Sunday, November 11, 2018

STAYING BUSY...........!!!

 It's not as busy around here as it is going to get by the end of the month.  Lynn and Linda will be headed for California later this month and will be gone until a couple of days after Christmas.  Doug will be moving out the end of November, so it will be just John and I for awhile.  Everyone is worried that we can't do it, but we've done it before.  Granted we were younger and less beat up, but it will kinda be fun to get back to doing it ourselves, we'll have more time with the donkeys.  And our neighbor Jorja picks up poo 4 days a week, so we won't have to do that every day. 
Of course the donkeys will miss out on race training with Lynn and Linda.  They've taken just about everyone out except the ones with leg or feet issues.  Next week-end they will be participating in a 5K fun run with The Running Shop in Tucson.  I will be staying home because Tyler is coming to do feet, I didn't want to put off getting Rambo and Big Gus' feet taken care of, besides I wouldn't be much help anyway, with my little friend, "Bracey". 


  John is going and will set up a petting pen, for after the run.  The Running Shop is really interested in combining a future race with the burros, so this is a way of getting people interested in the idea.

Rambo has been out and about with the herd the last couple of mornings for an hour or so.  So far there has been a lot of chasing and yelling and kicking and not by him.....!! LOL  The girls are behaving like sluts although all Tula wants is to be left alone.  Some of the geldings seem to think Rambo needs to be put in his place.  Turbo, mini Justin, Casper the mini mule and I'm not sure who else are being very mean to him and he's taking it, so far no attacking on his part.  He could squash the minis by stepping on them, but they don't seem to see the problem....!!

We haven't left him without supervision yet, although that's the only way the herd dynamics will change to a routine.  Letting him out for awhile, just makes the next time he's out a new learning experience. 

I've been trying to add a video of little Levi's fat pockets bouncing along as he was out for a run, but haven't been able to get it downloaded.  

Finally, got it.  This is Levi on his 1st outing.

Buddy Brat on his 1st run, they both did really good as far as I know neither of them have ever ran on a lead.

Here's a couple of pictures Linda took recently around here.

This is one of the roadrunners coming back to check their nest.  We read that they come back and use the same nest next year, so maybe he was just checking to see how it was doing. 

John with a praying mantis.  We usually don't see them in the summer, but in the fall we see quite a few. I don't think they survive the cold weather.

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