Sunday, March 28, 2021


 For those that are keeping track, Linda Suzanne and Lynn will be heading out to California the 2nd week of April for a race put on by Karin Usko and the California Breakfast Burritos.  They are a great group of donkey enthusiasts that work with the BLM to build and repair trails to be used by anyone wanting to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.   

Today Doug that lived out here for a few years helping with the donkeys, came out to get a couple of shirts for his sister and mother that live in California.  Come to find out his family lives in Ridgecrest where the race will be the 10th of April.  Doug said his mother who is 93 loves donkeys and wanted to know if when the donkeys are out there, if they could bring one to her house for a visit.  To make a long story short, Linda called Karin if she might be able to take a donkey out for a visit and the visit happened this afternoon.  Her and her husband took a mini out for the visit and Doug said his mother was thrilled, now she wants one.......!!! LOL 

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Mom and Rita the donkey

They also raise money for non-profit organizations like Forever Home Donkey Rescue.  Last year they donated $5000.00 to help us continue working with donkeys that need to be rehomed for any reason.  That will buy a lot of hay and we really appreciate their generosity...!!

As soon as they get back from California, they'll be getting ready for the 2nd annual burro races April 17th during Schieffelin Days 2021 Tombstone celebration.  Last year was the inaugural burro race and was a big success, both for amount of racers and lots of people that came to watch. 

 Not long after that Lynn and Linda will be heading to Colorado.  Last year all of the usual races were cancelled because of Covid.  Some of the donkey people that have large tracts of land, invited runners and their donkeys out to have fun and keep in shape.  This year the towns are opening up and having races, hopefully it will be the start of a new season with lots  of teams and lots of spectators.  This sport has really grown in the last few years and hopefully will continue to grow. 

 This morning Suzanne decided to take Buddy Brat out for a walk.  As usual things didn't go as planned.  She had planned on a mile or two, you know what they say about plans..........!!!  Buddy wasn't into it, he didn't like leaving home by himself and dragged his feet until Suzanne gave up.  Sometimes with donkeys you have to admit defeat and save your energy for another day.   Or haul them away from home with some buddies, then it's fun.......!!! LOL


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