Sunday, September 18, 2011


Both of the above links are very interesting.  The donkeys are now at Tehachapi, California,  one of two headquarters for Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.  The other is at Miles, Texas, where Georgette & I went last weekend.  

Things around here are busy as usual.  Little Tucker is still getting antibiotics & karo syrup every day.  I'm going to call the vet tomorrow & see  if he still needs the karo, it's getting harder & harder to catch him, he thinks it's a game.  He's getting very fast & I'm sure before it's over, one of us is going to get kicked, because usually when he takes off, there's an additional little buck with rear feet flying.  

I'll go out to see him, & he'll be charging around the pen, 90 miles an hour, dust just a'flying.  Even if I have the camera with me, by the time I turn it on & aim, he usually skids to a stop & just looks at me.  Or runs into his shelter.  

John says he thinks Thelma isn't PG, not sure what he bases this information on, wishful thinking maybe?  I don't have a clue, but I'm pretty sure that once Beau figured out what needed to be done, he was more than willing.  Right now Selena & Falena are "entertaining", much to Quilla's delight.  Unfortunately old Pepper that has to be helped up if he lays down on the wrong side, is also delighted & we're trying to watch them, so he doesn't get hurt.  Quilla is usually very mild mannered, but if he thinks Pepper is moving in on his "harem", he might change his mind.

Of course Beau is in his pen watching all this going on, & is very vocal about it.  Not to mention probably walking miles every day, back & forth against the fence.  This morning Selena decided to get close enough to aggravate him, & he reared up on the corral panel, with his front legs over the top.  I sure hope he doesn't learn on to climb them with his rear feet, or we will have a problem.  It's cooling off now, so hopefully we can get him gelded soon. 


Witcheylady said...

Boy, he's fast. Looks to me likes he's quite recovered.
Mocha is right with him isn't she?
What a good mommy she turned out be.
Our nights are starting cool off to....finally.

Tish said...

Yes he's fast, the vet said we could probably quit giving him Karo, since that's suppose to be an energy booster, which he doesn't seem to need.