Monday, September 19, 2011


She came out with 2 helpers & it's probably a good thing.  We went down to look at him & figure out a plan to get him close enough to the x-ray.  He was in Rusty's pen, which was too far from the feed room & electricity to get a good x-ray.  We decided to try to move him 5 pens up to the front pen, which is his pen anyway, if we could.  

I went to get a lead ropes, & when I came back they were busy shutting gates as he was headed for his pen.  At the rate he was moving he was getting to the gates before they did & I was afraid he'd get out.  He might have a bum leg, but he wasn't letting it slow him down much.

She finally decided he'd have to be tranquilized, too many people & most of them with ropes didn't set well with him.  John also set up one of our corral panel chutes, actually had to have it in order to give Beau his tranquilizer, to say he wasn't cooperating is an understatement.  

They got 4 x-rays, in spite of him trying to kick anyone that came close to him, & will call from the office to let us know what the verdict is.  

She said he could have some nerves damaged, she named one I can't remember & also the radial nerve.  Chester had a paralyzed radial nerve & Martha managed to get it working with massages.  So we haven't given up yet. 


witcheylady said...

Keeping fingers crossed for Beau...

Tish said...

Me too......!!!