Saturday, September 03, 2011

This morning Jenny is willing to walk & the swelling isn't as hard as it was last night, so hopefully she'll be fine in a few days.  She doesn't spook or do anything quickly, so we're letting her out of her pen, I figure she knows what she's doing & won't overdo.  

Beau the little intact jack is into plowing these days.  Tula is cycling & BlackJack is her slave.  So are Justin & Pepsi, but BJ has the preferred position & besides since they are about 34 inches tall they just look silly.  Beau is very aware that she's out there even though she ignores him & doesn't even go close to his pen.  He'll dig for awhile, & I mean we are talking deep digging, & adds hind leg kicks as he's digging.  Guess I should try to get a video, it's pretty funny to watch.  I guess it will keep his front hooves nice & short, which they weren't when we got him. 


Anonymous said...

I vote for a video of Beau

Tish said...

I just hope the little sucker stays put, if he got out, I'm sure the girls would be more than helpful.