Thursday, November 29, 2018


I went to the surgeon yesterday and was hoping to get rid of the brace on my knee.  I guess she thinks I'm a groundhog.... 6 more weeks of brace with physical therapy thrown in for extra fun.  But there was a little bit of good news, the brace is now set at 30%.  That means I can bend the knee 30%, when I'm sitting, when I'm walking I have to lock it back into straight mode.  After 2 weeks we will set it to 60% and 2 weeks later 90%.  Then I will go back for revaluation, then maybe I'll get rid of the brace. 

Well forget all the nice things I said about Rambo and his behavior, he's went off the deep end again, I guess.  He was a little wild and rough a couple of days ago.  He and Penny ended up on the ground, then he went after Coquette, who proceeded to kick the devil out of him.  By this time John and I managed to get into the area and distracted him enough that the girls got away from him.  Then Penny tried to attack him with her mouth wide open and making a horrible growling noise about as loud as he gets.  Very weird she has been making goo-goo eyes at him ever since he got here.  Don't know if she was trying to protect Coquette her best friend or jealous.....LOL

Although he was tested for testosterone and has a low count like a gelding would, he sure seems hormonal.  He and Big Gus got here on the 30th of October, so it's been about a month.  We'll see if he settles down in a couple of days and if so wait and see how he acts in about a month.  If he becomes a wild man again, I guess we'll have to see if there is some sort of hormone treatment.  I doubt it, but you never know, they have a treatment for just about everything these days. In the meantime we are making sure all the gates are open, so no one can get trapped in a pen.   

Heard from Lynn and Linda in California, they are ready to come home already.  We were on the phone and you could hear sirens really loud.  I guess they are on the streets almost constantly.  They've got a lot of the same guys working that work for them every year, it's like family.  That part they enjoy, but not a lot of the stress that goes with it.  Can you believe people will change a cheaper tag on a more expensive tree, I mean we are talking about Christmas for heaven's sake...!!!

They did get to go to the doggie beach one day, the dogs really enjoy the beach.  

Don't know who's having the most fun

Lennon always carries something in his mouth, even when chasing something being thrown

Pure joy......!!!

Time for bed

All the donkeys are doing pretty good, doctoring is down to Boaz's chest, Bella's eye and proud flesh areas on her flanks, Big Gus' butt wound and everyone else just gets a daily look see.   Quilla came in yesterday with a nasty gash on one of his rear legs.  Greasewood, ie creosote bush leaves a nasty wound if they gouge their legs on it.  John put some Underwood Horse medicine on it yesterday and it really looks good today. 

I'm in the process of changing out some of the feed buckets.  By the time Linda gets back, I might have it all figured out.  But right now it's very confusing, I'm spending a lot of time changing buckets and name tapes, but when I get thru there will be no more flat pans, at least that's the plan. 

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