Thursday, December 02, 2021

BIG GUS.............AGAIN.....!!


This is a picture of a dejected donkey.  Yesterday John was going out of the driveway gate in the golf cart and of course he's not the fastest thing on the planet, with his cane, he was slow enough that Big Gus took advantage of the situation, ran out the gate and headed east.  

First thing Suzanne and I knew about it was John coming in the house to tell us.  Of course we hit the ground running, because we know from past history, he might be old, but he is also very quick, when he knows he's doing something he shouldn't.  Last time he got out, he almost made it to the main road before we people got organized enough to catch up with him.  

John said he wasn't even close to the gate.  He has a tree he stands under most of the time, and we always say he's casing the gate and planning his escape.  Maybe he is, who knows.

When Gus saw John and Suzanne in the golf cart (only holds 2 people, so I was walking behind trying to catch up) he took off.  John managed to catch up in the golf cart, grabbed Gus by the neck and held on for dear life, till Suzanne could catch up with the halter.  Gus was using his big head as a weapon, trying to get John to let go.  He also didn't appreciate Suzanne catching up and haltering him either.  But he went quietly when he figured he was outnumbered. 

He gets in more trouble that all the other donkeys put together..........!!!!  LOL  It's been a long time since he pulled that stunt, guess we'll have to keep an eye out for him at the gate.  Suzanne put him in the first available pen, which happened to be BlackJack's and he wasn't very happy about the turn of events.  As Suzanne said when it was all over, "it would be boring around here without at least one daily crisis".  It's always amazing how often Gus is involved in them.

Today John and I went to town, the pickup was filthy so John ran it thru the car wash.  Came home, Gus was standing in the driveway and walked in front of the pickup so we couldn't move.  He has a habit of snotting cars and he managed to start at the front and snot all the way down the side almost to the back of the bed.  Needless to say John wasn't amused......!!  LOL

Suzanne is taking some of the donkeys up to Catalina State Park this week-end for a fun run.  The weather right now is really nice and the donkeys enjoy getting out.  It's amazing how excited they get, when the trailer gets attached to a vehicle and parks in that "special" place in the driveway.  I hope she has time to take some pictures.


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Kelly said...

Big Gus! I can't believe you did that!