Friday, April 16, 2021


Tomorrow, Saturday at about 8:30am 87 burro teams are signed up to take off down Allen Street  running the 2nd annual Donkey Dash.  It should be a lot of fun with plenty of excitement.  

Here is the schedule for the week-end, it looks like it's going to be pretty busy.

When we got ready to leave, this is what was happening.  Link was tall enough to get into the hay in the back of the pickup.  When we caught them, the ones that were hanging around the pickup for what hay he was dropping, all turned around and acted like they weren't involved, but we know they were........!!!  LOL

Lots of donkeys in the pen waiting for tomorrow morning.   They look like they don't have much room.  The problem is all the people are on this side of the pen, so that's where they all want to be............!!! You never know when someone might have a treat to share or want to pet a donkey and they want to be available if that happens.

Yesterday Suzanne and I went to Tucson to pick up 3 pack saddles from the older couple we got Koshare, Kachina, Anazazi and Macho Man  from a few months ago.  They had wanted to give us the saddles, but it took this long for us to go back and get them. 


While we were there, we visited with Sunny and Dusty, the 2 younger donkeys they kept.  They are the younger siblings of Koshare and Anazazi.  Very friendly and love attention.  Unfortunately the grey one has some of the same fly damage that Macho Man had.  We've offered to take them, but the couple haven't made that decision yet. 

The saddles seem to be in good shape, it sounds like they have been sitting around for at least 20 years, the layer of dust looked like it could have been longer.  A little cleaning up, some new cinches and saddle blankets and they should be very usable.

Tomorrow we will have a table set up by the Good Enough Mine, with t-shirts, stuffies and other donkey items.  If anyone comes to Tombstone for the race, if you get a chance stop by and say Hi........!!  



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