Friday, April 23, 2021


This morning Lynn and Linda hit the road headed for Colorado, with friends helping them to move 3 trailers of donkeys and a lot of other stuff that has accumulated over the last 5 years or so.  They have decided to stay in Colorado rather than travel back and forth every 6 months and concentrate on Linda's school and probably pack burro racing.  This was the big move, they will be back in a few days to gather up the last remnants for the permanent move.  

They've been a very important part of the rescue for years and we will miss them and all the excitement and fun they brought into our lives.  Needless to say the blog won't be quite a much fun in the future.  

Suzanne is here year round and dedicated to the donkeys.  She even furnishes extra hands in the summer, when her grandchildren come out.  They love the donkeys and help with chores, as long as they aren't too early in the morning.........!! LOL

We are kicking around some new ideas for things to do with the donkeys.  John and I aren't going to start pack burro racing at our age, but there are other things we can do with the donkeys to help people be aware of how special they are and how they can become a valued member of a family.  

Who has the loading list?

Well that's one way to get out of a trailer full of donkeys

This is called "Burro Stuffing"

               How's this for advertising your intentions..!!!  LOL


Actually didn't take very long to load 3 trailers of donkeys and off they went.


Right now we've got a sick girl.  Ruthie came back to the rescue a few weeks ago after being out in a foster home as a companion for Marcy for about 6 years.  Unfortunately Marcy died, so Ruthie came back.  She fit in pretty good although she hasn't found a buddy yet.  

The last few days she hasn't been eating very well if at all.  Took her temperature yesterday and it was 104.1...........YIKES.  Called Dr. Jeremy and followed his instructions and this morning she was down to 99.8.  Tonight she was back up to 101.2.  Thank goodness she is easy to work with, some donkeys really don't appreciate having their temperature taken and let you know it.  At least she is eating her hay and mush, so she is feeling better.  She will be getting antibiotics at least 7 days, hopefully that will take care of whatever she has.  

I will be racing this week-end, actually for the 1st time this season.  The last time I was suppose to race, the car decided not to start while I was waiting to go on the track, so I didn't even get to race.  We didn't have enough cars to really make a good race anyway, hopefully tomorrow night more cars will show up.  I'm afraid our class won't race next year if we don't get more cars.  Actually all the classes could stand to have more participation .  That's when it's fun, when you have cars to pass or get passed and having to figure out how to work thru traffic.  


Witcheylady said...

Sad to hear Lynn & Linda won't be coming back...but I understand. So enjoyed Linda's photos.
So, just curious how many donkeys does that leave you with?

ellie k said...

How many donkey's will you have left at home? It is sad to see Linda and family leave to stay in Colorado. It was fun to read all the things and see the videos from them. Good luck on your first race, Give it your all, waiting to hear you win or place in points.

Tish said...

Twenty one as of today........!!! LOL Next week we are hauling 2 jennies from Tonapah to McNeal. They need some training from what the owner said, and Michele at Lucky A Ranch has offered to take them. John and I are getting too slow to play rodeo and Suzanne is still learning. Michele has 2 daughters that work with the donkeys, I think they do TIP training also. So it will be a good landing spot for these girls. You know we always had a limit of 20 donkeys.....LOL Very rarely were we down to that many. With Suzanne here year round we can fudge a little.

ellie k said...

Does Suzanne live on the property or travel home at night? She is a real help to you it sounds like. It is a real pain to post on this blog, you need to go through 15 or 20 pictures before you can sign in.

Tish said...

She lives on the property year round.