Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 Dr. Jeremy did an ultrasound on Mamacita yesterday afternoon and didn't see anything that would prove she is pregnant like a spine, which would probably be the easiest to identify.  😞

We all were looking forward to having a fuzzy little baby running around here irritating all the big donkeys.  Little donkeys are moving all the time until they collapse in a pile to renew their energy.  When not sleeping they usually pick on the grown up donkeys and do zoomies.  We've only had 2 babies born here and they are a lot of fun to play with. 

When Dr. Jeremy drove in I headed down to the gate and was met by Dr. Jeremy driving up the driveway with Big Gus in tow.  He had a halter and lead in his truck and put it to good use, when Gus tried to escape out the gate, and met his match........!!! LOL  Dr. Jeremy didn't appreciate Gus' behavior when not getting his way.  Gus doesn't understand anything about personal space and uses his head effectively as a weapon.  Dr. Jeremy is use to horses that usually have manners at least some manners and won't try to walk thru you.  

I'm really surprised he hasn't gotten out on some of the tours when the people open the gate and drive in without supervision......!!  He has a tree he stands under that is close to the gate.  John swears he's watching the gate, although John says he usually acts like he isn't paying any attention.  If Gus starts moving towards the gate, John has left the truck outside the gate a couple of times, rather than take a chance.......!!! LOL

Here he is "daring" the FedEx guy to open that got to love him.....!!  He didn't realize that packages are put in a big box outside the gate.  Years ago we put the box out there to stop the delivery people from driving in and leaving the gate open to save time.  Gus wasn't here at that time thank goodness, or he'd have been out in a flash.  I'm surprised some of the others never got out. 


Kelly said...

Gus really does use his head "effectively as a weapon" lol! The last time we were out volunteering, taking a break at the car he discovered where we kept the carrots (in our cooler). Gus went right for it and was using his head to try to open the top of the cooler. Such a stinker!

I'm glad that Dr. Jeremy was able to come out and check on Mamacita but sad to hear that we won't be seeing a baby donkey.

Tish said...

We're all sad about no baby, it already had a wonderful home with Karin in California. So Mamacita is offically retired as a baby carriage.....!! LOL