Thursday, December 20, 2018

NOT MUCH GOING ON........!!!

This is a picture of a group of wild burros in Australia taken by Tanya Hancock
That's actually a good thing.  I went to physical therapy earlier this week, and was suppose to go again today, BUT, cancelled because all of the exercises they want me to do, aren't really pushing my muscles and tendons.  Next week they will change my brace to allow more range of motion, which might make things more interesting.  The therapist was surprised I could touch my toes........really.........???  I guess I wasn't aware that some people can't.  So I came home and told John......guess what?  He can touch his toes too....!! LOL  

Haven't heard from Lynn and Linda, so have no idea when they will be coming home.  I do know they will be back before the 27th, Lynn has an appointment that day.  

When I went out to mix feed this morning John and our neighbor Jorja were trying to round up Rambo.  He got moved to Leo and Leddy's pen a few days ago, and they went to his pen, because the neighbor shooting really seemed to bother them in the last pen to the west.  Leddy is so happy he is usually in the "new" pen or close to it at roundup time.  There is a slight problem though with Rambo being in that pen.  When we drive thru the gates to deliver hay, all of the donkeys just stand there, with the gate open, no problem.  With's a problem.......!!!  There are two gates and they have to be opened at the same time to get the golf cart and hay wagon thru.  Rambo seems to take it as an invitation to go out either gate, he doesn't seem to be picky.  So it takes 2 people, one with a small whip to corral him and get the golf cart out of the pen.  Hopefully he will decide it isn't worth it, but until that happens it's a 2 person operation. 

Rambo has been going into the new pen really well, but for some reason this morning wasn't happening.  Because of the brace I've been staying away from the donkeys, because I can't move fast enough to get away if need be, and leaving roundup to others.  It looked like no one was having fun, so I got a whip and joined in the roundup.  Rambo is big, strong, and undisciplined, in other words  he bares watching.  

When you want a donkey to move, you point where you want them to go, you tell them or click your tongue to help get the point across.  If that doesn't work you "spank".  Didn't take long to figure out the first two weren't working.  I had a long enough whip I was pretty much out of the line of fire if he decided to kick.  So I started rhythmically pounding on his butt with the whip.  I must have smacked him 20 or 30 times before he took one step.  Told him "good boy" and he stopped...........LOL  More smacking, good boy, stop...........Grrrr.........!!!  Smacked him a couple of times and it was like a light went off in his head, he walked directly to the pen and went in, just like he was suppose to do.  Wonder what he'll do tonight.....!!!  He never offered to kick or run off or anything, which I really appreciated.  LOL

John was up trying to get Turbo out of Tula's pen.  Tula really hates for other donkeys to be in her pen with her and almost every morning Turbo and Link go in with her.  Boy, I'm on a roll I think, so I I take my whip up to that pen and do my point, click and spank routine with Turbo.  You talk about an uninvolved participant............he could care less about me spanking his butt.  My arm was getting tired, but once you start you have to keep at it with donkeys or they WIN.........!!!  I finally had to change sides before he would take a step.  Once he started moving, he walked out like it was his idea.  One thing about donkeys, you never take them for granted or say they will do something, for sure.......because they won't........!!! 

Little Pepsi is limping again.  He acts so much like it's an abscess, but an abscess wouldn't get better for a few days and then get worse again.  I still think he twisted his foot in a hole or something.  

It looks like Bella is going to have to have her two proud flesh areas cut on again.  They are a whole lot smaller, one is about the size of a quarter the other one about 1x2 inches and it still has an active wound area about the size of a dime.  The next time Dr. Jeremy comes out we'll add her to the appointment list.  I usually wait unless it's an emergency until there are 3 or 4 animals that need to be seen.  

A lot of times he comes out when Tyler is here to do foundered feet, I think Tyler's coming the 2nd of January, so maybe  then.  Last time Tyler worked on Gus, the decision was made to put the casting material back on his front feet to give the feet support they don't have inside because of bone misalignment and demineralization of the coffin bone from chronic founder earlier in his life.  Tyler had left it off the time before to see how Gus would do and he wasn't as comfortable without it.  He's done much better this time, so I have a feeling he will always have to have the extra support.

Heard from my daughter-in-law Lisa that she and Janet a mutual friend want to walk donkeys in the Rodeo parade.  They want to dress up as miner's wives, which would be cute.  I signed up for 12 donkeys, so far I think we have 7 walkers, counting me.  I'm sure my knee will be OK by then.  John is going to watch and tell us how good we did..........LOL  He's afraid his hip might give out again, like it did last year.  Lynn and Linda found out Leo has pulled a cart, so they got the brilliant idea to get a cart for Leo to pull with John in it.  They got the cart, but none of us know how to drive one, don't have harness yet, so there are a few problems with having a cart in the parade this year.  Maybe next year, we ran out of training time this year.  

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