Monday, August 27, 2018

LOTS GOING ON........!!

I don't know where the time goes.  I'll look at the calendar and it looks pretty clean and I think it's going to be a nice relaxing week.  Then a couple of days later I look a the calendar and wonder what the heck happened to all those "nothing happening" days.  This is turning into one of those weeks.  

One thing that is happening is Dr. Jeremy will be coming out today if nothing happens to his schedule.  I've got 3 problem children.........Gus is eating mush, and quidding hay.  So he needs to have his mouth looked at.

Boaz's skin problems are doing good since the weather has cooled off.........except for the one on his chest.  I've been doctoring it most of the summer and it's still an angry red mess, of course he doesn't help since it is within his biting range.  So maybe Dr. Jeremy has some idea, there is no way to bandage a chest effectively and he'd just tear off the bandage anyway.

For the last couple of weeks, when we would go out to doctor, Cisco's sheath would be wet.  I didn't think much about it since he usually pees just before we get to his pen.  So I have been rinsing him off and putting Desitin diaper rash creme on his sheath.  The last couple of days I noticed after he peed the urine was thick, milky and had a slimy oily feel.  I got on the internet and the symptoms could point to renal failure.  Hopefully it's nothing that can't be fixed.  

The bats are moving around and John just looked out and there must be 15-20 hummingbirds at the feeders.  I guess it's getting into fall, the hummers are probably migrating, we don't usually have so many.  I haven't noticed the donkeys getting their winter coats yet, so maybe not, who knows.  We're still getting some rain, we've had about 7 inches so far in this monsoon, and can always use more.   All the desert flora and fauna looks pretty good right now.

John and I went over to check Burroland for mesquite beans on the ground yesterday.  We were hoping all the rain had ruined the beans, so the donkeys could go back over there for a couple of hours a day.  There are no beans left on the 10 acres and they are starting to strip the bark off the trees with a vengeance.  John has cut their hay down to starvation rations and they don't appreciate his efforts....!!  

No such luck, the beans on the ground still look very edible unfortunately even with all the rain.  The other day Rosie managed to get the gate to the dog pen open.  Don't know if Doug or John caught her, but all she had in the pen were her head and front legs.  There is a mesquite tree right inside the gate and she was vacuuming up beans as fast as her jaws would move.  She didn't even need to go any further into the pen....!!! SIGH

I raced Saturday night, started in 3rd and finished 4th and brought the car home undamaged, so it was a good night of racing.  This back up car doesn't have as strong a motor as the car with the bent frame.  So they are talking about swapping motors before the next race.  Don't know if it will happen or not, John will be going to Indiana next week for his 60th high school reunion and also a family reunion at his cousin Mark's place, so he won't be working on race cars for a few days.  

Lynn and Linda are staying busy in Colorado as usual.  They plan on coming back to Arizona in early October, but before they do, they have 2 more burro races and 3 people races to participate in.  I don't know if the people races allow dogs, but if they do, I'm sure the dogs will go too.  

This is a video when they were practicing for the Buena Vista race.  Justin wanted to be in front I guess.......!!

Lynn and Turbo enjoying some down time at Buena Vista

Leddy and some friends waiting for something to happen

Friday, August 24, 2018


Much to his disgust I'm sure, he had to leave all that green stuff.  Although when we came home, Doug had already fed everyone else, John led Buddy to his pen and he went in and started eating hay....!!!   While he enjoyed his trip thru the pasture, I guess he's not going to let it ruin his life.....!!! LOL

Nacho was running and yelling when John took Buddy out of the pen, but by the time we left he had played with Daisy the dog a little bit.  Haven't heard if he is back to being Mr. Snuggles yet or not.  

He had some hives on his legs, belly and neck like he might have rolled in some noxious weeds, there were too many to be mosquito bites or something like that.  There is so many different types of green stuff out there no telling what it might be.  I told them to try benedryl to see if it might help.

Jorja our local cowgirl said she is allergic to pigweed and there was quite a bit of that in the pasture.  Buddy was busy eating all he could find, guess it doesn't bother him.  It can be toxic to animals, if they eat too much of it, or if it's be over fertilized from what the link says.  Who knew, it's an ancient grain that man has used for food since the beginning of time I guess, although not much in this day and age.

Finally getting a handle on Boaz's skin problems, I think of course I've thought that before.  The last few days of cooler weather, only in the high 80's, low 90's has really made a difference.  I'm sure he'll be glad when I'm not doctoring him everyday, although he does enjoy the accompanying cookies.

My race car didn't get straightened, you should never rely on a racer to get something done, when he says it will be done.......!!!  Especially one that drives a Super Late Model, or Outlaw and I'm needing a piddly little 4 cylinder Hornet straightened......not much fun, style and glory in that..........!!!!  LOL  Oh well, we'll go with what we have.

Actually after many years of the same old and I do mean old style of paint job, we're at least going to look good......!!

The old paint job is pretty eye catching, there are people that remember it from the dirt track.

This is the Oldsmobile dirt track car from 2005, and people still remember it too

Looks pretty good, although John is not eager to try to outline all the orange with 1 inch black tape.  He's had all sorts of excuses and we race tomorrow, probably without black tape.....LOL


Tuesday, August 21, 2018


We took Buddy to stay with Nacho until Nacho can be gelded when the weather cools off.  The introduction went very well, Nacho kept following Buddy and Buddy kept moving around checking all the available greenery.  As far as I know Buddy has never been on pasture, we got him from where he was born about 18 years ago and it was just desert brush no grass.  

So his head went down and he didn't pay anymore attention to us or Nacho or anything except all that green stuff.  It's not grass per se, lots of weeds, but he was eating those too........!!!

 If he thought Nacho was getting too nosy, he'd kick back with either or both back feet and never miss a bite. 

We were hoping getting Buddy away from the mesquite beans would be a good thing, although I'm not so sure access to greenery 24/7 is a good replacement.

I e-mailed the people yesterday and they said Buddy is very friendly and easy going and is still eating.  But the problem is, Nacho is acting jealous, stand offish with them where before he was "Mr In Their Pockets" and has actually nipped them a couple of times.  They miss their Mr. Snuggles.......!! 

This is unusual, usually a donkey by itself is thrilled to have a new friend.  

So we will probably go down this week and bring Buddy home, I'm sure he will be very disappointed to lose access to all that green stuff......!!!   LOL 

Thought I'd share a few of Linda's pictures from Leadville week-end.

I think this was during the Leadville parade, Lynn and Linda took turns riding Turbo, which I'm sure the spectators enjoyed, they usually don't see the donkeys being ridden

Loki and friends in the weeds

Team Loki looking good..........I think that is Leo beside them, don't know for sure.  There are a lot of spotted donkeys racing.

Linda and a couple of friends

Team Justin

How cool is this donkey holding up the corral panels on the side of Lynn and Linda's stock trailer.....UPDATE: I got ahead of myself, these cool corral panel donkeys are NOT on Lynn and Linda's trailer, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't end up with some..........LOL

Loki with his "bling" for finishing the long course, 21 miles...!

Team Mary Margaret, the winners of the Triple Crown this year.  They won Fairplay, Leadville and Buena Vista

Looks like I will be racing this week-end in the back-up car.  Our grandson took the car that needs to be straightened to the frame shop, but they haven't done it yet and Saturday is fast approaching.  We put the numbers and other decals on the back-up car yesterday, so it should be ready to go.  I hate to take it out there cold turkey, I can think of all sorts of "opportunities" that can go wrong.  But I'm in 4th place for end of the year points and hopefully it will make it thru the night, so I can at least stay in the running. 

Friday, August 17, 2018


Heard from Nacho's family, he's doing good, even playing with their dog Daisy.  John said when they let her out, after we left Tuesday, she ran straight to the pasture, thru the fence and they started chasing each other.  He sure is a mellow jack, nothing seems to upset him.  But when the people are at work, he is by himself and as I said before we're willing to try Buddy as a companion until Nacho is gelded.  

This was Buddy a few years ago before we started having to fight the battle of the bulge.  He actually went out to an adoption for about 2 years and came home vastly overweight after we had told the people about his weight problem and how to feed him.  Since then it's been an ongoing battle.  

Shiloh, Buddy Brat and Cisco probably 15 years ago.  Even then Buddy was a Chunky Monkey....!!

So we will be delivering Buddy this Sunday.  We'll hang around for awhile to see how it goes.  They have an extra pen, so if for some reason there was a problem, they could put him in there until we could get back to bring him home.  

He's pretty easy going and is use to being around different donkeys, so it should go just fine.  Shiloh has been in a excellent caring home with Belle for 10 years.  Cisco is still here and will stay here.  He was a roping donkey in a roping school and has problems with his legs as old age has set in.  He is probably in his mid 20's and it's a battle to keep weight on him his teeth aren't very good either.  

Heard from Linda this morning, they finally posted the results from the Buena Vista race last Sunday.  There were 81 entries, Team Loki and Linda finished 54th and Team Turbo and Lynn finished 17th...!!!  That is their best finishes yet, and it seems like the donkeys are finally figuring out what they are suppose to do.  Well Loki is somewhat of a "wild child" and likes to pass all the other donkeys, which is a good thing.  But he's a little too eager sometimes.  Pepsi finished last, with a novice runner and she was thrilled with her award.  I don't know where Leo and Justin finished, Justin was also running with a novice runner too.  

It sounded like a good time was had by all, no more races until the final two in September.  Hopefully they will finish well in those races too.  

Linda sent some pictures from the Leadville race a couple of weeks ago.  

The "racers" waiting for something to happen

Team Leo with Turbo in the background, the lead rope is Turbo's I think, not sure where Leo's is down his side I guess.  I'm starting to get confused on who's with who.........LOL

Team Turbo

This is such a cute picture.  Team Justin is made up of Justin and his partner, who is quite a bit over 6 foot tall.  I'm sure there were short people racing with big donkeys, but I bet there wasn't another team with such a height difference between team partners as these two. 

After Linda finished her race, she helped check in the runners that were finishing after 5pm. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I know other people are busier than we are, Lynn and Linda for instance. sure seems like we manage to stay busy and always have a list of things that need to be done, that keeps growing.  John came in from chores this morning, sat down in his recliner and if I was really mean, I'd take a picture of him "watching TV"..........!!!  LOL  We need to go doctor donkeys, but we can do it later. 

Lynn and Linda called last night and it sounds like they had probably their best week-end of Burro Pack Racing so far.  Linda and Loki Joe finished 3 hours faster than Linda and Leddy did last year.  Leddy has not discovered the fun and adventure of racing, he's more the parade type I guess...!!!  Loki, no problem, Linda said he seems to have the idea that he needs to get to the front, which of course is a good attitude for a racer....!!!  She doesn't know where they finished but 3 hours faster than last year, should put them up in the middle somewhere at least. Lynn finished in the top 20 out of 81 teams with Turbo.  It looks like Turbo is finally figuring out what he is suppose to do. 

Team Mary Margaret did in fact win the Triple Crown this year, which certainly doesn't happen every year.   There are 2 more races in September and then everyone will have to start planning for next year.   I would imagine some of them have already started plotting next year's adventure.

Quilla didn't race, but did get to go along as a companion/burrositter, Linda said he seemed so happy to be part of the group and enjoyed hanging out with a couple of the other donkeys that didn't get to race. 

Quilla even got to participate in a little pre-race practice for obstacles

Quilla and one of his new friends
Yesterday John and I transported a donkey for some people that had been out here a few weeks ago to visit with the donkeys.  They had recently moved to Arizona and when they bought their house, made sure it had a place for donkeys.  They found Nacho on Craigslist but he was up between Tucson and Phoenix and they lived south of us in Sierra Vista.  Over the years we've moved quite a few assorted animals for people that didn't have trailers.  Pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, cows, horses and of course donkeys. 

One thing that worried me is they have never owned donkeys and this is a 3 year old jack.  We had discussed gelding which of course can't be done this time of year because of the flies and heat.  Jacks can be unpredictable and for new owners really a challenge. 

They drove up a few days ago to see if he would be OK, and said he was so gentle, curious and easy going and they wanted him.  So off we went with the trailer yesterday to pick him up wondering if this was a good idea or not. 

He is all they said he was and more, a very nice donkey with lots of personality and seems to love to be with people. 

They have a wonderful place for him, nice barn, nice fencing and a large area of Bermuda grass to eat.   I had told them to get a bale of hay, but he's not going to be interested in that at all, as long as the grass is there. 


He's such a mellow fellow, this morning I'm thinking about sending Buddy Brat down to keep him company until his "brain" surgery if they'd like.  He hasn't acted hormonal at all and there isn't any animals, female or otherwise close to him.  Buddy likes to play and one good thing about the pasture area is...........there are no mesquite trees in it.  Consequently no beans, to add to Buddy's weight problem.  Could be a win win for everyone, but we'll wait a couple of days to see how Nacho does.  He was a companion for a horse that had to be put down, and he's been by himself for awhile. 

* * * * *

I'm suppose to race the 25th of August and my car is still not straight.  Our grandson has it in Tucson, to put it on a frame jig of a friend of a friend, after hours, etc......!!  In other words it's one of those things that might not happen. 

So John has been painting on the backup car..........just in case.  I'd really rather run the wrecked one, but it might not happen. 

Our son has graduated to an all orange car, the modified has a flat body, so he buys the orange metal and cuts it to painting.....!!

Our 1st race car painted with the orange fenders was in 1970 a 1964 Chevelle that had been hit by a train.

Over the years we have pretty much stuck with that paint scheme, which is actually a holdover from the early days of racing in the 40's and 50's.

So after almost 50 years we've decided to try something different, at least with the backup car.  If JR gets the wrecked car straightened it won't see the light of day, at least next race day.  But it's about ready............just in case.  

The top is all orange, we've never had this much orange on a car before, it's always just been the front fenders and the side slash.

It will need to have the black pin striping outlining all the orange, which should look pretty good. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

RACE DAY SUNDAY............!!!

I'm going to have to rename this  "Linda's blog" I guess.  What can I say, she takes lots of pictures and they do lots of interesting things......!!!  LOL

Nice article about the race.

Last year there was a "problem" with a high wooden bridge over running water.  Turbo really didn't want to cross it and they said it took about 20 minutes to get his large reluctant body dragged to the other side during the race.  Sure doesn't help to have a fast time and good finish.!! 

So this year they went a day early for practice........

Turbo checking out the bridge from a distance

"This was NOT in the plan for today"

"Alright, you asked nicely, BUT, do you see the set of my ears?  NOT HAPPY"...!!

Loki doesn't seem to have a problem with something new and scary


Of course there are always other obstacles to contend with....

"Who's idea was this".......????

"What the heck happened to the flat ground?"

"We're making a left hand turn here, I'm sure Linda has treats"

Nothing like music to end the day

Friday, August 10, 2018

I'M BACK.........!!!!

I've been pretty quiet lately, my computer had to go for a visit with the computer doctor, I got it back about 3 days ago and have been trying to catch up ever since.  It's amazing how much the computer has become ingrained in my daily life.  I'm still not caught up......!!!!  LOL

Even though it's been so hot, we've actually had people coming out to see the donkeys.  Jasper has become a "front and center" type of guy.  He's figured out this tour business and seems to think the people have come just to see him.  So he presents himself pretty much in their face, which of course  is quite thrilling, since a lot of the people have never been that close to a donkey before.  So far no one has ran for their car.........LOL

It's cooled off to the high 90's which is good.  Unfortunately we have pretty high humidity right now and lots of flies even though we use fly predators and fly traps.  Still doctoring Boaz, he has 5 places on him that need twice a day treatment and even then, I'll think he's healing up, go out like I did this afternoon and find one of them dripping blood, probably because it bothered him and he bit it.  That one is on his chest over an old scar from his former life.  This is the 1st year it's been a problem and it's really been a challenge.  Chests are not an easy place to bandage, so I  try to keep it covered with medication that the flies don't like.  I think they just wait until the heat makes the paste or gel melt, so they can do their dirty work.  

Tyler is coming out Sunday to reset shoes on Gus, and Gigi and possibly Rosie.  Rosie started limping pretty bad a few months ago and has done real good in shoes on her front feet.  He's talked about leaving the shoes off and might do that this time to see how she does.  

Lynn and Linda will be burro pack racing this Sunday at Buena Vista, a 13 mile race.  This is the 3rd race in the Triple Crown, and this year they could have a Triple Crown Winner.  Mary Margaret and her running buddy Kirt Courkamp won the Leadville/Fairplay races, over the last 2 week-ends.  I don't know when the last Triple Crown was won, but I would imagine it doesn't happen very often.   They run 63 total miles in 3 back to back week-ends, which has to be tiring, but obviously these two have figured it out. 

Linda e-mailed me this morning, they were on the road to Buena Vista with all 7 donkeys.   Poor Quilla was going to get left at home by himself, but someone got in touch with Linda to see if she had an extra donkey that could stay in camp with an extra donkey that wouldn't be racing.  Quilla made the cut, and  Linda said he was so happy he hopped in the trailer, ready for adventure.  He has really blossomed, enjoys the parades and was quite a hit at the assisted living home.  People seem to be drawn to him, Linda said at one of the parades people were standing in line waiting to pet him.  

     This is a video of one of their training sessions, Leddy doesn't seem to be taking it seriously...!!  

Justin showing off his new boots, they have really made a difference

Little cannibal........ that's a piece of jerky Justin is begging for......!!! 

How 'bout them shirts........????