Sunday, May 31, 2020


SURPRISE.......!!!  We have 3 new equine at the rescue.  Suzanne left Colorado yesterday morning REALLY early, headed home.  On the way she stopped in the Phoenix area to pick up 2 little mini donkeys and their friend DJ a palomino pony.  

Their mom died and the family needed a place for them to go.  DJ had been there for 16 years, he came with another donkey who died a few years ago.  These 2 joined the family and they've all been together ever since.  

We really knew nothing about them, we were told you could pet them and that was about it.  Suzanne's a trooper, she was ready and willing to get them on her way down, which saved us a designated trip up there to get them.  

She said they actually loaded pretty easy.  She had no problems, but the weather was not very good.  She said it was raining sideways from the wind and blowing tree branches across the highway.  Saw firemen fighting a lightening fire.  Certainly not the weather we expect this time of year.

They got here just about dark, they really were mellow about having their long term lives disrupted, led into their pens, started eating hay and were willing to come up to the fence for animal crackers.  Well, not Jackson animal crackers aren't on his diet I guess. 

This is Jackson and Leroy.  Leroy is an NLP, non light point.  He doesn't have the usual light colored nose and belly most donkeys have.  About 10% of donkeys are NLPs.  Jackson is the easiest to work with, he doesn't care if you put a fly mask or halter on him.  Leroy is a little more opinionated on how he should be treated.  You'll notice he doesn't have a fly mask on.  His opinion was he didn't need one although the flies were horrible this morning.  I tried to put a halter on him to control him enough to get a mask on him.  He wasn't interested.  Suzanne had to sneak a rope around his neck, and then he let me put the fly mask on.  They can be so funny about what is allowed and what isn't sometimes. 

 DJ needs a little work.  He's 27 years old and the people said he won't gain weight.  My theory even before we saw them was, if he has been in with 2 mini donkeys, he's not been getting his share of the hay.  They can be little eating machines and both of them are "plump".  So we already had them set up to be separated when eating. 

Suzanne did some grooming on DJ this morning.  This is just one side, he wasn't quite ready to have the other side brushed.  There was a little male sparrow that immediately started picking hair up and flying up into the big cat claw tree.  Guess he's building a nest.  

We put them right beside Casper the little mini mule that in the past has hated all other equine.  He has mellowed the last year or so, probably because he couldn't keep up with all the donkeys coming and going.  It was hard for him to keep track of who was new and who wasn't maybe.  LOL
We'll give them a couple of days to settle in and then let them out.  I'm afraid that long mane on DJ will have to go.  If he had that mane out in the brush and mesquite it would end up a tangled mess, it's bad enough with the donkeys tails.  He already has mats and tangles in it that would probably have to be cut out.  His mane has probably been growing all his life, but he'll be more comfortable out here without it.   He's even got feathers "ie" long hair on his ankles that will probably have to go also.  Stick tight season isn't here yet, but it will be in late August.  I've thrown socks away rather than to try and save them, after a walk thru stick tight country.  

Got some pictures from Linda in Colorado.  

 This is quite a herd.  I see the mule Pat "ie" Molly is front and center for attention, so this picture was taken at her new home. 

 Leddy must have thought there were treats involved

Link and I'm guessing Muzzy.......looks like they are guarding the fly masks.

 Stacy and I'm not sure if that is Jenny on her right or not.  I'm guessing the other one is Cochise, it's hard to tell who is who unless you see the body sometimes....!!  

Linda called this bunch clowns I can see why, they are all trying their best to get attention.

Found out what happened to the Cavalier to cause water in the oil.  John took it to our friend Gary that rebuilt the motor.  He had taken it to a machinist we've used before.  We'll find out Monday, BUT for some reason the head isn't flat.  The machinist was suppose to have made sure of that, but obviously it didn't get done.  Sure glad we found it out before we ruined the motor.  Maybe I'll race it the 20th after all.......!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

QUIET BUT BUSY.........!!

I never did update the trip to Colorado after their overnite in N.M.  They got up there no problems and have taken some of the donkeys out for practice runs.  It's been down to at least 31 degrees, which is a lot different than it is here, although we are still getting cool nights, just not that cool.....!!! 

Jenny has found a new home.  Stacey was already interested in her and had offered to drive down here to get her sight unseen, so she was anxiously waiting for Jenny to arrive.  Jenny is a sweet girl and was on her best behavior when they met, so it was a match.  Benji might also be getting a new home, haven't heard how that is going.

Suzanne will be coming back this week-end and on her way home will be picking these three up by Phoenix.  Their mom died and the family was looking for a place for them.  

They've been in a good home for years, originally adopted from Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah.  When they were adopting the donkeys they were told they would have to take the pony also.  He had been badly abused and the only friends he had made, animal or human was the 2 little donkeys.  After all these years they are still his only attachment according to the woman's daughter, so where they go he goes.  

We also have another surrender pending.  The story is a little sketchy, some people moved to a place and discovered a neglected donkey on the property.  This isn't the 1st time we've heard of situations like that, just the 1st time we've been involved.  So far we are on stand-by, waiting to hear from the people that will transport.  

Other than that things are going pretty good around here.  It's just John and I to take care of the donkeys.  Of course there are only 10, so it's pretty easy.  They are having to wear their fly masks 24/7 now, the flies are voracious and get up a lot earlier than we do.  

A couple of days ago when we were doing roundup I noticed a snake hanging from Bella's side.  At first I thought it was biting her, which got me excited for a few seconds.  

But it wasn't moving, just hanging there..........dead.  It was a little night snake, they are only about the size of a pencil, don't ever get any bigger, but it's hard to figure out why it was dead and why it was hanging on her side.

I would imagine she laid down on it, and it was already dead.  But have no idea what killed it.  It looks like it has 2 wounds on it's side, but if something caught it and killed it, I would think it would have eaten it.  I guess it will be one of life's little mysteries.

 Last week-end I FINALLY got to race for the first time this year on the asphalt.  Was suppose to race the Cavalier, for the 1st time.  Been trying to get that car on the track for 2 years.

This picture was taken the week before at practice.  It ran just fine, no problems, brought it home, and parked it.

John does a inspection of the cars before every race day and when he inspected the Cavalier on Friday he discovered water in the oil.  That is not a good thing to find, although it is good to find it before you drag the car to the track and blow the motor.  LOL

That motor is brand new, it was just rebuilt, so now the guys will have to go on a "wonder what's wrong with it" mission.  In the meantime, I need a car, so drag out the Neon and away we go to the races.  

It did just fine, considering, it's been totaled twice and is not very straight anymore.  John has also told me to not hit anything with the front, because it is too weak to take impact.........!! 

This picture of the Neon was taken last year, it's gotten a few more battle scars since then.

I finished 2nd in the heat race and 3rd in the main event, so it was a good night.  Here is a link to the race.

So now what happens with the Cavalier  "Garage Queen"....???  Everyone is saying to get rid of it, that it's jinxed.  It's had so many things happen or go wrong with it, maybe they are right......!!

John's trying to find a motor to drop in before my next race day June 20th.  Not sure that is an answer to the problem.  I told him I'd just as soon drive the Neon, BUT, even though it runs and handles good, it's pretty fragile at this time in it's life.  Also if the dirt track does open later it is suppose to be my dirt car.  If it runs as a dirt car the asphalt track wouldn't appreciate it being used for both.  It's almost impossible to get all the caked dirt out from under a dirt car.  And asphalt tracks are rather anal about dirt cars dropping dirt and an occasional body part, not to mention dripping motor fluids on their pristine asphalt.  Dirt tracks aren't quite so picky, if it can move under it's own power they'll usually let you run it..........!!! LOL

Friday, May 22, 2020


Suzanne called this morning to say everything is going well, no problems.  They were loaded and ready to hit the road.
Last night their biggest complaint was moths, I guess the local moth population was thrilled to have company......!!!  Not as much problem loading this morning as yesterday morning which is a good thing.  Guess Leddy and Legend were resigned to their fate.......!!! LOL

This set up allows the use of the back gates as gates or panels between the trailers, to give the donkeys a little more move around. 

This is Linda's picture from yesterday trying to get all 3 rigs in one picture.  It looks like the 3rd rig is in front, behind the tree on the left, with the back gate open, but for all practical's still almost impossible to get all 3 rigs in one picture, at least side views.........!!! 

Thursday, May 21, 2020


Well, they headed down the road early this afternoon, after a fun filled couple of hours, getting 28 donkeys and 1 mule into 3 trailers.  I might be wrong on the number, it could be 30.....!! LOL  Some of the donkeys hopped in like it was fun.  Some of them went in after a complete investigation of the situation and showing their reluctance to cooperate.  Some of them had not planned a trip for today and didn't see a need to hop in a trailer, especially if there was already 4 or 5 in there.  Those feet got firmly planted and took a lot of patience to get them in the trailer.  

Finally, everyone was where they belong and off they went.  I haven't heard from them yet, Suzanne was going to call when they got to their overnight stop.  But they might be there and putting up the corral panels so the donkeys can get out, roll in the dirt and stretch their legs for the night.  

I proved one thing this morning, it's almost impossible to take a picture of 3 truck and trailer rigs. LOL

These stock trailers are rated as a 4 horse trailer.  There are 9 or 10 donkeys in each trailer and there was still room for a couple more.  Can't hardly see the donkeys. 

Can't see any donkeys in this trailer at all.......but they are in there.....!!

I think the face you can see in the back is Leddy.  Leddy is not a big fan of trailers and traveling.  One of the first times they were headed back to Colorado, in  one trailer a few years ago  Leddy had a meltdown.  And he hasn't changed his mind about traveling since then.  The reason I think that is him, he was put in last because he chooses not to cooperate.  He never moved, but he started banging on the trailer with his hoof.  Hopefully when they got on the road he settled down.  I'm sure the other donkeys weren't interested in listening to all that noise, stock trailers are noisy enough, without him adding his 2 cents worth.........!!  

So John and I are in charge until Suzanne gets back in a week or so.   We only have 9 donkeys and Casper the mini mule to take care of.  Feeding went really quick tonight.  We tried to group the remaining donkeys together.  There are 5 jennies, so we put them in  side by side pens. Tula is the head jenny, and she lost her whole herd this morning, they all went to Colorado.   John moved 2 jennies next to her pen.  They probably won't be interested in each other, but you never know.

Big Gus and Jasper were already beside each other, BlackJack and Cisco also are beside each other, so we didn't have to move anyone except Bunny and Bella, next to Tula. 

Took this picture at practice last week-end.  Our son Rod's modified is on the right and my Hornet is on the left behind the car trailer.  I'm suppose to race this Saturday night at the asphalt track.  The track marked off the bleachers, so people can't sit next together.  Hopefully they will at least let families sit together. 

Monday, May 18, 2020


Over the last 3 days the herd has grown by eight........!!!  They are all "hitchhiking" to Colorado for one reason or another, and anytime someone is hauling, especially long distance sometimes it works out if there is room for some extras.

This is 3 of them, Banjo Man, and I hesitate to try to identify the 2 miniatures, it might be Cierra and Jerome......LOL

It always amazes me, how accepting donkeys are of all the nonsense people put them thru.  In the trailer, go somewhere new that has lots of donkeys to stare and try to hopefully welcome them into the herd. 

Then there is Pat, or as I call her Patsy, I think Linda is calling her PattiCake.  The name Pat is too plain for such a pretty girl.  This is Louie being at the front of the line to welcome her out of the trailer. He's another hitchhiker so they might become good friends before they get where they are going.  They aren't going to the same place though, so it might be a short relationship.....!!

Louie was really interested in looking her over
She got to go out this morning and I think she investigated every inch of the property,  She wasn't interested in the donkeys but she sure was interested in looking the place over

Not sure who's nose that is on the right, but they seem to be getting along just fine.

We were interested to see how Casper the little white mule would behave towards a molly mule.  In the past his behavior towards other equine has been, to put it politely bizarre  When he first came here he would run at them, mouth wide open and screaming like a banshee.  The more they ran, the wilder he got.  We had another little mule gelding here one time, and he was scared to death of Casper.  His anti-social behavior is why we ended up with him.  

Usually after a few days, he settles down and life goes on, but it's very disruptive in the meantime.  I had always wondered about a molly, although he has chased some of the jennies.  Patsy let him know she did not appreciate his attention.  He actually hasn't done the open mouthed screaming in years, but he will chase them if they let him.  She kicked at him a few times and he chased her a couple of times and that pretty much took care of the problem.......

Casper doesn't have anyone to run with, he tolerates the donkeys and they tolerate them, but they really don't have much in common.  I've thought about if a little mini molly happened to be available somewhere, that he might appreciate having a girlfriend.  We'll see how it goes.  Maybe she would keep him from camo crawling under the perimeter fence..........LOL

We had a tour this morning, in fact I think we've had a tour everyday since we reopened last Friday.  

Of course Big Gus had to stick his big nose in the golf cart to get petted.  He is such a character, I always tell people he will either be the most interesting animal they ever met, or the most obnoxious, just depends on their level of acceptance.......!!  He has no boundaries when it comes to being with people.

This is Link doing his giraffe interpretation.  Right now the mesquite trees are blooming and must be tasty, the donkeys are eating them every chance they get.    Link is a lot taller than the others, so he can get higher up in the trees.  He'll probably grow for 2 or 3 more years, so we have no idea how tall he will eventually get.  

Thanks for the pictures Linda and Bill

Wednesday, May 13, 2020


We have a photographer coming out tomorrow and a tour on Monday, so I guess people are still interested in the donkeys.  I'm sure the donkeys will be happy to see visitors, they really enjoy entertaining people.  It's amazing how quick the new ones catch on and blend right in with the old timers when it comes to milking the people for attention.  

This is how a fly mask looks after it has been used as a toy.  This one is beyond repair, if I even had someone to repair.  I use to have a local woman that repaired them for me, but she retired years ago.  

A lot of times they lose them out on the property and have to be found.  Do you see why we like to have the brightest colors they make for masks.....!! LOL 

It's really disheartening to walk around all over the property without finding a mask.  A lot of times if you come from a different direction, there it is right in front of you.  Years ago we had been missing a mask for weeks.  This was when it was just John and I and we took turns looking almost every day, but no mask.  

One day I was out looking, as usual on the ground, but for some reason I looked up in the tree above me, and there it was about 10-15 feet up in the tree.  Who would ever think to look up there.......!!  I guess the boys had been playing and someone grab the mask and the donkey jerked away and as the Velcro opened up, away it flew up into the tree...!!!   Sometimes we'll be walking a trail,we've already walked many times and there lies a mask right in the middle of the trail.  You know it wasn't there before, but here it is now.  I guess the donkeys find them laying around and play with them some more. 

Here are some of our "neighbors".  Usually we hear the cattle and they come by often to see if any hay has been put out.  John and Lynn are particular about the hay and if they don't like the way it looks or smells, the cows get it, which they seem to enjoy.  

We hadn't heard any for awhile, I think this time of year the rancher starts
moving them around or selling them.  But not too long ago Linda saw this bunch roaming around.  Haven't seen them since, so they are probably all new cows the rancher bought and they don't know the routine around here. 

 Well..........I think Lynn and Linda have finally got a date for heading north to the cool mountains of Colorado.  I don't know if Colorado has lifted their quarantine but they are heading out next week. 

This is 4 of the Burro Barracks group that are going.  John and I will have to say good-bye to them when they leave, because they might stay up there and not come back in the fall.  Actually about 2/3's of the donkeys will be going, we will only have 10 donkeys for the summer.  Quite a few of them have to be doctored on a regular basis, so we won't be bored.......!!! LOL  

I'm suppose to practice with my asphalt car this week-end and suppose to race next week-end.  I guess they aren't going to have spectators, which will take a lot of the fun out of it.  I don't know how businesses will be able to stay in business unless they are allowed to open up to capacity like they were doing before all this started.  It takes a lot of people to operate a race track, and fannies in the seats pays the bills.  It probably won't take long for people to figure out if operating at partial speed is going to work or not. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020


Leo and Leddy enjoying a fruit Donkey-cicle

Forever Home Donkey Rescue 

will reopen for tours on Friday, May 15th. We will begin our summer hours with a limited number of morning tours available. We are limiting the number of guests per tour (9 max in the group plus the tour guide).
We want to keep our guests, caretakers, and donkeys safe and healthy, but can only do that with your help. In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we’re asking that you please stay home, if you are experiencing:
• Fever
• Cough
• Sore throat
• Runny nose
• Shortness of breath
If you would like to schedule a tour, have any questions or concerns, please call 520-212-5300 or via e-mail at

Saturday, May 09, 2020


Seems like everything is on hold, with everyone trying to figure out what's going on and what should be going on.  

John and I did get haircuts yesterday, so our little town is opening up a little.  Monday is suppose to be another milestone in returning to normalcy, we'll see.  

Lynn and Linda are getting ready to head back to Colorado with lots of donkeys.  I think the last count was 32 donkeys, which equals 3 trailers.  Suzanne was going to drive up with a trailer of donkeys and then come back home.  

But it looks like the pack burro races are cancelling for this there is no need for the 10 extra donkeys they were going to take.  The list is flexible right now, we know which one of ours are going, just not sure about the others.  

Linda has been busy getting ready to travel, so I don't have access to as many pictures as usual.  I went thru pictures and videos on my computer and came up with some of interest that I don't think I've shared before.

This is Linda scratching inside Quilla's ears.  This rates high up on "things you can do to make a donkey happy". 

This doesn't make anyone happy, especially Bella.   Cholla isn't something you want to get stuck on your body, anywhere.  And on the lip would really be bad.  BlackJack came in not long ago with 3 pieces of cholla stuck in his mouth, between his lip and teeth.  I didn't have a comb with me and the way they were in there, I doubt if a comb would have worked.  NOT FUN......but I got them out without getting stuck too badly. 

This is Loki enjoying a butt rub.  They really like to be mauled, the rougher it is, the more they like it.  

The asphalt track is suppose to have a practice next week-end with a race the 22nd for the Hornets.  We'll go to the practice, I really haven't got to drive the new car at all.  If it has problems at the practice at least John will have a few days to hopefully fix it.  

Haven't heard anything from the dirt track about when they will open.  The dirt car is ready to go, so I don't expect it to not be ready.  I hope I'm not jinxing it by being so sure.........LOL 

Monday, May 04, 2020

WE'RE NEVER BORED...........!!!

Yesterday morning as we were doing chores we noticed a little bird hopping around on the ground.

It's a little baby Inca Dove, without much tail or wing feathers.  At least not enough to fly effectively.

Just like catching baby chicks, but it's been awhile since I did that...!!

He's really noisy, if they come out of the nest not being able to fly very well and are noisy, makes me wonder how they survive.  Linda was taking pictures, stopped long enough to read up on doves.  They only lay one or two eggs.....!!  They don't even reproduce themselves at that rate.  I would imagine the attrition rate for young baby birds is pretty high too.

Linda yelled for Lynn to come join the fun.  He climbed up the tree like a monkey looking for the nest.  The tree is a cat claw, which has nasty little barbs that look just exactly like a cat claw and feel like one too.  But he managed to climb up and find the nest without getting punctured.

Lynn headed up

Up he goes to the nest.

Lynn with the little guy in the bucket, getting ready to put him in the nest.

All this time the mom had been yelling and flying around watching what was going on.

Lynn is at the bottom on the left side, mom is at the end of the arrow and baby is in the nest right in front of Lynn.  

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED............until this morning, when we were doing chores.  Mom was yelling and flying around and the little guy was sitting on one of the corral panels right above a water bucket.  I started filling the water buckets all the way to the top to hopefully make sure he didn't get in the bucket and drown.  I guess mom decided it was time for him to leave the nest and probably didn't appreciate having to push him out of the nest again because of human interference .  By the time I got the 3 buckets closest to him filled, he disappeared and we couldn't find him.  Hope he's OK, he's almost a member of the family.......!! LOL

A couple of weeks back I had a picture showing why I was buying a lot of cans of pumpkin for Cisco.

This is NOT what donkey poo should look like, stuck together in a large clump, looks really uncomfortable to get rid of.

So the treatment of choice to start with is canned pumpkin. His poo has been looking better and yesterday Linda happened to be standing by with her phone when he showed her what a difference a couple of weeks make.

This morning Courtney came to get the minis.  They have been here over 13 years, she brought them here for weight control and never took them back.  I guess she is taking them to a friend to keep now. 

We are all sorry to see them go, they've been a big part of the tours, parades and other things going on around here. Justin even did burro pack racing in Colorado a couple of years.  Lynn and Cheyenne are around 30 years old and have spent a lot of their lives here.  I don't know what the circumstances will be in their new home, but doubt that they will have the freedom they had here.

The girls are bonded and when Bella came,Cheyenne let her know in no uncertain terms that they didn't need her hanging around with them.

Justin is in his late teens and actually Lynn is his mother.  He hasn't hung out with the girls in years, he's a "guy" and actually will probably miss his 2 girlfriends Bunny and Olivia.  Heaven help any of the other boys, he yells at them and will body slam them if they insist on visiting with his girls. 

I hope they all adjust quickly to their new life styles.