, they go in their pens to eat, and are let out after 3-4 hours.  If they leave hay in the bunk, we close the gate so it will be there when they go back in.  In Jasper's case we had been putting his bunk in Quilla's pen, so his soft sandy lay down area would be available if he wanted to lay down during the day.  He was laying down quite a bit, but everyday seems to stay out with the others until it's time to come in to eat.

Jasper out doing his thing

The last couple of days and nights he has been finishing his there isn't any leftovers.  It's seems he has come to expect a snack when he goes in his pen to wait for his mush and hay.  He's not shown a lot of patience for waiting.  His answer to the problem is to jerk his bunk around until it comes off the fence..........!!!  Really doesn't make the hay get there any quicker, but I guess he's showing his displeasure at this horrible treatment.............LOL  John upped his hay 1/2 pound today, in case he's hungry, but if he eats that, he still won't have a snack when he goes into the pen.....!!!  LOL

Boaz doing his thing for Mindy and her Mom...........thanks for the pictures Mindy, glad you made it out again.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I guess that's what makes life interesting...........LOL  Joe, one of the 3 boarders that have been here for about a year while their new home is being built is to put it mildly a little busy body.  If he is in his pen with Don Juan, he wants all the attention.  If they are out, he'll get in your face and want all the attention.  He also seems to think he is in charge of the other two and most of the other donkeys.  When Boaz came back from Colorado last fall, he and Joe took about 2 weeks to settle down into the relationship they had before Boaz left.  Boaz had been one of the leaders of the geldings.  When he left Joe moved into that position, which he didn't want to give up.  But he finally backed down, Boaz can be formidable if he wants to be.  He jerked little bitty Cheyenne off her feet one time.  She had kicked at him and he grabbed her by the neck and up in the air she went.  

Anyway Lynn and Linda have been taking different donkeys out for their runs.  They are training for a 24 hour marathon run this summer, with I think 6 or 8 other people on the team.  Each person will run 2 different parts of the race.  Sounds more like work to me, but they are really excited about it.  It's just for people though, so no donkeys or dogs allowed.

So they've been taking different donkeys out, mostly the ones that act like they want to go, by running up and down the fence, when they go out the gate to run.  

Last night Lynn took Joe for the 1st time, when he came back he was grinning from ear to ear.  It seems that Joe is a natural.  He trots on a loose lead and just speeds up his trot if necessary, rather than breaking into a lope, which takes more energy.  And nothing spooked him or made him put on the brakes, which is pretty good, considering he hasn't been off the property since we picked him up last year.

This morning they are out with Joe and Justin to see how they run together.  Both of them seem to love to run, so it should be interesting.

Courtney has already agreed to Justin going to Colorado for the summer..............BUT..........I have to get in touch with Ginger to see if Joe can go to what is becoming our northern  satellite extension of Forever Home Donkey Rescue...........Ha!  Linda took the 2 videos above last night when Lynn and Joe were coming back from their 1st run.  She wants to take some more today, when she is more prepared.  But it does show Joe is having fun.  OBTW they went about 3 miles in quick time, Linda wasn't expecting them back that quick and had to grab her phone and start filming.  


Yesterday was "hay" day, Chris came out with her squeeze and a trailer load of hay, we were down to about a month's supply.  Because we want low protein, sugar and starch hay, I always give her a warning when it's about time for a delivery.   That way she has time to look for what we want.  When Lynn moved the old hay out of the way, he had to take into consideration their motorhome is spending the summer here.  There is no reason to haul it back to Colorado and it should fit nicely in the empty side of the hay barn, out of the sun and hail if that particular weather occurred.  

I think this a Jasper and Gus with Linda but I could be wrong.  About 6 of the guys are so close in color, I have to see their bodies to make sure of who is who.  

 This is rather icky, but it's something Cisco has to put up with and has for years.  What's amazing is Lynn didn't jump up and look for a rag or something to wipe his leg off.

Cisco has a chronic gutteral pouch infection, among his other problems.  He does real good for sometimes years and then it becomes a problem and he has to have antibiotics for awhile.  There are rags in his pen for wiping his nose at all times.  Usually it isn't quite this messy, so it's time for a round of antibiotics I would imagine.  Dr. Jeremy is coming out next week to do Coggins and health certificates, so I might bring up Cisco's problem, it's been a long time since I've discussed it with a vet.  

Years ago Lucy had to have surgery for gutteral pouch.  The opening at the bottom of the pouch had closed up with chondroids.  They took out over 8 ounces of putrid YUCK!  She got along just fine and had no more problems, until her chronic laminitis got her years later.


Jasper and Quilla out on an adventure, Jasper seems to be doing better each day

Enjoy Linda's pictures and videos, although she was good about sharing, last summer when they were in Colorado, so hopefully she'll share again this year.  It will be so boring around here without them, there won't be anything going on.  But from what it sounds like, they are going to have a busy, busy summer. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

HAY DAY.........!!!

Haven't heard from Chris yet this morning, she is suppose to call when the hay truck is on the road headed our way.  The donkeys will have to stay in their pens until the hay is "safely" in the barn.  You can't imagine how much "help" they can be with hay unloading.  

John and I use to get 46 bales of hay on the car trailer when we were younger and had less animals.  The farm would load it for us, but when we got home, we had to unload it.  And it always seemed like we had to replenish our hay supply.  Of course by the time we got home from Eloy/Casa Grande with the hay it was almost time for "donkey supper" and they thought we needed lots of help.  

I would get the bales off the trailer and John would drag and stack.  I had to be careful not to hit some enterprising donkey with a bale and John had to drag thru the crowd.  I don't think either of us misses those days, and Chris doesn't need the donkeys help when she is unloading stacks of hay with the squeeze, a wonderful little invention that unloads a stack of 64 bales at a time.  

Jasper is now out all night with the others.  He's still not figured out that he needs to eat his hay or it gets shut in Quilla's pen.  That way Jasper's pen is open so he can go in a lay down in his dust pit, if he wants.  He's continuing to walk better every day, less sugar and starch in his diet should help to keep his feet from hurting from chronic laminitis.  

Yesterday he was pursuing Coquette for quite sometime, without interference from some of the other boys.  She seemed to think he was pretty cute, but thankfully he just pursued her without trying to mount her.  I'd rather he didn't crash to the ground on his fragile feet for the time being.  All in all he seems to be doing good with his change in scenery and lifestyle.  He's very alert and curious, which is a good sign.  

Linda made arrangements for health certificates and coggins tests with Dr. Jeremy, for those that need it for the trip to Colorado the middle of April.  Besides Leddy, Turbo and Leo their donkeys, they will be taking 2 of the minis, Justin and Pepsi.  Justin loves to run with Linda, so she's going to see how he does in at least one of the burro races this summer.  Pepsi is going along as a buddy for Justin and also to hopefully get some of the mesquite bean weight from last summer off of him.  He's on a diet and has been for quite sometime, but he's still "short for his weight". !!!  LOL   

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Everyday he does something that just makes us shake our heads.  He's gone from being out 2 hours a day after breakfast and then wanting back in his pen for the afternoon, to staying out after breakfast until time to do round-up for afternoon feeding.  

Yesterday to add to the fun, some of the girls were giving the guys "spring" fever.  Guess who was in on the orgy as a very interested bystander?  He stayed with the herd all day.  He hasn't been as ouchy on his legs and feet the last couple of days, so  I would imagine if they keep improving, he might be ready for the next "orgy".......!!  

He's not really one that "lives to eat", although to get as heavy as he is, he's obviously been eating much more than he needs.  He had been getting half a flake of alfalfa twice a day and on pasture.  Pasture this time of year in the Phoenix area doesn't look very appetizing and is very short, BUT, is still loaded with food value and his body obviously has been making the most of available food.  

We started him out on 2 pounds of hay 3 times a day.  You can tell he's use to having hay or something available at all times, so he's in no hurry to eat.  We've been leaving him in overnight and he still doesn't finish his hay.  He's a large standard and 6 pounds a day isn't overly generous, but we're dropping him to 5 pounds and I'm seriously thinking about letting him out overnight, for the exercise, which would help with the circulation in his feet.  Guess I could set my alarm for 3 or 4 o'clock and go let him out.....!!!  LOL

A woman is coming out today to learn about donkeys and how to feed them properly.  She called Dr. Jeremy out for a donkey down a couple of weeks ago and he gave her our number to help her learn how to take care of donkeys properly.  He told her the doughnuts had to go.......!!!  Her donkey was foundered and when she called me a couple of days later, she said the donkey was doing much better.  But she wants to "talk about donkeys" and how to take good care of them, which of course is one of our favorite subjects, so it should be a fun day.  It's very rewarding when people that have been doing it wrong really want to make sure to do it right in the future.  

We also have some of the kids from Caring Connections coming out. They usually come out 3 or 4 times a year and always seem to enjoy it.  

When we did the Rodeo Parade in February, Georgette told us about a friend of hers that was 85 years old and had just lost his wife.  They had 2 standard jennies, 1 mini donkey and a small hinny that the man didn't think he would be able to take care of much longer.   Georgette had him call and he came out for a visit yesterday.  He and a friend actually got here earlier than I expected and I got home from Benson, just as Lynn and Linda were finishing up the "tour" in the golf carts.  We got to talking as they were getting ready to leave and he gave me his card.  I put some of the talking we had been doing together with the name on the card and asked him if he remembered selling a donkey to us almost 20 years ago.  I reminded him that his wife said he had too many animals and some needed to go.  Bill is 85 and this happened in the late 90's but he remembered selling Eeyore, or as we have called him since, Buddy Brat to a couple that had a donkey (BlackJack) and had lost Cisco I and needed a friend for BJ.  He even delivered Buddy because we didn't have a trailer.  It's amazing sometimes as just how small the world really is.  

 This is BlackJack and Buddy playing in 2001

Cisco I and BlackJack, we only had Cisco I about 7 months and had to have him euthanized

 Buddy 2002


 Buddy and Jenny Big Girl,  probably around 2012


Thursday, March 22, 2018

JASPER UPDATE........!!!

Jasper has been going out of his pen after breakfast and spending about 2 hours out, before coming back to his pen to lay down.  Today he stayed out almost 5 hours before he came in and then it wasn't to lay down, he wanted his hay.  He seems to be feeling better although it is still uncomfortable for him to walk.  But he's progressing in the right direction.  

He's got a bed sore on one of his knees.  He's pretty good about halters and being messed with...........except for his legs.  A couple of days ago I put a cover on that knee to help protect it.  It was somewhat of a wrestling match to get it on him, and I couldn't get it on as well as I wanted to.  It has slipped down to his fetlock, which isn't doing any good for the knee.  This morning I tried to get hold of it to get it back where it belongs..........not happening.  So rather than fight with him, I just worked to touch his leg without him having a hissy fit.  If he isn't laying down as much as he was, it's not as important to cover the knee.  But it is important to eventually be able to handle his legs and feet.  So I got some animal crackers and didn't quit until I could touch that leg without him squirming and pulling away.  He did pretty good, we'll see how he is in the morning.  Donkeys do much better if you work with them for a short time and then give them time to think about it.  He will probably be OK with that leg in the morning, at least until I pull the velcro.......!!  LOL  Of course each leg is a new deal, and will be like you've never touched him before.  Equine are right brain, left brain, which means just because you do something on one side, doesn't mean it is acceptable on the other.  It usually isn't.......!!!! 

It's about time to start the countdown for Lynn and Linda heading back to Colorado, about the middle of next month.  It's sure going to be boring around here once they leave.  I don't know what the donkeys will do, they usually surround the motor home every morning and if Lynn and Linda make any noise, the donkeys know they are up.  Linda said they try to sneak looks out of the blinds to see who's out there.  From the videos Linda has taken, I think it's all of them......!!!  LOL

It was 91 degrees in Tucson today.  We haven't had to put on fly masks yet, although the allergy ones have been on Benedryl for a couple of weeks.  A few warm days like that and the flies will be out in force unfortunately.  

Not sure if Gus is having as much fun as Lennon, wonder what Lennon is trying to do?
Thanks, Linda

Monday, March 19, 2018


Jasper seems to be improving, although it has been quite a shock to find out he "PREFERS" grass hay to alfalfa........!!!  The alfalfa we have is pretty dry and pretty stocky, at first we thought that might be the problem.  But, no he isn't even interested in the leaves if we clean out the stems.  He will reach over the alfalfa to get to the grass.......... go figure.....!!!  Makes our job of weaning him off the alfalfa a whole lot easier, that's for sure.   

He is really ouchy on his front feet from chronic founder.  He wants to go out and explore, but after an hour or so, he usually heads back to his pen which because of the alfalfa being in there (just in case he changes his mind) has to be shut.  As soon as we see him, we let him in and he lays in the nice deep sandy area in there for the afternoon.  He's still very interested in going out and what is going on around him, but the feet just aren't willing at this time.  

I've talked with Dr. Jeremy and we'll give Jasper some more time to settle in before we start messing with him, probably x-rays first to see what we're dealing with.  He's on Equinoxx and Gabapentin for pain and inflammation, for now.  

Saturday was a busy day for everyone.  We all got up at 5am to give the 7 donkeys going to the parade time to eat breakfast, so we could load up and get to Tombstone by 9am.  Everything went smoothly, UNTIL, Turbo, decided he really wasn't interested in being in a parade today, if going in the trailer was part of the deal.  While the battle of wills between Lynn and Turbo was going on I heard Linda mumble something about Lynn being more stubborn than Turbo.  Sure enough, at one time I thought Lynn was going to pick Turbo up and throw him in the trailer, and we're talking about an 800 pound donkey that don't want to go.......!!!  But go he did......!!!  LOL

Leo had been watching and thought he might like to raise a fuss too, but his didn't last very long, and he decided going in the trailer wasn't really a problem.  

Leddy just went in the trailer like he was suppose to, he's pretty much a "go along" type of guy, really mellow.  

Got down there and Dave and Georgette were already there.  Georgette has had a bug and lost her voice and can't talk.  If you knew Georgette you would know how strange that is, she is a talker and having her quiet with only hand jesters and whispering if it was really important was really weird..!!!  

Lynn and Linda had gathered and packed all the costumes for the donkeys, so everyone start dressing donkeys.  

The donkeys were really good, considering we hadn't had a complete "dress" rehearsal and some of the stuff they hadn't had a chance to look at..!!

BlackJack, John, his little friend Paddy and Leddy.  Everyone loves John's costume that looks like Paddy is carrying John on his back.

Cheyenne, our little ballerina

Cheyenne, Dave, Quilla and Georgette, before the parade

Buddy and I, this was Buddy's 1st parade and he really did good, except he seemed to think it was a timed event and he wanted to be in the lead when it was all over..!!  My arms were sore from holding him back.

Linda, Turbo and Lynn before the start of the parade

Waiting for the start of the parade.  That little box in front of us is a jail wagon pulled by 2 mini horses.  When it started up the metal wheels made a noise that Turbo didn't find acceptable and he lived up to his name as he took off for parts unknown.  Lynn stayed with him for about 100 feet or so, which was really impressive.....!!!  LOL  Poor little Leo was being ponied off Turbo's pack saddle and he had to keep up, his little legs were really moving.    If he had lost his footing he would have gotten dragged.  But Turbo stopped, and came back to the parade route like it was no big deal. 

Some admirers with a different mode of transportation

This is everyone except BlackJack............. left to right, Buddy Brat, Cheyenne, Turbo, Leddy, Leo and Quilla

We won 3rd place again this year, same as last year.  Lynn and Linda already have plans for next year to WIN.......!!!  Sounds like there is going to be some costume designing going on.....!!!   LOL

After the parade John and I loaded up our 4 donkeys and rushed home, so we could get to the race track before pill draw closed.  They were qualifying a couple of the classes and moved pill draw closing up an hour, which put us into a time crunch.  We made it, then sat around for longer than usual.........It's amazing what we will do for a few minutes of fun......!!!  LOL

I thought the 2 guys that finished ahead of me last year were moving out of the Hornet class, but one of them came back with a new car and the other one showed up, just for fun.  He said he isn't running for points so that's OK.!!   The guy with the new car won the main event.........BUT.......he might have a hard time of it this year.  Jennifer started out on the dirt track years ago, has a good car and the experience she's had over the years has put her in a position to be a thorn in #3's side.  Should be fun to watch, you can guess who I'm rooting for.  

I finished 3rd in the heat race and was on my way to finishing 3rd in the main event, to those two.  But I got spun out on the last lap by a guy tapping my left rear corner, so I ended up eighth.  Should be an interesting year I'm pretty sure it won't be boring.

It was a rough night for all our cars.  Our son had stopped on the track to keep from hitting another car and got rear ended by another driver that wasn't head's up driving and plowed thru.  It's going to take a lot of time, effort and money to get his car back on the track, just because someone wasn't driving past their hood.

Our friend Larry that drives a ProStock was a victim of circumstances in a wreck that started in front of him.

Larry's car is the yellow 09 that T-boned the green #41.  Needless to say, it will take more time, effort and money to get it back on the track.  

At the track, in the dark late at night, with high adrenaline they figured both cars were totaled.  But by this morning they are both talking about fixing. Both frames seem to be OK, which is always a big worry.  Well the front frame horn of Larry's will have to be replaced, but it could have been worse.

When we got home from the races, Doug had left for California to visit friends and family.  He said he'd bring back some more of those yummy avocados.........hope he doesn't forget...!!  LOL


Saturday, March 17, 2018

CORNER TURNED...........????

This morning it seems the corner is turned with Jasper.  He is up, bright eyed and "interested" in eating pellets and hay.  I think his feet are also a problem, he seems very ouchy on them, which with all the extra weight he is carrying would be very uncomfortable.  

Last night we got the brilliant idea that he might be more comfortable eating from a hanging bunk, rather than at ground level, so John scavenged a hanging hay bunk and also a feed bucket.  They both seem to be a hit, but the hay bunk has seen better days, so we'll have to get another one, when we get a chance, not today unfortunately.....!!! 

This morning I thought since he was doing better, I might as well start introducing some Bermuda hay to see if he would be the slightest interested in it.  Imagine my surprise when I brought it and an alfalfa flake in and he chose the grass hay by grabbing a big mouthful.  Since then I've added some more and he's still up and eating it.  

We are getting ready to load up 7 donkeys and head for the Tombstone St. Patrick Day Salute to the Troops parade later this morning.  Don't know if the officials will allow it, but Lynn and Linda are going to try to have Leo in the parade at liberty.  He will usually follow Turbo wherever he goes, and it shouldn't be a problem, IF, the officials have a adventurous spirit...........LOL

The parade is at 11am, and John and I have to leave with 4 of the donkeys immediately afterwards to bring the donkeys home, and pick up the race car to get to the race track in Tucson before 3pm.......!!!  We need to have a talk with our "event planners"........ this is crunching too much fun into too little time, I think.........LOL  Probably won't get home from the races until 1am or so, so tomorrow should be pretty much of a loss, at least I hope so........!!   

YEA..........GO JASPER GO....!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018


WHY CAN'T WE GO TOO.......??

Jasper was out all day yesterday being a "wild" donkey.  He hung with the herd and seems to have blended in.  When he is out he chows down on limbs, brush and whatever else is out there, which is a lot different than the irrigated pasture he was on before.  Linda has seen him snacking quite a bit when he's out, so I guess that stuff is more interesting than all the hay and processed stuff we are offering.  

Last night when he came in, he showed interest in the alfalfa leaves and oats and actually ate a little bit.  Over night he cleaned up 2 cups of oats and quite a bit of the alfalfa and this morning ate a little more.  So hopefully he is turning the corner.  He hasn't had any molasses or Karo since yesterday morning to keep his liver from releasing fat into the bloodstream.  I would think having all that sugar pushed down his throat would take away his appetite even if he had one.  I know if I eat sugar I'm not hungry for awhile. 

Dr. Jeremy said to keep him in today, so we can monitor his water intake and maybe let him out half a day tomorrow, if he continues to improve.  

When he gets over this and is eating normally, his teeth will need some attention.  He has an "sow mouth" or underbite, which is usually a genetic problem and can cause lots of soft tissue damage in the mouth since none of the teeth aren't where they should be.  We haven't looked very much in his mouth yet, we're bothering him enough as it is.  But once this crisis is over, we'll get his teeth taken care of.

Yesterday Fed Ex brought a BIG box of 18 bags of animal crackers............!!!  WOW, if the donkeys knew we had that many animal crackers they'd be trying to get in the pantry.....!!!  Thank you so much Michele, your gift will be much appreciated by all the "fur" kids for quite sometime.

Turbo doing his thing, thanks for the picture and all the cute videos,  Linda.....!!

Linda just put Jasper into the 6 west pens.  She came into tell us he is busy cleaning up Gus's Bermuda hay and someelse's leftover mush......!!!  I'm pretty sure if we gave him that to eat in his pen, he wouldn't eat it.....!!!   LOL  But if stealing leftovers works, go for it, the more he eats right now, the better for him. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Not that interested in eating much of anything except animal crackers and even then not with gusto.  He has access to water and also molasses water.  

Today he was out most of the day with the herd.  Seemed to do fine Linda said.  Joe even behaved himself and she said at one time they were side by side.  She also said he was browsing on trees, brush and even cactus.  But he got more Karo tonight to help his system to think it doesn't need to release the extra fat in his liver into his blood stream and a shot Dr. Jeremy left. 

Mindy came out again today to visit with the donkeys, and is suppose to come out again tomorrow.  John and I were in Tucson all day, but I'll be here tomorrow maybe get a chance to visit a little bit.  I think she said she is going home Thursday.  John has 2 jeep tours, which he loves to do, showing tourists around the desert. In fact he has to be at the shop in Tucson at 6:30AM..........glad it's him and not me...........!!!  LOL

Had a tour today and they brought animal crackers and carrots for the donkeys.  If the donkeys only knew what a nice supply of goodies we have right now, because of the generosity of visitors, they would really be impressed and I'm sure would be trying to figure out how to get to them........!!  They know the guys all carry crackers in the right front pocket and during tours when the donkeys are out of the pens, we don't do treats.  They wouldn't knock someone down on purpose or run into them, BUT, if they thought one of the others was getting a cracker and they were, people that aren't use to large animals might get caught flat footed.  So treats are out unless they are in the pens.  We'll be showing the people around and the donkeys usually crowd around, because they know there will be pets and lots of attention.  They also know the guys have crackers in their pockets and will push on the pocket or tug on the pant leg.  They aren't obnoxious about it, they just let the guys know, where the crackers are, if someone wanted to take one out of the pocket, they would be more than happy to eat it........!!!  

 Everyone wants to be a racing donkey

So many volunteers to be a racing donkey

Cheyenne and Buddy on their 1st outing, they did really good, they even got to go at liberty I think Linda said.

Monday, March 12, 2018


When Jasper came in yesterday afternoon, he followed Linda into his pen like he had been doing it for a long time.  But I noticed he had been sweating, and it wasn't that warm.  Since his mom said he hadn't been eating very good for a few days, my antenna went up and I came in to e-mail Dr. Jeremy.  He is extremely overweight, and hyperlipidemia can be caused by stress in overweight equine. And the reason we have him is because his momma died 2-3 weeks ago from hyperlipidemia and he's been by himself since.

The emergency treatment is 35cc of Karo syrup every 8-12 hours, to make the liver stop releasing fat into the bloodstream and try to figure out something they will eat.  Lynn and Linda got up at 2am to give him his syrup...........!!!  He's stayed alert, but wasn't interested in eating anything, including the alfalfa he's use to eating.  I e-mailed Dr. Jeremy and he said he'd come by today when he got a chance, which was after evening chores.  His glucose actually wasn't as high as I thought it would be.  Dr. Jeremy made up some molasses water for him to drink, with the idea that if he will drink it, Lynn and Linda won't have to get up in the middle of the night.  LOL

Dr. Jeremy wasn't too impressed with the Cheerios, although that seemed to be one of the things Jasper would at least pick at.  Jasper got a shot and actually ate some of the pellets and some oats.  So we gave him some more and hopefully when Linda and John let everyone out except him, at bedtime he will have eaten  that.  If so,  they'll give him more, we have to make his system think he's getting plenty to eat and the liver doesn't need to over react. 

Hopefully he will start eating on his own without all the "junk" food soon.  Right now he will have to stay in the pen, so we can see how much he is drinking, etc.  But as soon as he starts eating we'll let him out so he can run around and get use to the property.  Hyperlipidemia doesn't always have a good outcome, but we'll do all we can to get him thru this. 

Here are some pictures Linda took of him yesterday when he was out of the pen.  

You can see where he has been sweating on his chest

I guess Quilla is going to be his "burro" buddy.  That dark spot on his nose is cactus, he got into.  There wasn't in cactus in his pasture, so he'll have to get use to it. 

Today Mindy came to visit with the donkeys.  She comes once or twice a year to play with the donkeys, do some grooming and feed animal crackers....!!! LOL  She brought crackers and carrots today, so of course the donkeys were really happy to see her.  She usually stays 2 or 3 days to get her "donkey fix" until next time.  She'll be back tomorrow and probably spend the whole day.  

John and I went to Tucson today, and when we came home Lynn and Linda were out by the mailboxes, with Cheyenne and Buddy Brat on leads.  They are both going to the parade in Tombstone this Saturday.  Neither of them have been in a parade before, although Cheyenne was down to Tombstone a few years ago in a pen with BlackJack on the main street with a banner asking the people, "if they had kissed an ass today".  If they hadn't BJ and Cheyenne were ready to oblige.  

Neither of them had even been walked on a lead for years, so Lynn and Linda thought it might be a good idea to take them out to see what they would do.  They said Buddy was looking all around and more than willing to move move out briskly.  I'm going to be leading him, hope he doesn't too "brisk", or we might get to the head of the parade.....!!!  LOL  Little Cheyenne did good too, all the others have been in a parade before, so hopefully we won't have any surprises. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018


This is Linda "bonding" with Jasper

Linda was sitting in his pen with him this morning and he was all over her, laying his head on her head or shoulder.  He seems to be fairly low key, although he acted like an ass when Tyler was here to work on Gus, Rosie and Gigi.  

Tyler changed out their shoes first and then Lynn and Linda put leads on Jasper to lead him to the stocks.  He had been watching the others in the stock and when he came around the corner he took a left turn and headed for the next county.  

He lost Linda first, Lynn actually held on until Jasper went down the bank of the wash.  They were moving along at a high rate of speed by then and Lynn could have really gotten hurt if he had held on and fell, so he let go.  

It took awhile to round up the "wild child", but he made the mistake of going into Gigi and Rosie's pen, so Lynn and Linda double led him back to his pen.  It's pretty clear that he has been able to be in charge of the relationship between him and humans.  If he threw an uncooperative fit, they probably quit till later.  The problem with donkeys is, if he wins and next time will be worse.  He's not mean or anything like that. but he's really determined........LOL  John yelled at Lynn when they were trying to get him headed towards the pen area, that he'd make a good racing donkey, he was "picking them up and putting them down"....!!!  LOL  As chunky as he is, it's a wonder he can move that fast and has problems with his right front foot.  I checked yesterday and there is no heat in it, so I don't know if he's foundered or not.   But he's gimpy on it. 

His mom said he had been trimmed last month, but she wasn't there when he was trimmed.  The right front "might" have been trimmed, but I can almost guarantee the other 3 weren't, especially the backs.  They got him in the stocks, which was probably the 1st time he'd ever seen anything like that, and then the fireworks began.  He pitched a high powered fit and seemed to think it would work.  Between Lynn and Tyler, it didn't work.  He got trimmed in spite of himself......!!!   And as a reward we let him out of his pen for the afternoon, although he really didn't deserve it...LOL 

Yesterday we had 33 people here for tours all afternoon.  The other donkeys were out of their pens, and Smoky Joe was being a brat, sticking his head thru the corral panels, grabbing Jasper's halter and hanging on.  So he's having to stay in the pens today while, Jasper roams around getting use to his new territory.  Joe really can be a brat, he's got a lot of personality and has his nose in anything and everything going on around here.   If we had let him out with Jasper today, I'm sure he would have harassed Jasper, just because that's the way he operates.  Unfortunately Don Juan and Shaggy Bill had to stay in with him, and they haven't done anything wrong.  But if we had left him in by himself, he would have pitched a royal fit.  As it is, as soon as he sees any of us, he runs to where they are, trying to get them to let him out.  

Friday, March 09, 2018

THERE'S A NEW BOY IN TOWN...........!!!

Lynn, Linda, John and I went to up the Phoenix area today to pick up Jasper.  Doug stayed here to hold down the fort, clean the pens, because our usual cleaner didn't show up and gave an impromptu tour.  He almost had as busy day as we did..........!!!  LOL

The trip up went well, although we got there a little later than we had planned.  Steve and Liz were waiting for us, Claire and her friend Deanna (I'm not sure of the spelling)  that does animal Reiki got there right after we did.  

Lynn taking Quilla out of the trailer.  Quilla was chosen to be Jasper's traveling buddy and had to get OUT of the trailer.  Otherwise Jasper probably wouldn't be the least bit interested in getting IN the trailer, with a strange donkey.  The way this works is, you put 2 donkeys in a trailer and during the trip, they bond or at least have other things on their mind than showing each other who is in charge.  So many people bring in a new animal and introduce it by putting it in a pen with an animal that thought the pen was it's personal space and will fight to prove it.  The other poor animal is in unknown territory and scared and will fight to protect himself. This way, by the time the trip is over, they know neither is interested in dominating and the worst is over.  We stopped one time and Jasper had his head on Quilla's rump, not in an aggressive way, just like they were buddies, and Quilla didn't seem to mind. 

Jasper and I getting to know each other

He seems to think Lynn is more interesting

Deanna working her magic on Jasper to make him less stressed. Thanks Deanna for helping with his stress level.

Not much pasture there, but Quilla thought it was great, he nibbled the whole time he was out of the trailer.

Claire reconnecting with her buddy, Quilla

Jasper hadn't been in a trailer in 18 years, and it wasn't what he had planned today.  So it was a little scary, but he actually did really good, although we did have to use a butt strap.  We just run a soft rope above their hocks on the rear legs and they really have no place to go, except in the trailer.

All loaded up and ready to hit the road

Home and in a pen beside his trailer buddy Quilla.  It got pretty exciting when he came out of the trailer.  John and Doug each had a lead on him.  We usually move a new donkey this way, until they get to know us and we get to know them.  They were out of the trailer, and he jumped out, when he did Doug turned quick and his knee went out from under him.  When that happened Doug yelled.  When he yelled Jasper headed for parts unknown.  This is all in the dark except for a couple of flashlights, neither of which were on this disaster in the making.  John knows that this would be a good time to let go.  There is no way a human being can stop a donkey hitting overdrive, but John was right beside a tree and he attempted to wrap the rope around the tree.  Unfortunately he tripped over a rock and down he went.  Now they are both down, him in the rocks, and Doug is sitting on a cactus.  Linda and I are trying to figure out in the dark what is going on.  They both have on light enough clothes with the feeble light we have, so we can see them rolling around on the ground, and I won't tell you what they were saying, but they both were saying a lot of it.........!!  Jasper is light enough I thought I saw him standing close to them, watching the whole scene.  So where is Lynn..........????  Turns out, he's standing there holding the lead on Jasper.  He saw the whole thing going down and thought John had the lead wrapped around some body part, lunged and un-clipped the lead from the halter.  When he saw John was loose, somehow he re-clipped it.  I don't know if Jasper stopped to watch the silly people, or if Lynn was strong enough to hold him, either way we didn't have to go try to find him on 30 acres in the dark, thank goodness.   Doug pulled the cactus spines from his posterior, I brought John in doctored his gravel wounds and we all fed donkeys.

Tomorrow is sure to be a little less entertaining I hope.  We have 4 tours so it might be pretty busy.  Poor Jasper won't even have a chance to settle in before he will be on display.  He seems very interested in what's going on around him and is gentle, just hasn't been worked with a lot. 

Linda took all the pictures today, I forgot my camera........LOL

Wednesday, March 07, 2018


And this week-end isn't going to be any better.  Tomorrow Georgette and Dave are coming out to help with the St. Patrick Day planning for Tombstone.  

Friday we're going up to bring Jasper down here from Waddell in the Phoenix area.  We had planned on convoying up there with Lynn and Linda, because of the 2 day race show at Canyon.  That way they could bring Jasper back here, and John and I would head for the track.  

I e-mailed the track owner/promoter that I'd like to come up for the show, but my car didn't pass tech last week-end and it's welding, so there hasn't been time to get it done.  Actually John wanted to take one of the Kias instead, and they are built like the Neon, and would also need welding.  So that particular adventure might not happen.  

If it does or doesn't, won't change the fact that we have 3 or 4 tours penciled in for Saturday.   I say penciled in, because a lot of times people will make arrangements to come out to see the donkeys and don't show up.  The one we know for sure is coming will be 15-20 people........!!!  Sunday Tyler will be out to check on Gus, Gigi and Rosie's shoes.  Gus is doing really well, and isn't on any meds for the 1st time in a long time.  Rosie has adjusted to wearing shoes on her front feet, but is still on meds 3 days a week.  We are gradually weaning her off the Equioxx, so far so good. That takes us back to Monday, which starts a full calendar for the week.........!!!  The week after that isn't much better.....!!!  LOL  

It's starting to warm up, I think what we classify as winter is probably over.  I got my 1st shipment of fly predators about 2 weeks ago.  I'm not sure there are enough flies around to lay eggs to give 10,000 little wasps, a place to lay their eggs, which kills the fly larvae. The ones the company hatches out this time of year, kind of get the short end of the stick as far as completing their life cycle





Monday, March 05, 2018


Really had fun up at Canyon Speedway in the Peoria area north of Phoenix.  We got up there on Friday, and found out there was no practice Friday night, but it was daylight, so I at least got to see the track.........LOL

 Unfortunately our 2 cameras we put in the car, needed to be charged, so we didn't get any video during the races.  I didn't even take a picture of the race car sitting in the pits.  We weren't sure there was even going to be a race for the 4 cylinders until one finally showed up.  And then when that car and I lined up to go out on the track, another one pulled in behind us, so there were only 3 cars.  That was the 1st race in Arizona for the IMCA Sport Compacts and I guess a lot of people are waiting to see if they get enough cars to make a program.  But if they don't have cars I would imagine the track won't continue to try to run them, so they better get to building some cars.  

Both of the other cars were Cavaliers, which is one of the best 4 cylinder cars for racing and they pretty much showed my Dodge Neon the way around the track.  I finished 2nd in the heat race, because one of the cars started cutting out, but in the main he was running real good unfortunately.....!!!  LOL  I could follow them, but couldn't catch them. 

The other driver was an older woman, not as old as me, but she has grown kids and she knew what she was doing.  Everyone was really nice and thanked us for coming etc.  They are having a 2 day event next week-end, and I wouldn't mind going back up to help their car count, but John isn't too thrilled.  I think he was happy I brought it home in one piece and he's afraid 2 more nights of racing before our 1st race in Tucson the 17th might be tempting fate....!!!  He said we could take one of the Kias up and see if anyone would be interested in buying it as a starter car.  The Kias are good little cars and well built, they just don't have enough power to run on the longer tracks.  I'd be even farther behind than I was in the Neon...!! 


 I took these pictures in the pits.  The track is real close to the Lake Pleasant area, where the wild burros roam free.  It looks like they go thru the pits at the track sometimes, although I can guarantee there weren't any around Saturday night, it was too noisy.  

This week is going to be pretty busy, so when John didn't show a lot of interest in going back up there to help their car count, Friday filled in nicely.  

I've been talking to a woman up in the NW area of Phoenix, that has an overweight donkey that just lost his momma last week and is very depressed.  He was eating OK, but today she said he isn't eating very good.  Unfortunately, an overweight donkey not eating is dangerous and they can develop hyperlipidemia   which can be fatal, in fact that is what killed the jenny according to her vet.

Since she is so far away, I asked my good friend Claire to go over and see what was going on.  Claire is very familiar with Insulin Resistance, Cushings and all those problems caused by too much rich food and too much of it.  The woman lives fairly close to Claire and she went over a couple of days ago and met Liz and Jasper.

 Jasper is a little lumpy, but doesn't look any worse than Rosie or Coquette when they came here.  What gets me is he has absolutely no crest on his neck.  Usually if a donkey is overweight, they have a thick neck, his looks just fine. 

But I can almost guarantee he has fatty liver disease, which is a big problem with the hyperlipidemia.  So Liz has decided to turn him over to us permanently, we can hopefully get him a little healthier.  I use to think I was pretty good at it, but Rosie and Coquette not to mention Buddy Brat have refused to become svelte, no matter how much we try to slim them down.

So Friday we will go up and get him.  Claire said he is really timid and hasn't been in a trailer for almost 20 years, so we'll have to be really patient with him.  Claire suggested bringing a buddy for him to ride with.  Cisco would be perfect, but his legs wouldn't make the trip.  Quilla would be good too, as far as I know he doesn't have problems with his legs.  Or maybe Buddy Brat.  Maybe one of the minis, would be less threatening.  Someone will go, I just haven't figured out who yet. 

Thursday, March 01, 2018


I was shocked this morning when I checked on the blog and saw it had been a week since I updated.  It's not that nothing is happening, that's for sure.......!!! LOL 

John and I went out for practice on the asphalt last weekend as planned and it went well.  At least I guess it did.  I am one of those drivers that for the life of me can't "race" without other cars on the track.  When we have to time for our starting position I usually start in the back, because I'm so slow.  I would imagine most people think I'm sand bagging to get a good starting position, but one doesn't have anything to do with the other. 

It had a water leak, so we brought the car home and John fixed it.  At least I hope he did.  We took it out on the road and ran it till it warmed up and, NO LEAK.......!!!  We heading up to Canyon Speedway tomorrow to run on the dirt Saturday night.  They have a practice Friday night, I want to participate in. It's been 4 years since I ran dirt, except for one race at the defunct dirt track in Tucson in January 2017, so I'm probably a little rusty.  Driving dirt is a lot different than driving asphalt, I think it is more technical, although a lot of people think racers stay on dirt because they can't do well on asphalt.  Most dirt driver's stay on dirt because it's more fun.....!!!  LOL

Hope I bring it home in one piece, or John will have a fit, since if I break it he has to fix it.  Some of our driver's have been up there and they said the guys up there don't mind contact, so it might be pretty exciting.    LOL

We are still trying to figure out which donkeys are going to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Tombstone the 17th of March.  So far BlackJack, Quilla, and Turbo have been chosen.  Dave and Georgette are coming out Thursday to plan our parade involvement, so we'll chose the other 3 then.  I'd really like to take one that hasn't been to a parade, but, it's too easy to go with the ones that have.  I've been thinking about Buddy Brat.  He's been up to Gammon's Gulch, as a movie extra, so he might be a good candidate.  We'll see.....!!!

We have a family of skunks that come every night for the cat food on the back porch.  We think there is 3 of them, the reason we think it's a family is they don't squabble with each other.

These desert skunks are all tail.  The little skunk probably doesn't weigh 2 pounds, but has a tail that's about 2 feet long.  I guess it used to make him look bigger.  When he buries his head in the feed dish, the tail sticks straight up in the air, like a big flag.