Sunday, December 19, 2021

2021 is almost over.............

 It hasn't been a horrible year, but I think most people, me included look forward to a new beginning with the new year.  It will be interesting to see if 2022 is an improvement.

Suzanne is still in Indiana, unfortunately her father passed away.  We're doing just fine, the volunteers seem to fill in the holes and everything is getting done.  Dr. Jeremy is going to try to come out tomorrow afternoon and give us a definite answer...........IS MAMACITA PREGNANT OR NOT?  He's going to bring a sonogram machine, which should be able to see if there is a little one on board.  If not, there are going to be a lot of disappointed people.  My list of people wanting to know when the blessed event occurs is pretty long.....!!! LOL  And the baby is already spoken for.  

While Dr. Jeremy is here he will check Cisco's ears.  He has a lot of trouble with ear gunk and when he starts trying to rub his ears on anyone that will stand still, we know it's time to start doctoring.  The problem is.............long ears, and my short hands.  I can't reach all the way down inside his ears.  I have medicine to put in his ears, which he doesn't like at all and they are better, but it would be nice to have someone that knows more than I do to look at them.  I've also been doctoring his sheath all summer and he still has a couple of areas that just won't heal for Dr. Jeremy to look at too.

Kelly with Boaz

Kelly and Aiden came out and spent the day grooming and cleaning water buckets.  We really appreciate our volunteers; they make chores a lot easier. 

BlackJack doing what he does best, soaking up attention.

Thanks Kelly for the pictures.........!!

A few days ago, I forgot to close the garage door, when John took the car out to go to town.  It was open all afternoon.  I didn't know it until John got home and told me.  In the past the few times this has happened the donkeys always find it open and of course go in to see what has changed since the last time they had the opportunity to go in.  This time was no exception, I wonder how long he was gone before they noticed it?  My guess is minutes rather than hours.......LOL  

 Thank goodness they found the area just inside the door interesting enough, they didn't go in deeper, which is where we store the trash bags until we take them to the collection station in town.  A couple of times they've gotten that far and of course have to see what is in "every single" bag.  Most of what is in the bags gets discarded everywhere in their search for more interesting items.

Years ago I put a video of John running a lot of donkeys out of the garage on facebook.  Over the years and changing computers I've lost the video off my computer.  In the last year or so it came up as a memory on my FB page and I just spent about 1 1/2 hours starting at the top of my page and running thru a lot of stuff I had shared.  Finally found it..........Yea..........couldn't figure out how to get it to my computer, and in the process pushed the wrong button, which took me back to the start of the page......!!!  Needless to say I'm bummed over the wasted time and not being able to save it or share it.  LOL....!!




Kelly said...

You're so very welcome, we are happy to help! We had a fun day visiting and spending time with the donks. We learned that Boaz is quite the cheese!

Tish said...

He is quite a ham, he will try all his tricks as long as there is someone to watch.