Friday, April 27, 2018


Linda called yesterday afternoon and said they had just let the donkeys out on 40 acres to roam and investigate.  Actually 4 of the donkeys had been on that acreage last summer, so they took off to see if anything had changed.  The other three weren't quite as brave, but I would imagine it didn't take them long to catch up.

Set up for the night in New Mexico

Some kind of New Mexico monster checking out Linda's accommodations in "her" truck.  You have to remember there is also 4 dogs involved in this exodus, that pretty much choose where to sleep and how much room to take up.....!!  Sorry Lynn, I couldn't resist......!!  LOL     

Lola probably looking for her buddy John to throw her ball in the morning in N.M.  That was his job when we did morning chores.  She will chase the ball as long as someone will throw it. 

Lynn and his brother Forrest unloading the stock trailer., almost looks like a clown car...!!

Exploring is so much fun....!!

Turbo, and Leo with their "leader" Lynn.  I noticed Loki Joe is doing his own thing as usual......!!! LOL

Turbo and Leo have a lot of energy after their long trip.

Roxy is rather lost with the dogs gone, I'm sure she is wondering what happened to her pack.  She comes in the feed room to get fed twice a day, has been spending the day underneath Doug's trailer, although she seems to like the air conditioning in the feed room.  It's been in the high 90's, if it stays that hot, she will probably spend more time in the feed room.  I don't know if she even goes back to her home across the road anymore or not. Even without the dogs she seems to prefer being over here,  though it's pretty boring with no dogs I'm sure.  

We are putting fly masks on the donkeys as needed.  The flies aren't very bad yet, but they zero in on moist eyes, as it gets hotter.  This morning I put a fly mask on Gigi.  Gigi likes men better than women in fact her favorite is Lynn, and it's been months since she's had a fly mask on.  We did a little dance for quite sometime, finally she gave up, thank goodness.  I could just imagine being out there all day long if she wanted to really be uncooperative about the whole operation.  I even had cookies as bribery material, but she still had to show me she didn't want to cooperate.  Tomorrow morning should only take half as long...........hopefully.....!!!  LOL

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Looks like Leddy is bored already...!!

Well that might be a little drastic, but the 2 humans, 4 dogs, one mammoth, 4 standards and 2 mini donkeys are on the road, as of noon today.  

When their motor home went in the hay barn, we were pretty sure it was a go......!!!  They are still planning on spending the night about half way.  I hope the donkeys will be more cooperative than they were this morning with loading.  Not all of them, but some of them, hadn't planned on going in a trailer today.....!!  LOL  And once they did load they weren't necessarily in the spot they wanted to be.  So running over some of the others to get there, seemed to be the answer to the problem.  It's amazing, all the noise and banging and the trailer rocking and once they all get where they want to be, it was peaceful.   Usually as long as the trailer is moving things are quiet, they are too busy keeping their balance. 

Buddy checking to see if the new arrangement, made the hay close enough he could reach didn't...!!

They could have gotten an earlier start but we were suppose to have a tour at 11am of children from a non-profit organization that works with children with issues and Lynn wanted to stay in case we needed them to help with the kids.   The woman called this morning to verify time and  said they would be here around 11am.  It is now almost 2pm and we haven't heard a word from them.  I hope nothing bad has happened, Doug went ahead and let the remaining donkeys out of their pens at 1pm. 

It's not unusual for people to make an appointment ahead of time, and then not show up, but since she called this morning, this is a little unusual.  They are suppose to bring another group out tomorrow, at the same time.  I'm curious to see if they show up then.  

Roxy is still in the feed room resting in the air conditioning.  It's gotten hot enough we've been turning the a/c on the last few days.  We planned on keeping her in the pen until they had time to be out of the area, so she wouldn't try to follow them.  She's going to really be unhappy when she can't find her "pack".  Still don't know if she will go home with them gone or not. 

Here is a picture Linda took of Roxy and Saddik a couple of days ago in one of the golf carts waiting for a ride. 
Lynn and John put up the new camo shade cloth over Gus' afternoon resting spot.  Actually Gus has been off medication and walking good for weeks, and seems to lay down more from habit than anything else.  He's really been doing good.  Lynn had some ideas on making it better and it came out looking like they had a plan.  Last year we threw it up in a hurry, and had to keep "fixing" it. 

Gus and a few of his friends checking it out, looks like they approve

Saw my first "desert" rose today and John said the mesquite are getting ready to bloom.  We are hoping for a crop failure for the mesquite bean season this year.  Last year was bountiful and it's taken this long to get all the donkeys looking pretty good.  Pepsi was in the trailer to Colorado and there isn't any mesquite up there, so hopefully Linda can get some of his extra weight off.

Monday, April 23, 2018


Packing and getting the trucks loaded has taken longer than planned, Lynn and Linda were suppose to leave this morning after chores, but decided to stay at least till in the morning to get everything loaded.

A couple of days ago they practiced the panel setup they will use if they stop in Soccoro, NM, which is about half way.  Set up a trailer and corral panels and it's like donkey Disneyland.  In the trailer out of the trailer, walk around the panels and see what's happening.

Actually this is Turbo, who is going, Cisco and Cheyenne, who aren't.  Didn't stop them from checking everything out.  

Gus checking the feed room to see if anything is happening....!!

John put a 55 gallon drum over the well head, we haven't been able to find anything else to cover it up with, it sticks up above the ground so high.  Of course it is something new, so Jasper is investigating it.  I'm sure he isn't the only one, Linda just happened to catch him. 

This is Loki Joe, our little escape artist that was missing for 4 days a week or so ago.  Linda went in the garage and  Joe was ready to follow her, no telling what goodies he could find.  I don't think there is a nosier animal than a donkey.  Nothing is sacred or out of bounds as far as they are concerned.

This afternoon after chores, Lynn and John were up in the hay barn getting the hay buckets ready for the morning and Lynn heard this:

John couldn't hear it and it was right by where they run the hay thru a leaf shredder, for the ones that have a hard time eating hay.  Maybe that's why Lynn and Linda didn't leave this morning, because John would never have heard it, too many years working around jet aircraft, so he was lucky Lynn was there.

There they are with their victim.  They took her, as big as it was, it had to be a she, down the road to a deserted area with no people very close.  So many people kill them, but we haul them off, hopefully they don't come back....!!! LOL

We're not in any hurry for Lynn and Linda to leave, but by now their family probably thinks we've kidnapped them........!!!  Linda's about got everything loaded, so they'll probably head out in the next day or so. 

Friday, April 20, 2018


Linda has been taking video of Roxy and Gus, when Roxy is cleaning him up.

This is a little weird, Roxy isn't very gentle, and Gus doesn't seem to mind.  She looks like she is going for the eyeball..........!!!  LOL

His eyes and ears are going to be absolutely pristine if she sticks around.  

Linda sneaked up on Jasper scratching and Quilla tattled on her.

Big Boss BlackJack working Linda for a cookie, under the new Burroland sign Lynn and Linda gave us.  I'm going to see if John will move it again, so it can be seen better.  This will be the 2nd time it's been moved. one asked where it would look the best before it was put up..........!!  I'm pretty sure men and women's minds do not work the same when it comes to hanging signs or pictures...!!  Actually that's just 2 of many areas that might be dealt with differently, when I think about it..........!!!  LOL

Thursday, April 19, 2018


At least that is the plan.  Seven donkeys, four dogs, and 2 humans.  They plan on stopping in Soccorro, New Mexico for a rest and Lynn wants to let the donkeys out in a corral panel pen.  It's about 650 miles, which would be about 10-11 hours on the road.  That wouldn't be as much of a problem as trying to get 7 donkeys BACK in a trailer probably after 5 or 6 hours of being IN the trailer ......!!!  LOL  (Just got an update from Lynn that they are thinking about trying to drive straight thru or until they get tired?  But they are taking the corral panels, just in case..!!)

Joe seems to be recuperated from his "adventure".  Probably more so than we all are.  I wouldn't wish those 4 days on anyone, it was really an experience that I'm sure none of us want to do again.  Joe is just his usual happy in your face, obnoxious brat.....!!! LOL

This morning Buddy and Rosie both got wormed with Safe Guard.  The worming protocol to hopefully help or get rid of Rosie's sores on her belly  is one round of Safeguard, which takes care of adult neck thread worms (Onchocerca), but not the babies.  Two weeks later I'll start an Ivermectin treatment every two weeks for 6 weeks, to kill the kids hopefully.

Buddy in the bushes

Buddy actually has no sores or anything except a very thick neck that doesn't change if he loses or gains weight.  He has also worn most of the hair off the top of his neck scratching, and these worms cause intense itching, from what I've read.  We'll see if treating for thread worms changes his neck. 

Rosie and her friend Gigi resting in the afternoon

We have a new addition to the group.  Can't say it's our idea, but the neighbor's dog has decided it is more fun over here than over there.

She gets along with the donkeys.  This is Gus and with her around he no longer has eye boogers, which is rather icky to think of why they are disappearing.......!!!  LOL

She makes herself comfortable

We call her Roxie, have no idea what her real name is.  She's not as tall as Saddik, but more muscular, they probably weigh about the same.

When Lynn and Linda go back to Colorado, it's going to be pretty boring around here, wonder if she will keep coming over or not?  Probably will, she gets fed when Saddik gets fed........LOL

Do you remember about all the pretty little shiny colorful marble like things Linda put around the base of the Rainbow Bridge sign?  It took a couple of nights, but they all disappeared.  The only ones left are the ones set in concrete.  The donkeys would have just spread them all over the place.  So we think it is probably rock squirrels or pack rats.  Heckel and Jeckel the crow couple are back, and they will carry off shiny things, but they aren't usually in that area.  Whatever it was didn't leave one behind, we figure it's a rodent of some kind, down in a hole, rubbing it's little paws together with glee at how lucky he was to find such a treasure trove.

Lynn and Linda ran in a race in Sierra Vista last week-end and took Lennon, Lola and Saddik with them.  Some of the races are dog friendly and Linda has a double leash that attaches to her waist so she can run 2 dogs.

Linda won her first race for her age group...........!!! 

Lynn and Saddik finished 1st in their age group and 2nd overall.  Guess the guy in the red shirt was the overall winner. 

Three happy winners.....!! 


Friday, April 13, 2018


That is an understatement.......!!  

Sunday afternoon Lynn took Joe out for a run.  They went across the road into a state land cattle lease of 12 sections, or 7680 acres.  Lynn took off Joe's halter, like he has done with all the other donkeys when they are out in the "wild".  Donkeys will follow the leader, if they know who the leader is and all the other donkeys have always followed.  

Joe is independent, which is what makes him so much fun, he has his own idea of who is in charge and it seemed to be him, because he disappeared into the brush and Lynn spent all afternoon looking for him, without any sighting.  That was Sunday, Monday was spent looking for him.  There is a tank over there for the range cattle.  A tank looks like a pond, but usually doesn't have a source of water, except for rain or a lot of times they will have a well, with a windmill bringing up water to be piped into the tank.  This one doesn't have a well, so I guess it relies on rain, it looked pretty shallow and muddy.  It has corrals around it, where the cattle can be rounded up and worked with because for the most part they aren't tame and aren't very interested in interacting with humans.  The general idea was that is probably the only water source available in the whole area.  

I called the rancher and asked if we could put a couple of donkeys in one of the corrals overnight.  We thought if he came down for water and the donkeys were there, he would stay by them.  Lynn even stayed overnight, but no Joe showed up.  The next idea was instead of 2 donkeys to only take one, so it would be lonely and maybe bray.  The next night Lynn took Frijolita, one of the jennies that yells a lot and camped out again.  She yelled all night, but still no Joe and we are getting worried, although the 2nd morning, John and Linda were out early in the morning and thought they heard him, but instead of moving towards home, he was moving away.   

This red circle is about 13 miles.  On the left is 4 markers, the 2nd one from the bottom is our place.  The lowest marker to the south east is the water tank.  The 2nd marker above the water tank is where Joe disappeared.  The mark between where he disappeared and our place is where he was found.  As you can see Joe actually stayed in a relatively small area.  Although because of brush, trees, hills, valley, mesas, and ridges it's really difficult to see very far. 

Wednesday, some of the neighbors went out on horseback, but didn't find anything.  I went out on the quad, ran up and down the main road, looking for tracks to see if he had crossed back over it maybe.  Also went down in the riverbed to see if he had gotten that far.  Ran across Lynn wandering around in the brush, but no Joe.

One of the neighbors said she had heard him that morning around 4am braying and she was sure it wasn't one of ours, it was from a different direction.

John had a procedure at a hospital early Thursday morning in Tucson, so we were up really early.  The phone rang at 5am, it was Lynn saying he had gone out before 4am and had heard what he thought was a cow, but heard it again and thought it was Joe.  Good news but we had to hit the road.  When we got to the hospital, there was a message on our phone from Linda, saying, they had him.

NEEDLESS TO SAY THAT WAS WONDERFUL NEWS, we all had been so worried, it was the 4th day with no sighting and no clue as to where he was..!!  Lynn did over 75 miles in 4 days of searching.  He's a runner, but that's a lot of miles in some pretty rough country. 

This is a poo pile Lynn found before he found Joe

When Lynn first saw Joe up on a ridge

Joe was a little scared of Lynn at first and would move away when Lynn moved towards him

Lynn had a couple of bottles of water and after 4 days without water Joe was very interested in the water, enough that Lynn finally got close enough to him to get a halter and lead on him.  Then he put water in his hand, which wasn't much but Joe slurped it up as best he could.

They headed for home and Lynn said when Joe figured out where they were going he really picked up the pace.

Our neighbor Jorga was here and is a horse person, so she knew he didn't need access to water, and started kicking over water buckets.  There is a bucket in every pen, plus 2 large water areas, and I guess they had quite a tussle over water, she even had him around the neck, but they finally got him in his pen.  The vet had told us to call whenever we found Joe in case he needed an IV.  Since he was on his feet Dr. Jeremy said to give him 1/2 gallon of water every half hour and to add electrolytes to it.  Jorga happened to have electrolytes, so that's what they did. 

By the time we got home around 3pm he wanted hay more than water, so the dehydration crisis was over.  By bedtime he was back to normal, and went out with the herd.

We can't figure out why he never found the water.  Granted it was away from the area he stayed in, we about decided he is a city boy, and use to being taken care of.  He stayed in the area he was lost in, maybe waiting for someone to come and take care of him, who knows.  The rancher thought he would probably get with the cattle and they would have led him to the water, they know where it is.

Lynn and Linda had planned on leaving for Colorado this week-end, but now are waiting until next week-end to let Joe have time to recuperate from his experience.

Now we wonder if he will think of Lynn as his leader.  It will be interesting, as independent as he is.  Lynn may never let him off lead again to find out..........LOL

Joe and Lynn on one of their earlier outings

I guess as of this morning we are out of the dirt racing business.  The track north of Phoenix where we went to race a few weeks ago is still trying to get a Hornet class going.  So far they only have 3 cars showing up on a regular basis.  I guess people aren't building cars because they don't know if the class is going to take off.  So some of the racers put out the word they are buying up cheap Hornets and we gave them a good deal on the 2 cars.

They even got extra doors and bumpers, which they are going to need probably..!!  The idea is they will rent the cars out to people that want to try racing without having to buy a car.  Our dirt track has been closed since 2014 and we haven't heard any chatter for quite sometime.  If by some miracle it does open before I get too old to climb in the window, we can always buy another car I guess...!!  LOL

Sunday, April 08, 2018


Lynn and Linda were going to leave Saturday the 14th until they found out that is a race they won't leave until early Sunday morning now..........!!!  We told them we can handle it, we'll have to after they leave, but they won't listen.  Lynn has an appointment Tuesday the 17th in Colorado, hopefully it will be a smooth trip with no problems.  

At least I hope Saturday is a race night.  Right now my car is sitting at a friend's garage, waiting for the transmission to be installed.  Another friend took the tranny apart to make sure it's better than the one in the car that jumps out of gear at the most inopportune times.  John is suppose to go over this week and they will put it in the car.  Fingers crossed that it works and will stay in gear thru a main event........LOL

 Got the Burroland sign up a few days ago.

I think I might have changed out Rosie's snack boards, of course the new one would look just like this one within days........LOL
They put it up where we all had agreed was a good doesn't show up there there like it would around the corner.  I haven't brought the subject up with John yet........right now he is chasing a leak in one of the pens.  For almost a year a hose had ran thru that pen on top of the ground to fill water buckets.  Lynn dug the trench and they hooked it all up............and one of the connections is leaking.  John's excuse is,  he isn't a plumber........!!!  LOL  He just came in and said it is fixed, so we'll see.
 The Cheezits, Cheerios and Tortilla chips in the pantry are ours..........BUT all the lovely animal crackers are donkey treats, thanks to many people that have come out to visit with the donkeys recently.  I guess the word has gotten out that donkeys love animal crackers, apples, and carrots.  Some people have brought some of each and one woman even brought bags of timothy pellets.  Of course the donkeys don't know about this generosity, but they certainly enjoy the bounty.  It's always rewarding when others appreciate the donkeys and want to help make up for some of the rough times many of them have lived thru before they came here.  

Lately we've had tours almost everyday, and some of the donkeys are getting spoiled about sharing visitors with the other donkeys.  Cheyenne, the smallest mini is the worst about sharing.  We had visitors this afternoon and I had to really get on her.  She is cute, but not cute enough to behave like a brat by making ugly faces and threatening the other donkeys.....!!!  She may be little, but she doesn't seem to know it.  Most of the donkeys are large enough to squash her like  bug, but when she goes on a tangent they usually walk away or ignore her...!!


 A couple of days ago was "let's see how many donkeys can be stuffed in a stock trailer" day.  Linda put halters on all the ones traveling to Colorado and we started trying to figure out the loading process.  Who will load after someone else and will stand next to who.  It's not just a case of grab one and into the trailer it goes.  A lot of them seem to have definite thoughts on the process, that means you better have it make sense to them, or it's not going to go smoothly.

Turbo and Leo were loaded first.  You might remember when we loaded for the Tombstone parade in March, Turbo wasn't interested in loading and let Lynn know it wasn't his idea.  This time he hopped in the trailer like it was going to be fun.  Never say they will or they won't, because they might or they might not.....!!  LOL  Leo went in pretty good, next was to be Joe and Leddy.

This is either Bill or Don, they both self loaded when they saw the open trailer.  Unfortunately they weren't the ones that needed to load...!!

There is seven donkeys in there, with Lynn and Linda.  Justin was the 5th one in.  We thought he would load and just stand there, but NO........he put his nose down and waded thru the 4 already in there, to the front.  He looked like a salmon going upstream...!!  LOL

There actually was more than enough room for 7 donkeys.  Lynn started talking about Boaz going too.  I guess there are quite a group of Boaz lovers in Colorado, that are disappointed he isn't going to be there this summer.  Haven't heard anything recently about him making the trip.  He would have to get a health certificate and I'm sure I would have heard something by now....!!! LOL

Lynn took them on a short ride out to the main rode and back to see if anyone freaked out.  The rode just fine and when they came out of the trailer, they certainly weren't traumatized, we couldn't get them out of the way, so we could close the back gate.  Linda is trying to bribe them with cookies.

Thursday, April 05, 2018


Lynn and Linda are starting to try to get organized for heading back home to Colorado the 14th.  I'm glad it isn't me, there's lot to do to get ready for such a move, 6 (or 7...more later on that) donkeys, 4 dogs and stuff to stay and stuff to go.  Of course they have been here since early November, except for being in California for a month, so stuff is everywhere.....!!   LOL  They won't be taking the RV or the motor home, so that simplifies somewhat.  But I'm still glad it's them and not me..........!!!  

Yesterday Dr. Jeremy came to draw blood for Coggins test for those that need it for the trip. The ones that went back and forth last time, are still good, but Loki Joe, Justin and Pepsi haven't been traveling, so they had to be tested.

Lynn really wants to take Quilla back this year.  His skin condition was so much better up there and their friend Stephanie wants her parade partner to come back again.  Quilla's Coggins is good, all he would need is an up to date health certificate.  But first.........they have to find out if 7 donkeys will fit in a 4 horse stock trailer.  We have hauled 8 standards in our trailer, but it wasn't an overnight trip, which adds more issues to the adventure.

I think they are going to try to load all 7 today and see how it goes.  Thank goodness I have an appointment in Benson, and unfortunately won't be here to "help".........LOL

While Dr. Jeremy was here, he looked at Frijolita's eye.  It looked pretty good except for the swelling to me, BUT I'd rather someone that really knows what they are doing look at it.  He didn't see anything in there,  and it looks better this morning.  I'm still keeping a fly mask on her, to keep the sun out of her eye in case it is sensitive to light.  And also if she rolls on the ground, it might help to keep her from getting something else in the eye.

x-ray me Jasper's front feet look like they are on the wrong side......!!

De. Jeremy x-rayed Jasper's front feet that have been chronically foundered.  Jasper was really ouchy on them when he first got here, but change in diet and drugs have made a lot of difference in his comfort level.  He hardly lays down at all during the day and is out all night.  Exercise is really good for their circulation, when their feet are compromised.

Portable x-ray is REALLY nice to have, if Jasper looks like he being mellow there's a reason.  He does not like to have his legs and/or feet messed with and he is really determined that they not be touched.  Although Linda has been working with him and he will "allow" touch as long as it doesn't last long enough to do anything...!!   So Dr. Jeremy put him into donkey LaLa land.!!


His x-rays actually didn't look as bad as I expected.  He has some rotation, but not really bad. Some demineralizing of the coffin bone, but again, not bad.  A little bit of ski slope to the front of the coffin bone, but again, I've seen worse.  One foot has the navicular area compressed but he thinks if Tyler lowers the heel more, it will make more room for everything to spread out.  All in all pretty good news for Jasper.  Now.......if we can just get some of the extra weight he's carrying off of him, he might be in  good shape.

Linda has bathed Gus twice lately for skin problems with special shampoo.  Gus is one of the few donkeys that loves to be bathed, thanks to Claire...!!!  LOL  So he's really easy.  Both sides right behind his elbows was sloughing off hair.  Some of it even had scabs around the base of the hair.  It has been getting better, but there again if you have someone that knows what they are doing available by all means pick their brain.

Linda brought Gus out and I was someplace else.  When I came up Dr. Jeremy said, I was going to be surprised at his recommendation.  I popped up with, "Vagisil"?  LOL  A few years ago I read about how to use Vagisil for fungus infection and it was so weird, I got a tube.  It expired in 2013, so I've had it for awhile, never been opened.....!!!  I think it surprised him, I know it shocked me that I still had that little tidbit in my brain....!!! LOL  He said you can also use ointment for athelete's foot.  Somehow it doesn't have the shock factor Vagisil does though....!!!  LOL  It already looks better this morning, so if you  have a skin problem that you think might be fungus, there's some OTC things to use.  I had to clip around the area, so now poor Gus really looks like he's got something nasty going on, poor guy.  Dr. Jeremy was pleased to hear Gus is completely off all pain medication and doing well. 

Rosie's summer belly is trying really hard to become a problem.  So far Linda is keeping up with it.  Of course it isn't even hot yet, I'm really surprised it's starting this early.  Over the years, she has had steroid shots which didn't work, and had just about every creme know to man, put on her belly.  The technical term is Midline Ventral Dermatitis.  She actually has 4 areas on her belly, only one of which is midline.  I think this year I might try aggressively worming her again, if she does have holdover larvae from last year and the proceeding years.  Ivermectin is suppose to kill the young, but not the adult worms, if that is what is going on.  So I will need to find out for sure what the life span is of the adults, so I can hopefully worm her thru adults dying of old age.  

The sign came out great and the donkeys didn't carry off the colored stones last night.!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018


Lynn and Linda sent off and got 2 new signs for the rescue.  They are always coming up with neat ideas.

 This morning our neighbor Jorgia helping to put up the Rainbow sign in the cemetery.

Linda is busy putting pretty colored stones in the concrete around the posts.  Then she laid stones all around on the dirt.  We figure they will be everywhere by morning.......!!  LOL  Donkeys don't miss much and they love to rearrange just about anything they haven't seen before.  I just hope they don't eat them.........LOL

The sign was laser cut and really was almost disappeared into the background scenery.  John found a piece of aluminum to back it with and Linda did the painting.  Isn't it beautiful......??? The other sign is for Burroland, the 20 acres of wilderness the donkeys think is theirs and humans don't belong.  I think the back piece is going to be white on it, at least it was the last I heard.  Guess I'll have to wait until it's put up to know for sure.  

This morning when I got out to the feed room, Doug and Linda said Frijolita had a nasty looking eye that was tearing real bad.  John and I went to see what was going on.  I don't know for sure what she did.  There is a scrape on the edge of her eye, and it had a lot of mud in it.  We rinsed it out, which was a lot of fun.  Frijolita won't fight you or try to get away. But she can be very evasive, if you try to get hold of her head, she will turn it away from you and put her nose almost on the ground and then she will just stand there like that.  It is almost impossible to doctor an eye when she does this.  But we finally got her to let us raise her head up and use eye wash.  The bottom lid is really swollen and when I flushed the mud out of her eye, I saw something that looked like a piece of wood caught between the bottom lid and her eyeball.  I tried flushing it out and she actually stood pretty good, so I assume she knew I was trying to help.  But it was stuck in there pretty good.  I kept flushing and it finally came loose enough that I could get the water underneath it.  What I thought was a piece of wood was actually a small rock.  Well it would be small if you found it in a salad or something.  But in an eye, it probably felt like boulder.  I dropped it on the ground, so didn't get a picture of it.  

This afternoon Linda and I rinsed it out some more and put triple antibiotic in the eye.  The lower lid is still really swollen, I hope just from irritation.  The eye looks good, she's holding it open and it isn't wet anymore, so hopefully tomorrow it won't be so swollen. 

Monday, April 02, 2018


Turbo and Leddy playing

Jasper's mom came down from the Phoenix area to visit him yesterday morning.  When Liz and Steve got here, we had just finished morning feeding, so everyone was still in their pens, including Jasper.  

She was happy to see him eating and looking good.  We took the golf cart out, so she could see Burroland and where the donkeys get to roam.  She was amazed at how peaceful it is out here.  A lot of people that come out live in the city and comment on how quiet it is.  I know what they mean, a few times over the years I've stayed overnight with friends in Tucson, when I was going to fly out REALLY early in the morning.  I usually didn't get any sleep, because of the noise of the city, might as well stayed at home..............LOL

One night after dark, I finally noticed there was movement around the outside of the pens and went outside to see what was going on.  Linda was doing an impromptu tour with a neighbor's visiting family.  I asked why she didn't turn on the pen area lights.  I guess they were all enjoying a flashlight tour.......!!!  They seemed to be having a great time, if they ever come again, and get to see everything in daylight or with the pen lights, it will be a whole new experience I guess..........!!!  We have a driveway announcer, but they came across Burroland, Vic's place shares a fence with Burroland and there is a gate between us.  He is the neighbor that fostered Casper the little escape artist, mini mule until we could find a home for him.  Casper is suppose to be getting training for pulling a little cart, but I don't think Bryan has done much with him so far.   We would have kept the little brat, if he would have stayed in the fences.  Or even if when he got out he stayed around here.  But we know for sure he was about a mile from here one morning out of the main road, being chased by 2 cowboys in a pick-up truck....!!!  LOL

Joe's "naming" party was a couple of days ago.  

It would be nice if he was appreciating his balloon, but he was probably just checking it out to see if it was edible

Nothing scares him, even flying balloons with streamers whirling  around in the breeze

He got first bite of his "cake", but then had to share.  All special days like birthdays and naming days are celebrated in Linda and Lynn's family....!! 

Yesterday Lynn put a pack saddle on Loki Joe.  We doubt that he has ever had a saddle on before but it was like no big deal.  He didn't even have a halter on, nor was he in a pen.  Lynn couldn't really tighten the cinch, because Joe is so much smaller than the other donkeys they have.  He is really a small standard and is one of the very few donkeys around here that isn't chubby.  I'm sure they will get him an appropriate saddle or cinch.  They are planning on getting a sawbuck saddle for Little Justin also since he will be racing with Linda this year.  

When anyone is outside working around here, they always have donkey help.  It doesn't matter if you sneak off quietly to someplace there isn't a donkey anywhere.  Start doing something and within minutes there will be donkeys wanting to know, if they can help........!!!

This is Leddy and Loki Joe helping Lynn with trail building in Burroland.  I think that is Rosie behind Joe, if so Gigi isn't too far away.  

This is Jasper yesterday, his 1st day to be in Burroland, as far as we know.