Saturday, December 29, 2018 this is what winter is like..........!!!

Not really impressed......we had a couple of days of rainy, cold, windy without sun.......miserable weather.  Of course Lynn is running around in shirt sleeves for the most part and telling us how comfortable it is.  LOL  I'm pretty sure if you live in the desert a few years your body adjusts to sun and warmth and doesn't appreciate less than 60 degrees, no sun and especially wind to go with it.  Oh! well enough whining.......!!  

The poor donkeys are out in it.  The only one we really worry about is little Cheyenne, she shivers and seems cold almost every morning.  We don't have an equine blanket small enough to fit her, but drape a people micro blanket over her in the morning.  Usually by the time she is through eating, the sun is up and it's getting warmer, so we take it off before she goes out.  Otherwise the bushes would drag it off her quickly.  Which is one of the reasons I haven't ordered a blanket for her, the only time she could wear it would be when she is in her pen, which is only at feeding time.  

This is what BlackJack looked like this morning with frost on his back.  Actually frost or snow on their back is a sign of good insulation and helps to keep them warm.  

When John went out this morning there was steam rising out of the 55 gallon drum that sits over the top of the well head for the water well.  Something was making a horrible noise and there was water running in 2 or 3 directions.  

Our first thought was it had probably drained the 2000 gallon holding tank beside the well house, which would really be bad.  John went in the well house to shut off the pump and discovered, when the well was put in a couple of years ago, they did not put a shut off in the well house for the pump.  So he had to go all the way up to the garage to shut it down.  Can't imagine why they didn't put a shut off closer to the well.  

Leddy is not going to walk across that wet ground if he can figure out another way to get around it. 

Of course like anything we do around here, we have helpers, whether we want them or not.  They weren't going to step in that water though......!!  LOL  

Lynn is digging up where the water was blasting out of the ground around the well head, while John, Lola and Lennon watch.

One good thing the guy's did when they put in the well is they put a pop-off valve on the well head and that is what happened................Yippee........!!  No burnt up pump, no broken pipe and no drained holding tank, just have to replace the pop-off valve.............and............ probably should insulate inside the barrel if it's going to be getting this cold.  

When Doug left he sold his RV to Lynn and Linda, so they have been busy moving out of their motor home and into the RV.  

Doug had put a fence around the RV, but Lynn and Linda like having the donkeys around, especially in the morning, they never know who is going to be outside the door, begging for cookies.  So the fence has to go. 

  The donkeys knew as soon as the fence was going down and here they came. 

  The greasewood didn't last long........!!

 Lynn and Big Gus discussing strategy for cleaning up the area that had been fenced

 Casper the mini mule checking out the area

 Some of the inspectors checking Lynn's efforts

In position to accept cookies


Witcheylady said...

Thanks for all the seeing what's going on there.
We've had some freezing temps here in Waddell. Extra work covering plants, leaving hoses dripping, etc but...maybe no fly masks for awhile!
Say hello to Lynn & Linda & as always hugs to you & John.

Tish said...

It's been this way for days and I guess they are saying 3 or 4 more days before it warms up. We've got sun today, which makes it seem warmer even if it isn't.....LOL Happy New Year to you and your "fur" kids, may next year be a good one for everyone....!!