Sunday, December 16, 2018


Desert rats really like to see a little sunshine at least once a day.  At least it's warmed up a little, no more 19 degree mornings thank goodness.

Linda sent some pictures from California to share of the tree lot and some of the goings on.  It looks like Santa fainted in slow motion, poor guy.  Linda didn't say what happened to him, but I thought it was funny.  

Santa's little helpers, I'm not really sure about Lynn's hat.  LOL

WOW.....they certainly are bright.....


Guess it wasn't green enough....

I would have never thought of this....wonder if it was a special order?

Lynn had a birthday this week and it looks like the cake has suffered "Lynn" damage before pictures. 

Linda figured out an answer to the problem...!!  Shows things aren't always as they seem.  LOL

Some of the guys and other Christmas decorations they have to sell besides trees

 Last night we had not one but two neighbors seeing which one could shoot the most ammunition in the least amount of time.  One of them is using a 15 round clip, not sure what the other one was using.  

They started right after we put the donkeys in for supper, just about sundown.  Leddy and Leo are in the last pen to the west, one neighbor is straight west and the other one is northwest.  Out of all the donkeys those two seem to hate gunfire the most.  We talked about moving them to another pen, BUT it's the noise not the close proximity, so it would still be just as loud no matter where we put them.  At least they didn't try to charge the panels, they just ran around in their pen and went into Boaz's pen when John opened the gate.  

John has been doing the doctoring and he's just about out of business......!!!  He's down to just three, still doctoring Bella's flanks where Dr. Jeremy took 2 growths of proud flesh off.  The areas are still getting smaller, but have a ways to go to be gone. 

 Link has still got a bald spot on the top of his tail.  When he got back from the Burro and Burrito run in Tucson, he had rubbed all the hair and some of the skin off the top of his tail, in the trailer on the way home.  John has been putting vaseline on it to keep it soft, so the hair follicles don't die from drying out.  He says he thinks he sees new hair coming in, I  hope so, I don't think they make toupees for donkey tails.........!!!  LOL 

The other day I caught little Pepsi straddling a dead limb on one of the mesquite trees beside the house.  I thought I checked him all over and didn't find anything.  So a few days later I caught him again, this time besides just checking his sheath, I checked farther back and sure enough, it felt rough and scabby and he really appreciated having it scratched.  John's been putting steroid creme on it and says it is feeling much smoother and I haven't seen Pepsi doing his thing, so I assume it isn't itching as much.  He feels like he was probably gelded by a vet, rather than poor Cisco, who was probably gelded by a cowboy with a pocketknife.  Cisco has extra folds, etc and every summer, has to be doctored, for some kind of yucky outbreak of bacteria or fungus.  Once he gets it, it's pretty much there until cooler weather.  I was surprised that Pepsi was having a problem this late in the year. 

John brought the motor for my new race car back from our son's in Tucson yesterday and today we are taking it to a friend that has a good machine shop to take it to.  It's got a blown head gasket, hopefully that's the worst thing wrong with it...!!!  At least something is being done, hopefully.  First race is March 9th..........!!! 


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