Saturday, April 17, 2021


 The race was  this morning and I think there was 84 burro/human teams that started.  Suzanne and I set up our table by the Good Enough Mine to sell our t-shirts, stuffies and other assorted donkey stuff.  

 Had a drawing for the picture of Pablo, dressed up as a miner, on the left side of the table.  We haven't drawn for a winner yet, plan on doing that tomorrow morning.  

Sold lots of t-shirts and little fuzzy donkeys for the kids.  Some parents had to buy one, because the kid already had it in their grasp and wouldn't let go......!! LOL

I saw a lot of friends I hadn't seen for awhile and a lot of people stopped by the table and want to come out a visit with the donkeys, so it was a good day.

Most of our donkeys did good.  Harley one of the minis won the 6 mile race, LaRoy and Jackson finished 4th and 5th I think in the 6 mile also.  All I know about the 13 mile long race was little Buttercup won again.  She won last week in California too.  She is a little running machine, her human Marvin spends a lot of time running with her almost daily, so I guess she thinks that's what she is suppose to do.  

May be an image of 1 person, standing, animal and outdoors

Suzanne took a video of the start of the race this morning.

 Donkey Dash 2021

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