Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Not that interested in eating much of anything except animal crackers and even then not with gusto.  He has access to water and also molasses water.  

Today he was out most of the day with the herd.  Seemed to do fine Linda said.  Joe even behaved himself and she said at one time they were side by side.  She also said he was browsing on trees, brush and even cactus.  But he got more Karo tonight to help his system to think it doesn't need to release the extra fat in his liver into his blood stream and a shot Dr. Jeremy left. 

Mindy came out again today to visit with the donkeys, and is suppose to come out again tomorrow.  John and I were in Tucson all day, but I'll be here tomorrow maybe get a chance to visit a little bit.  I think she said she is going home Thursday.  John has 2 jeep tours, which he loves to do, showing tourists around the desert. In fact he has to be at the shop in Tucson at 6:30AM..........glad it's him and not me...........!!!  LOL

Had a tour today and they brought animal crackers and carrots for the donkeys.  If the donkeys only knew what a nice supply of goodies we have right now, because of the generosity of visitors, they would really be impressed and I'm sure would be trying to figure out how to get to them........!!  They know the guys all carry crackers in the right front pocket and during tours when the donkeys are out of the pens, we don't do treats.  They wouldn't knock someone down on purpose or run into them, BUT, if they thought one of the others was getting a cracker and they were, people that aren't use to large animals might get caught flat footed.  So treats are out unless they are in the pens.  We'll be showing the people around and the donkeys usually crowd around, because they know there will be pets and lots of attention.  They also know the guys have crackers in their pockets and will push on the pocket or tug on the pant leg.  They aren't obnoxious about it, they just let the guys know, where the crackers are, if someone wanted to take one out of the pocket, they would be more than happy to eat it........!!!  

 Everyone wants to be a racing donkey

So many volunteers to be a racing donkey

Cheyenne and Buddy on their 1st outing, they did really good, they even got to go at liberty I think Linda said.

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