Friday, December 29, 2017

THEY'RE BACK.......!!!!

Lynn, Linda and the dogs made it back, Christmas afternoon and I think we've been running every since.  For some reason they seem to make the routine around here liven up......LOL

I'd like to say the donkeys were thrilled to see them, actually Buddy and some of our donkeys warmed up to them quicker than their 3 donkeys.  But after a couple of days, when ALL the donkeys found out they were cookie carriers and also they were back in the RV, it was back to business as usual.  That means the donkeys spend time at the door of the RV and Lynn spends time either hanging out the door or sitting on the step, being part of the herd.  

Before they left last year, they said we were going on vacation this year.  We thought about it all summer and never really came up with the perfect place to go.  In the winter it cuts out a large portion of the country, that can get nasty.  We talked about going to the Winter Dirt Nationals in Volusia, Florida, driving which would probably take about 3 days one way, do the races and drive back.  One of us thought that would be a lot of us had excuses and dragged feet............LOL The foot dragger came up with an alternative........the Wild West Shootout up by Phoenix.  

Years ago, this "winter" race event was held at the defunct dirt track in Tucson in January.  Drivers from all over the U.S and Canada and maybe Mexico come out for it.  When it was in Tucson, they actually let the Hornets run and if you brought a car to race you got in the back gate free.  I had the Kia and had retired the Toyota, but John dragged it out of the weeds, since he would get in free if he raced it.  We raced 6 days out of 10, you talk about 2 tired people........!!! LOL  Luckily we brought them home each night in one piece, so John didn't have to work on them.  We did really good, John even did good in the underpowered Tojo, 1st time we ever really made money racing, I think............LOL

But I guess they don't need a class to give the big boys to have time to work on their cars anymore, so they don't have our Hornet class race.  Oh! well, it was fun while it lasted. 

It's still 6 race dates out of 10 days, so we're trying to figure out what to do between races.  We've been trying to find something interesting to do in the area, but so far haven't come up with much.  One of us is even talking about coming home in between race days.............WHAT?  That would almost defeat the whole purpose of a vacation...........!!!   LOL 

Dr. Jeremy came out today to x-ray Rosie's right front foot.  She's been gimping around for about a month and the general consensus was she had an abscess that just wouldn't pop.  Unfortunately the problem is she has got rotation in that foot from being chronically foundered for years.  She's always limped a little sometimes worse than others, but had never limped as much or as long as this time.  She's always been overweight and we couldn't get her thin, although we keep trying.  It might take awhile to figure out what is the best plan for her, but hopefully we can get her more comfortable. 

This is a Christmas greeting we got from Falena and Selena's family.  The girl's are now called Momma and Squeaky, although we don't know for sure if Momma is the mother of Squeaky.  That's the names they were given in the foster home they were in for about 3 years before they were adopted.  They got a great home with a family that already had a horse,  But from what Tim said, the girls have pretty much taken over the top slot........!!!  LOL  At least with Tim his wife rides, but they wanted a donkey as a companion for the horse, took the girls and Tim has been smitten every since.  I've always contended we take over horse people like that.  People want a donkey as company for their horse and the next thing you know they want more donkeys......!!!   LOL 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

YUM, YUM, YUM.............!!!

Everyone has favorite food list and one of the goodies at the top of my list is avocados.....!!!  I've always said the perfect place to live would be a place you could have citrus, mango and avocado trees in your yard.  Years ago we lived in California for a little while and the house we rented had one of each,  grapefruit, navel orange and lemon trees in the yard.  They were so good and it was such fun to go out and grab an orange off the tree, or have fresh grapefruit for breakfast.  

Anyway Doug had been in California for about a month.  He was out there earlier this year and visited with a friend that has avocado trees in his yard.  At that time I guess they were not expecting much of a crop this year, weather wise.  

Doug came in this morning and look what he brought..........!!!!

Looks like after a lousy start to the season, they really got with the program and grew some really nice avocados.  I'll share when Lynn gets back, he likes them, Linda.......not so much, I'm sure her share will get eaten.......!!!  LOL

During WWII my grandparents, great grandparents, uncles etc, all headed for Portland Oregon to work in the shipyards, like a bunch of Okies.  Well actually this side of the family was from Kansas/Missouri mostly......!!!  Anyway they got out there, everybody old enough to work, got a job building ships and Mother and I at the tender age of a year ended up out there with them for awhile.  I don't know if they had ever seen an avocado coming from the Midwest, but somehow they discovered them.  My grandfather said, the whole bunch decided they liked them, when they found out they cost a dollar apiece.  At that time, a dollar was real money, so he could have been right....!!!  LOL  Anyway it started a "we love avocado" campaign that has lasted all these years, although I'm the only one left that knows how it started.   

In the 60's Grandma Bonnie (she was a welder in the shipyard) and I drove down to Florida from Missouri to bring John home from temporary duty at Homestead AFB.  While John worked the last few days of his TDY, grandma and I ran around being tourists in sunny southern Florida in the winter. There were places all along the roads selling all sorts of fruits and vegetables and one thing they were selling that caught our eyes was..........yep.........avocados.....!!!  They weren't the Hass like California has, they didn't have as much oil or flavor, but we weren't that picky, especially when you could buy them 10 for a $1.00.  Grandma rode in the back seat of the Oldsmobile all the way from Florida to Missouri, with a box on either side of her, filled with avocado, 6 dozen to be exact and a banana tree between her legs.  We made fun of her all the way, but we helped eat them when we got home.  When she died in 1972, she still had that banana tree in a large pot, although I don't remember it ever having bananas on it.  

Poor Rosie, is still gimping around on 3 legs.  I haven't brought Dr. Jeremy up to date, with the week-end and the holiday, I'm sure he's got enough other calls to keep up with, since there is very little you can do for an abscess except "observe" it anyway.  I'm not a fan of soaking a foot to hopefully get the abscess to pop, although if she was a little more cooperative I might have tried it.  Rosie is one of the most reactive donkeys we've ever had, it's nothing to see the whites of her eyes on a regular basis.  She seems to think if you want to do something with her, it's going to be "horrible" and she wants no part of it.   

I got a call yesterday that will probably raise our donkey count by one, a 31 year old gelding named Poco.  His mom is 87 years old and says it's getting too difficult for her to take care of him.  He's actually been by himself donkey wise for about 19 years.  I guess she got him as a companion for a horse and sold the horse.  

Our problem right now is, we don't have an empty pen, nor do we have corral panels to make another pen.  We've been trying to find some used corral panels with no luck.  And a problem with used ones is they end up being rusted, bent with broken welds etc.  So I guess I'm going to bite the bullet and buy some new ones.  There's a place in Texas that runs a circuit throughout the southwest delivering panels and gates along their route.  I'll get in touch with them this week and see when they are coming thru our area again.  Then we'll have to figure out where to put another pen.  

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas tomorrow, I'm going to do something I haven't done for a long time, actually cook a turkey with all the fixings.  John will be thrilled, he doesn't mind going out to eat, except there aren't any leftovers and I think that is his favorite part of the meal and they also never bring him a drumstick to gnaw on.......!!!   LOL


Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Dr. Jeremy got out and check Rosie out.  Abscesses are so hard to figure out and donkeys are so stoic it is almost impossible to get them to react to hoof testers.  He found a soft spot at the coronet, and thinks it might blow on it's own pretty soon.  

He also said to give her bute, which I had been told years ago bute makes it last longer.  Don't know if the rules have changed or if I was given erroneous information.  What he said makes sense, the more comfortable she is, the more inclined she will be to move around, which will hopefully help the abscess to move on out.  

So we'll give her a couple of days and he said he'd come back out if it didn't pop. 


Poor Rosie, has been gimping around for almost a month, not bad, just about the time I'd think she was better she'd start limping again.  Tyler and Dr. Jeremy were here the 2nd of Dec and agreed it seemed to be an abscess.  

The last 3 days she's been down more than she's been up and 3 legged lame when she is up.  She's not even that interested in eating, which for her is very unusual.  In fact yesterday morning when Vic was here to pick up poo, he came in to tell us one of the donkeys was in trouble, down and bloated.  I had to tell him she wasn't bloated, just fat, when laying on her side there's a lot of her sticking up in the air.  

I talked to Dr Jeremy yesterday and he said if she wasn't better today, he'd come out.  Abscesses can be very difficult to find and you can cause more harm than good, digging around trying to find it.  But it is  difficult to see them so miserable and you can't give them bute as it will just prolong the process.  Just because he comes out doesn't mean he'll be able to find it, depending on where it is in her foot.  But I have my fingers crossed for an easy fix.  

Sambo, the black cat we trapped and took to the vet for corrective surgery weeks ago, has started hanging around to check out the cat food on the back porch, we put out for our indoor/outdoor cat Julius.  Glad to know he is OK and got over his surgery.  When we opened the trap to let him out, he was moving so fast I didn't know if we'd ever see him again or not.  

Still haven't seen the orange tomcat, we called Midas.  We had planned on trapping him, but I guess he decided he'd move on to safer places.  

Speaking of Julius our indoor/outdoor cat, he was born here to a feral female and is in fact a brother to 2 of our indoor cats.  He was never interested in coming in the house until his mom, Hobo disappeared.  So he basically goes in and out at will.  I have recently found a problem with this arrangement.  Nigel sleeps on our bed most of the time, he is very sweet tempered and will move........usually.......if you insist.

Sometimes Julius is in when we go to bed and usually is on our bed, which is fine, the more the merrier.  Nigel doesn't care if Julius is up there or not.  BUT.........I am not allowed to move my feet, I'm not even allowed to move a toe, if it makes noise, or it gets attacked.  He doesn't attack like a house cat, more play than serious.  HE'S SERIOUS........which means blood gets drawn thru the sheet and comforter.  Of course he goes sailing thru the air and seems to think he needs to go out immediately if I'm going to treat him like that, while I'm trying to figure out how many punctures I have to deal with.  Needless to say, it makes relaxing to go to sleep a little awkward.  

What really gets me is he's never done it to John, although John does have to contend with Sunny, laying between his legs, which means he can't move.  But if he does move at least Sunny doesn't become a wildcat...!!!  Nigel sleeps between us, which isn't bad, except because he's laying on the covers, I end up with none on the edge of the bed..........SIGH....!!!  

Heard from Linda yesterday and I guess they will be headed back to Arizona early next week from the Christmas tree lot.  Hopefully our weather will improve between now and then.  She said their weather has been colder than it usually is, so I'm sure they would appreciate a little warmth and sunshine.  I know I would, it's been below 70 degrees the last few days and that is the cut off for comfort in the desert, as far as I am concerned.........whine, whine, whine...........!!! 

I'm pretty sure the donkeys will be happy to have them back.  She asked if I thought they would remember the people that live in that RV that have cookies.  If I was making a bet, I would bet the donkeys will be up front and climbing the steps the morning after they get here.  LOL

When Mindy was here you might remember she brought 2 big containers of animal crackers, 10 pounds of them.  With just the 2 of us here I guess Linda figured we hadn't used many of them.  I had to tell her they were all gone and had been for quite sometime, when she asked how many were left. 

Friday, December 15, 2017


I guess John finally decided that summer was over and he could bring in the fly masks from the shelters.  So that's what he did this morning.  Actually it was a pretty good year, the larger pile on the right are the ones that can be washed and used again next year.  The smaller pile on the left are the throw aways.  

Usually by the end of the season, most of them are pretty raggedy, although some of the girls like Tula and Gigi ended the fly season with the same fly mask they started with in the spring.  The boys are usually the ones that end up using 3 or 4 fly masks a year.  They seem to think fly masks are also toys to be pulled off some else's head, if they get a chance.  

Last night we went to a talk at Dr. Jeremy's place, on what to do in case of an emergency.  He's been giving these talks on different subjects every 3 months or so, and they are really informative. A good way to learn, what you thought you knew and probably don't.......LOL

I was really impressed with his horse.  Dr. Jeremy brought him into a large brightly lit area on concrete with about 40 people, out of a dark field, so we could find a digital pulse under his jaw.  So not only did he go from dark to light, but he got to contend with a bunch of people squeezing his jaw, when it was time for his supper.  He graciously allowed us to poke and prod him for quite sometime, he was a very good boy.............for a horse........!!!  LOL  I'm not sure one of my more cooperative donkeys would have behaved as well although I'd like to think they would.

I guess Don Juan had enough of Smokey Joe's nonsense this morning.  For some reason Joe thinks he is in charge, that he should get all the cookies, all the petting, all the attention, etc.  If Don even acts like he might like to be petted Joe puts him in his place.  When humans are out there, such behavior isn't allowed, the humans are in charge of discipline, at least we like to think we are. 

We didn't hear anything, but when I went in to fill water buckets in their pen, Joe had a bloody upper lip, like someone had enough of his nonsense.  I don't think it will phase him long term, he is pretty full of himself......!!!

I did find something I will watch for a few days to see if I can figure it out.  Joe "LOVES" really "LOVES" to have his butt scratched.  When you go in to fill water buckets he backs up to you until you get the hint and will stand there to be scratched as long as it takes to fill up the buckets.  When I say he likes his butt scratched, that isn't exactly accurate, he likes "ground zero" scratched, although I think I might be the only one that makes his day by doing it right by his standards.......!!!

I noticed this morning that there is an area like a growth on the edge of the opening.  I put some zinc oxide on it and will check it tonight to see if I can figure out what it is.  If not I'll have Dr. Jeremy come out to check it.  Joe is one of the 3 here while their family has a new house built.  One thing about Joe, he doesn't mind at all if you poke and prod it........!!!   LOL

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


  Wouldn't this be fun to have in your Christmas stocking?

Fire every night in the wood stove, and putting on sweats in the morning to go out and break ice in the water buckets........  Yep, must be winter.......!!!  The sun is shining today, and it's 73 degrees on the thermometer, but the wind is blowing.  I know I'm whining, just watching the weather on TV every day makes me realize how nice we have it compared to other parts of the country.

I remember getting up at 6am in Missouri in the dead of winter to take care of my horse Ringo, and my 7 chickens and 2 ducks, busting ice, wading thru snow and my pant legs freezing stiff.  Yes, that's all a distant memory and I like it that way..........LOL

Not much to write about, Lynn and Linda are so busy selling Christmas trees in California, I haven't heard from Linda in a couple of days. 

All the donkeys have gotten use to the new routine, which is pretty casual compared to when others are here doing chores.  John wanders out about 7:30 and since it's cold the donkeys are all in their favorite places to warm up and not interested in round-up.  I don't even go out until after 8am because until the sun gets up and starts warming, I know John probably is busy breaking ice waiting for the donkeys to show that's going to happen.  I don't mind missing the ice breaking, unfortunately he breaks it, fishes out the ice with a net and by the time I get all the feed mixed, the buckets are freezing over again.  So I do get to break ice after the feed buckets are ready.  So we're wandering around out there until 9am or so and it's usually after 11am before John starts letting them out.  

Just had to take time out to talk to Linda on the phone.  She called to see why there hadn't been any updates on the blog?  I had to tell her it's been so boring around here, there wasn't anything to write about........!!  I did tell her about two of her "fur" kids, Leo and Turbo, digging a trench at the gate of their pens, while they wait impatiently for their hay.  John even put a stall mat in front of Leo's gate, so he moved down to the end of the mat to dig......!!!  Parents always like to hear about their kids misbehavior when they are away............LOL

Linda had seen the picture of Pepsi in the blog the other day and she said it didn't look like him.  I have to agree.

Pepsi a few years ago, between being svelte and looking like he's pregnant today.....!!


Thursday, December 07, 2017


This morning after the donkeys went in their pens for breakfast the wind started blowing.  I might add it was and still is cold, to go with the wind.  The thermometer says it's 61 degrees, but I don't believe it even thought the sun is shining brightly.  

John went to a friend's to work on race cars, so I let the donkeys out when they were done eating.  By this time the wind is really blowing, I didn't think much about it except how miserable it was.  Usually when the donkeys come out, they head for Burroland as quick as they can.  Today they come out, the heads go down and they start gleaning the ground.  Took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on.  This time of year the leaves are drying up on the mesquite trees I guess.......but still in the trees.  The wind is knocking them loose and they are falling on the ground.  The donkeys must have been watching from their pens while they waited for someone to let them out, just waiting for their opportunity.  Amazing animals if you watch them and their behavior.  So they are all out there having a great time picking up tiny little mesquite leaves.

Pepsi one of the minis has really put on weight.  He's been eating with Justin and Lynn, so we had no way of controlling his food intake.  John figured out how to split their pen, so he eats by himself.  This morning when I let them out, I noticed his bunk was polished and Lynn and Justin's wasn't..........Hmmmmm..........more information to figure out, like he's probably been eating the lion's share of the hay and mush.  That's funny, because every since he came here, we've had 2 feeding areas for the 3 donkeys, because Lynn refused to let him eat with her and Justin.  So now I find out he's the "clean up" man.  

This is Pepsi after we got the weight off him when he came here almost 10 years ago and before his recent weight gain.  Now he looks like he's pregnant.......!!!   LOL 
I think fly season is officially over, we will have a few flies all winter, but not bad enough for masks.  I'll gather them up, and see if any are still usable for next year, then get in touch with Colorful Equine for my annual order.  


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

.GOOD GRIEF, IT'S TRYING TO RAIN.............!!!

Not doing a very good job at it, just sprinkling.  It's been dreary all day and just barely in the 60's, which doesn't bode well for desert rats.  We really like our sunshine and to add sprinkles to it, just makes for a yucky day.  

I know the donkeys when they come in for supper are going to be cranky, they really hate to get wet.  Although they will stand out in the rain with a perfectly good shelter right beside them.  We've learned not not try to touch them when they are wet, except underneath their chin/jaw, where it is dry.  I don't think it's going to really rain, although we really could use it.  

Last week-end was a little different, our great grandson Hunter came out for the week-end.  He has never been out to spend the week-end with just grandma and grandpa, so as a city boy, I think it was quite an experience for him.  

We picked him up in Tucson Friday after school.  He got to help feed and water donkeys, the vet and farrier were out to do teeth, feet, and do some x-rays.  He wasn't too sure about climbing trees, but finally got it figured out.  Saturday we took the bronco down to the annual Cascabel Christmas Fair farther down river.  Riding in the bronco is fun, it's almost like a carnival ride.....!!!  LOL  


 He must be practicing to stand at attention

 First he rode with Grandpa, then he wanted to ride with Grandma

Of course the golf cart was a big hit

Some of the donkeys didn't have a problem with him.  Some of the others seemed to think he was here to eat them and didn't want anything to do with him.  In fact they were quite adamant about the fact he didn't belong here, and they didn't want him anywhere near them. 

I sent him home with pictures of his adventures, so he could share it with his Dad.  He's already wanting to come back, so I guess he had fun.  

Well it's time to do chores and it is now officially raining.........LOL

Friday, December 01, 2017


Yesterday was overcast all day which is what today is looking like too.  The fire sure felt good last night and I would imagine we'll have another one tonight.

If we have a couple of sunshine days it will bring the flies out and we'll probably put on masks, but it's late enough in the season the chances are slim to none.  Whoopee........!!!  Of course that means going thru the masks we have to see how many will be salvageable for next year and decide how many to order from Colorful Equine.  Renee has made masks for me for years, I just tell her how many I need and she ships them down all ready for next spring. I'm sure the donkeys enjoy not having to wear them.

Here is a video Linda sent of "after hour" exercise.   Either look quick or look at it again, otherwise it goes by pretty quick. 

She also sent pictures of the new managers that hired on.

They don't look like they are going to be very hard workers, do they?  LOL  Have no idea where Lola and Lennon were.

We are going into Tuscon today to pick up our great grandson Hunter after school.  This will be the 1st time he's ever stayed with us, so we'll see how it goes.  We had a busy week-end planned before we knew he was coming out, so he might not ever want to come again............LOL  I'm sure it will be interesting for him, I'm pretty sure it will be a lot different than what he is use to.  I hope he has fun.  I'm anxious to see his school work, if his Dad doesn't forget to bring it after school.  

The donkeys are all doing good, enjoying the cooler weather.  The readjusting of the herd is finally going well, and everyone has dropped back into their position in the herd.  Well, Joe has dropped back as much as he's going to, haven't heard any squabbling between him and Boaz lately, but he still picks on Don and Bill, just making sure they know he's above them in the pecking order.  Don will squabble with him, but Bill just looks at him like he's a pest.......!!!  LOL

Tyler is coming Sunday to work on Penny, Gus, and Gigi.   They've all been doing really good with their shoes, hopefully with the new improved stock he'll be able to work on them without some much drama on their part and easier on his back.  I don't know how farriers/trimmers backs hold up, they get in such uncomfortable positions and some of the equine, think it's allowed to literally lean or lay on this person that is holding up one of their 4 feet.  The rest of the donkeys are pretty good about standing and most of them don't even need a halter on.  Gigi and Penny need a halter and always will I guess, they seem to think the farrier is here to torture them and they are going to do their best to make him pay a price for the privilege........!!!   LOL