Tuesday, December 04, 2018


That isn't necessarily a bad thing though.  Since John and I are holding down the fort with the help of our neighbor Jorja, while Lynn and Linda are in California, selling Christmas trees, boring is really a good idea.  

Jorja comes over every morning, helps John feed while I make up feed pans, and then she picks up poo.  She usually only picks up 4 days a week, but she has a responsibility streak down her back that seems to make her think John and I can't pick up poo the other 3 days.  It's been awhile, but I think we still remember how to do it.....LOL   She also has an eye for something not right, which I really appreciate.  If she sees something out of whack, like yesterday morning she noticed little Cheyenne was shivering.  It was in the 20's and the sun hadn't come up yet.  

John had put her in the pen, but most guys don't seem to have that roving eye for noticing things sometimes.  So Cheyenne got a blanket for a little while.  

Rambo is still being a jerk every once in awhile, he was after Coquette this morning.  John said she was kicking him so hard it sounded like she was kicking a board or something on his chest.  Doesn't seem to deter him at all.  I've heard stories of jacks chests being laid open from being kicked, haven't seen it and don't care to either.  I wish he'd find another hobby.

Everyone is settling down to the low key routine, and going in their pens really good.  Well, some of them won't go into their pen until they see the person coming with the treat.  Over the years we have unfortunately "trained" them I guess.  Most of them will stand outside their pen until someone shows up with a carrot.  

Linda just called from California, they are staying busy and I guess it will get even busier as the days get closer to Christmas.  It makes me tired to hear all the things going on, especially the crisis', well to me they would be a crisis they seem to just handle them and go on. 

Anytime we are outside, Big Gus is usually right with us.  We were out talking to a friend that brought by some fresh eggs and BG had to see what we were doing.  John and I were sitting in the golf cart and the next thing we know BG has his head in John's lap with his eyes closed.  That's when you get to know just how heavy a large donkey head is.  He wouldn't leave, so I got a rag to clean his eyes, that got rid of him.........LOL  

Penny and Coquette stayed with us for quite awhile, trying to beg cookies.  BG wasn't begging he was just enjoying being with us.  Most of them came by and since no cookies were offered, headed on somewhere else for a day of donkey business.


Team Justin made the Weekly Reader.  I didn't even realize they still had Weekly Reader in schools.  I always enjoyed them.  They've been around for a LONG time, if I had them in school........LOL

Linda and Justin doing their thing don't know which race from this summer
Saddik thinks he's a lap dog........!!

He likes hanging out with the guys at the tree lot

The guys like to take the dogs out for walks too.  No wonder the dogs like it there.

Lola doesn't care what is happening as long as she has her ball

It's a good thing Linda sends me pictures or I wouldn't have anything to share.  I need to get back into the habit of taking pictures again.  LOL


ellie k said...

My neighbor has a German Shep. and he thinks he is my lap dog. He does not try to climb on any one else but me. He puts one paw up and stops for a while and then the other paw and before long he starts to crawl up on me me. He has to be called down and my neighbor said the dog likes every one but seems to love me and never tries to sit on any one else. I do love the dog though.

Tish said...

We took care of a friend's dog one time, he was like a Saluki,and he would basically fold his front legs and move forward, until his body was in your lap. Nothing dramatic, just fold up and move forward. They sure can figure out things can't they?