Wednesday, October 30, 2019


We're still dealing with the mesquite bean problem.  The donkeys have been getting out for the afternoon for a few days and we all are doing "Poo 101" studies whenever we see poo.  Haven't been seeing a lot of beans in the poo, so as of today they are going out as soon as they finish breakfast.  If the that works for a couple of days, the next step will be going out overnight on the 10 acres.  Then a check of Burroland will get them over there in the afternoon, etc until we're back to the normal process of going out after they finish their hay morning and night.  

Burroland is still open for the cattle and I actually heard and saw a couple of cows over there a few day ago, so they are still moving around.  The last time I was over there a couple of weeks ago, I didn't see piles of beans under the trees like earlier this summer, although there are beans scattered everywhere.  We'll check it again before opening the gate. 

This week-end Suzanne, Lynn and Linda will be running a "people" marathon from up on Mt. Lemmon, that is 26 miles, down the mountain.  To be counted they will have to finish in less than 6 1/2 hours.  Better them than John and me.  They all like to run, but that is a long way, it's about a round trip from here to Benson and the thought of running it doesn't sound like a good time to me.  Only if someone was chasing me........LOL


This is Lewis and Clark, heading home with their new family.  Lynn and Linda brought them down from Colorado and while waiting for their family to show up they got to do a little racing with runners.  They haven't been worked with a lot and Lewis got away from his handler in Superior.  They both took off at Burros and Churros after a loose dog chased them.  They are really nice young donkeys and seem to really like people, so with some training they should be ready for anything.  

Legend is a new donkey that will be here for awhile for some training by Lynn and Linda.  He's a real pretty boy, light silver with bracelets on his legs.  I'll try to get a picture of him.  We've had quite a few tours the last few days, with the donkeys out of their pens.  He really watches the other donkeys to see how to act.  He walked right up to people out on the property like no big deal, to be petted after seeing the others do it.  So he's going to probably be pretty easy to work with.      

Last Saturday was my last race of this season.  This year hasn't been easy, nothing really bad, just little things happening, so I wouldn't finish a race, or even start a race a few times. 

The track had "Trunk and Treat" for the kids and tried to break a Guiness record for the longest Trunk or Treat parade of cars.  They were hoping to get over 400 cars, they had a lot of cars with a lot of candy, but I don't think they had enough to break the record.  

These dinosaurs chased this chicken up and down the track, which was really funny, I wish I had gotten a video.
 The little green thing standing by the chicken is a baby dinosaur.  

Our grandson drove this car Saturday night.  It's in the Outlaw Late Model Class and is painted like
the Lightening McQueen cartoon car.  Our great grandson is sitting in the window on the other side.

Even had a scarecrow roaming around.  We finally decided he was on the contractor stilts
they use when building houses.  He was tall enough I don't think he could even get in a house...!!

I managed to finish 2nd in the main event, which is my best finish this year.  Unfortunately the guy that was 7 points behind me before Saturday, finished in 1st and when the points were all counted we tied for end of the year points.  Since he had that win, even though I had more top 5 finishes, he got credited for 4th and I ended up in 5th for the year.   I'll still get a trophy and be acknowledged at the banquet, but I'd been in 4th for weeks, hated to lose it.  Oh! well on to next year. As we always say, once the banquet is over and the new season starts, people don't remember who finished where anyway.........!!  LOL

The new car is already to go...............!!  My 1st race of the 2020 season won't be until the 28th of March

New car at the track, for Friday practice

Casper by Fuzzy's Focus

Evelyn was out a few days ago to take pictures of the donkeys and will be here for the Open House the 7th and 8th of December.

Today when we were doing round up for evening feeding, one of the last ones in was Casper the little mini mule.  I noticed he came from the other side of the wash, which leads me to believe he was coming from Burroland.  As I said before they don't have access to Burroland yet.  But I have a feeling that isn't stopping Casper from going over there.  He just wiggles under the fence and goes where he wants to.  I guess there isn't enough beans over here to keep him occupied.  What a little brat he is, and what fun it is to try to outsmart him.  So far I think he's winning............LOL

Thursday, October 24, 2019


Our days are still almost hot in the 80's, but our nights have been in the 30s for the last week or so.  Lowest has been 34*, so won't be long before we get some freezing.

The schedule for the next few weeks is filling in nicely.  Last Saturday John and I went with our friend Larry up to ET raceway at Apache Junction so he could race his Pro Stock Camaro on their dirt track.  Unfortunately something come loose in the rear end and he only ran about 4 laps.  We had a good time anyway watching racing on dirt.

Our truck is  heavier than Larry's so we met in the Walmart parking lot to change tow vehicles for the long trip.

John with the trailer still hooked up to Larry's pickup

While we were involved in racing business, Lynn, Linda and Suzanne were doing a fun race "Burros and Churros" in Tucson in conjunction with The Running Shop .  They hauled 19 donkeys in 3 trailers out of here just about daylight.  

Racers signing in to run with the donkeys

Link ready to run

Justin with a new friend just about his size.....

                                            Sugar and Jacque showing their runners how it's done............!!

Another good match for size, I think that is Bella, but I'm not sure.  Bella has never gone out for one of these fun days.  She has a problem with the muscle structure in both of her back legs, that makes her legs weak and makes it difficult for her to get up once she lays down.  She also wears out if she exerts energy and effort, or stands for a long time.  

But these fun runs are a good way to find out exactly what she is capable of doing.  I think she did one run, BUT, Linda said she really enjoyed being out with the people, so under the right circumstances she'll get to go out again.  

Sunday Suzanne, John and I took 5 donkeys to the Pima County Fairgrounds for a day of the donkeys being on display for a large RV group called, Family Motor Coach Association, or FMCA.  They had gotten in touch with me this summer and wanted to raise money for the rescue with a 50/50 drawing at this big annual event and asked if we could bring some donkeys out for the day.

They had us set up in a huge covered arena, it must have covered an acre of ground. It was right by where they had a picnic at noon, so a lot of people came over to see the donkeys. 

Suzanne talking with some of the people

Link the mammoth, Cheyenne the mini, and Loki Joe the black nosed small standard.  We also had Frijolita a roan standard and Muzzie a large standard.  Muzzie came down from Colorado for the winter with Lynn and Linda for pack burro racing training and Turbo, Link's older brother stayed up in Colorado for saddle training.  Linda showed us a picture of Turbo with snow all over his face.  I bet he wonders what the heck happened to the weather......!!!  LOL

Cheyenne, having a snack
We always enjoy taking the donkeys out in public, people are really drawn to them and always leave with a smile on their face.  

For over 35 years the people out here in the valley have held a Christmas Fair the first week-end in December.  They have food, music, people selling crafts, it's a lot of fun and hundreds of people come out from Tucson for the day to enjoy being in the country.

We participated for quite a few years until about 5 or 6 years ago, but it got to be quite a project for just the 2 of us.  We would have volunteers come out for the day, but all the "getting ready" we did.  I mentioned it to Linda and Suzanne and it looks like we're going to participate this year.  They are already busy with lots of neat ideas, volunteers dressed up as fairies and elves, Christmas music, even snowflakes hanging in the mesquite trees.  In the desert you have to improvise and have an imagination.....LOL    

Friday, October 18, 2019


Lynn and Linda got the charger for the electric fence last night, Lynn was going to charge it to get ready for today, and the instructions said it takes 3 days to charge it the 1st time.  

But Lynn doesn't want them to miss out on "OUT" time, so he has reinforced the electric fence line for today without the charger.  Stay tuned........ I have a feeling especially since they've already challenged the fence and found it lacking in the electricity department, they will just see his efforts to keep them in as an opportunity to show him, "it's not working"..............LOL  

John is doing a tour even as I type.  All of a sudden we're getting quite a few tours, probably because it is cooling off.  We are planning on participating in the Cascabel Fair this year for the first time in about 6-7 years.  This fair is always the 1st week-end in Dec and has been going for about 35 years.  Lot's of vendors, music, food, really a fun day in the country.   A lot of people come back every year.  Even though we aren't actually in Cascabel, they'll advertise we will be open for tours and we put a sign out by the road.  It's a good opportunity for people to get to meet the donkeys. 

Tomorrow Suzanne, Lynn and Linda will be going to the Burros and Churros Fun Run in Tucson, in conjunction with The Running Shop.  Last I heard about 60 people had signed up to run with the donkeys, and they are taking 18 donkeys, so some of them will go out 3 or 4 times.  The trail is less than 2 miles, so they won't actually be going very far.

UPDATE:  I had to go to town, came home and the donkeys were still in their pens.......WHEW!!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2019


Any idea of what is going on in these pictures?

Lots of donkeys all with their heads down.

 Different donkeys, different spot

 This is either Lewis or Clark, which are visiting until their new best friend gets thru with hunting season and picks them up

Hmmm.........more donkeys, heads down

 Same scenario

Jasper sticking his tongue out at me. 

We've been raking mesquite beans the last few days and dumping them out to the road, so the cars can crush them hopefully into powder.  Just raking the 10 acres, leaving Burroland to the cows, which actually have been going into Burroland, we hear them over there.  There's plenty of beans over there for them to eat unfortunately. 

We got a pretty large area raked today and Lynn had enough corral panels to fence all of it except one area on the west side of the west pens.  He had some electric fence, but left the charger in Colorado.  He thought because so many of the donkeys had dealt with it in Co. that they would respect it electrified or not.  

Opened gates and out they came, with their heads down.  BUT, they couldn't just stand in one place and eat beans, because most of the beans had been raked up, so they had to move around.  

We gave them about an hour and 45 minutes, went out at 4pm for round-up and found out their respect for electric fence without a charger was pretty much non-existent and they were everywhere........!!!  LOL

Some of them were pretty sure they didn't want to go back in the pens, some of them were very cooperative.  Of course there are 5 of us, so it didn't take very long to get them in their pens.  

Lynn and Linda headed for Tractor Supply tonight to get a charger..........LOL  

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Eleven of our donkeys raced.  I'm using the term "ours" loosely.  Some of them are Lynn and Linda's.  Sugar and Jacque belong to our friend Georgette.  Lewis is visiting while his person finishes up a hunting trip, and Muzzy is spending the winter here, training for racing, while Turbo spends the winter in Colorado learning to be a saddle donkey as a trade.  And although Justin has been here for years along with Cheyenne and Lynne, they actually belong to Courtney that trims donkey feet for us.  They came here to lose weight and just never left........!!!  Buddy, Levi and Frijolita are actually ours.........!!! LOL 

Leddy won a trophy for Crowd Favorite, Muzzy won best condition I don't know if that was a decision made by the vets or not.  Actually one of the vets said Leddy was too thin, which shocked the heck out of all of us.  Poor Leddy has been on a diet for the last 3 years and is still a little plump by donkey standards.  All we could figure out is that vet has never worked with donkeys and is going by horse standards. 

All of our donkeys vetted good before and after the race and all finished the race. Team Muzzy (Lynn) finished 6th in the long race of 12 miles and Team Jacque (Linda) finished 12th.

Lots of the runners were dressed for the occasion

Team Muzzy (Lynn) getting with the program

Team Jacque (Linda) at the start of the race

Justin's teammate made him a special hat

This is team Frijolita (Suzanne) and my favorite picture taken during the race

You never know what you will see, this was a cute team

Everyone said the trails went thru some really pretty country

 Leddy's teammate picking up his "Crowd Favorite" award, with from the left Brad Wann from Colorado, the MC, Lynn, Monique who was in charge of the planning and did an outstanding job, and Linda

Buddy Brat had his 24th birthday the 15th of Oct.  This is him and BlackJack in 2001 playing tug of war with a dog rope when he was 6 years old.  Buddy has ran in a few races and really likes to run.  I don't know if Linda tells his teammates how old he is before or after the race, but they are usually very surprised to find out he isn't a spring chicken.  He can be a handful, the first time we took him out was to a parade, I walked him and wondered what I had gotten myself into.  He was bound and determined to get to the front of the parade, and I was equally determined that he wasn't.  I had to keep turning him in circles and he kept trying to bolt.  We managed to stay with our group, but I sure was glad when it was over.  I think he was just getting warmed up.......!!! LOL

This week-end we will be taking 3-5 donkeys to display at the Pima Fairgrounds for a big RV show they are having.  One of the planners called this summer and asked if we'd come out.  We like to take the donkeys out in public, so many people haven't been around donkeys and it's a great opportunity to let people interact with them, and see what wonderful animals they are.  We'll be out there Sunday, if anyone locally would like to come out and say Hi..........!!

Sunday, October 13, 2019


A good time was had by 100s if not thousands of participants and spectators, not to mention all the donkeys big and small that were there.  I'm a little slow in getting caught up, some of the people have already posted pictures on the BurroCross Facebook page, thank you Stacie and Michele from Lucky A Rescue.  There's a really good video of the start, but I haven't figured out how to download it yet.  

 Stacie is one of the Colorado racers that drove down for the event.  There were quite a few Colorado racers that came down and actually the winner of the 12 mile long race was Team Yukon with Bob Sweeney from Colorado.  They are both ultra runners and usually finish good.  

Almost time for the race to start


They are off and running

Out of town headed for the trails

We heard that the scenery was beautiful


Someone asked Stacie if she and Milo were getting a speeding ticket

Team Leddy waiting for the race to start.  Quite a few people and donkeys "dressed" for the occasion

Our good friend Leigh Anne, with Team Frijolita.  Suzanne and Frijolita completed the long course, 12 miles.  Thanks for sharing the picture Leigh Anne.  Leigh Anne had a donkey on top of her hat, that was quite a hit with everyone.

Pepsi's new mom sent a picture of Pepsi and one of his new buddies.  I guess he has figured out he isn't in Arizona anymore.  He's actually pretty well insulated from the snow and cold judging from the amount of snow on him.  

Suzanne, Lynn, Linda and the donkeys are still in Superior.  There is a lot of behind the scene for something like this.  They went up last week to mark the trails and help out where they could.  After the races the trails have to be unmarked, so that's what Lynn was doing today.  They are suppose to come home tomorrow morning. 

John and I left for Superior yesterday morning at 4am and left after the awards were handed out, got home last night about 9pm and the donkeys let us know that they weren't happy.  It's amazing how quiet they get once they get their hay........!!!  LOL 

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Suzanne left yesterday morning to meet Lynn and Linda in Superior.  If she didn't have everything she will need between now and Sunday morning, I'd be surprised........!! LOL  She also took hay, so Lynn and Linda wouldn't have to haul it from Colorado.

Add caption
 Usually when the donkeys go to a race, they are in a corral panel pen, it gives them room to move around, but not a whole lot of room.  This time they are in an actual permanent pen with lots of room.  Although it is a dry lot, so they are helping themselves to the grass around the edges.......!!

Thanks for the pictures Suzanne

 She had an uneventful trip and Lynn and Linda pulled in not long after she did.  They had spent the night with Christine and Lary at EquineWell Being Rescue, in Snowflake, AZ.  Christine had pens for the donkeys to rest and stretch their legs for the night.   I think Christine is headed down to Superior today.  She is furnishing corral panels, and waterers as needed.  So many people are working hard to make this 1st race in Arizona a happening.  It's really been amazing to see how excited people are about the idea and hopefully that excitement will continue in the future.

I guess the "Hiestand Diner" was found lacking by the local range cattle.  After the one day of cows everywhere, there hasn't been another invasion.  John saw the black bull here the next day, in fact he laid down by the pens, which I'm sure the donkeys really appreciated.  We took the golf cart around to see how many beans they ate.  They actually got rid of a bunch of them, but there are still quite a few that haven't turned black.

We've talked about maybe letting the donkeys out for a short amount of time each day to see how they do.  The problem will be getting them back in their pens, I'm sure they won't be cooperative after only being out for maybe an hour or less, as long as there are beans to be eaten.  But there should be enough of us to round them up, when Lynn, and Linda get back.  We'll start with just the 10 acres, that should keep them busy for awhile.  They have been in their pens since the 16th of August and are ready to go out.  Big Gus can be formidable at his gate if he thinks you aren't paying attention.  I know from personal experience..........LOL

Saturday, October 05, 2019

WE HAVE COWS...............BOY!!...... DO WE HAVE COWS........!!!

This morning when I got up I looked out the window and there was a big black Angus bull about 15 feet from the house.  Yippee! my 1st thought was "go get your friends", that is until I went out to the feed room...........there were cows all over the place, more coming across the wash.  My 2nd thought was "be careful what you ask for".........!!!  LOL

Their primary objective was to figure out how to help the donkeys eat their morning hay.  The donkeys weren't the least bit interested in sharing.  Actually they weren't interested in cows being in their area at all, particularly Jasper and Penny.  Suzanne and I took some pictures, John actually touched a couple of slimy cow noses and they decided we weren't going to share, so started moseying  off around the pens and over to the driveway.  Some of them headed down below the house on the north side of the pens.


This is one of the bulls, he's trying to help our neighbor Vic, underpin Lynn and Linda RV


Suzanne had to move Jasper's bunk away from the edge, they were helping him eat his hay



 It is now afternoon and they are still on the property.  I hope they have been eating beans and not just laying down resting.  We didn't know they were still here, John looked out awhile ago and saw a Brahma bull moving around. Since then we have seen LOTS of cows roaming around, everywhere.  They are hanging around the well house, the rancher has water for them, but I guess they would rather get a drink here than have to walk home.  I just hope they don't tear the well house down or tear up some of pipes.  These range cattle can be very destructive, they've learned how to survive.  Thank goodness they aren't wild.

Yesterday Suzanne and John finished putting up a new shelter.  It sure is tall, we decided we could probably have giraffes........!!!  Well maybe not, but it certainly has a lot of head clearance.