Sunday, December 16, 2018


Desert rats really like to see a little sunshine at least once a day.  At least it's warmed up a little, no more 19 degree mornings thank goodness.

Linda sent some pictures from California to share of the tree lot and some of the goings on.  It looks like Santa fainted in slow motion, poor guy.  Linda didn't say what happened to him, but I thought it was funny.  

Santa's little helpers, I'm not really sure about Lynn's hat.  LOL

WOW.....they certainly are bright.....


Guess it wasn't green enough....

I would have never thought of this....wonder if it was a special order?

Lynn had a birthday this week and it looks like the cake has suffered "Lynn" damage before pictures. 

Linda figured out an answer to the problem...!!  Shows things aren't always as they seem.  LOL

Some of the guys and other Christmas decorations they have to sell besides trees

 Last night we had not one but two neighbors seeing which one could shoot the most ammunition in the least amount of time.  One of them is using a 15 round clip, not sure what the other one was using.  

They started right after we put the donkeys in for supper, just about sundown.  Leddy and Leo are in the last pen to the west, one neighbor is straight west and the other one is northwest.  Out of all the donkeys those two seem to hate gunfire the most.  We talked about moving them to another pen, BUT it's the noise not the close proximity, so it would still be just as loud no matter where we put them.  At least they didn't try to charge the panels, they just ran around in their pen and went into Boaz's pen when John opened the gate.  

John has been doing the doctoring and he's just about out of business......!!!  He's down to just three, still doctoring Bella's flanks where Dr. Jeremy took 2 growths of proud flesh off.  The areas are still getting smaller, but have a ways to go to be gone. 

 Link has still got a bald spot on the top of his tail.  When he got back from the Burro and Burrito run in Tucson, he had rubbed all the hair and some of the skin off the top of his tail, in the trailer on the way home.  John has been putting vaseline on it to keep it soft, so the hair follicles don't die from drying out.  He says he thinks he sees new hair coming in, I  hope so, I don't think they make toupees for donkey tails.........!!!  LOL 

The other day I caught little Pepsi straddling a dead limb on one of the mesquite trees beside the house.  I thought I checked him all over and didn't find anything.  So a few days later I caught him again, this time besides just checking his sheath, I checked farther back and sure enough, it felt rough and scabby and he really appreciated having it scratched.  John's been putting steroid creme on it and says it is feeling much smoother and I haven't seen Pepsi doing his thing, so I assume it isn't itching as much.  He feels like he was probably gelded by a vet, rather than poor Cisco, who was probably gelded by a cowboy with a pocketknife.  Cisco has extra folds, etc and every summer, has to be doctored, for some kind of yucky outbreak of bacteria or fungus.  Once he gets it, it's pretty much there until cooler weather.  I was surprised that Pepsi was having a problem this late in the year. 

John brought the motor for my new race car back from our son's in Tucson yesterday and today we are taking it to a friend that has a good machine shop to take it to.  It's got a blown head gasket, hopefully that's the worst thing wrong with it...!!!  At least something is being done, hopefully.  First race is March 9th..........!!! 


Friday, December 14, 2018


I knew it was about time, but I had to ask Linda for sure.  As of today he is a year old.  He still looks rather under done and probably will for the next year or so.  He's still got some growing to do.

He's got his head in the Dutch door of the feed room.  When we put that door in we actually thought we were doing it for air flow.  But we quickly found out, it is also a place for donkeys to stick their heads to see if there might be something to eat being offered. 

Lynn and Link out on the main road talking to our neighbor Vic

Lynn and Link, taking a break from training

Today when we were leaving for  physical therapy for my knee, when we went out to get in the car, Rambo was chasing Coquette with lust in his heart.  She was kicking him in the chest and the jaw and he seemed to think it added to the fun...........Jeesh.....!!  They were running thru the pens, which is why I always want all the gates open, so the girls have as many escape routes available as possible.  Years ago we had a jenny being chased by Paladin another silly boy and she tried to jump over one of the corral panels and got her foot caught.  I found her literally hanging with her foot caught up high.  Yelled for John he had to go up to the garage to get a saw to cut the upright pipe on the panel.  Thank goodness she was a donkey, a horse probably would have panicked and broke her leg.

John said earlier this morning Rambo was romancing Lynn one of the minis and she was trying to cooperate........  if and when we ever find a home for him, it will have to be JENNY FREE....!!  He no longer challenges the geldings, but he sure likes the ladies...........!!!

It was 19 degrees here this morning at sunrise.  One thing about the desert, as soon as the sun comes up it usually starts warming up.  It didn't get short sleeve weather today, but with the sun shining brightly, it really nice, even if you have to wear long sleeves.

The snowbirds, " ie" winter visitors have been coming in for the last month or so.  You can tell who they are, we've got on jackets and long sleeves.  A lot of them are in sandals and shorts......LOL

Nineteen degree weather means ice on the water buckets, actually pretty thick ice.  Donkeys will not break ice to get a drink.  Although all the pens have buckets in them, they aren't heated.  We have a heated automatic waterer and also a 100 gallon water tank with a heater floating in it.  Although John breaks the ice on the individual buckets, we've noticed they all wait until they are let out of their pens and drink at one of the 2 heated places instead of drinking cold water.  Not drinking enough water can be a problem in the winter for equine and can cause colic.  So it is pretty important to make sure they drink enough.

Saturday, December 08, 2018


Big Gus is a fan of humanity, not other donkeys so much, including Rambo, who had been his companion for about 6 years, until they came back to us a few weeks ago.  They basically ignore each other.  But whenever we go outside or Big Gus sees anyone, we get greeted with a very loud deep voiced "Hi" and he comes to us to be petted.  

He spends a lot of time out by the area around the driveway gate and if he is farther away and we drive in he always heads towards the gate to say hello.  It's never been a problem..............until a couple of days ago.  

John and I had been to Tucson and when we got home Big Gus wasn't actually very close to the driveway.  Since I've been in the brace, I just sit and John has to open the gate, drive in, and close the gate.  Big Gus saw us drive in and headed for the gate, as John is doing his thing.  John drove thru and all that time Big Gus was moving towards the gate.  When John drove thru I noticed that it looked like Big Gus was going to get there just about the time John got out of the car and back to the gate.  That's what happened and it wouldn't be a problem.  When the donkeys do that, we just trap them behind the gate.   Big Gus didn't even slow down as he maneuvered around the gate and towards the road.  The few times this has happened wasn't a problem, because the greedy donkeys always stop to check out what is available to eat.  Not this boy, he hit the road headed east, with John in hot pursuit.  

Didn't take John long to figure out this wasn't going as usual, so he came back to the car, drove up to the house, got the golf cart and a halter and lead and took off after our wayward "fur" child.   

We were late getting home, so I went out to start cutting up carrots and fixing feed.  Went out to start rounding up and here comes Big Gus out of the big wash.  How in the heck did he get back on the property?  And why?  The last I'd seen of him he was moving out on those long legs as a pretty good speed, headed down the road.  

John finally showed up with explanations.  For those that have been out here, by the time John caught up with him, he was to the mail boxes, which is about a 1/4 of a mile.  The mail boxes are on the paved main road, with traffic.  Even though it is open range country, people don't pay that much attention and cows are hit.  I'm sure they wouldn't pay anymore attention to a big floppy eared donkey than they do to the cows.  

So John bails out of the golf cart, with his halter and lead and surprise, surprise.......Big Gus isn't the least big interested in John and his halter and lead.  John can put a halter on a cooperative donkey, and uncooperative one......not so much.  I guess they wrestled and tussled and went around and around for some time, before John managed to get him haltered.  John said he ponied behind the golf cart just fine.  Rather than drag Big Gus all the way to the driveway gate, John let him in the gate beside the wash, which is why that's where I first saw him.  

So in the future, I guess coming in the driveway gate might get a little more exciting, with Big Gus around........!!! LOL

I must say his fanny looks much better than it did. 


Here is a cute picture of Lil' Turbo, sparkling white Casper and little brother Link.  Casper is actually staying home and hanging with the A team, which consists of these two, plus BlackJack, Loki Joe, Boaz, Tula and Frijolita.

You might say this is an after picture, after a 1/2 inch of rain yesterday.  I don't know how he can get that dirty.  What's really interesting is, once he dries out he is pretty and white again.  Jasper is behind him, and isn't much cleaner. 

Jasper is a love bunny, he loves to be around people.  He's lost quite a bit of weight and his feet seem to be comfortable now.  He use to walk like he was walking on eggs or hot coals.  He isn't a speed demon, but he goes wherever he wants.  He is almost always the 1st one in his pen at feeding time, has a certain corner to stand in so he can see the hay wagon coming around the corner.  I guess that makes the hay get there faster. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2018


That isn't necessarily a bad thing though.  Since John and I are holding down the fort with the help of our neighbor Jorja, while Lynn and Linda are in California, selling Christmas trees, boring is really a good idea.  

Jorja comes over every morning, helps John feed while I make up feed pans, and then she picks up poo.  She usually only picks up 4 days a week, but she has a responsibility streak down her back that seems to make her think John and I can't pick up poo the other 3 days.  It's been awhile, but I think we still remember how to do it.....LOL   She also has an eye for something not right, which I really appreciate.  If she sees something out of whack, like yesterday morning she noticed little Cheyenne was shivering.  It was in the 20's and the sun hadn't come up yet.  

John had put her in the pen, but most guys don't seem to have that roving eye for noticing things sometimes.  So Cheyenne got a blanket for a little while.  

Rambo is still being a jerk every once in awhile, he was after Coquette this morning.  John said she was kicking him so hard it sounded like she was kicking a board or something on his chest.  Doesn't seem to deter him at all.  I've heard stories of jacks chests being laid open from being kicked, haven't seen it and don't care to either.  I wish he'd find another hobby.

Everyone is settling down to the low key routine, and going in their pens really good.  Well, some of them won't go into their pen until they see the person coming with the treat.  Over the years we have unfortunately "trained" them I guess.  Most of them will stand outside their pen until someone shows up with a carrot.  

Linda just called from California, they are staying busy and I guess it will get even busier as the days get closer to Christmas.  It makes me tired to hear all the things going on, especially the crisis', well to me they would be a crisis they seem to just handle them and go on. 

Anytime we are outside, Big Gus is usually right with us.  We were out talking to a friend that brought by some fresh eggs and BG had to see what we were doing.  John and I were sitting in the golf cart and the next thing we know BG has his head in John's lap with his eyes closed.  That's when you get to know just how heavy a large donkey head is.  He wouldn't leave, so I got a rag to clean his eyes, that got rid of him.........LOL  

Penny and Coquette stayed with us for quite awhile, trying to beg cookies.  BG wasn't begging he was just enjoying being with us.  Most of them came by and since no cookies were offered, headed on somewhere else for a day of donkey business.


Team Justin made the Weekly Reader.  I didn't even realize they still had Weekly Reader in schools.  I always enjoyed them.  They've been around for a LONG time, if I had them in school........LOL

Linda and Justin doing their thing don't know which race from this summer
Saddik thinks he's a lap dog........!!

He likes hanging out with the guys at the tree lot

The guys like to take the dogs out for walks too.  No wonder the dogs like it there.

Lola doesn't care what is happening as long as she has her ball

It's a good thing Linda sends me pictures or I wouldn't have anything to share.  I need to get back into the habit of taking pictures again.  LOL