Monday, September 19, 2011


We are waiting for the vet to come out & euthanize Beau.  John just came in awhile ago, & said something had changed, with his leg.  I went out & it is bowed out to the side like a cowboy with bowed legs.  I guess the PVC in the wrap isn't doing it's job.  

I talked to the vet & she said although she saw nothing in the x-rays to show anything broken, her best guess is the ligaments in the knee area are destroyed, & if we put him in a cast it would have to be replaced every couple of weeks.  She talked about a lot of things not good, & nothing really good except no broken bones.  

He's unhandled, & hard to work with, so he would have to be tranquilized every time you wanted to work with him. 

I have to weigh the facts, & unfortunately the facts are I think we would be torturing him for a long time, for hopefully an outcome that would let him be able to use his leg.  If not, then the end result would be the same.  Animals don't understand you are trying to help them, especially one that has very little relationship with humans.

If he would stand still to be bandaged, or if he had a calm disposition we might try it.  But I see nothing to be accomplished by all the time & effort it would take on our part to keep him miserable for months.  

Anyone that knows me knows this is a hard decision for me to make.  I'm not God & the idea of being responsible for killing an animal even for the right reasons, turns my stomach.  

The bottom line is what is best for Beau?  It would have been best if he had been socialized, & been gelded, in which case we wouldn't have ever been involved in his life probably.  But he wasn't, & we were, so we have to make the hard decisions. 


witcheylady said...

Oh Tish....there are no words.
I know how painful this is for you.
Hugs to you my dearest friend...

Donna said...

So very sorry for the hard choices, but I know in my heart you are knowledgeable and loving and you are making the right decision. Keeping you and John in my thoughts.

Tish said...

Just wish it had been different.