Sunday, December 23, 2018


I don't think they will be home before Christmas.......LOL  Linda sent some pictures and unfortunately their wish for selling out early didn't happen.  

The boss found more Christmas trees to bring in to sell

I'm not sure what is going on here, the camper shell is missing off Lynn's truck and they are hauling trees.  I'm guessing they are hauling part of the trees from the semi above to another lot, but I could be wrong.

Linda has plenty of "hard" workers helping her in the booth

Cute picture of Lennon and "friend"

I don't think Saddik looks happy about being a lot helper, complete with hat that says so.  Maybe wearing the hat is the problem......!!! LOL

Janice is here today to do some grooming on the donkeys.  She's been coming out for 3 or 4 years when she gets a chance.  You would think they ALL would love to be groomed, but some of them don't.  So she just goes on to the next one.  Casper the mini mule was one of the 1st this morning and he was acting like he didn't want to be groomed, so she finally gave up and went on to Jasper.  So who comes over and stands close..........just in case she wanted to try again?  I think he was playing a game with her.  He ended up not getting groomed, so I doubt that was the results he wanted.......!!!  

Kevin came out with Janice and is helping John catch up with some things that need to be done, like move the bunk for Leddy and Leo over to the pen they eat in now.  Things like that are much easier with 2 people and even when I'm not hobbling around in a brace, I'm not that much help......!!  LOL  

The last couple of days, Rambo still has to be led to his pen, unless we want to invest in a lot of time, insisting that he at least walk towards the pen without turning around or heading another direction.   But he seems to be getting the idea that we don't want him running out of the pen, when the golf cart is there and the gates are open.  He does try to attack Boaz, who is in the pen next to him, when he's led to his pen and the halter is taken off, which is a little weird.  Boaz just stands there and looks at him, as he is yelling and screaming with his mouth wide open, lunging at the pipe fence between them.  If they have developed a pecking order, I don't think we've seen it.  Loki Joe and Boaz had a rocky relationship last year when Boaz came back from Colorado.  Loki Joe had taken over the job of male in charge, while Boaz was gone and wasn't interested in giving up the position.  It took about 2 weeks for Loki to finally give up top position.  I have a feeling Rambo will be more than happy to take over.  So far Boaz pretty much ignores him. 

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