Friday, September 02, 2011


John went out this morning & came in with the news that Jenny Big Girl was 3 legged lame, on one of her rear legs.  Poor girl, has been in boots on both front feet for quite sometime.  Sigh!  Not only was she lame she wasn't all.  She was down below the house in the trees, & planned on staying there.  So I got my crutches & headed down there.  Found a goose egg, on the outside of her hock.  Don't have a clue what she did, John thought she might have stepped in a rock squirrel hole, although as slow as she usually moves I wouldn't think that would be a problem.  

I gave her a shot of banamine & put an ice pack on it.  Putting anything on a hock & expecting it to stay is a lesson in futility, although it did stay on for a little while before it crawled down her leg.  

We fed everyone else & she still wasn't moving, so we gathered up "breakfast" & hauled it to her.  I told John it's about time to plow a trail down there, so we can use the golf cart, carrying 5 gallons of water is tiring.......!!! LOL  

We had to go to town this afternoon & she still hadn't moved, & of course the others had "discovered" she had hay.  So we started discussing what we were going to do if she continued not moving.  We could build a pen of corral panels around her.............but we've just about used up all we have.  

While we were out I swear we ran across half the people we know in Benson, everyone was out shopping, some of them we hadn't seen for some time.  All that visiting put us behind, so it was late when we got home.  Drove in & one of the first things we saw, after Pepper standing in the middle of the driveway (at least he wasn't down somewhere) was Jenny eating trees behind the house.  When John went to get her, she actually followed him pretty good & went into her pen.  Maybe she realized if she wanted to get something to eat she needed to be where she belonged.  I checked her leg & this morning the swelling was soft, tonight it was pretty hard, so I assume she had just hurt it this morning right  before John found her.  Hope she's better in the morning.  

BlackJack & Cisco took their moves to new pens like it was no big deal.  I figured BJ especially would have a snit fit, but he goes in just fine.  I guess if food is available he doesn't care. 

The girls seem to enjoy their new pen.  John took the internal fencing down, so it is one big pen now, well it will  be as soon as John pulls the T-posts, hopefully tomorrow.  Lately we've given up on planning our days, it usually doesn't happen anyway.

Still watching Mocha although from what I've read, they can go thru lots of changes before they actually have their baby, today she looked smaller.  We talked to a friend that has "birthed" quite a few donkeys & the conversation was going real good, until he started talking about pulling them with a come along to save the Mother............!!!  YIKES, not what I want to hear that's for sure. 

Found out a problem with driving a pick-up instead of a van.  We picked up 4 bags of pellets in town, & were so late getting home, John hit the ground running.  I was on the phone, looked out the window & Rusty the mule was "dining" in the back of the pick-up.  He's the only one really tall enough to get in there although he had a little partner in crime waiting for anything that fell to the ground.  I hobbled out swung a crutch at him, & he moved just enough to be out of range.........!!!!!   Grrrr..........!!!  So I'm standing beside the truck, swinging the crutch as needed & yelling for John.  He was over feeding the chickens, but had to take time out to unload feed.  I have a feeling we'll be using the van to pick up bags of feed in the future.......!!!!

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