Sunday, September 28, 2014




 Well at least John and the donkey's part.  This group have been real nice, started on time, even if it was early, did the miner and donkey part early and it's not even noon yet.  John just brought BlackJack home and went back over to have catered lunch and to bring Cisco home when lunch is over.  I still don't know exactly what they are doing,  when I took Cisco over after I did chores, there were a bunch of people in western dress, running out of the church.  


I was really impressed, when John and BJ came home I didn't know they were here until John came in the house.  He said he was going back over and I assumed he had left BJ tied at the feed room.  Imagine my surprise when I checked and BJ was wandering around and all the trappings were on the porch of the feed room.  Guess John was paying attention when I was bumbling thru putting the saddle on, at least enough to get it off.  I haven't checked yet to see if the straps and buckles were taken off on the left or right side.  For some reason John mentally, doesn't retain which side you work from on equines.  Thank goodness donkeys are really forgiving...............LOL

We went to watch our son run at the asphalt track in his modified last night.  He managed to finish the race, which sometimes is about the best you can do.  He is having "fun" getting the suspension set up.  Asphalt is not as forgiving as dirt when setting a car up, and to be competitive you have to get it right.  They have 2 more races before their season is over.  Hopefully over the winter he can get it figured out and have a good year next year.  He's actually in 6th place for end of the year points, so it hasn't been a total loss, even though it gets frustrating to go out there and not have the car set up properly. 

I don't race again until the 11th of October.  I think we have 6 more race dates.  I've dropped to 3rd for end of the year points.  I've got a good chance to take back 2nd, but first is pretty much unattainable.  Catching fire last race night and not having a good finish, really put me down on points.  It was going to be almost impossible anyway, I told John I wish the 1st place car would not be able to start the main some night, that would really help my position......!!  LOL  He seemed to think I would jinx myself, if I thought of that.  So I guess I just won't tell him what I'm thinking until the season is over............LOL

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Well John and BlackJack aren't exactly going to the movies, they are going to be in a movie, tomorrow morning starting at 7am...........!!!  Why can't they start at a decent hour, like after chores are finished, chores are much more fun if two are doing them and only half the work.........!!!  LOL

BJ is the only one of us that has had experience packing, but it's been a long time, at least 15 years.  The pack saddle is not that old, but the straps are dried out.  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work with leather straps that have the flexibility of a piece of metal.  John soaked them in water for 2 or 3 days and then slathered on as much Lexol as he could.  But it hasn't made much difference.  Of course all the straps needed to be adjusted since the last time it was used on obviously a larger animal.  

When I say he's the only one with experience, that is really important information.  Some of you know John was never around large animals until we got BlackJack.  He still has creative ways of putting on halters sometimes... and we won't even talk about tying a quick release knot.........!!!!  I had horses as a girl, BUT, that has been a LONG time ago.  My experience was with riding saddles, not even sure I ever saw a pack saddle up close. 

But the show must go on.  We put the saddle on BJ last week, but without all the "stuff" that hangs on it, like shovel, ditty bag, you know all those things miners use.............or at least to give the perception of things miners use. 

I wouldn't say BJ was the most patient victim, but then again it took us forever to get the straps adjusted and all the other donkeys were out doing donkey stuff and he knew it.  

I really surprised myself....I still remembered how to tie the cinch straps.  I would imagine most saddles now have buckles.  John was impressed, so was I............BJ.........not so much, I'm sure.  

Hopefully they will only be needed tomorrow, one movie that John, BJ, Cisco and Buddy Brat were in was only suppose to be one day, ended up 4 days of mostly standing around waiting and waiting some more.  

We were told it was going to be a Western, Zombie, Comedy............I don't even know what that is, although I said something to JR our grandson and his wife and they both laughed and seemed familiar with the concept.  I didn't even ask if they watch them, don't want to know.  But the latest we heard it's going to be a heavy rock video.......!!  I don't know anymore about that than the other, I'm afraid......!!!  LOL

Have a woman coming out to visit with Pepsi and Pancho next week, keep your fingers crossed.  Also had someone else interested in them, but they have 80 acres which would be a lot of acres for 2 little miniatures or in Pancho's case almost mini.  So I'm going to see if they might be interested in Ruthie, Wister and Ruger.  Eighty acres for 3 donkeys would be like donkey heaven, they wouldn't even need to be fed except for something to have them come in once or twice a day and check in.  The people have a large stable for their horses and some boarders, that all stay in stalls and paddocks, so all that land is going to waste from my point of view..........LOL

Doctoring is getting almost boring............YIPPEE....!!!  No leg wraps on anyone, the flies are respecting the Swat or Thuja zinc oxide. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014


How do I judge that?  That lack of stable flies in my fly trap.  For some reason those particular flies seem to have a season.  I don't know if they need the protein for reproduction or what, but that would be my WAG if I was guessing.  With the reduction of stable flies, I'm starting to remove leg coverings and using Swat or Thuja Zinc Oxide instead.  I think we're all looking to the day when the fly masks get washed and put away and no more doctoring.  Not there yet, though.  

This time of year we have plants that have seed pods we've always called stick tights, probably because they travel around by sticking tight to anything they come in contact with.  We have at least 3 types and each one seems to have their own time to be a nuisance.  Obviously there is something tasty where this type grows, it might be the plant itself, I don't know.  Reba has had her nose buried in them for quite sometime, judging from the vast number of the little monsters on her mask.  The fuzzy material obviously is a great gatherer.  They have to be picked a time..........SIGH!

This is one of the new masks Michele brought out to see how they will work.  The material is really slick and hopefully not as "friendly" to the stick tights.  So far, so good, she comes in with a few, but nothing like with the other mask.  The mask had ear covers, but I had to cut them off.  Reba has more ear than a horse would.........LOL  Besides she's not a fan of having her ears messed with, I would imagine at some time in her life her ears have been used to control her. Love the design..........thanks Michele.

Have a woman interested in coming out to visit with Pancho and Pepsi.  She recently lost a donkey she had for 15 years and said not only does her family miss him, but the neighbors too.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Right now Ruthie, Ruger and Wister are out on weed control duty, but the way our weeds are drying up, it probably won't be long until they come home.  So if we find a home for the 2 boys, we won't have to put up another pen, right now the pens are full. 

Pancho and Pepsi, dropped right in the herd, like they had never left.  Pepsi actually moved in with the other 3 minis.  They were a herd for years and he remembers.  Pancho hangs with them sometimes, although he also hangs out with some of the jennies.

Speaking of jennies, this morning Pepper was up on Penny trying to figure out what he was doing up there.  How the old buzzard can even get up there is amazing.  I asked John how he got down, we're always afraid he's going to fall and break something.  John said he just sort of slid down and his legs held him up.  He's in a good time right now, eating good, moving good for him, laying down on his left side, so he can get up.  He is such an interesting study, lately he's been coming in almost every time with the "A" team.  That's the fast movers with Tula in the lead.  It's a loose knit group, always Tula, Frijolita, Daisy and usually at least one of the boys, BlackJack, Boaz or Quilla.  It's amazing that Pepper can keep up, he's usually in a rear, but he hangs in there. 

Monday, September 22, 2014


 Pancho is a large mini or small standard and Pepsi is a pretty small mini

I got a call from Judy Saturday asking if we would take Pancho back.  Originally these people had taken Ruger and Pancho and after about a year, called to see if they could trade Ruger for another donkey.  Ruger had discovered dry dog food on the porch and was going thru their fence to get out and they weren't willing to improve it.  They came out and decided little Pepsi might be OK, so we traded Ruger for Pepsi.  

This time it took less than a year before Pancho started getting out and going over to the neighbor's.  Judy said she thinks he enjoyed the walk back home and the treats he got along the way.  Probably so.  They said they'd keep Pepsi, but I told them we would have to take them both back, because we never leave a donkey in a one donkey home and they agreed.  

They actually loaded pretty good considering there wasn't a small pen to corral them and it seems they have been allowed to get away with evasive in "I don't think I want you putting that halter on me"............LOL  But it wasn't too bad and once they figured out the "jig" was up, they pretty much gave up.  

They are in really good shape, not fat like everyone else on our property.  I'd like to find another home for them as soon as possible.  Unfortunately almost all my calls lately have been people looking for home for their donkeys, or people wanting one donkey as a horse companion, which we don't do, unless it's a donkey that has already been a horse companion and is confused about who they want as a buddy.  We've had 3 over the years that preferred horses. 

I raced Saturday night............!!!  Won my heat race, but the main event was a little rough.  Actually it was a whole lot rough.....!!!  LOL

On the 2nd lap there was a wreck in front of me and I had to stop on the track or plow thru it, which would have been really rude.  Because I stopped, I got plowed into which ruined the trailing arm on the left rear. 

This is the trailing arm, I might add trailing arms are usually straight.  John and some others had to take it off, just to get the car up on the trailer, because the wheel wouldn't go around.  I drove the rest of the race with the wheel and accompanying flat tire not rotating at all.  

Because I stopped on the track to avoid hurting or killing someone, they put me in the back on the restart.  I had worked my way back up to 7th, when something happened on the back straight away, haven't seen the video yet, so don't really have a clue.  I just know it was messy and my car ended up on fire.  The firemen got all excited, because I wasn't getting out quick enough.  I was afraid they were going to reach thru the window opening and drag me out, so I really tried to hurry, I really did. They have to realize I don't move as quick as some of those kids do......!!! LOL  Raised the hood gave it a couple of squirts with the extinguisher, and it was ready for the wrecker to haul it back to the pits. 

John hasn't had a chance to look it over, but so far besides the trailing arm, and tire, the radiator is u-shaped, which wiped out the 2 cooling fans for the radiator.  The fire was electrical, so it will have to be rewired, just don't know how extensive yet.  

As soon as John can get the front cut off, we'll drag it into our son to rebuild the front. 

 The white blob in the back window opening is actually the rear bumper cover.  I'm not sure when it got lost don't know if someone picked it up or if it was dragging.  When you are in one of these "adventures" you don't have a real good idea of what really happened, until you see the video.  The people that used to put videos on you-tube  aren't at the dirt track anymore, so I'll have to wait until Video Bob sends me a copy later in the week to figure it out.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


 So far, so good on the hurricane sending too much rain our way.  It seems to be going east of us, so I hope New Mexico is enjoying it.  Reminds me of being in the midwest during tornado season, to say you get information overload is an understatement.  Even had our local volunteer fire chief, call and asked if we'd like some sand bags.  

The donkeys are tired of being damp and walking in wet mud I think.  We learned a long time ago not to touch a wet donkey, they really don't like it.  That leaves underneath their jaw as about the only place to scratch.

Yesterday when we picked up the mail, there was a package there from Michele, that has been fixing fly masks and making knee protectors.  

Looks like she has been busy.  I promptly took a couple out to see how they would work.  Because of the rain, Quilla's was wet this morning, and I had to take it off.  But I think they will work just fine, when the weather dries out a little.  

Thank you, Michele, your efforts are much appreciated.  



This is almost a "what is it", piece of equipment.  This is the stable fly trap I've been using for about a month or so.  All those little spots and dots are flies.  The dark circle is dead flies.  Right now it is too cool for the metal to heat up and dehydrate the ones that are alive.  But unless they figure out how to get back out the opening, they'll be there when it does heat up.  At least they aren't out chewing on donkey legs.   I'm thinking about getting another one for next year, hopefully 2 traps will catch twice as many flies......!!! 

Got a call this morning that my uncle Jerry has died.  He was one of the relatives I got to visit with, when I went back to Missouri with Mother.  He wasn't just an uncle, he was my big brother, and hero when we were growing up.  He was 9 years older than me, and was always doing something interesting, building model airplanes that flew, putting a motor on his bicycle, lots of guns, lots of cars.  He was always trying to get rid of me, but it seems like I was always with him, watching all the fun.  One day he and his cousin, tied me and the neighbor boy up on a bed using our belts.  Needless to say we weren't going anywhere until someone let us loose, and Grandma wasn't home.............!!! LOL  I guess in this day and age that would be child abuse, but to me it is a fun memory.  I wasn't allowed to touch his car, so one time I hid behind the front seat because I heard him tell Grandma he was going to town.  When he backed out of the driveway, he noticed me, opened the rear door of the car, grabbed me and slung me out the door and went on his merry way.  I'm pretty sure that also would have been child abuse......!!!  He was probably responsible for me being more interested in cars than dresses and hanging out with girls.  I didn't know his 2nd wife that well, but even when his mind started going, she said I was about the only relative he remembered and still talked about.  I'm going to try to go back for the funeral.  John's in Tucson today, and Hazel didn't have plans yet, so we'll try to figure it out when he gets home. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY.......!!!

 Baudet du Poitou  (one of BlackJack's relatives)

So far today we haven't gotten much in the way of rain, although we did get  a little over 1/2 inch last night "after" chores........!!  But it is looking like an all "dayer" and because of the hurricane down in Baja they say we'll have a couple more days of this.  I hope that's all, as I'm suppose to race Saturday night.

Since the "time of plenty" as in mesquite beans and an abundance of green stuff, came the herd has been........shall we say a little less than interested in hay and most of them not even showing much interest in their mush.  A couple of days ago, I decided to quit feeding mush to everyone except Pepper, Cheyenne, Penny and Cisco.  I thought the others might get upset when they saw pans being distributed and nothing coming their way.  They watch, but don't seem to get too excited about being left out.  John keeps saying there aren't many beans left and the green stuff is drying up, but they seem to be getting enough wild food, so that my culinary expertise doesn't seem to interest them.  If we have a few days of rain and high humidity, the green stuff might liven up again, I hope not.  

Pepper is on a roll again.  He seems to go thru times of being able to get down and up without ending up on his right side and walking pretty good.  This morning he came in with the "A" team, which is led by Tula.  John said Pepper was in close proximity to the herd and when they started moving he went with them.  He managed to stay with them all the way from Burroland to the gate, which is a pretty long walk for him without a rest.  

The improvement with Pepper seems to be tied to Polyglycan, which is a once a month shot, and Previcox which is 1/2-1 tablet a day.  Or he's just too stubborn to give up.  Either way it's good to see him doing his thing. 

Friday, September 12, 2014


Yesterday I went to visit Horse'n Around Rescue in Hereford about 50 miles south.  I had met Teresa and Steve, a couple of times, but had never seen their place or visited with their rescues.

First of all let me say they are on a cattle ranch, which means grasslands, like in acres and acres of pasture.  Needless to say I was thrilled to be able to see horse, mules and donkeys in what could pass for their natural setting.  They have them in groups of Old Guys, others that need a little extra feed, healthy, and some so healthy they are off site.  That's where the mules and 2 of the donkeys were.  

Chocolate Drop and his mom Judy were part of the off site group.  Of course I had to see the mammoths.  Teresa said Judy had some fly damage on her face and wanted me to see it, but Judy didn't seem to think it was necessary and made sure we didn't get too close. They put a fly mask on her when they saw the sores, so she shouldn't get any worse.

Chocolate Drop her "little" boy" seemed to think some attention was just fine.  I think he would have stood there as long as I would mess with him. 


Speedy was on the ranch, with the healthy group.  He's in his 20's and actually had lived most of his life on Ft. Huachuca at the riding stables, with a job as the official greeter.  Last year the post commander and the post vet decided to get rid of unneeded equine at the stables.  Speedy and some elderly horses got pink slips.  They started out looking for people to adopt them, then they decided to euthanize all of them, which did not go over well, with people that had histories with all the animals, especially Speedy.  I guess he was quite the character and had a lot of friends.  At the time Terry, a friend tried to adopt Speedy and got such a run around for weeks and she finally gave up.  Obviously the commander and the vet weren't equine people and really didn't know what they were doing.

Terry ended up adopting Jack and Molly, the 2 little mini mules from us.  Needless to say her life hasn't been the same since..........LOL  Her horse Leo and Jack, have some sort of bonding thing going on, Jack insisted from day one that Leo was his buddy and Leo feels about the same.   They are inseparable, which I'm sure Molly, now known as Jill appreciates.  Jack could be a nasty little boy with her, seemed to think he was in charge, wouldn't let her eat, just in general a brat.  He could almost walk under Leo's belly, so don't think he'll be pushing Leo around any time soon. 


I guess once the word got out and the commander's ears got sore, they decided to figure out if they could find an equine rescue to take them.  Horse'n Around was willing and I think took them all.  Of course my interest was in Speedy.  Teresa said he misses all the people and going on at the stables, he really loves people.  So even though he has lots of area to roam and horses to interact with, she says he really perks up when people come to visit.  I was just one person, not that exciting, but I did my best..........LOL

Boaz's snakebite is healing beautifully, not even treating it, just attempting to keep it and his scarred knee covered with a sock.  Not an easy task, he can get them off almost quicker than I can put them on. 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Yep! SNAKEBITE.......!!!

Of course that is still just my WAG (wild ass guess), but this morning it's all bubbly and sloughing off looking.  Doesn't look like anything else, but a snake bite.  We're changing the bandage every other day, and putting Animax on it, so as long as it doesn't get any worse, it should heal up just fine.

Right now the flies are absolutely horrible.  They seem to be outsmarting my fly traps, and fly predators, and are driving the donkeys that don't have their legs wrapped crazy.  We do fly spray every morning.  I like the way they advertise fly sprays, "lasts up to (fill in the blank) days.  Sure it does..........I think the flies just wait until it dries and I'm using Pyranha which is one of the best.  I know by late afternoon they are back in business for the most part.

I am trying something new this year, and I do think it's making a difference, although judging from the amount of flies on donkeys legs, it's hard to tell.

Stable flies which are the ones that get on lower legs, are not interested in the hanging fly traps.  I guess they react to different smells than house flies or some of the others.  Aribco makes a stable fly trap, that uses no poison.  It has a bait, which has a yeast base, they go for the smell and fly up into a cone that opens into a screened "hat box" shaped trap.  Then they dehydrate in the sun.   It's catching a lot of flies, unfortunately right now it isn't real sunny, but once they are trapped I guess they will dehydrate sooner or later.  And if a lizard eats some of the flies I'm assuming it wouldn't poison them, at least I hope so.   I think we'll all be glad when cool weather gets here.

I was suppose to race last night, but in the afternoon it rained at the track, and judging from the weather map, it was going to continue, so they cancelled.  Bummer, but better than getting out there and wasting a lot of time and money and still not getting to race like we did the 5th of July. 

Friday, September 05, 2014


A few days ago, I noticed Boaz had a "wound" right below his naked knee of scar tissue.  It didn't look like a cut or anything normal, so my first thought was snakebite.  We've had 3 bitten in the past, one a little lower on Sha'ba's leg years ago.  It didn't even swell, probably was a dry bite, because of the close proximity of the canon bone to the skin and very little tissue in between. 

About 4 years ago Quilla got bitten on his muzzle and we almost lost him.  After 2 weeks we had to take him to the vet clinic up in Gilbert because he was crashing and beginning to founder.  Usually on large animals, their bodies will process the venom, although a lot of time they have to have support treatment, lots of IV's, etc.  In Quilla's case, they did a sonogram of his innerds and discovered he had fatty liver disease.  The liver couldn't process the venom.  He's fine now and the weight loss was good for him.

A few weeks after Quilla, we noticed a bloody blob hanging from underneath Daisy's jaw.  I didn't even call the vet that time, she never acted like it bothered her, kept eating, so I just treated it with a penicillin wash and it healed up nicely.  The first few days I was afraid it would break thru into her mouth, but thank goodness it didn't.

Daisy's jaw

Boaz's wound, was gooey and odd looking like the flesh was dissolving, so I put Animax on it and kept it wrapped.  I did call the vet Wednesday but she wasn't going to be available until Monday.  So I guess I saved myself a vet bill, because this morning it was well on it's way to healing.  

I don't remember what time of year Sha'ba's bite was, but the other 3 have been this time of year.  I think the snakes are moving around trying to get fat for hibernation and maybe get caught out more than they usually would. 

Pepper is getting down more and more, but he is still Mr. Perky, wants to go out, although his legs don't work too well.  If his mind was in charge he'd have no problem, but the body won't allow that.  I know most people wait too long in these situations, I know I have.  That will be a terrible appointment to make, I'm preparing John, large animals just can't function if the legs won't hold them up.  So far he is only going down when he tries to lay down in a dusting area.  If we find him where he has fallen, then it will be time for sure.  Hopefully it won't be on a holiday or week-end. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

100 DEGREES AGAIN........???


What happened to cooling off and the end of the monsoon?  Guess we'll have to wait for awhile longer.  I think Tucson had 3 days in a row over 100 degrees this week.  Today is cloudy so it's not going to get so hot, but it might rain.  The closer we get to the week-end the higher the chances for rain, in fact 50% for Saturday, the next race night.  SIGH!

Had good races Labor Day week-end, I won both heat races and both main events, couldn't do much better than that.............LOL  Unfortunately they weren't point races because they added the Hornets just a few days before the week-end.  It wouldn't have been fair to drivers that already had other plans. 

Pepper is still mostly laying down on his left side.  About twice a week he gets down on his right.  Usually it's in the wash where the sand is soft and deep.  Probably because it's so soft, he loses his balance going down and his weak side goes first.  We just take one day at a time, he is still interested in going out and surveying his territory and will let you know if he thinks he's been in the pen too long.  

A couple of days ago, I noticed Boaz had a wound of some kind right below his knee with the scar tissue on it.  I cleaned it up, wrapped it up and this morning removed the bandage.  It looks to me like a rattlesnake strike, the flesh is starting to look icky.  Called the vet and they said bring him right in.  Unfortunately I let him out after I doctored him.  John and I walked all over the place and couldn't find him, so I called them back and said I'd make an appointment Friday if it doesn't look better when I change the bandage then.  John had already hooked up the trailer, so while I was calling, he was putting it back where it belonged.  Came in and told me while he was backing the trailer up, Boaz came waltzing by from somewhere.  Grrrr.!!

Our "fat" farm is growing, the minis and Frijolita are getting added tonight.  We haven't had any rain for awhile, so the "weeds" are drying up pretty quick, although if it rains some more, they will probably perk up again.  Most of the mesquite beans have fallen and we have noticed the donkeys don't eat beans after they have been on the ground and start turning brown, which is a good thing.  Because of the lack of goodies to eat, we're going to try just keeping them in at night and letting them out during the day.  Their necks are getting hard and cresty, so we'll keep watching them and if being out half the time doesn't work, they'll go in for the duration.  The other 6 will continue to stay in 24/7.  Rosie and Buddy Brat are capable of eating enough in a hour to equate what the others eat in 4-5 hours.  Actually Penny and Gigi wouldn't have to be in the pens, but Rosie and Coquette would have an absolute hissy fit, if their best friends weren't with them.  Coquette especially stresses really bad if Penny is out of her sight.