Monday, September 12, 2011


Just a quick note for those that are following the baby story.  Georgette & I hit the road Friday & left John to fend for himself.  Saturday he called the vet out, & she said the next 24 hours would be critical for baby TUCKER, yes he has a name now.

Sunday John decided he wasn't doing very well, & decided to take him to one of the only vet clinics in Tucson that has 24 hour care.  He picked up our friend Patti, on the way, which really helped John.  He's good in a crisis, but doesn't enjoy the experience.  So it's good to have someone around that can help. 

John & Vic loaded Tucker in the van & Vic threw Mocha in the trailer.  She's never been haltered, but they got one on her, got her to the trailer, got her front feet in the trailer & that was it, no more cooperation from her.  So Vic put his shoulder in her backside & gave her a heave-ho & up she went. 

The clinic experience information I have is all 2nd hand, since Georgette & I were still in Texas, which incidentally, we had a great time.....!!!

Got to go feed, but will be back later to continue this...................

Tucker had a temperature of 104* which is high & also had a high white blood count & a low red blood count.  Since donkeys don't have as high a red blood count as horses, that number might not really be a "player", but the other 2 were.

He was pretty weak & dehydrated.  Since he wasn't strong enough to nurse, first thing was to get some milk to feed him.  At least that was the plan.  Unfortunately they didn't have a tube small enough to use on such a small little guy.  They went ahead & milked Mocha, just in case they found a smaller tube. 

All the pictures below were taken by Patti at the vet hospital

 John holding & Jeremy milking 

 IV in place

Mocha decided it was time to eat

 IV running & the next thing you know, you need a diaper...!!

And before John & Patti left, Tucker decided to have a snack

The vet office called today & said he has been nursing today & his blood test came back in good shape, except for a high white blood count, because of probable infection.  We're suppose to go pick them up tomorrow, & he will have to have antibiotic shots for a few days, but hopefully he'll be OK.  They found out he has a parrot mouth when they examined him. I had looked in his mouth & thought it looked a little odd, but I've never looked in that young a mouth, so wasn't sure if it might not be normal.  I hope I remember to ask some more questions about it tomorrow when we pick them up.  I have read that parrot mouth can improve on it's own, so we'll just have to see what the doctors say.  

More about the trip later, I'm still trying to catch up & not doing too well at it.  Here's an article in the San Antonio newspaper about the plight of donkeys being abandoned in Texas.

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