Saturday, August 21, 2021

THE LOST IS FOUND........!!!

 This morning when Suzanne went out to start round up, the A team was over in Burroland and guess who was with them.......the missing Boaz.  Whew, I don't think any of us slept very much last night, it's just so unlike Boaz not to come in at feeding time.  Last night he wasn't with them.  

Round up this morning turned into a real round up, they are getting harder and harder to come in because of all the green stuff out there.  I can't blame them, I'm sure it's tastier than hay, but they've conveniently forgotten all they ever knew about cooperation at feeding time............!!! 

I zeroed in on Big Gus and he was all over Burroland trying to "shake" me off his trail.  Of course he didn't stay on the trails, he plowed thru the green growth that in some places is waist high on me.  I figured if there were snakes in there, he'd find them first.......LOL  I was carrying a whip and everytime I got close enough I'd give him a pop.  He finally came over on the 10 acres and even then tried to not go in his pen.

Donkeys are interesting studies.  If you work with them and they get away or you quit for some reason, that is a win from their point of view.  Next time will be worse and take longer.  Over the years I've walked down quite a few donkeys, it's mindless torture not to mention physical, but usually if you do it and they finally bend to your will, you shouldn't have to do it again.  Or if you do it will just be a short challenge.  

I tried walking down a mule years ago, and it doesn't work quite the same way, at least it didn't on Jack, he was as determined when I gave up about 4 hours later as he was when I started.  That was my one and only time with a mule. 


Anonymous said...

Glad you found Boaz and John is doing better....Janice

Tish said...

Me too, I have to see all my fur kids every day. I could never leave on their own for days or weeks at a time.