Sunday, December 05, 2021


 Suzanne took a trailer load of donkeys to Catalina State Park yesterday, for fun and adventure.  The donkeys were all spoken for, but people were still calling to see if there were any available, after Suzanne had left Friday afternoon.  

She only had one minor break out Friday night, and blames Jackson, although he wasn't the only one out.  The other donkeys tattled quickly, so the escape was short and quick.   Memo for next time............ bungies really don't work as extra security on corral panels.....!! LOL  Donkeys are obviously too smart for such a fix.  

 The flora and fauna at Catalina are absolutely gorgeous, typical Sonoran cactus and trees, that we don't have in the Chihuahuan desert.  

Suzanne and Frijolita

Although we are only about 40 miles from Tucson our trees and brush are quite different.  

Always when a group goes out to areas where there are a lot of people hiking and enjoying the beautiful weather, the donkeys draw people like magnets.  One young lady said she had been visiting Tucson for a month and seeing the donkeys was the highlight of her visit so far.  

When Suzanne was loading donkeys she said BlackJack was trying to get in the trailer.  I guess he's decided he'd like to know where everyone is going and what they are doing.  She said next time she'll take him as a short trail walker.  He's over 30 years old, healthy as far as we know, and believe me will rust out before he wears out.....!!  He gives a whole new meaning to "conserving energy", well except if you have him in a parade and there is grass along the route.  I know from experience if you are walking with him in such a parade, you will cover a lot of extra ground as he tries to eat as much grass as he can drag you to.  Normally he moves so slow a turtle could probably outwalk him.......!!!  LOL


 BlackJack pretending to be wild......!!! 

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