Thursday, September 08, 2011


Last night we noticed the baby was breathing fast & trying to reach around to his backside.  I called the vet & after some discussion she said he probably needs an enema.  I got out my books & it seems that constipation is a problem with newborns & especially little boys.........!!! Sigh........!!!  

In the dark with an unhandled momma didn't seem like a real good time to try this.  We went out & watched him for awhile.  Mocha had him running around & kept pushing on his butt, it looked like she knew he had a problem from the way she was acting.  

This morning we are going to get the squeeze panel out of Beau's pen, set it up in the Momma Pen, hopefully get Mocha in the squeeze, & see what we can do.  I'd say he is little enough that it should be no problem...........but.......last night when I was trying to be nice & pet  him, actually trying to "observe" the little sucker kicked out quick & pretty hard.  If he had landed that punch on my bad leg, I probably wouldn't have been very happy.  So he might be little & he might have a problem, but he's not going to be a pushover.......!!!  Vic is coming today to help, so maybe the 3 of us can "git er done".  

The mule gang got home just about feeding time.  The road down to Vic's house has a big wash across it & he didn't think the truck & trailer would make it, so he walked Eeyore, ie maybe Buddy, ie maybe Chief home.  Haven't heard anything so I assume they made it.  

Here they are headed down the driveway, with about a 1/2 mile to go.  

He's still a pretty boy, but I bet in his hey day he was really eye catching.  He seemed like most of the mules I've seen.  It takes them awhile to warm up to new people, & they have to decide if they want you in their circle.  He wasn't unapproachable, he just kept his distance & preferred you do the same.  

I guess John tried to put a fly mask on him in the stock trailer, & that was not going to happen.  We like to put a fly mask on them when we haul, because something could fly around in an open trailer & get in their eye.  He is blind in one eye anyway, but he was hauled without a mask, by his choice. 

You can see why Laura might name him Chief, he looks like an Indian pony. 


witcheylady said...

Oh my! he is a pretty mule....
Chief would be a nice name...
Maybe if they work with him a little on the side of his good eye, they can get a fly mask on him.
I bet he warms up to them with a little time & handling...
I sure am glad he's in a good home...
We're still looking for a home for Jewel... I really wish I could keep her but I have to be realistic.

Tish said...

I think it will be a real good home for him, they are very nice people.

I wish you could find a home for Jewel too, there has to be one out there, it's just a matter of finding it.