Thursday, March 15, 2018


WHY CAN'T WE GO TOO.......??

Jasper was out all day yesterday being a "wild" donkey.  He hung with the herd and seems to have blended in.  When he is out he chows down on limbs, brush and whatever else is out there, which is a lot different than the irrigated pasture he was on before.  Linda has seen him snacking quite a bit when he's out, so I guess that stuff is more interesting than all the hay and processed stuff we are offering.  

Last night when he came in, he showed interest in the alfalfa leaves and oats and actually ate a little bit.  Over night he cleaned up 2 cups of oats and quite a bit of the alfalfa and this morning ate a little more.  So hopefully he is turning the corner.  He hasn't had any molasses or Karo since yesterday morning to keep his liver from releasing fat into the bloodstream.  I would think having all that sugar pushed down his throat would take away his appetite even if he had one.  I know if I eat sugar I'm not hungry for awhile. 

Dr. Jeremy said to keep him in today, so we can monitor his water intake and maybe let him out half a day tomorrow, if he continues to improve.  

When he gets over this and is eating normally, his teeth will need some attention.  He has an "sow mouth" or underbite, which is usually a genetic problem and can cause lots of soft tissue damage in the mouth since none of the teeth aren't where they should be.  We haven't looked very much in his mouth yet, we're bothering him enough as it is.  But once this crisis is over, we'll get his teeth taken care of.

Yesterday Fed Ex brought a BIG box of 18 bags of animal crackers............!!!  WOW, if the donkeys knew we had that many animal crackers they'd be trying to get in the pantry.....!!!  Thank you so much Michele, your gift will be much appreciated by all the "fur" kids for quite sometime.

Turbo doing his thing, thanks for the picture and all the cute videos,  Linda.....!!

Linda just put Jasper into the 6 west pens.  She came into tell us he is busy cleaning up Gus's Bermuda hay and someelse's leftover mush......!!!  I'm pretty sure if we gave him that to eat in his pen, he wouldn't eat it.....!!!   LOL  But if stealing leftovers works, go for it, the more he eats right now, the better for him. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Not that interested in eating much of anything except animal crackers and even then not with gusto.  He has access to water and also molasses water.  

Today he was out most of the day with the herd.  Seemed to do fine Linda said.  Joe even behaved himself and she said at one time they were side by side.  She also said he was browsing on trees, brush and even cactus.  But he got more Karo tonight to help his system to think it doesn't need to release the extra fat in his liver into his blood stream and a shot Dr. Jeremy left. 

Mindy came out again today to visit with the donkeys, and is suppose to come out again tomorrow.  John and I were in Tucson all day, but I'll be here tomorrow maybe get a chance to visit a little bit.  I think she said she is going home Thursday.  John has 2 jeep tours, which he loves to do, showing tourists around the desert. In fact he has to be at the shop in Tucson at 6:30AM..........glad it's him and not me...........!!!  LOL

Had a tour today and they brought animal crackers and carrots for the donkeys.  If the donkeys only knew what a nice supply of goodies we have right now, because of the generosity of visitors, they would really be impressed and I'm sure would be trying to figure out how to get to them........!!  They know the guys all carry crackers in the right front pocket and during tours when the donkeys are out of the pens, we don't do treats.  They wouldn't knock someone down on purpose or run into them, BUT, if they thought one of the others was getting a cracker and they were, people that aren't use to large animals might get caught flat footed.  So treats are out unless they are in the pens.  We'll be showing the people around and the donkeys usually crowd around, because they know there will be pets and lots of attention.  They also know the guys have crackers in their pockets and will push on the pocket or tug on the pant leg.  They aren't obnoxious about it, they just let the guys know, where the crackers are, if someone wanted to take one out of the pocket, they would be more than happy to eat it........!!!  

 Everyone wants to be a racing donkey

So many volunteers to be a racing donkey

Cheyenne and Buddy on their 1st outing, they did really good, they even got to go at liberty I think Linda said.

Monday, March 12, 2018


When Jasper came in yesterday afternoon, he followed Linda into his pen like he had been doing it for a long time.  But I noticed he had been sweating, and it wasn't that warm.  Since his mom said he hadn't been eating very good for a few days, my antenna went up and I came in to e-mail Dr. Jeremy.  He is extremely overweight, and hyperlipidemia can be caused by stress in overweight equine. And the reason we have him is because his momma died 2-3 weeks ago from hyperlipidemia and he's been by himself since.

The emergency treatment is 35cc of Karo syrup every 8-12 hours, to make the liver stop releasing fat into the bloodstream and try to figure out something they will eat.  Lynn and Linda got up at 2am to give him his syrup...........!!!  He's stayed alert, but wasn't interested in eating anything, including the alfalfa he's use to eating.  I e-mailed Dr. Jeremy and he said he'd come by today when he got a chance, which was after evening chores.  His glucose actually wasn't as high as I thought it would be.  Dr. Jeremy made up some molasses water for him to drink, with the idea that if he will drink it, Lynn and Linda won't have to get up in the middle of the night.  LOL

Dr. Jeremy wasn't too impressed with the Cheerios, although that seemed to be one of the things Jasper would at least pick at.  Jasper got a shot and actually ate some of the pellets and some oats.  So we gave him some more and hopefully when Linda and John let everyone out except him, at bedtime he will have eaten  that.  If so,  they'll give him more, we have to make his system think he's getting plenty to eat and the liver doesn't need to over react. 

Hopefully he will start eating on his own without all the "junk" food soon.  Right now he will have to stay in the pen, so we can see how much he is drinking, etc.  But as soon as he starts eating we'll let him out so he can run around and get use to the property.  Hyperlipidemia doesn't always have a good outcome, but we'll do all we can to get him thru this. 

Here are some pictures Linda took of him yesterday when he was out of the pen.  

You can see where he has been sweating on his chest

I guess Quilla is going to be his "burro" buddy.  That dark spot on his nose is cactus, he got into.  There wasn't in cactus in his pasture, so he'll have to get use to it. 

Today Mindy came to visit with the donkeys.  She comes once or twice a year to play with the donkeys, do some grooming and feed animal crackers....!!! LOL  She brought crackers and carrots today, so of course the donkeys were really happy to see her.  She usually stays 2 or 3 days to get her "donkey fix" until next time.  She'll be back tomorrow and probably spend the whole day.  

John and I went to Tucson today, and when we came home Lynn and Linda were out by the mailboxes, with Cheyenne and Buddy Brat on leads.  They are both going to the parade in Tombstone this Saturday.  Neither of them have been in a parade before, although Cheyenne was down to Tombstone a few years ago in a pen with BlackJack on the main street with a banner asking the people, "if they had kissed an ass today".  If they hadn't BJ and Cheyenne were ready to oblige.  

Neither of them had even been walked on a lead for years, so Lynn and Linda thought it might be a good idea to take them out to see what they would do.  They said Buddy was looking all around and more than willing to move move out briskly.  I'm going to be leading him, hope he doesn't too "brisk", or we might get to the head of the parade.....!!!  LOL  Little Cheyenne did good too, all the others have been in a parade before, so hopefully we won't have any surprises. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018


This is Linda "bonding" with Jasper

Linda was sitting in his pen with him this morning and he was all over her, laying his head on her head or shoulder.  He seems to be fairly low key, although he acted like an ass when Tyler was here to work on Gus, Rosie and Gigi.  

Tyler changed out their shoes first and then Lynn and Linda put leads on Jasper to lead him to the stocks.  He had been watching the others in the stock and when he came around the corner he took a left turn and headed for the next county.  

He lost Linda first, Lynn actually held on until Jasper went down the bank of the wash.  They were moving along at a high rate of speed by then and Lynn could have really gotten hurt if he had held on and fell, so he let go.  

It took awhile to round up the "wild child", but he made the mistake of going into Gigi and Rosie's pen, so Lynn and Linda double led him back to his pen.  It's pretty clear that he has been able to be in charge of the relationship between him and humans.  If he threw an uncooperative fit, they probably quit till later.  The problem with donkeys is, if he wins and next time will be worse.  He's not mean or anything like that. but he's really determined........LOL  John yelled at Lynn when they were trying to get him headed towards the pen area, that he'd make a good racing donkey, he was "picking them up and putting them down"....!!!  LOL  As chunky as he is, it's a wonder he can move that fast and has problems with his right front foot.  I checked yesterday and there is no heat in it, so I don't know if he's foundered or not.   But he's gimpy on it. 

His mom said he had been trimmed last month, but she wasn't there when he was trimmed.  The right front "might" have been trimmed, but I can almost guarantee the other 3 weren't, especially the backs.  They got him in the stocks, which was probably the 1st time he'd ever seen anything like that, and then the fireworks began.  He pitched a high powered fit and seemed to think it would work.  Between Lynn and Tyler, it didn't work.  He got trimmed in spite of himself......!!!   And as a reward we let him out of his pen for the afternoon, although he really didn't deserve it...LOL 

Yesterday we had 33 people here for tours all afternoon.  The other donkeys were out of their pens, and Smoky Joe was being a brat, sticking his head thru the corral panels, grabbing Jasper's halter and hanging on.  So he's having to stay in the pens today while, Jasper roams around getting use to his new territory.  Joe really can be a brat, he's got a lot of personality and has his nose in anything and everything going on around here.   If we had let him out with Jasper today, I'm sure he would have harassed Jasper, just because that's the way he operates.  Unfortunately Don Juan and Shaggy Bill had to stay in with him, and they haven't done anything wrong.  But if we had left him in by himself, he would have pitched a royal fit.  As it is, as soon as he sees any of us, he runs to where they are, trying to get them to let him out.  

Friday, March 09, 2018

THERE'S A NEW BOY IN TOWN...........!!!

Lynn, Linda, John and I went to up the Phoenix area today to pick up Jasper.  Doug stayed here to hold down the fort, clean the pens, because our usual cleaner didn't show up and gave an impromptu tour.  He almost had as busy day as we did..........!!!  LOL

The trip up went well, although we got there a little later than we had planned.  Steve and Liz were waiting for us, Claire and her friend Deanna (I'm not sure of the spelling)  that does animal Reiki got there right after we did.  

Lynn taking Quilla out of the trailer.  Quilla was chosen to be Jasper's traveling buddy and had to get OUT of the trailer.  Otherwise Jasper probably wouldn't be the least bit interested in getting IN the trailer, with a strange donkey.  The way this works is, you put 2 donkeys in a trailer and during the trip, they bond or at least have other things on their mind than showing each other who is in charge.  So many people bring in a new animal and introduce it by putting it in a pen with an animal that thought the pen was it's personal space and will fight to prove it.  The other poor animal is in unknown territory and scared and will fight to protect himself. This way, by the time the trip is over, they know neither is interested in dominating and the worst is over.  We stopped one time and Jasper had his head on Quilla's rump, not in an aggressive way, just like they were buddies, and Quilla didn't seem to mind. 

Jasper and I getting to know each other

He seems to think Lynn is more interesting

Deanna working her magic on Jasper to make him less stressed. Thanks Deanna for helping with his stress level.

Not much pasture there, but Quilla thought it was great, he nibbled the whole time he was out of the trailer.

Claire reconnecting with her buddy, Quilla

Jasper hadn't been in a trailer in 18 years, and it wasn't what he had planned today.  So it was a little scary, but he actually did really good, although we did have to use a butt strap.  We just run a soft rope above their hocks on the rear legs and they really have no place to go, except in the trailer.

All loaded up and ready to hit the road

Home and in a pen beside his trailer buddy Quilla.  It got pretty exciting when he came out of the trailer.  John and Doug each had a lead on him.  We usually move a new donkey this way, until they get to know us and we get to know them.  They were out of the trailer, and he jumped out, when he did Doug turned quick and his knee went out from under him.  When that happened Doug yelled.  When he yelled Jasper headed for parts unknown.  This is all in the dark except for a couple of flashlights, neither of which were on this disaster in the making.  John knows that this would be a good time to let go.  There is no way a human being can stop a donkey hitting overdrive, but John was right beside a tree and he attempted to wrap the rope around the tree.  Unfortunately he tripped over a rock and down he went.  Now they are both down, him in the rocks, and Doug is sitting on a cactus.  Linda and I are trying to figure out in the dark what is going on.  They both have on light enough clothes with the feeble light we have, so we can see them rolling around on the ground, and I won't tell you what they were saying, but they both were saying a lot of it.........!!  Jasper is light enough I thought I saw him standing close to them, watching the whole scene.  So where is Lynn..........????  Turns out, he's standing there holding the lead on Jasper.  He saw the whole thing going down and thought John had the lead wrapped around some body part, lunged and un-clipped the lead from the halter.  When he saw John was loose, somehow he re-clipped it.  I don't know if Jasper stopped to watch the silly people, or if Lynn was strong enough to hold him, either way we didn't have to go try to find him on 30 acres in the dark, thank goodness.   Doug pulled the cactus spines from his posterior, I brought John in doctored his gravel wounds and we all fed donkeys.

Tomorrow is sure to be a little less entertaining I hope.  We have 4 tours so it might be pretty busy.  Poor Jasper won't even have a chance to settle in before he will be on display.  He seems very interested in what's going on around him and is gentle, just hasn't been worked with a lot. 

Linda took all the pictures today, I forgot my camera........LOL

Wednesday, March 07, 2018


And this week-end isn't going to be any better.  Tomorrow Georgette and Dave are coming out to help with the St. Patrick Day planning for Tombstone.  

Friday we're going up to bring Jasper down here from Waddell in the Phoenix area.  We had planned on convoying up there with Lynn and Linda, because of the 2 day race show at Canyon.  That way they could bring Jasper back here, and John and I would head for the track.  

I e-mailed the track owner/promoter that I'd like to come up for the show, but my car didn't pass tech last week-end and it's welding, so there hasn't been time to get it done.  Actually John wanted to take one of the Kias instead, and they are built like the Neon, and would also need welding.  So that particular adventure might not happen.  

If it does or doesn't, won't change the fact that we have 3 or 4 tours penciled in for Saturday.   I say penciled in, because a lot of times people will make arrangements to come out to see the donkeys and don't show up.  The one we know for sure is coming will be 15-20 people........!!!  Sunday Tyler will be out to check on Gus, Gigi and Rosie's shoes.  Gus is doing really well, and isn't on any meds for the 1st time in a long time.  Rosie has adjusted to wearing shoes on her front feet, but is still on meds 3 days a week.  We are gradually weaning her off the Equioxx, so far so good. That takes us back to Monday, which starts a full calendar for the week.........!!!  The week after that isn't much better.....!!!  LOL  

It's starting to warm up, I think what we classify as winter is probably over.  I got my 1st shipment of fly predators about 2 weeks ago.  I'm not sure there are enough flies around to lay eggs to give 10,000 little wasps, a place to lay their eggs, which kills the fly larvae. The ones the company hatches out this time of year, kind of get the short end of the stick as far as completing their life cycle





Monday, March 05, 2018


Really had fun up at Canyon Speedway in the Peoria area north of Phoenix.  We got up there on Friday, and found out there was no practice Friday night, but it was daylight, so I at least got to see the track.........LOL

 Unfortunately our 2 cameras we put in the car, needed to be charged, so we didn't get any video during the races.  I didn't even take a picture of the race car sitting in the pits.  We weren't sure there was even going to be a race for the 4 cylinders until one finally showed up.  And then when that car and I lined up to go out on the track, another one pulled in behind us, so there were only 3 cars.  That was the 1st race in Arizona for the IMCA Sport Compacts and I guess a lot of people are waiting to see if they get enough cars to make a program.  But if they don't have cars I would imagine the track won't continue to try to run them, so they better get to building some cars.  

Both of the other cars were Cavaliers, which is one of the best 4 cylinder cars for racing and they pretty much showed my Dodge Neon the way around the track.  I finished 2nd in the heat race, because one of the cars started cutting out, but in the main he was running real good unfortunately.....!!!  LOL  I could follow them, but couldn't catch them. 

The other driver was an older woman, not as old as me, but she has grown kids and she knew what she was doing.  Everyone was really nice and thanked us for coming etc.  They are having a 2 day event next week-end, and I wouldn't mind going back up to help their car count, but John isn't too thrilled.  I think he was happy I brought it home in one piece and he's afraid 2 more nights of racing before our 1st race in Tucson the 17th might be tempting fate....!!!  He said we could take one of the Kias up and see if anyone would be interested in buying it as a starter car.  The Kias are good little cars and well built, they just don't have enough power to run on the longer tracks.  I'd be even farther behind than I was in the Neon...!! 


 I took these pictures in the pits.  The track is real close to the Lake Pleasant area, where the wild burros roam free.  It looks like they go thru the pits at the track sometimes, although I can guarantee there weren't any around Saturday night, it was too noisy.  

This week is going to be pretty busy, so when John didn't show a lot of interest in going back up there to help their car count, Friday filled in nicely.  

I've been talking to a woman up in the NW area of Phoenix, that has an overweight donkey that just lost his momma last week and is very depressed.  He was eating OK, but today she said he isn't eating very good.  Unfortunately, an overweight donkey not eating is dangerous and they can develop hyperlipidemia   which can be fatal, in fact that is what killed the jenny according to her vet.

Since she is so far away, I asked my good friend Claire to go over and see what was going on.  Claire is very familiar with Insulin Resistance, Cushings and all those problems caused by too much rich food and too much of it.  The woman lives fairly close to Claire and she went over a couple of days ago and met Liz and Jasper.

 Jasper is a little lumpy, but doesn't look any worse than Rosie or Coquette when they came here.  What gets me is he has absolutely no crest on his neck.  Usually if a donkey is overweight, they have a thick neck, his looks just fine. 

But I can almost guarantee he has fatty liver disease, which is a big problem with the hyperlipidemia.  So Liz has decided to turn him over to us permanently, we can hopefully get him a little healthier.  I use to think I was pretty good at it, but Rosie and Coquette not to mention Buddy Brat have refused to become svelte, no matter how much we try to slim them down.

So Friday we will go up and get him.  Claire said he is really timid and hasn't been in a trailer for almost 20 years, so we'll have to be really patient with him.  Claire suggested bringing a buddy for him to ride with.  Cisco would be perfect, but his legs wouldn't make the trip.  Quilla would be good too, as far as I know he doesn't have problems with his legs.  Or maybe Buddy Brat.  Maybe one of the minis, would be less threatening.  Someone will go, I just haven't figured out who yet. 

Thursday, March 01, 2018


I was shocked this morning when I checked on the blog and saw it had been a week since I updated.  It's not that nothing is happening, that's for sure.......!!! LOL 

John and I went out for practice on the asphalt last weekend as planned and it went well.  At least I guess it did.  I am one of those drivers that for the life of me can't "race" without other cars on the track.  When we have to time for our starting position I usually start in the back, because I'm so slow.  I would imagine most people think I'm sand bagging to get a good starting position, but one doesn't have anything to do with the other. 

It had a water leak, so we brought the car home and John fixed it.  At least I hope he did.  We took it out on the road and ran it till it warmed up and, NO LEAK.......!!!  We heading up to Canyon Speedway tomorrow to run on the dirt Saturday night.  They have a practice Friday night, I want to participate in. It's been 4 years since I ran dirt, except for one race at the defunct dirt track in Tucson in January 2017, so I'm probably a little rusty.  Driving dirt is a lot different than driving asphalt, I think it is more technical, although a lot of people think racers stay on dirt because they can't do well on asphalt.  Most dirt driver's stay on dirt because it's more fun.....!!!  LOL

Hope I bring it home in one piece, or John will have a fit, since if I break it he has to fix it.  Some of our driver's have been up there and they said the guys up there don't mind contact, so it might be pretty exciting.    LOL

We are still trying to figure out which donkeys are going to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Tombstone the 17th of March.  So far BlackJack, Quilla, and Turbo have been chosen.  Dave and Georgette are coming out Thursday to plan our parade involvement, so we'll chose the other 3 then.  I'd really like to take one that hasn't been to a parade, but, it's too easy to go with the ones that have.  I've been thinking about Buddy Brat.  He's been up to Gammon's Gulch, as a movie extra, so he might be a good candidate.  We'll see.....!!!

We have a family of skunks that come every night for the cat food on the back porch.  We think there is 3 of them, the reason we think it's a family is they don't squabble with each other.

These desert skunks are all tail.  The little skunk probably doesn't weigh 2 pounds, but has a tail that's about 2 feet long.  I guess it used to make him look bigger.  When he buries his head in the feed dish, the tail sticks straight up in the air, like a big flag. 


Friday, February 23, 2018


Here is a video of our 15 seconds of fame.  

I thought the coverage was very good, I had to write a little blurb for them to talk about.  But they ad libbed too. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018


We got up about 2:30am, had to feed the 6 donkeys going to the parade and fix breakfast for Doug to feed the others.  We left them in the pens overnight, so we wouldn't have to round them up.  Needless to say, last night by 9:30pm they figured out they were being abused and started complaining.  Thru out the night they would let us know they weren't happy.  Actually the 6 going to the parade got a breakfast of hay pellets, which they really enjoyed, and Doug fed the others when it got daylight and then let them out, so that made them happy.  

Everyone loaded easy and off we went, with 2 pick-ups and 2 stock trailers with 3 donkeys in each one.  About 4 miles up the road the alternator went out on Lynn's pick-up and quit.  John took Lynn home to pick-up their other pick-up, unhooked the stock trailer, hooked up to the new pick-up and off we went.  Georgette and Dave live in Tucson and went out to the "gathering" area to figure out a good place to park 2 rigs, so they could tell us where to go.  

Got there and they'd picked a spot on a side road, but we looked around and found what looked like a perfect spot so we moved.  

As you get older your values change and things you use to not pay much attention to, become more important.  Couldn't get much closer..........LOL

We got there about 3 hours before the parade was to start and the time really passed quickly, what with getting our outfits on and getting the donkeys ready.

There were about 120 entries in the parade, so we didn't all start the parade at 9am.  They had us lined up on 4 side streets, with about 30 entries on each street to funnel into the parade route.  They really had it pretty organized, once we got moving.

 Justin, me, BlackJack and John waiting for the action to start

We had plans for BlackJack leading, Turbo and Leddy in the 2nd row with their pack saddles on.  Third row was suppose to be Justin, Quilla and Leo with his pack saddle.  Leo prefers to follow Turbo, so we made sure he could.  By the time we got to the starting line, we had no lines and pretty soon Leo was outdistancing BlackJack.  Pretty soon everyone except little Justin was ahead of BJ and I.

BlackJack has always like to just mosy, very rarely do you see him move any faster than a slow walk.  Today was no exception.  LOL

Georgette with Quilla.  Georgette does competition shooting in costume as a hobby and furnished all the clothes for Linda and I.  She has a lot of old timey clothes that are really fun to play with. 

About half way thru the parade, John's hip started bothering him, and said he didn't think he'd make it.  They had turn outs, where you could slip out of the parade if needed, so he took the next turn out.  Unfortunately the others followed him and I thought they knew where they were going, so I went with them.  One of the marshalls asked if we were quitting, I said no, turned around and headed back to the parade.  I figured the others would turn around except for John, but they didn't.  There was a breakdown in communications between them and some of the marshalls.  I might as well went with them, about 2 blocks down the street, BlackJack decided he had it, and started behaving like a donkey......!!  Wouldn't move......of course by this time we're too far from the turnout to back track, so I just stayed by the road.  Had dozens of kids come up to pet BlackJack, which he loved.  Earlier he had been trying to get to the people along the parade route. he's a big ham and likes to work the crowd.

Georgette's husband Dave, with Leddy his parade partner

As the parade was winding down, I backtracked back to the turn out road which  went right to where we were parked.  Got there and Lynn had gone out on foot looking for me. 

Lynn and Justin before the parade started

He finally came back after going almost to the airport looking for me.  He was wearing John's boots that make John's feet hurt.  Now Lynn has big blisters on his feet.  They all love the way the boots look, but for some reason they are really hard on feet.  In fact Dave that was in the parade with us, gave them to John originally, because they hurt his feet.  John's had them stretched, insoles you name it and they still are a challenge.  

It was fun, not near as hectic as I expected it to be.  We might try it again next year, John can come but I think BlackJack will stay home.  LOL He does OK on the short parades, like the one in Tombstone next month.  But this one was almost 4 miles long and he decided that was too long I guess.

Linda and Leddy ready to "parade"

Got home, they all came out of the trailers like they'd been in prison.  Lynn and Linda picked up their pickup on the side of the road and we've all been sitting around like zombies, impatiently waiting for bed time.  LOL

Our next adventure will be this Saturday, John and I will take the race car out to the asphalt track for practice.  Glad tomorrow is Friday, I'd say it will be a day of rest, but I doubt it.......!! :-)

Monday, February 19, 2018

MORE RAIN.........

Well, it wasn't exactly more rain, more like an overnight drizzle.  Actually that's a good rain, it soaks in and we don't have to get out in it.  This morning the sun is shining, but there is wind and clouds.  If the wind gathers up the clouds, we could have more rain  I guess.  

We are watching the weather for parade day, Thursday.  So far it's suppose to be the coolest day this week.  SIGH!  I'm already planning what I will be wearing under my dress, either jeans or long jons probably.  Probably will try to wear a long sleeved polo shirt under the blouse.  It would be nice if the weatherman was wrong as usual...........LOL

Pepsi is trying to break into Lynn and Linda's motor home.  It's just a matter of time before one of the donkeys will be in there.  Boaz is sticking his tongue out at Pepsi and egging him on.  Before it's over, I would imagine Lynn will  invite whoever manages to get in to stay for a visit.............!!  LOL  They already have 4 large dogs in there, so it could get pretty crowded.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Was beginning to wonder if we should look for plans for an ark on the internet...!!! LOL  We got over 2 inches of welcome soaking rain........BUT........ as a desert rat, I'm glad it's over.  I don't like wet and soggy and neither do the donkeys.

Wet Donkeys

Boaz has learned how to beg and get to the front of the line.  Notice all the help Lynn has in the golf cart, but Boaz is betting Linda has cookies......!!

Lynn got the fence finished, with help from the donkeys of course.  There is nothing on this property that goes on, that doesn't have their help.

 The rodeo parade will be this Thursday.  Doug has decided to stay home to feed and let the donkeys left at home out.  That will let us leave a little later, although Leigh Anne said not to get there after 5am if we wanted a place to park the rigs.  I guess the area gets filled up with trailers and the later you get there the farther away you have to park.  At 7am they close the area to vehicle traffic of all kinds.  If you come in later with a rig, you have to park "way" far away.  As newbies to this particular parade, we'll probably learn a lot of things to do different in the future, if we participate again.  

The one the 17th of March in Tombstone is rather casual and only about 4 blocks long.  There is a slight "problem" for the March 17th. That also will be the opening day of car racing for the Hornets at Tucson Speedway.  So it looks like we'll do the parade in Tombstone from 11am to noon, come back home, pick up the race car and head for the track.  Sounds like a rather busy schedule to me.  Makes me wish I was 30-40 years younger..........  I'm sure I will survive, but I'm also sure I will be ready to rest when that day is over.  LOL

The 3rd of March John and I will take the Hornet up to Canyon Speedway which is a dirt 1/3 mile track in Peoria, Arizona.  It's a couple of hundred miles up there, so we will spend the night.  My car "almost" matches their rules, but not quite.  So a lot will depend on if they give me a "by" and let me race.  Otherwise I guess we'll just watch.

All the donkeys are doing good right now.  Rosie is on Equioxx to help with her lameness in her right front and is doing pretty good.  Doug said he saw her trotting a couple of days ago.  The last few days no one has gotten Benedryl for allergies, because of the rain and their eyes aren't goopy.  But now that the sun is out, we'll probably start them again tomorrow.

Got my annual order of fly masks from Renee at Colorful Equine this week.  Bright and colorful as usual, she knows we have to find them in the brush, and does her best to make them "findable".  Actually the boys were pretty good last year about not using the fly masks as toys.  Much better than in years past, thank goodness.  Hopefully we won't have to put them on for awhile.

I think this is the view out of Lynn and Linda's "home" at any hour of the day when the donkeys know someone is inside.  Lynn says he likes to look thru the blinds and see who's out there.  I would imagine he's hardly ever disappointed. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

WE NEED RAIN, BUT..........ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.........!!!

Drizzled all day yesterday, rained all of last night, and is still raining today.  John said we got an inch and a quarter in the rain gauge.

As I sit here typing, I am looking at about 20 or more little Lesser Goldfinches on the covered back porch, sitting on a table trying to dry out.  John fills the thistle sock every morning and usually they are all hanging on it eating thistle seeds.  I guess they decided to take a break and get dry.  Now that I look at them individually some of them are house finches.  Guess they all decided to take a break from the weather.  

The donkeys insist on being out in the rain, even though they all have shelters, so of course they are all wet this morning.  Donkeys have no undercoat, so they get wet to the skin.  You would think as smart as they are they would stay under the shelters, but I guess being "wild and free" is more important.  

Lynn is out in the rain building fence.........!!  He's bringing in the east side fence in Burroland, away from the wash that is about 20 feet deep.  Years ago when our neighbor put the fence up, the fence was about 15 feet away from the wash.  It had eroded to within a couple of feet of the fence, and Lynn says he enjoys putting up fence, so John is staying out of his way.....!!  LOL  

It looks like we will be going Sunday to pick up 3 little minis up in Camp Verde.  Their family is moving and can't take them with them.  So momma Primrose, daughter Petunia, and gelded year old son Cosmos, will be joining our little herd for evaluation and probable adoption.  The woman said they are healthy and friendly and she spends a lot of time with them.  They should be easy to rehome.  

This is pictures Linda took of little Cheyenne and Buddy Brat for Fat Tuesday, in preparation for Lent.  Buddy could certainly use Lent as a time to lose some of the fat pockets on his sides.  Poor guy has been on a diet every since he got here almost 20 years ago.....!!  

Linda says she thinks Cheyenne poses for pictures, she always looks so cute with those pleading big eyes.  It might just be she is begging for a cookie.......LOL  

Little Pepsi has decided if Justin can be a racer, he can too.  A few of the other donkeys seem to have figured out that if you chase people that are running you can get a cookie also.  


And this is a couple of pictures of Jorgia our neighbor's horses, George and Banana dressed up for Valentine's Day.  George seems to enjoy  dress up, Banana, not so much. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Still Busy

Today Lynn and Linda went to a "people" race at the UofA in Tucson for Valentine's Day.  It's a costume race with PDAs (Personal Display of Affection) at least a couple of times during the race.  Linda came up with a cute idea of  having cactus costumes, wearing t-shirts with "stuck on you" across the front.  

Linda and I tried dying white socks, green to wear on their arms over a 2 days period.  The only green dye we found wasn't specifically made for polyester, which it seems all crew socks have a high polyester content.  The 1st time we did it, they came out too light.  Yesterday I was gone so Linda tried again.  When I came home the socks were hanging to dry and were a really pretty color of robin egg blue.  YIKES what happened to the almost green enough 1st dying?  

The instructions said to have the socks wet.  Linda said when she soaked the socks to get them wet, all the color started coming off the socks.  She dutifully tried to dye them again, but obviously it wasn't going to work.  She also said as they ran and sweat or "glowed"  and their arms got sweaty, the green would have come off on their arms, which wouldn't be good, so that idea got dropped. Hopefully she will take some pictures to share.  

They stay busy training for racing this summer when they go back to Colorado.  Sometimes they take the dogs, sometimes the donkeys, but Linda always takes pictures or videos.

Turbo out for a run, I would imagine he is begging for a treat

Lynn and Linda were in a big culvert trying to get Leo and Turbo to come in.  I don't think they were interested.

 For some reason the Lone Ranger comes to mind.....!!! LOL

Leo doesn't want to get left behind..!!  Well after he gets a bite of sustenance, race training is hard work, don't you know.....!! 

Dave and Georgette are coming out this week for a final fitting of our costumes for the Tucson Rodeo Parade, Thursday February 22. This parade is such a big deal in Tucson, schools are closed so the kids can go to the parade.  We've still got to go drive the route to see how long it is and exactly where we line up and all that.  I'm sure there will be lots of helpers, but it's nice to have an idea of what's going on before you get in the middle of it...!!

Then I guess the next big happening will be when John and I go up to Canyon Speedway in Peoria, Arizona the 1st weekend in March.  It's an IMCA sanctioned DIRT track and they run what they call Sport Compacts.  John checked the IMCA rules for Sport Compacts and I've been in touch with the track and it sounds like my car should be legal.  We'll go up the 2nd, they have practice that night and race on Saturday the 3rd.  Should be fun, I haven't been on dirt for 3 years and it's a bigger track than the Tucson dirt track, so I'm not expecting anything spectacular, just to finish and bring the car home in one piece will be good. long as I don't finish last....!!! LOL

The donkeys are all doing pretty good right now, although Rosie is still limping on her right front foot.  But not as bad as before Tyler put the shoe on, which is a good thing.  Hopefully with time she will get better, even if she always has to wear a shoe.

I tried to order my annual order of fly traps from Valley Vet last week, and they are back ordered.   So yesterday I bought a fly trap to put out, until Valley Vet gets some in.  They have the best prices especially if you buy a lot of them, which I do.   Got word last week that my first shipment of fly predators is on it's way, so they must think it's time for the flies to come back.  We actually have flies all winter, usually in the afternoon when it's warm, but not enough to bother the donkeys.

The other night Lynn was cleaning out a pipe that had a lot of leaves, sticks, etc in it and ran across this little guy.

I have never seen that small a Colorado River Toad, they are usually about the size of a saucer up to dinner plate size.  He was all wrapped up in the material caught in the pipe.  Of course if a dog bites one, it can make the dog really sick or die.  But he got put back in his nest, hopefully he'll stay away from the dogs, when he gets bigger. 

The same night Lynn found this little hibernating lizard.  We put them in a bucket full of hay, when we find them, and turn the bucket on it's side.  They disappear when it gets warm, so I guess that's a good way to help them if their hibernating gets interrupted.

Thanks Linda for all the pictures and videos, it sure makes life interesting.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018


Lynn and Linda are getting ready for a "people" race this Sunday for Valentine's Day in Tucson.  Linda and I went shopping yesterday for things to make their costumes.  One thing we noticed is they've already pulled most of the Valentine's stuff, and on to Easter and some St. Patrick's Day........!!  But she did find a few things, she always comes up with fun ideas for their costumes.  

Then there is the Tucson Rodeo Parade the 22nd of Feb.  We got the information in the mail yesterday on where we start, where we line up and where we are suppose to be at what time.  It all sounds very organized, I hope the donkeys appreciate organized and are cooperative. All the donkeys we are taking have been in parades or pack burro races, so it's not going to be a big surprise.

This is a video Linda took at their RV one morning, of the whole herd except for Gus and Cisco.

Of course racing starts in March, the car is ready John says, so we'll try to take it to tech next week-end and get that over with.

Life is not all fun and games, sometimes there's work to be done.  Years ago when a neighbor fenced in Burroland for us, the east side fence was about 10-15 feet from the large wash that runs across our property on the way to the San Pedro river west of us.  Since then the wash has ran high enough to erode the bank,  the fence is now within a foot or two of the wash. The fence needs to be moved back from the wash farther before the next big run probably this summer, if we get rain.  That is the next work detail, when it can fit into every one's schedule.  That's a big problem..............scheduling.  We've tried making plans, but it doesn't usually work out as planned..................LOL

This time of year we have quite a few tours and we try to accommodate  visitors, even if they show up unannounced.  I get a kick out of getting a phone call from someone wanting a tour, and I ask where they are and they say at the gate.  The other day John and I were gone and Lynn and Linda noticed people wandering around with the donkeys.  They were doing a self tour, before they got caught.........LOL 

Saturday, February 03, 2018


Thank goodness, the shoulder is doing good, better every day, now if I just don't do something else stupid....!! LOL

It's busy around here as usual.  Yesterday John, Lynn and Linda, helped Jorgia, our neighbor run a fence to keep the range cattle off private land.  There had been a fence up, but the cattle had torn it down to get to a water hole.

Lynn and John playing with the fence.  The problem with range cattle is they usually learn that fences are just a temporary problem if they want to go thru them. 
Lola and Lennon trying to figure out why John isn't either working or throwing a stick

They didn't get home until feeding time, Jorgia is a hard taskmaster.......!!  LOL  John said they thought they might have to come home and get head lamps, and flashlights.  But they managed to get done before dark.

Saddik looking at something across the way, thanks for the pictures Linda..!

The dogs were actually working too, although I'm sure they had fun playing most of the time.  They had to make sure there weren't any cattle inside the fence before they closed it or they would be trapped.

Jorgia had her 2 dogs, which work cattle.  They found the big bull inside, so the dogs went to work, Saddik included. From what they said the bull wasn't very happy at this turn of events, but the 3 dogs finally got him moved out.

Today John and I going into Tucson to figure out where we will park the night before, or early in the morning with the stock trailer and 6 donkeys, before the Rodeo Parade the 22nd of February.  A friend that has been in the parade with her little mini donkey Jasmine, e-mailed directions, so we're going to scope it out.

Would you believe I found the pictures of the clothes Georgette brought out the other day?  I know most people have a love/hate relationship with their computer, but my computer and I really HATE each other.  LOL

There's some over on the chair too....!!

Here we were getting ready to get in organized rows.  Little Justin on the right was suppose to be in front, he wants to follow, and I don't think we ever did get organized...!! LOL

Obviously I took this picture after our "walk", Linda and Lynn are headed for the feed room with a bunch of halters and leads

Rod, our son is busy working on race cars getting them ready for the new season.  

This is what his garage looks like right now

He's also got my back-up car to put a roll cage in it.  Rita the race cat is looking it over to see if it has a comfortable place for a cat to sleep.

No room for it inside

Monday, January 29, 2018


There was 3 day racing at Tucson Speedway this week-end and we went out all 3 days to watch.  Well I watched John helped a couple of friends operate the roll-back wrecker.  If it's just a wreck they can haul it off with a regular "hook" wrecker.  But if the car is really wrecked, they use the roll-back to keep "parts" and fluids from falling on the track on the way back to the pits.  

Our son Rod raced his modified, finished 8th, I think they started 24.  He hit another car, they both ran thru oil from a blown engine, and Keith spun in front of Rod, so they hit head on.  Keith couldn't get back in the race, but Rod did and finished pretty good under the circumstances. 

I was in the pits being nosy and managed to trip over a jack handle and down I went on concrete with a thud.  Of course there was an audience, all came running to pick me up.  I landed right on the top of my left shoulder, which is rotater cuff territory.  

Never dealt with it personally, but John did a few years ago and he didn't think it was much fun.........!!  So far I'm not very impressed either...........LOL  I have his sling on, thank goodness it's my left shoulder, or I'd really be in a mess.

I guess I'll have to go into the doctor tomorrow to see if it's just abused or actually torn.  My WAG is just abused since I landed on it. First race for the hornets is March 17th, so I don't need a bunch of doctoring.......!

When we drove in about 10:30 Lynn opened the driveway gate for us.  He said they had been out playing with the donkeys when they let them out at bedtime and heard the truck coming in. He had also built a fire in our wood stove, so the house wouldn't be so cold when we came in.  Lynn and Linda are such wonderful people, we sure will miss them when they head back to Colorado the end of April.

* * * * *

I wrote above about the races and my lack of agility yesterday, but didn't post it.  This morning John insisted I go in to get an x-ray.  We have 3 medical choices in Benson, a walk in clinic in Safeway, my primary doctor or the emergency room at the local hospital.

Tried the walk in clinic first.  They have a long list of things they don't do, one of them is sprains and joints.  So we headed for the doctor, no appointment until next week.  That left the emergency room........SIGH..!!

We found out no bones broken, which is good.  In the last 5-6 years I've had 4 broken bones and they were all clean breaks, so it's good to find out my bones will take a little abuse without shattering, like happens with older bones some time...........LOL  The doctor said not to wear the sling, which works for me.  I can use my arm within reason and knowing there is no breaks, there isn't any reason to protect it.  It will let me know if I try to do something I shouldn't.

Everybody wants to be a racer these days........!!  

Lynn and Linda had said something about taking Justin with them to Colorado this summer.  Justin belongs to Courtney that trims the donkeys feet, so I told them they had to ask her.  She was here yesterday, they asked and she gave her approval, so I guess he will be going on an adventure.  Courtney's only question was, if he would miss the other minis, one of which is his mother.  I don't think he will, these days he likes to hang out with the big boys, more than mom.  

Lynn trying to keep up.........!!!  LOL

Thanks for the videos, Linda