Monday, April 12, 2021

BUT I WANT TO GO TOO.........!!!

 You might notice that the donkey getting in the trailer is not attached to the lead.  Linda made this video today when they were trying to make a video of Oliver loading in the trailer.  



Big Gus, saw a golden opportunity to go somewhere if he could sneak in the trailer.  With Lynn already in the trailer and Oliver waiting to load, it wasn't much of a "sneak" and Big Gus didn't get to go anywhere, much to his disgust.  

His big nose is in just about everything that goes on around her.  He has no boundaries and seems to expect everyone to appreciate his "help", which almost always isn't very helpful.  Last night Lynn and Linda hauled in from California with a load of donkeys late at night.  They unloaded, fed the donkeys and forgot about a bale of hay in the back of the pickup.  

Guess who found it.  Now we don't know for sure it was Gus, BUT, he is so easy to blame, because he is usually involved in anything new, out of place or different.  He certainly makes life interesting around here.  We have to put him in his pen when we have tours.  He's jealous of the other donkeys, he wants all the attention for himself and tries to chase the other donkeys away from the visitors.  He knows he's being mistreated and tries to tear the gate down.  Of course the people usually go over to make over him and give him lots of attention, which is what he wants anyway.  

Suzanne stayed in California to help with the cleanup after the races.  The trails are marked with ribbons and all those have to be removed.  She will be heading back tomorrow with the rest of the donkeys that went to California.  

Later this week we'll all be heading for Tombstone, John and I will stay home until Saturday morning to take care of the donkeys that aren't running in the race.  Lynn, Linda and Suzanne will be going a day or 2 early to give the donkeys a chance to rest up for the race.  It should be a lot of fun, there are about 70 teams signed up to race.  A team is a burro and a person that have to start the race together and cross the finish line together.  Sometimes that isn't as easy to accomplish as it sounds.....!!! LOL

We will have a table set up on Toughnut Street by the Good Enough Mine.  If you are coming to watch the fun, by all means stop by and say HI.......!! 

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