Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 IS JUST ABOUT OVER......!!!

This year has gone by so quickly, but I guess it's time to get ready for a new one.  This year has been a good one, no big crisis'.  I just wish we could get our numbers down, unfortunately most of the donkeys and mules we have left aren't really adoptable for the most part.  The brothers Ruger and Wister are adoptable and actually are starting to hang out together, which is what I was hoping for.  

Their mother Ruthie would be adoptable, but we don't have anyone to go out with her.  It would be nice if Boaz could go with her.  But I'm afraid his knee would be a deal breaker for someone wanting to adopt.  

This is what his leg looked like this morning when I was changing bandages.  I've been using the balm and powder from Source One Naturals and it's looking less angry and seems to be drier, so I'll continue using it for awhile.  I sometimes think medications work and then seem to lose their effectiveness. 

Boaz and Ruthie have been together for at least 4 or 5 years and would be a good pair.  But that probably isn't going to happen for the above reason.  

Of course there is also Jack and Molly the mini mules.  They will take a special home that really wants them.  They've settled down a lot and really are a lot of fun to be around, but when it's all said and done they are MULES.  

Coquette would be very adoptable, she has been worked with and likes people.  BUT, she and Penny are totally and completely bonded, at least from Coquette's point of view.  Last night starting at about 1am, Coquette had lost Penny.  She kept calling and yelling, John finally got up, went out in the cold to make sure nothing was seriously wrong.  She was standing out in the pen area, yelling, no one else in sight.  It went on until about 4am, when we assume she finally found Penny, because they came in together for breakfast.  They like to hang with Pepper for some odd reason.  We think, Coquette was busy doing something, when Penny and Pepper went someplace else and Coquette didn't get the memo.  Penny would be a hard sell, and we won't separate them.

This morning we looked out the kitchen window and saw Buddy Brat and Cisco play fighting.  Not that unusual, except Cisco  was a roping donkey in a school that taught roping and was loaned out for the students to take home and practice on.  Needless to say his legs are shot.  He usually moves at a slow steady pace rather than grabbing neck and pushing and shoving.  I had wondered who had been slobbering on Buddy's neck, now I think I know.  He is on CosequinASU, which is an outstanding joint supplement and it seems to be working for him.  This is what makes rescue worthwhile, when they once again act like donkeys.  


Monday, December 30, 2013



For some reason, all the "fur" kids are doing really good right now, even old Energizer Bunny, Pepper.  I'm doctoring Boaz's knee daily, but other than that we don't have a lot of extras to do.  One of the pleasures of winter and a good reason not to complain TOO much about the really cold mornings.  

We are going thru a change with Mother.  She has lived with us for about 1 1/2 years now and it's really been pretty easy..........well except for that eating thing.  I know older people sometimes don't eat much, but she is a challenge.  

A few days ago she fell and was on the floor for sometime before we found her.  She doesn't know how long.  Since then her confidence level has dropped considerably.  The only time she would get out of bed before was to use her bedside potty chair, but that isn't going to happen now.  I really don't blame her, I'm sure that was really scary, but it certainly puts a cramp in my style.  I don't have a social life, but I do need to go to Benson quite often, Tucson occasionally and really need to go to the races.  Well maybe that last one isn't a "have to", but it sure is fun.  

We've hooked up a baby monitor in her room, so we can hear any noise and she has always had a call button that makes a noise like a cuckoo to let us know if she needs something.  So between the two she's pretty well covered when we're here and in the house.  

But we are trying to find someone to come in and be here when we aren't.  lf we lived in town it probably wouldn't be that difficult.  But we don't.  If there were "normal" people living in our area I'm sure we could find someone.  Most of our neighbor's are anti social at best and a little crazy at worst.  I like to say we are the only normal ones, but then again..............are we really........?????  LOL

So the hunt is on.  Just started and actually a couple of "normal" friends that live in the area came by yesterday and had a suggestion that might work out if the young woman is interested.  She's to call me if she is.  She lives less than a mile from us on the next road north, so it would really be convenient. 

The going to town a few hours or an afternoon won't be too bad, but we don't get home from the races until about 2am usually, so we'll have to see if that's works for her.  

Wish me luck.......!!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to everyone.....!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WISTER.....!!!

We're waiting for our son and Lisa to get here so we can eat "fresh ham" and pumpkin pie....!!!  Not sure what other people call a ham that isn't cured, but that's what we always called it.  

This morning we found Mother laying beside her bed.  She said she got up to use her bedside potty chair and ended up flopping around on the floor.  Couldn't get to her call button and couldn't figure out how to pull herself up.  Nothing hurt, but unfortunately everytime she has something happen like that she is less willing to do for herself.  I guess at age 90 she's entitled, but she did get up to use her chair by herself this afternoon, so she hasn't quit trying.  

We also have an ailing mule.  Rusty has been "off" the last 3 days.  I've always said if they are going to get sick, it will be either a week-end or holiday.  We now only have one local vet and she will be gone until the 6th of January, sooooooo.......!!!!  He acts like there is something going on in his mouth and he also has goopy eyes.  He is 34 and has pretty good teeth, but they are on borrowed time at his age and it certainly wouldn't be a surprised if he started losing teeth.  I put him on Tucoprim starting yesterday and if he hasn't perked up  by tomorrow we will call Dr. Shamis in Tucson and ruin his holiday.  He doesn't think much of my "throw aways", but he will treat them, and he is a very good vet.  

Of course today is Wister's first birthday.  I guess he is celebrating being a big boy.  This morning was the first morning he hasn't ran over to Ruthie when John lets him and Ruger out of their pen, to plug in for security.   He sauntered over to the Ritchie waterer for a drink instead......!!! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS.......... have a great day....!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Wister is trying to be obnoxious with his brother Ruger.  John put the "kids" in a pen and Ruthie and Boaz are eating in another pen.  So far, so good no one seems to be copping an attitude.  I was hoping the boys would hang around together, but so far, Ruger is staying by himself and Wister is finding his usual play buddy, Justin to play with.  Last night when John let everyone out at bedtime, he said Wister ran out of the pen, straight to Ruthie and started to nurse.  That is the longest he's ever been separated from her.  He will be a year old tomorrow night, and we keep telling him he's too old for such behavior.  She's been dry for quite sometime, and he really gets upset when nothing comes out of the spigot, he stomps his feet and butts her like it's her fault.  She puts up with his nonsense, like a good momma does.  Very rarely does she chastise him, when he's acting silly. 

The people that had Ruger and Pancho and now have Pepsi, sell a balm and powder for a company called Source One Naturals.  They swear by it and asked if I wanted to try it on Boaz's knee.  I've tried just about everything else and am always open to the idea of something that might work.  Judy even had a vet friend of hers call me to see if I had any questions.  I just started with it this morning so we'll see how it goes.  I know one thing, trying to smear the balm on his knee when it is cold doesn't work very well, I should have warmed it up first I guess.  I finally smeared it on the bandage rather than the knee, worked a little better.  

I'm anxious to see what it looks like in the morning.  The vet said not to leave it on longer than 1 1/2 days between bandage changes.  I had been leaving the bandages with the mupirocin on for 2-3 days, I'll have to load up on brown gauze again.  

I sure hope this works, he has put up with me doctoring him for almost 2 years.  I'm sure he is as tired of it as I am, although he does enjoy the accompanying  animal crackers. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013



Doug and his son Conor, came over this morning as planned to go on our adventure of the day.  We got a late start, which isn't all that unusual.  Feeding, doctoring, trying to chase why the lights aren't working properly on the trailer and pretty soon the morning is gone....!!!  Pepsi wasn't really sure he wanted to get in that trailer, at the same time we were having to fight off Justin, Wister and Molly.  Justin has always thought a trailer was a toy.  Finally Doug and Conor, literally picked Pepsi's rear end and pushed him into the trailer.  We're lucky he isn't a mammoth I guess......!!!!  LOL

Got there and they had a halter on Ruger and he was ready to meet and greet.  From the way they had described his independence and not being cooperative, we weren't really sure what to expect.  But he was his usual friendly curious self, just like I remembered him.  

We just let Pepsi out in the yard, before meeting Pancho in the pasture.  Actually Pancho was off somewhere visiting with the neighbor's horses probably and wasn't even in sight.  

Got Ruger lined up with the trailer and he pretty much self loaded, while Pepsi entertained the 3 family dogs.  Not sure the dogs were too thrilled, but he was having fun lowering his head and running at them.  
Just about that time Pancho must have figured out something was going on, because here he came, running down the hill to the fence.

 This is Pepsi and Pancho getting acquainted.....!!!


Right now Ruger is in a pen by himself.  We had to put Boaz in with Ruthie and Wister last night.  Our extra panels have been loaned out for about 6 months and we were hoping they would come back before we needed them..............NOT...!!!  We talked about feeding Quilla outside by the feed room.  But he really likes his pen.  We've tried in the past to feed BlackJack outside, but he is entirely too helpful when it comes to delivering hay to everyone.  This arrangement worked just fine, Boaz had his bunk and didn't bother Ruthie and Wister's.  

We'll probably let Ruger out today, and the long term plan is to feed him and Wister together so they hopefully will bond.  They are full brothers, and would make a good couple to adopt out together.

Friday, December 20, 2013


The couple that has Ruger and Pancho came out yesterday afternoon to see if they could find a replacement for Ruger.  I don't think the man is that enthralled with donkeys, but his wife seems to really like them.  She wants to keep Pancho and decided that little Pepsi might be a good fit. 

This is Pepsi looking into the courtyard trying to figure out if it's worth getting yelled at, to go into the "forbidden" territory.  

He's been here for about 6 years, he came in with Shag a beautiful little bay mini horse.  They were both overweight and 11 days after they got here, Shag broke a rear leg above the hock and had to be euthanized.  He had been born with a club foot and a weak rear leg, which is the one that broke.  He was having too much fun running around I guess.  

I think Pepsi and Pancho will get along very well, they are both pretty laid back and not demanding.  Very unlike Ruger probably has become.  It sounds like he's pretty well done what he wanted to do for the last year.  I thought they'd been gone for 2 years, but they went out the 3rd of Dec 2012.  We've taken back others from similar circumstances and it's like starting all over again, they don't really think you should be in charge, after so long of doing their own thing.  

The problem Sunday will be, if he hasn't had a halter on, he's not going to be the least bit interested in having one on.  I have called the people and asked that they put a halter on him, so we'll see if that happens.  They don't have a little pen available, so whatever we can do to not get him riled up will be a help.  I've walked them down before but I think the area he is in is about 3 or 4 acres, I'm getting too old for this..........!!!!!   LOL

Doug is up for another adventure after going out to visit Mike and Teresa the other day, I guess he said he will go along to help.  

Woke up to a drizzley rain this morning, and it drizzled off and on all morning.  So far we've had more drizzle than rain, but in the desert we'll take what we can get.  I hope by Sunday it clears up.  

This is what Ruger looked like when he left, I'm anxious to see what he looks like now.  Wister is more of a roan, even though they are full brothers.  Ruger better not think he should be in charge, because Boaz who is his daddy will put him in his place, real quick. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Yesterday we went out to see the new girl in Zeke's family.  Mike and Teresa took Victoria out of a bad situation.  She had been in a small pen with 2 other donkeys since she was born 7 years ago, and wasn't being properly fed.  Lettuce is not good food for donkeys and food value wise doesn't do much for anyone.  The owner said they could have her, so they scooped her up and took her home to Zeke and Gypsy Rose.  

She's very thin, which they are working on.   She also has a popping noise in her hind legs when she moves.  My "WAG"  (Wild Ass Guess) is, because of a lack of exercise when she was a growing baby, her bones and ligaments probably didn't grow evenly.  Hopefully with adequate food  and exercise to build up some muscle, the problem will go away.  It doesn't seem to bother her motion and she can run.  She has some mammoth in her, although she's not 54 inches tall, so is classified as a large standard.  Mammoths sometimes have growing problems anyway, but her structure isn't all that bad.  Compared to Jenny's confirmation, Victoria will look really good once she puts on some weight.  

This is Gypsy Rose with Zeke in the background.  Gypsy isn't quite as gregarious as Zeke, although she did appreciate attention.  Mike said after all these years she still won't allow anything on her back.  

This is Mike, Zeke, Doug a good friend that went with us, Teresa, hiding behind the corral panels and John, all hanging out telling stories.  We really had a nice visit, Mike and Teresa are such good people.

This is Zeke giving Teresa a smooch, he can be quite a ham when he wants to.  I think they said he will be in Tombstone this week-end, so the tourists can see what wonderful animals donkey are.  They said he loves to go to town and see all the people.  Gypsy Rose is a stay at home type of gal, at least now with Victoria there, she will have companion when Zeke is "out and about". 

Our gang are all doing really well right now, I don't care for winter, but it certainly is a good thing for donkey health.  

Looks like we will be getting Ruger back.  He and Pancho went out to a "forever" home 2 years ago with an older couple.  We got a call this week, to see if we had any suggestions on how to keep him in the fenced in area.  They have 2 strands of smooth wire and 2 strands of electric fence.  He got out awhile back and discovered the dog bowls on the back porch.  For some reason dog food is like ambrosia for donkeys, they love the stuff.  Since then he won't stay in.  My suggestion was barbed wire.  The man won't use barbed wire on his property, so we are at an impasse.  Pancho stays in, he has a very mild temperment, and hasn't discovered the dog food I guess.  I have to call them this afternoon and see what we're going to do.  Obviously they haven't bonded with Ruger or they wouldn't want to give him up,  and I don't think his education has continued.  The woman said she gets after him with a fly swatter, but hasn't used it, because she doesn't want to hurt him............!!!!!!   Oh! dear!  guess who's in charge of this operation....???   She should see me cut a swatch thru the herd with a quirt or bat when needed.  We only have 2 geldings that could go out, but I'll have to find out if they really want donkeys in the future.  We may also get Pancho back.......................SIGH! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013


The banquet was pretty good, nice steak dinner, and then on to the important stuff, like handing out plaques and money and everyone congratulating everyone else.  Of course some of them weren't speaking to each other at the end of the season, but I guess time heals old wounds and "there's always next year" to "get" them.  

Before we left for the banquet John let all the kids out that were thru eating, which was about half of them.  When we came home, we left the courtyard gate open on the way into the house.  I went down to fill Mother in on all the happenings and show her my plaque, and when I came back, John was standing in the great room, commenting on the fact I had left the gate open.  Really.............how did he know?  Perhaps because there were mini donkeys and mules roaming around in this forbidden area.  I opened the door and suggested they vacate the area, which they all did quite nicely.  Someone did leave a message concerning my narrow mindedness I guess.  

Didn't see the culprit, although when I opened the door, Jack the mini mule was standing in the neighborhood, and he's real easy to blame......!!!  LOL

BlackJack was one of those left in because he wasn't done eating in the afternoon.  John had left BJ's pen unlatched, so he could push it open.  Usually if nothing is happening and he is stuck in the pen, he will start banging on the corral panels hard enough to move them and the thought was once he figured out it was moving he would continue to bang until he could get out.  

That didn't happen, instead of banging on the corral panels he decided to dig a hole to China.  This morning when John was filling the cavern in with a rake he noticed this:

 Not the ballpoint pen, but the pot shard.  We've found them before on the property, even found a corn grinding rock called a metate when they were digging the laterals years ago. One time we found a shard as big as a hand that had been charred, probably was a cooking pot . 

Did find out the track plans to have the Hornets race for 6 race days in January.  They are having big money races for the Modifieds and Late Models two week-ends in a row.  They use us for cheap filler, so the "real" racers have time to work on their cars if needed.  

We have a slight problem, my car is laying in pieces in a friend's garage.  Had to pull the motor and transmission to get to the differential to lock it.  John and I have been discussing this ever since we found out last night.  His answer was to run the Toyota, you know the slug he drove the last race night and I lapped him......!!! LOL  

I go out every race to win, not to "have fun", which is what John said I would have.  DON'T THINK SO....!!!   

In 52 years I have learned, if I dig in for my position for awhile, and then give up, I usually get my way.  So now John is talking about trying to get the Kia back together by January 11th, and he said if he did, then he'd take the Tojo and race it.  Guess he didn't mind me lapping him while he was "having fun"......!!!!  We'll see, besides the locking and getting it back together, the front end needs some beefing up before I go back on the track.  The fan shroud is pushed back into the radiator from contact with assorted items, like cars and tractor tires and one more "contact" would probably get the radiator.  That will take some engineering and welding, which John can't do, so we'll have to beg time and effort from guys trying to get their cars ready.   We'll see how it goes.........!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


A very nice woman named Marion came to the Open House and took a video of Boaz "singing".  Actually he was begging, he's found out if he flaps those lips, people pay attention to him and might give him a treat.

I can play  videos, I can play DVDs, I can get sound off my computer..............BUT...........for some reason I can't play the sound from this link.  Actually I have another one of Jonathan Winters doing a comedy routine about a stick I can't hear either.

Let me know if you can or can't use either of these links.  I know just enough computer to stay out of trouble most of the time.

Everyone has forgiven us I guess, they are coming in at feeding time like they usually do.  Unless Tula decides they don't need to come in........!!!! 

Monday, December 09, 2013


 Saturday was a beautiful day and we had a steady stream of people coming to see the donkeys for most of the day.  Mike and Teresa came up from Tombstone and presented us a nice check from Mike and Zeke's walk-a-thon in September.  They say this is the last walk, but Mike was talking about what a wonderful time he had, meeting so many people and said he'd never laughed so much.  So I'm not sure that is his last walk.  We'll see.....!!! 

Sunday was cold and windy.  We almost had more volunteers to show people around than we had guests to visit with the donkeys.  Since there weren't many people to show around, we all came in the house, ate chili and vegetable soup and had a great visit.

Unfortunately while we were inside having fun, the donkeys weren't appreciating being in their pens with nothing going on.  

We didn't realize how unhappy they were, until this morning when John went out to round them up.  Some of them were within sight and weren't the least bit interested in coming in, others weren't even around. 

We think that 2 days of being "confined" with the 2nd day being rather "slow" was too much, they decided that if that was how it was going to be, they'd just as soon not cooperate.  They got out today, so hopefully tomorrow morning they will be more cooperative. 

Reba the big red mule, figured out the game really quick.  John put Coquette and Penny's bunk close to the fence, so people could put pellets in there.  Coquette gets a little excited sometimes and fingers have been known to suffer.  Penny because of her missing teeth and her distrust of people, has a hard time picking pellets out of a hand.  She does much better with an animal cracker held by thumb and finger.  But they both did great, Coquette didn't eat any fingers and somewhere along the way Penny figured out how to take pellets out of a hand.  They also thought it was a fun game and made sure they were standing by the fence when the people came by.  

Jack, the mini mule was obnoxious as usual.  He wants all the attention, all the treats, all the "oxygen" and Molly can just stand over there someplace out of the way.  We've seen her double barrel kick him, but unfortunately she doesn't do it often enough from my point of view.  He loves to put those short little ears back and act silly.  What's funny is, if I yell at him, the ears come up and he looks like a perfect little angel............brat......!!!!

Friday, December 06, 2013



We're ready and the donkeys are always ready.  Hopefully the weather will be nice like today, lots of sunshine, no wind and almost 70 degrees.  Of course last night it got down to 21 degrees, John had to break ice on the water buckets this morning.  

The donkeys love to have tours, so I hope we have lots of people show up.  Since the donkeys have to stay in their pens, if there isn't a lot of action, they get bored pretty quick.  

Kathy Dean of Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Bennett, Colorado is also having an open house tomorrow. I e-mailed her this morning and it's below zero up there.  Fortunately they have a huge building that can be heated, so I'm sure they will have a good day, even if they have to go inside.  People in Colorado are use to weather, people in SE Arizona, not so much. 

Looking forward to everyone coming out to meet the donkeys. 

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


This has been around for awhile, but I think it's cute..!!!

Found out Dr. Megan has left for the Prescott area.  Her husband works for the DEA or one of those organizations and got a promotion, so off they went.  I don't think they had been in their house a year.

I really hate to lose her, she was bright, caring, and very good at what she did.  Don't know if Dr Nancy plans on getting someone else or not.  She tries to go it alone, which really makes it difficult for emergencies.  If you have a problem when you get up in the morning and call, she probably has a full day of appointments.  So at best your emergency is going to have to wait until after hours.  

I hope we'll have everything done for the Open House, this Saturday.  Now the weather is trying to make it difficult.  Tonight and tomorrow night are suppose to be really cold, and the high in Tucson for Saturday is suppose to be in the 50's, which means probably in the 40's out here.  Most of the time the weatherman isn't right, hopefully this will one of those times.  

All the donkeys are doing real good right now, even old Pepper is "up and at them", this morning he was pawing at the stall mat in front of his gate, until we could smell rubber burning.  The mat has to be there or he will dig a hole big enough to fall in.  He's eating real good now.  He's still very thin, but compared to earlier this summer, he looks pretty good.  

Boaz's knee is getting some scar tissue around the edges, so the open area is getting smaller.  Hope this continues.  At one time I had it down to about the size of a dime stretched out, in the middle.  Maybe over the winter I can get it healed over. 

Sunday, December 01, 2013


There isn't a whole lot to do, but it would be nice to clean up and tidy up a little bit.  Someone came up with the brilliant idea of putting the info sheets for the donkeys on a clipboard attached to their pen.  Always before we've just put the sheet up with a piece of cardboard behind it in the document protector.  You can probably imagine where this is going.......... donkey in pen.....bored between people coming by with pellets...........need something to occupy said donkey.....!!!  Hmmmm........what is this hanging on my pen, wasn't there last night......!!!  We're hoping clipboards with cut down on the amount of personal involvement to keep the info sheets up and readable.  

Some of the donkeys really get into "reading" the info sheets.  Big old Gus, one year kept all of us busy, we finally tried stapling the info page to the outside of his shelter.  That added to the fun of reaching around and ripping it off.  I didn't realize how long his neck was until I kept moving it down the outside of the shelter and he kept being able to reach it.  I think we finally stapled it to the tree outside his pen, otherwise it was going to be so far down the shelter, people wouldn't know if it was for him or another donkey.  We didn't mind them eating the sheets, but tried to keep as much of the plastic page protector as possible, from going down their gullet.  Of course once it's torn down, and has been shaken as much as possible, it is also fun to paw and stomp it. 

We don't have enough clipboards for all the pens, so we'll make sure all the boys have a clipboard, since they seem to be the ones that get "bored".  

This afternoon John is going racing with our friend Larry.  Larry has a Factory Stock and they are racing in a big end of the season show.  Afternoon races are really hard for us to make, we'd be late feeding.  John said he will come home right after Larry's main event, but I'm staying home to start chores on time, whether he makes it or not.  If history is any judge, I'll probably be done with chores before he gets home, even leaving early. 

Friday, November 29, 2013


You can see a tiny little pile of hay in the back.  That was all we had until the day before Thanksgiving, when a big truck and squeeze, brought out a little over 11 ton on the left.  

I get real antsy if we have less than a ton of day on the property.  This is the first time we've tried just getting a single load, we're hoping it will run out in the summer, although if history is any judge it won't run out until next October.  John's got all his weighed buckets of hay waiting for feeding tonight.

Thanksgiving went real well.  Besides Rod and Lisa, Matt one of the grandsons came down from Phoenix.  We didn't know he was coming so that was a pleasant surprise.  I managed to get everything ready on time and at the same time, so from my point of view the day was a success....!!! LOL  John has his leftovers, which makes him a happy camper.  His supply of legs and wings is dwindling rapidly, so he's going to be down to only having turkey sandwiches pretty soon.  

I don't think the donkeys enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did.  They got fed late because of us eating at 3pm.  They started milling around at their usual 4:00pm.  It was almost dark before we got out there, by that time they seemed to think we'd forgotten our duties and responsibilities.  You would think they would be grateful that we were feeding them, but NO, most of them were yelling at us, I guess to let us know they weren't happy.  Some people say you shouldn't feed them on a regular time schedule, for this reason.  Believe me they can tell time very well.  Many times when we come in late from town, they will be standing in the driveway, and you can read their body language very easy..!! 

A couple of days ago Pepper came in really limping on his bad knee.  I thought about leaving him in the pens, but he stresses so much when I do, I decided at his advanced age, hopefully he knows not to overdue.  A little bute and he's back to his limp along slowly self today.  WHAT A GUY......!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

FLY SEASON IS OVER................MAYBE..!!!


The last few days have been cold and rainy, actually rather miserable had our first fire in the stove, last night.  Haven't needed fly masks and although it's suppose to warm up a little later in the week, hopefully this cold snap killed off most of the flies.  

Pepper is going into winter in great shape for him.  He's put on some weight, has enough strength to lay down and get up without help.  He's decided rather than play the field with all the girls, he'll stay with Coquette and Penny.  They eat in the pen beside his pen, so that might have something to do with it.  They don't seem anymore enthralled with his attention than any of the others, unfortunately for him. 

We're slowly but surely trying to get ready for the Open House, the 1st week-end in December.  There isn't really a lot to do, but it all takes time.  Right now my next big event is Thanksgiving.  I got away easy for years we went out to eat.  I had to listen to John complain about no leftovers, but I can have a "tin" ear when needed....!!!  

Now that Mother is bedridden, those days are over.  I had it all planned that I'd fix a turkey with "most" of the fixin's and get it on the table "whenever" for the 3 of us.  But our son, and Lisa said they'd like to come out, so now I have a deadline......!!!!   I have noticed one of the results of getting older is a hatred of deadlines.  Besides, I'm out of practice for getting everything on the table at the same time.  I remember the days of 30-40 people no problem.  WHAT HAPPENED?  LOL  Two extra people and my fun meter is pegged.  Not sure how much of the bounty of years gone by Rod is counting on.  I've always had a basic core of absolute have to have items, and that's what we'll have.  

The weather has been so nasty, John's already upped the hay to winter weight.  Unfortunately it's time to buy hay again.  We've never been able to buy hay in the summer when it's a little cheaper, we always run out in the winter.  This time instead of buying a double semi load, we've found a broker that will bring out a single trailer and furnish a squeeze to unload it.  Maybe that will break our buying cycle, so next time we can buy in the summer. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013



For years whenever I traveled I hopefully could find a Tractor Supply Company to wander around in and dream of the day there was one closer than Texas or Oklahoma.  As of this week-end we have a  TSC opening in Benson of all places.  They opened one in Sierra Vista about 30 miles away last month, but to have one open in my backyard is more than I could hope for.  I just wish it wasn't going to make it difficult for our local feed stores.  I will continue to use them for the stuff they have, but there is a lot of things I have always had to buy in Tucson, that TSC will probably carry.  And TSC doesn't handle hay, so that market will still be good for the Mom and Pop stores.  

The donkeys are all doing really good right now.  No doctoring except for Boaz's knee.  We're getting more calls from people wanting to see the donkeys, which means the snowbirds are coming in for the winter.  Of course it's almost time for the Open House the 7th and 8th of December.  The donkeys are honing their begging skills with tours right now, so they'll be ready..........!!! LOL

Monday, November 18, 2013


Already planning for next year....!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013



Actually last night was a lot of fun, especially since John did indeed get to drive the Tojo in the last main event.  This is a picture from earlier in the season, but it pretty much represents what last night was like.  Actually I never got turned facing into traffic like above, but I spent a lot of time trying to keep from getting knocked around.  Got stuffed into a couple of those tractor tires, which was rather irritating.  Surprisingly, the track actually sent the guy, to the back of the pack for being "rude".  I managed to keep going, I was in 2nd place when he hit me, and came out of the melee in about 5th or 6th, so I really appreciated the track seeing it my way..!! LOL  

A funny little side note, I had lapped John earlier and he was a few cars behind me.  I slide one of the tires across the track, and guess who ran into it.....!!!  He kept going, but you should see the front of the Toyota..!!! 

For an underpowered Tojo John did really good, finished 6th.  He got to trade paint and a few pieces of metal with the guy that put me in the tires, and a few others,  didn't have anything to do with me, there are no friends or relatives on a race track.  The guy deserved it, he's just been to the track a few times and won a couple of times, so I guess he thinks we should all get out of his way.  

I ran 2nd for quite awhile, but both me and the 1st place car got out gunned on the last lap, so I finished 3rd, which is my best finish this year in a main event.  

The girl that took my 5th place position for end of the year, broke in the 1st main event, so I got my 5th place back.  John and I talked about loaning her the Tojo for the 2nd main event, but she's got a nice little car and the Tojo is.........well to be kind a piece of junk.  It sounds like everything is going to fall off  and it's so underpowered we were afraid she'd get out there and either be in the way or get hurt.  Besides John wouldn't have gotten to drive.  LOL

The donkeys were yelling when we got home.  We weren't any later than usual, but they seemed to think we were. 

Wish today was a day of rest, but Courtney is suppose to be here sometime later to do some trimming.  If things go as usual, she'll get here at feeding time...!!! LOL

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Getting these 4 in one picture will probably never happen again, l to R, Moogee (drama queen), Nigel, Sunny, & Snooky

Snooky, Nigel and Sunny trying to entice John into giving them Kitty Treats


I couldn't resist putting these pictures of the cats on the blog.  For one thing they usually aren't this social, well that isn't exactly true.  When John sits in his recliner at night those 3 are usually in close proximity waiting for the kitty treats to be offered.  That's what Nigel is doing, rubbing on the "pez dispenser", to get it to start dispensing.  Moogee refuses to have anything to do with the boys except to swat them as they walk past her.  Then she screams bloody murder when they refuse to put up with her nonsense, by retaliating.  


I guess we'll look like a convoy when we head for the track tonight.  John's driving the van and the Toyota and I'll be driving the pick-up towing the Kia.  Since I'm running for end of the year points, we decided it would be a good idea to haul the Tojo to the track, in case I tear up the Kia in the 1st main event.

Since it's already going to be there, if I don't need it in the 2nd main event (one of the mains is a make-up race for a rain out in July) John is going to drive it in that main.  We got involved in racing in 1968 and this will be the first time John and I have been on the track together.........let alone in a race.  I hope we both have fun and maybe I can finish well enough to gain some points on the girl that past me for 5th place a couple of races ago.  She's only 14 points ahead of me, when is doable, especially with 2 main events to run.  She's had a good couple of race nights, so we'll just have to see how it goes. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Yesterday afternoon John said he was going out to look for masks.............again.  I have no idea how many miles he's walked that last couple of weeks looking for masks and a lot of times coming in empty handed.  

He came in all puffed up with 7 masks.  We thought there was only 6 out there, and none of the ones he brought in were the last 2 missing.  Some of these we'd forgotten about it's been so long.  Some aren't in very good shape and we'll probably just throw them away, but HEY at least he found them.......well except for the other two. Hopefully they won't need them pretty soon.  It's stayed warm enough that the flies are still pretty bad. 

Pepper almost got lucky yesterday, well as lucky as a gelding can get anyway. Coquette seemed to think he was pretty cute.  Talk about make his eyes bright and his ears perk up, he was really a happy old guy.  Usually the girls just walk away when he's trying to catch up....!! LOL  He's actually putting on a little weight, which is good since we're going into winter.  Winter in SE Arizona certainly doesn't mean what it does in the rest of the country, but he was so thin this summer, I was afraid I'd have to blanket him every night, which would really put a cramp in his style. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013



Not just for us humans but for a lot of the donkeys.  He has developed a taste for fly masks, doesn't seem to care who's as long as he can get hold of it and pull it off......!!!  Over the last few days we've lost count of the masks out there.  John found 3 this morning and there is at least 3 more out there......somewhere.  Wister does know enough to leave Boaz alone I guess, at least so far.  Justin and Pepsi the minis seem to be his favorites, probably because they are smaller than he is and easier to de-mask.......!!!

Yesterday morning when John was out looking for fly masks, I saw him hot footing it back to the house.  I went out to see what the hurry was and he said we had a problem.  It seems Friday afternoon or evening the UPS truck came by and left a package.  Nothing wrong with that, except the driver, rather than putting the 43 pound box of supplements from HorseTech.com in the chest, put by the gate, specifically for that purpose, decided in his infinite wisdom to put the 43 pound box, BESIDE the chest.  

The reason for the chest is years ago, a friend use to send us about 40 pounds of home grown potatoes from Pennsylvania annually.  One year we didn't find the potatoes sitting by the gate before the donkeys did.  I can't say they liked potatoes, but they certainly spent a lot of time looking for something better in the box.  The box was torn up, eaten and there were potatoes strung everywhere. 

So we got this brilliant idea to put a chest out there big enough to hold just about anything.  We even put a label on it UPS/FEDEX, not very complicated and rather self explanatory.  At least we thought so.  

Thank goodness supplements even peppermint flavored are rather concentrated and must not taste too good, although they ripped the box and the bag they didn't really get into the supplements very much.  

As soon as I got back to the house, I e-mailed UPS my thoughts on the problem.  I also told them not to send that person out here again.  

This is not my first run in with UPS drivers.  Years ago, the drivers would open the gate drive in, drop their package the try to get back out before the donkeys found the open gate.  This is why they leave packages at the gate, they aren't allowed on the property.  I realize they are on a time schedule, but if they had to help round up donkeys, it would pretty much ruin their schedule.  LOL

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


After all these years John still amazes me sometimes.  My cripples get Cosquin ASU as a supplement to help with their arthritis and joint problems.  Reba the big mule is pretty gimpy on her right front probably just from being 30 years old.  Cisco was a roping donkey at a roping school where they taught people how to rope.  Cisco was a "loaner", so when the students didn't have anything at home to practice on and torture, they could borrow Cisco.  Needless to say his back legs are pretty well shot.  And of course there is always "Pepper", the old Lounge Lizard with his broken hip and blown knee.  

Last week I emptied my Cosequin and put the container in the golf cart for disposal and forgot to take the spoon out.  Well actually I didn't forget it, I figured I'd use the spoon out of the new container.  I had forgotten that they only get a half dose, so went thru all my spoons, of which I have many, and could not find one of the right size.  Dang, now what?  Went out to find the spoon and John hadn't gotten to the trash yet, so I took off to "save my spoon".  The next morning when it was time to measure out meds, I can't find my spoon.  I back tracked, went every place I could think of and no spoon.  So I've been using the spoon that came with the Cosequin half full.  It's much easier to just fill up the spoon and call it done, so John has had to listen to me whine for about a week.  This morning I was particularly whiney I guess cause John got involved and started asking me questions.  I could answer them all except for what jacket I was wearing that morning, couldn't remember.  Guess it was a cold morning, because when I checked my Dickie hoodie, there was my precious spoon......!!! Yippee!  Life is good and all is right in the world today........!!!! LOL  

I don't know if the difference in thinking is male/female logic or what.  I am reactive, can't do what I want or in this case find something, I explode, which of course accomplishes nothing except waste time and effort.  But John is methodical and logical to the point of zeroing in on the problem, usually pretty quick.  Thank goodness. 

Still having to put on fly masks, although it's been really cold in the morning in the upper 20's.  You'd think that would get rid of them, but if anything I think it makes them worse, at least the ones that survive.  

I'm down to just doctoring Boaz's knee and Jack's face, certainly much easier and less time consuming than it is during the summer skin problem time.  

I've found a new toy, although it's not very durable, gallon milk jugs with rocks in them, seem to be a lot of fun.  They can be picked up by the handle and shook.  I tried leaving the cap on, but they come off too easy and might get swallowed.  So I keep adding rocks as they get shook out.  They last pretty good, unless someone paws at them.  There's one in Wister's pen that is pretty flat, but he still plays with it. 

Friday, November 01, 2013


Notice the little boy sitting with the donkey

We have 4 cats in the house, 3 males and Moogee.  Most of them are friendly and fairly resigned to not going outside.  Over the years occasionally the opportunity arises for one or more of them to "escape", which they take advantage of.  Most of them are good natured about getting caught and dragged back inside.  

Tuesday afternoon John came thru the spa room outside door and it didn't latch behind him.  I came thru a few minutes later and saw it open.  Told John we needed to do a cat check, which showed Snooky and Sunny missing.  They both were in the back yard and Sunny was pretty easy.  Snooky has always been stand offish and spooky, you aren't going to walk over and pick him up.  Nor are you going to call him to you.  Just the opposite, you try to interact with him, and he takes off, at least when he's outside.  

We would try to entice him with food or lock the other 3 up and leave a door open.  Nope, not buying that, least the first day or so.  He was having a great time hanging around with Julius his brother and Hobo his mother.  In the afternoons they would all 3 lay on the wall around the back yard.  

By this morning he was getting hungry I guess.  John saw him wallering a dead dessicated bird so we locked the other cats up, opened the back door and it didn't take long for him to walk in far enough I could get to the door and close it.  So he is back inside, but we haven't seen him.  He's up on top of the closet, John put some food up there, but so far he hasn't eaten it.  Wait till he does get down and Moogee gets ahold of him, he'll be trying to get outside again.  Ha!  She likes for her boys to behave and be very subservient. 

If he would be happier outside I have nothing against that.  But he can't be an indoor/outdoor cat it's either, or.  I don't think he knows how to feed himself, even though there is dry food on the back porch most of the time.  So we'll see how the next few days go.  

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for Pepper I guess.  Yesterday morning he was trying to figure out how to get up on Frijolita, much to her disgust.  She finally took off, with him trailing behind at his usual snail pace.  

I was gone most of the day, goofing off visiting with some friends.  Krista has recently moved to Cochise County from the Phoenix area.  She has a beautiful home and a gorgeous area for her 2 horses, so Patti and I just had to go and be nosy.  Had a great visit, pizza and cookies for lunch, what more could you ask for.......!!!!  LOL

Got home and John said you should have been here and saw Pepper up on Ruthie in position and doing his best to accomplish his task.  How the old buzzard got up there I'll never know, determination I guess....!!  I asked John how he came down, it wouldn't have surprised me if he just fell off, but John said, No, he came down stiff legged enough to keep his balance.  This morning he's frisking around checking out the girls, haven't seen him try anything yet.  

One time there was a retired vet here for a tour and we ratcheted up the tour chatter to a little heavier discussion of the different maladies the donkeys have.  John was telling him about Pepper and how "frisky" he can be.  The vet said pergolide can do that.  Hmmm, never had heard that before, but something sure keeps the old guy going. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Considering it's getting closer to winter I better get use to it.......but I don't have to like it.  At least the days are warm and sunny, so far.

Chores have gotten a lot easier, without all the hot weather, and flies to worry about.  Right now, Boaz and his proud flesh knee is about all I'm doctoring, except for Jack the mini mule's nose.  Boaz's came back from his "gig" at weed control with his knee bubbled up with nasty looking over growth.  Over the years I have tried just about everything they recommend for proud flesh up to and including surgical removal 3 times............except for xxTerra......!!!!  I hate this stuff, it's primarily used to remove sarcoids, a type of immune tumor.  I'm not really sure his knee isn't a little of both, sarcoids and proud flesh.  The vet has never really said and they look enough alike, that I sure don't know.  Don't know if the vets can tell the difference without testing either. 

So I have tried using xxTerra for a few days.  It's certainly made a mess, it basically "melts" the area, so you have all this bubbly gooey mess running down his leg.  I think I'll clean it off and see what happens.  I can always have the vet debride it again, but hate to put him thru that.  He's a good patient and the knee is never going to look normal again anyway.  My main concern is to stop the over growth of cells permanently.  So far they keep coming back.

Jacks nose looks like it's been peppered with a shotgun, little circles of hair missing.  It seems to itch because we catch him scratching it till it bleeds.  He'll leave it alone if I put Thuja zinc oxide or Banixx on it.  John came home with Banixx one day when I sent him out to find something for infection.  Recommended by the local feed store, because I already had everything else they sold I think.  

Anyway it does seem to work pretty good on Jack's nose, although I'm put off by the smell.  It smells just like Listerine.  Makes me wonder if it is just expensive Listerine.  Listerine is what Dr. Voss recommended for Gus' leg sores this summer, so who knows.  

Everyone else seems to be doing just fine.  Pepper has not been down on his right side in weeks, which is great.  He's also eating much better than he was this summer, that's not to say he's getting fat.  On a scale of 1 to 10, he is about a 2 and I'm not sure that isn't being generous.  Let's put it this way, if authorities ever saw him, I'd probably get arrested for animal abuse....!!!  But he is perky, alert, ears up and will knock you down with his favorite weapon, his head, if given the chance.  Hopefully he can put enough weight on to make it thru the winter without having to be blanketed.  If he has to wear a blanket he has to stay in the pens, which is a fate worse than death for all of them.  We tell them about equine that have to stay in little pens all their lives and they just don't seem to care, they want OUT....!!!! Pepper is one of the worst, he will dig caverns in the sand at the gate, deep enough we've all fell in them numerous times.  Last week John put a 4x6 stall mat at the gate and now the old buzzard paws at it so hard you can smell the rubber.  He can't hardly stand up, but he can use his legs to dig holes and paw rubber mats....!!! 

Friday, October 25, 2013


Patti and I went up to Phoenix yesterday to visit  Claire and David.  Had a great time,  lunch at Dillon's not far from where they live.  I don't think I've ever eaten before with an aquarium of 4-6 foot sharks watching me.  But they stayed where they were and we had a wonderful lunch.  

Got home late, John got to feed by himself, but he did just fine.  He doesn't like to mix up the feed bowls, but like I tell him, they don't care what they get, as long as they get something.  And if someone misses a pill or powder, it won't hurt them.

When we went to bed last night we could hear the dogs barking at yipping coyotes.  The only way we can shut them up is to shoot a gun up in the air.  Boy,  you talk about quiet.............it gets real quiet after that happens.  But neither of us was bothered enough to get up and do it.  Finally went to sleep, and woke up later with the dogs barking again, but couldn't hear the coyotes.  

This morning when John went out this is what he found up one of the trees.  We figure the neighbor's dog might have chased him up the tree.  Unfortunately the tree was right next to our dog's pen.  

Nicki is getting ready to go into the feed room, but if you look right above his body, you will see a blob in the tree.  Needless to say if the coon twitched an ear, Nicki was right there, snarling and lunging at the fence.  So the coon wasn't going anywhere.  We figured tonight we could lock our dogs in the feed room and the neighbor's dog in the the garage, until the coon came down out of the tree.  

When John started moving the golf cart towards the tree, the coon got very worried and actually moved down the limb a little bit.  The neighbor's dog was off someplace else, so I went to lock our dogs in and when I came out of the feed room, the coon was already gone.  John said he jumped down and headed towards the garage.  Later on the donkeys and mules were ears up, locked on the neighbor's property, so John thinks that's where it finally went.  I doubt that it will be back, although it might be the one that has been coming to the back porch and eating cat food almost every night.  That is when he doesn't have to contend with the skunk. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Actually it wasn't Daisy in the Tula parade, it was Buddy Brat.  It's hard to tell who is who looking thru a camera.

Less flies every day, those less than 40 degree nights don't seem to agree with them.....!!!  I've taken the polo wraps off everyone that had worn them for most of the summer.  I've tried just about every thing I've heard about for protecting their legs, from sun screen to strips of material hanging down from above their knees to "scare" the flies away.  Actually they work good, but get lost in the brush.  Sun screen works good as long as it stays on.  But the polo wraps seem to be the best, for staying on thru the brush and not wearing off like sunscreen or zinc oxide.  Less messy too.  

We're still doing fly masks, there are some desperate flies out there.  Renee said my new supply of fly masks should be here soon.  I went ahead and ordered some to start out with next spring, so her little machine is working overtime this week, I guess. 

John had a jeep tour last night, so I had to feed by myself, and then let everyone out at bed time.  That's usually John's job.  We don't do it together because he hands out treats like a Pez dispenser.  My theory is, getting out is treat enough.  So consequently it would be very confusing for them if we both went out.  Usually when I let them out, I move so fast opening gates that they don't have a chance to gang up on me to see why the treats aren't forthcoming.  BUT, remember I mentioned we are still putting on fly masks?  So I had to open gates, take off masks and stay ahead of the crowd.  I was doing pretty good until I got to Miss PennyPacker.  She is still very leery of change or anything new.  I had never taken her mask off after dark.  Wondered for awhile if it was even going to happen.  She didn't really "let" me take it off, but I managed to snag it anyway.  When John got home and we were discussing our evening, he said it usually takes a lot of "foreplay" before she will stand.  That's fine, but in the meantime the treat crowd was getting bigger and louder...........SIGH  And she really thought she should get a treat after all that......!!!!  Didn't happen though....!!! LOL

Saturday, October 19, 2013

SHE MADE IT..........!!!!



That girl has more car trouble than anyone I know.  It seems like she's always in crisis because of vehicles breaking down.  She says she'll make it, we'll see........!!! LOL

Don't like seeing ice on the bird water every morning.  Of course as soon as the sun gets up it quickly disappears, which is a good thing.  Still putting on fly masks, the flies that have survived are vicious and determined.

Pepper has gone quite awhile without getting down on his right side, thank goodness.  Not sure what the difference is, but he is laying down on his left side.  Saw him yesterday in the big dusting area by the pens, with his two girls, Coquette and Penny.  At least he seems to think they are his girls, although they ignore him for the most part.  They were all 3 laying down enjoying the warm sand I guess.  

I'm racing tonight, plan on wearing my long jons, I really hate to get cold, and as soon as the sun goes down it will get chilly.  Jamie Williams a photographer from Tucson is planning on coming to the races tonight and will be taking pictures and also riding with me in the heat race.  Don't know if she plans on taking pictures during the race or not.  I doubt it, even though the passengers are strapped in with a racing harness, they don't have a steering wheel, so they usually try to find something to hang on to. 

If anyone would like to volunteer to help during the Open House the 7th and 8th of December, let me know.  Don't need a lot of people, but if it's just John and I, it gets a little hectic. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I had to get in touch with Renee at Colorful Equine and place an order.  It wasn't too bad until Boaz and Wister came home.  Since then fly masks are getting torn up and disappearing at a rapid rate.  And the ones that aren't disappearing have holes in them usually right over an eye of course......!!!  I think the last I heard John said there are at least 7 masks out there somewhere.

He actually spent most of Sunday walking all over back and forth in a grid looking for masks.  Didn't find one mask, which was really disappointing.  But the good thing is, John got a lot of exercise...!!!  Not sure he would agree. 

John picked up Penny's feet yesterday morning and she was a perfect lady.  Except for not picking up quickly everything else went well.  She did pick up, but hasn't learned that when you grip the fetlock you want to pick up.  Molly learned that so well, when I was treating her thrush, that little foot literally flew up, which was rather surprising the first time or two.  

Courtney is suppose to come out Thursday to do some trimming.  Tomorrow morning Lysa is going to pick up Penny's feet.  If that goes well, I guess we'll see how she does with Courtney and real hoof trimming.  She really does seem to want to cooperate and since we've been very careful to try to make her feel safe and comfortable around us, I hope that will all transfer to whoever is working with her. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I had fun, but it was not without contact, here and there.  Managed to not ruin any tires, but the car doesn't look so good.  

As you can probably tell from the pictures the track was quite muddy.  Did find out I like a muddy track, I won my heat race, without damage.  John said the others were all squirreling around in the mud, while I had what they call a clear track, once I got past the 3 cars that started in front of me. 

All this is from the main event, doesn't even show the rear bumper that is being held on by the 2 "required" chains. If it wasn't for the chains, someone would have had a bumper to avoid, if they could.  Ripped the bolts right out.  The front damage happened going into turn 1.  One of the drivers that really doesn't like a muddy track, basically stopped going into the turn and I was right behind her.  Surprised the heck out of the guy behind me, which is what happened to my rear bumper.  

I fought the whole race trying to get around the mud hater, she has a bigger motor than I do, but obviously I was handling better than she was.  I could catch her in the corners and pull up on her side, but she'd power me down the straight away.  I could have taken her out, but I hate to do that.  One of the other cars spun her for me.  Unfortunately since I was on her bumper at the time, I got collected up in the mess with a couple of other cars behind me.  Think of the filling in a sandwich, that was me......!!! Of course when they got us straightened out, she and I were in the back and she started in front of me..........again.......!!! SIGH

The caved in rear door with the blue paint happened when I stopped a car coming back from the outside of the track at speed from ending up in the infield.  Wasn't really my idea, but it sure did straighten him out in a hurry...!!  A little farther back and I would have probably cut another tire, which really would have upset John, my crew chief.  He wasn't very happy with the 2 cut tires last race day...!!!!  LOL

I finished 6th.  Unfortunately the young lady that is behind me in end of the year points finished 2nd and gained 17 points on me.  We have 4 more races, so she might just catch me, if I don't start finishing better.  

John was thinking about using a new rear door, to replace this one that can't really be pounded out anymore and has a rip in it.  I told him just to do what he could and keep the new one for next year.  He's got new body panels except for the left rear door and front fenders.  These fenders ARE the new ones we had.  LOL  Time for another trip to U-Pull-It I guess. 

When we go racing the donkeys end up spending about 12 hours more or less in their pens.  OMG you would think they have been abused, to hear them when I get out to open the driveway gate.  John tells them a lot of equine spend all their time in pens, some that aren't even as big as the ones we have.  They don't really seem to care, they just want to get out and make up for lost time.