Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NOT A THING OF BEAUTY.........????

Well it might not look like much, but it should be adequate to keep the weather off Tucker if need be.  John is in there with the tractor putting a berm around the 3 sides. 

Thelma thinks it's quite interesting & has already been using it as a scratching post.  Hope she doesn't knock it down........!!

We'll put shavings in it, when Tucker gets here, no sense in putting them down for Thelma to mess with.  I just hope she doesn't take over the shelter before Mocha & Tucker come home tomorrow.  

We really wanted to put the shelter opposite where we did, but this is the area that Mocha was having him lay down in, so we were afraid if we built it over there, she'd still have him lay down here.  

Jenny is still 3 legged lame on one of her hind legs.  She blew an abscess, but obviously there is another one in there somewhere.  She is becoming quite uninterested in having her foot soaked, read that as meaning she's NOT letting us put that THING on her foot.  Last night I wore myself out trying to put it on & really never got it right.  

This morning I got everything ready, so Lisa & John could put it on.  They came back with an empty container & the soaking boot.  I really hate to be outsmarted, so mixed up some more epsom salts, got an IV bag & the soaking boot.  Loaded up with duct tape & headed out for battle.  Of course I didn't go alone, I yelled for Lisa & John.  We tied her up, poured the water in the IV bag, fought the battle to get it on the foot & taped on.  It's much lighter weight than the boot, & easier to wrestle.  Once it was on & taped, the foot went down in the soaking boot & we taped that on.........!!!!  It stayed on until Lisa took it off.  "WON THAT ONE".........!!! We can't just use the IV bag, because the ground is too rough & they get holes in them real quick.  I had a good supply of IV bags from when Quilla was snake bit, just about this time last year.  But I've about used them all up, so I had to figure out a way to keep them off the ground. 

Looks like I'll be going racing Saturday night, John & I were up at the garage, & he asked if I thought I could get in the car?  I didn't have my brace on, but managed to get in it without twisting anything.  Should be easier with the brace on. 

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